Grand Duchy 35

Grand Duchy of Adventure

Session 35
October 23, 2014

Many Councils

Tserdain 13th of Flaurmont

The dark shape flying across the plains to the south was a dragon... a DRAGON! As Marcel tried to get a closer look at the approaching beast, he could tell that it was, in fact, not traveling directly toward the group, but in using his shield to block the sun from his eyes, he in inadvertently flashed a bright signal which caused the dragon to change course and head directly for the Company! In preparation for the Dragon's arrival, the Company spread out so as to not be caught together in the beast's deadly breath attack but were careful to remain on the "thrice-blessed" road.

Council With a Dragon

After just a few minutes, the Dragon swoops down past the group, skimming over their heads by only a few feet. The horses are all spooked and one of them bolts off the road to the north. The Dragon quickly lands on the horse, crushing it under his immense weight. The other horses, held tightly, whinny and stamp their feet.
Council with Argos the Worrier

The Dragon, the mighty Green known as Argos, addresses the party. Marcel steps up as the communicator and attempts to explain to the Dragon why they are here without giving too much away. Throughout the conversation, Argos devours the dead horse beneath him, punctuating his words with viscous tearing and gnashing of horse flesh. Argos questions them much about his "friends" and the "temple" nearby, which the Company quickly deduces to be the Werewolves and their lair. Marcel admits to Argos that they easily defeated the Werewolves, hoping to impress the Dragon with their might, and shows him the severed heads. This revelation throws Argos into a fury and he leaps back into the air and makes several swoops down upon the party, though he does not attack. The magic of the "thrice-blessed road" seems to be strong. Emboldened by this, the Company tries to press their advantage with Argos, pushing him for information but he does not share much.

Argos asks about the amulet that Kalkask has been wearing. He asks if the Company has it and demands that it be returned. At first the Company does not admit that they have it, but Argos somehow determines that Draven has the relic. He demands that it be returned. Griffin proposes a trade for information, which Argos finally agrees to, though in the end, it seems that Argos was not extremely forthcoming with knowledge. He shares that he was not in league with the Wolfskull Goblins and he indeed did attack their stronghold in the Petrified Forest. He cannot verify the location of Xitaqa. The Company also learns that there is no love between Argos and the Fairy King of Horses, whom he names as Loshad.

Finally, Draven returns the unholy symbol to Argos by throwing it to him. Argos agrees to leave the Company alone for the time being but swears that he will destroy them if he catches them in his domain again! With the symbol of Orcus hanging from one of his long fangs, the Dragon takes to the air and flies to the east, in the direction of the Werewolf lair.

Draven is disappointed that he had to relinquish the evil symbol as he had planned to deliver it to his Church for study and then destruction. He was also downhearted at the thought that the Company would not be able to topple the profane Orcus idol back at the lair. With one horse gone and another Dragon food, they Company had to double up on mounts and headed back to the east as quickly as they could.

Council With a Stranger

Council with an old wanderer

Just as they reached the Wyrtung's ancient mound, they found their horse. They also found an old, bearded Human wearing long green robes. This old man was happily petting and talking to the horse, who seemed unafraid of him. He greeted the Company and welcomed them to a conversation. They spoke for a while. He told them of some of the things he knew of the area. He related some of the relationships between the different Goblin tribes, the Dragon Argos, the Witches of Dymrak and even the Fairy King of Horses and the Centaurs of the moor. Though he did not say exactly who he was or where he lived, he did hint that he was from the area near the Lake of Lost Dreams and some surmised that this might be the fabled Seer of the Lake, a knowledgeable mystic known to live in the area and work to protect the area from the evils that would destroy it.

