Grand Duchy of Adventure

Welcome to the Grand Duchy of Adventure...

Garrett "Griffin" Constantine
This is the home of my GURPS campaign that features the Known World of Mystara, the default setting of the old BECMI Dungeons and Dragons game. The campaign started out as a low-powered (150 points) and gritty game set to invoke the feelings of old school gaming.

The campaign takes place in the Grand Duchy of Karameikos and is being played using GURPS rules. Beginning characters were limited in certain ways to give them the feel of "1st Level" characters and progression will be monitored.

The campaign will split time as a play by post style campaign utilizing Google Drive and shared documents and a Roll20 campaign.

Marcel Maas


The current campaign consists of 3 players (with 2 on NPC status) and their characters:
+Arne Jamtgaard plays Garrett "Griffin" Constantine, a Thyatian rogue of a gambler from Penhaligon looking for adventure.

+Jason Packer plays Draven Rickart, Acolyte of the Church of Karameikos. Currently growing a hand back after having it unceremoniously hacked early in the campaign.

+Patrick Kelly has breathed new life into Remar Umerus, an Alphatian battle mage that escaped forced service in the Thyatian army. Originally created by +Ben Lipe, then onto NPC status, then picked up by Alex, then back to NPC status. Remar really gets around.
Draven Rickart

+Stephanie Kelly is now playing Iris Varda, a proud Thyatian lady searching for adventure, history and possibly something more. Originally created by +Alex Safatli, Iris went on and off hiatus several times with him before becoming available for Stephanie to take over.

+Patrick Burke has joined the pack with Kasiex, a Hutaakan Wildsteward of the Lost Valley. This young pup is hoping to learn a thing or two from the old dogs of the Grey Company.

+Christian Blouin used to play Marcel Maasa homely but sincere wielder of spears aspiring to cooking greatness. Now on NPC status.

Remar Umerus


To begin with, each of the players has their own separate story line, though I envision that they will very soon cross and combine into one single story. Griffin's stories are marked with an A (for Arne). Remar's stories are marked with a B (for Ben) and Marcel's stories are marked with a C (for Christian.) Draven's introduction is marked with a J, though Jason joined the campaign just as it was beginning and we did not have much time to properly explore Draven's back story before beginning.

Alex came to the campaign after it was already started. He played Remar for a while and then brought in his own character, Iris, when the time was right. Eventually, Alex left again and Christian also had to leave. Patrick, Stephanie and Patrick then entered the picture. Patrick K. took over Remar and completely breathed new life into a dying character. Patrick B. took over Draven when Jason unexpectedly took a hiatus from the game. Stephanie took over Iris and rejuvenated another failing character. Shortly thereafter, Jason rejoined the game, taking Draven back over and allowing Patrick B. to create his own unique character and join the story.

Iris Varda

Griffin's Path

A1 - A Friendly Game of Cards
A2 - We're Going on an Owlbear Hunt
A3 - The Road to Kelvin

Remar's Adventures

B1 - Out of the Frying Pan...
B2 - ...Warmed by the Fire

Marcel's Expoits

C1 - A Soldier's Fortunes
C2 - Spring Cleaning


Draven's Journey

J1 - Gotta Have Faith

The party is formed, the adventure has begun!

