GURPS Star Frontiers

Zade Arabi
In this little corner of my GURPS Campaigns Blog I will host some play-by-doc stuff that +Arne Jamtgaard and I have been doing. It is basically a work in progress of some GURPS Star Frontiers conversions. He made two (very different) characters (200/-45/-5).

Mirko Cajni is a Yazarian mercenary is traveling the stars looking for his next job and....

Mirko Canji
Scheherazade "Zade" Arabi is a Huamn journalist traveling the stars looking for the next great story.

Episode 1: The Opening Crawl -  Meet Mirko, a veteran mercenary who just can't seem to keep a job. He works hard, but after every contract, there is always some reason why it is not renewed. Oh well, on to the next job, which happens to be that of personal security detail of a cocky and brash young professional athlete on a publicity tour. 

Episode 2: Things Get Interesting - Mirko gets to know his newest client a little better, maybe even gets to like him some. Mirko deals with boring meetings, hanky panky, travel plans, space pirates and police reports before arriving at their final destination.

Episode 3: Grunt Work - Scheherazade Arabi, or Zade for short, is a journalist. She had big plans of bringing the best stories to everyone in the Frontier. Just not this story. A boring job writing about faulty vehicle parts in Madderly's Star turns into a gunfight and a kidnapping. Zade tries to figure it out. Hopefully her next job won't be as dangerous.

Episode 4: Investigative Journalism - Zade gets called in by the police after her interview subject's dead body is dumped into a busy intersection. After collaborating information with the detective, they think they solve the case, but not before some thugs show up at Zade's motel room and rough her up a bit. Zade accompanies the police as they make their final arrests. In the end, Zade gets her story.

Episode 5: The Meeting - Zade heads to Clarion to interview a professional athlete and in the process meets his bodyguard, Mirko. Everyone hits it off and things are going good, then a huge bomb goes off. That sorta messes things up.

Episode 6: A New Assignment - -currently underway-

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