After departing from the old traveler,the Grey Company headed across the plains for the lumber camp, Sielo. Griffin searched the area north of the lumber camp and found a suitable place to ford the Highreach River (or the Volga, as Marcel keeps calling it.) Here the Grey Company split, sending Burik, Remar and Akaios to the south to gather supplies back at Susikyn and meet the party at Misha's Ferry as soon as possible. The remainder of the Company crossed the river and turned south toward the Moor. They quickly came upon the marshy swamp that lied at the northern end of the moor near the river and nestled up against the base of the escarpment that divided the moors from the hills to the north. Travel through the swamp slowed the Company down considerably and when they finally made it out of the swamp, it was nearly dark. The Company pushed on though, hoping to find the Table Rock and begin the ritual to summon the Fairy King of Horses.

Council With the Fairy King of Horses

Council with the Fairy King of Horses
The Table Rock was found quite easily and as everyone else set up the camp, Marcel climbed to the top of the Rock and started to lay out the apples and prepared to complete the ritual necessary to summon the Fairy King of Horses. Before he could even begin, though, the Fairy King of Horses arrived with his entourage of many horses, some of which looked very familiar to the Company. Immediately the Fairy King of Horses began demanding that the Company release their horses from bondage and set them free. His request was quietly ignored and he continued, not bringing it up again. Marcel quickly produced the severed heads of Bailakask and Kalkask to the Fairy King of Horses. He was quite pleased and held them both up to the light of the waning moon. He then fulfilled his end of the bargain and told them what he knew of Xitaqa.

The ruined Tower of Xitaqa sits on the west bank cliffs that border the river to the north of the Moor. It lies right where the river forks to the north and east, not more than a day's travel from here (probably 2-3 days from Susikyn.) The tower sits at the top of the bluffs though the Fairy King of Horses cautions that it can also be approached from the riverbank by traveling through one of many gorges and ravines that cut through the cliffs. He tells of other buildings built into the small canyons around the tower, a small city of sorts. He does not know who or what inhabits the ruins as he has not been there for some time, but he does caution for a careful approach.

He again tells the company that he does not want them bringing their horses into "his domain" and the Griffin tells him that in the near future, they will be bringing a large number of horses through here to the west. He asks what the destination is for the horses, and Griffin tells him they are for the Elves of Rifflian. He ponders this then departs without weighing in on it. The Company camped for the rest of the night and planned to travel back to Susikyn in the morning.

Moldain 14th of Flaurmont

The morning brought strong winds, nearly blowing them off their saddles from time to time as the Company crossed the Moor for the Misha's Ferry. They arrived at the Ferry with no problems and found that they had arrived before the others and would need to swim across the river and retrieve the ferry raft on their own. Marcel and Griffin braved the water and managed to pilot the awkward raft back across to the west bank. When the rest of the group was safely across, they looked around for any signs for Misha, but again, no sign of the ferryman. A new fire-pit sat in front of the small cottage though.

Not wanting to waste any more time, the Company continued down the path toward Susikyn. When they were about halfway there, they were treated to another visit by the Dragon Argos. The Dragon came roaring and swooping by, just above the treetops. It did not seem to notice the Company, or if it did, it just kept going anyway. A bit startled, the Company continued along the path.

Council at Susikyn

They arrived at Susikyn just after night fall and were greeted warmly by the residents, now numbering somewhere around 30 after a new handful of refugees had arrived while the Company was on the road. Pytor tells them that the Dragon Argos flew past the homestead earlier that day and clawed a good sized hole in the roof before disappearing. The Company shares what they accomplished and learned while away from the Homestead. Pytor is happy to hear that they have discovered the location of Xitaqa and wishes them well but explains that with all the extra mouths to feed at the homestead, he cannot provide any more food supplies, though he is happy to provide some other needed supplies. The Company then got to work planning their next foray into the wilderness.
Back at Susikyn and a council with Pytor

Cast of Characters: 

Garrett "Griffin" Constantine, a Thyatian rogue of a gambler from Penhaligon rolled by +Arne Jamtgaard 

Marcel Maasa homely but sincere wielder of spears aspiring to cooking greatness commanded by +Christian Blouin 

Draven Rickart, a Thyatian Acolyte of the Church of Karameikos ministered by +Jason Packer 

Iris Varda, a Thyatian explorer and historian searching for answers and adventure guided by +Alex Safatli  

and +Jason Woollard as The DM

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