GDA1 - The Adventure Begins
GDA2 - Journey to Susikyn
GDA3 - A Warm Welcome
GDA4 - The Long Night
GDA 5 - Goblins and Wargs and Bats, Oh My!
GDA6 - The Aftermath
GDA7 - Reclaiming the Horses
GDA8 - Preparing for the Drive
GDA9 - Three Days and Nothing to Show For It
GDA10 - Still Searching
GDA11 - The Lake of Lost Dreams
GDA12 - Building a Raft
GDA13 - Pixie Party
GDA14 - Going Down
GDA15 - The Black Mirror
GDA16 - Returning the Statue
GDA17 - What Does the Elf Say?
GDA18 - Into the Petrified Forest
GDA19 - On the Kloss-lunk Trail
GDA20 - Scouting the Goblin Stronghold
GDA21 - Down But Not Out
GDA22 - Bridge Over Goblin Waters
GDA23 - Escape From the Petrified Forest
GDA24 - Seeking the Fairy King of Horses
GDA25 - An Audience with the King
GDA26 - Werewolves on the Horizon
GDA27 - An Ancient Mystery
GDA28 - The Keeper of the Circle
GDA29 - Assault on the Wolf Lair
GDA30 - Laying in Wait
GDA31  - Bad Moon Setting
GDA32  - Ding Dong the Wolves are Dead
GDA33 - Battling a Demon
GDA34 - Demons Be Driven
GDA35 - Many Councils
GDA36 - Onward to Xitaqa
GDA37 - Ambush at the Ford, pt 1
GDA38 - Ambush at the Ford, pt 2
GDA39 - Into the Ravine
GDA40 - Infiltrating Xitaqa
GDA41 - Into the Tower
GDA42  -Exploring the Tower
GDA43 - Saving Stephan
GDA44 - Needle in a Haystack
GDA45 - The Tapestry
GDA46 - Starting the Drive
GDA47 - Across the Moor
GDA48 - Helping the Horses
GDA49 - Against the Slavers
GDA50 - Dreams of Divine Judgement
GDA51 - To The Crossing
GDA52 - On To Rifllian
GDA53 - Exploring Rifllian
GDA54 - Wrapping Up In Rifllian
GDA55 - Sneaking Along
GDA56 - Off The Beaten Path
GDA57 - Run To The Hills
GDA58 - Hellhounds, Climbing and Undead Trees, Oh My!
GDA59 - A Scouting Mission
GDA60 - Welcome to Verge
GDA61-M - Marcel Follows a Stranger (Marcel - part 1/3)
GDA61-D - Draven Preaches From On High (Draven - part 2/3)
GDA61-G - Chester Copperpot Has a Drink (Griffin - part 3/3)
GDA62 - Climbing Brokeneck Gap
GDA63 - Over Brokeneck Gap
GDA64 - Daybreak Over Death's Head Valley
GDA65 - Battle at Ghoul Hill
GDA66 - Ambush at the Burial Mound
GDA67 - Gnolls and Fires and Arrows, Oh My!
GDA68 - The Gnolls Know
GDA69 - Run the Valley
GDA70 - Battle at the Bridge, part II
GDA71 - Leaving the Valley Behind
GDA72 - The Top of the Tower and Beyond
GDA73 - The High Road
GDA74 - A Precarious Path
GDA75 - Mountain Rain
GDA76 - Another Valley
GDA77 - The Quiet Valley
GDA78 - Scouting the Valley
GDA79 - The Lizard Riders
GDA80 - Fighting the Mutts
GDA81 - Village of Ronkan
GDA 82 - Tale of the Traldar
GDA 83 - The Ruined Temple
GDA 84 - Fires, Divine and Arcane
GDA 85 - Thieves in the Temple
GDA 86 - Three Shadowy Figures and a Pack of Ghouls
GDA 87 - Live to Fight Another Day
GDA 88 - Now What?
GDA 89 - How Much For the Knife?
GDA 90 - Searching for the Singing Pool
GDA 91 - The Silent Stair, the Singing Pool and New Friends
GDA 92 - Going on a Spider Hunt
GDA 93 - Into the Ravine
GDA 94 - Discussing Extermination Tactics
GDA 95 - Road to Byxata
GDA 96 - Hitting the Books
GDA 97 - Sorting Out The Puzzle
GDA 98 - Journey to the Vault
GDA 99 - Steps to the Vault
GDA 100 - Entering the Vault of Elders
GDA 101 - Closing and Opening Doors
GDA 102 - The Knowledge of Elders
GDA 103 - The Knowledge of Elders is Found
GDA 104 - This Way to the Egress
GDA 105 - The Mummy Lord's Wrath
GDA 106 - The Mummy Lord Defeated!
GDA 107 - Pyrrhic Victory
GDA 108 - More Exploration

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