Grand Duchy 105

Grand Duchy of Adventure

Session 105
October 7 to November 29, 2016

The Mummy Lord's Wrath

Nytdain 8 Klarmont

Grim Prospects

The Grey Company has found itself in a very dire predicament with grim prospects for survival it seems. A powerful Mummy Lord of some sort has revealed itself and sent its powerful magics and mummy minions against the Company. Many of the Company have been paralyzed by an overwhelming fear and the Wildsteward, Kasiex, is on the verge of collapse.


Draven and Iris have both managed to stave off the overwhelming fear that has paralyzed the rest of their companions and both struggle with what to do next. Draven holds a powerful Sunbolt in his hand, ready to fling it at one of his opponents though he considers other actions that might be more beneficial to saving his companions.

The Hutaakan mummy with the ornate headdress on laughs and says something in Hutaakan, its voice deep and resonant in the stone Vault. He waves his staff around again and a strange black cloud seems to issue forth from its end. A loud buzzing fills the air and it becomes evident that the black cloud is actually a swarm of beetles! One of the mummy minions shoves Kasiex, knocking him over. A second mummy lumbers forward and shoves a paralyzed Griffin to the ground while the third takes a step back toward its Lord.

Fearing that the end is nigh, Draven releases the bolt of holy light at the mummy lord… and kneels down next to Griffin, hoping his next spell can return his friend to the fight.

As the searing light launches from Draven’s holy hand, Remar is backlit briefly.  He sits frozen in dreaded revelation, even after Iris’ attempts to shake him out of it, staring off into the ever pressuring darkness of this place.

Draven’s bolt of pure sunlight streaks directly toward the Mummy Lord but at the very last moment, the bandage wrapped nightmare shouts an incomprehensible word and waves his hand in front of him, deflecting the attack. The bolt flies off and sizzles as it hits several yards past in the pool of water the monstrosity is standing in.

Seeing Draven tend to Griffin, Iris rushes back to Remar. I wonder if breaking his line of sight to the mummy will work, Iris thinks as she stands between the mage and the monsters.  “Kifein!! This one seems to be different from the others---it has laughed, behaved oddly, spoken in Hutaakan! Please try to speak to it, even if you only stall it you may buy us precious seconds!” Iris calls out to Ree, “Ree! Can you call lightning? The creature stands in water; it may not be able to deflect magicks not targeted at it directly!” Turning completely around, grabs Remar by the collar and gives him a shake while saying in Thyatian, “Dammit man, we need a mage! You have got to snap out of this!”

Kifein Entombed

Iris see Kifein look up suddenly from the Knowledge of Elders, a look of pure terror on her face. “Yes, I will speak to it!” she cries then shouts something at the mummy in Hutaakan, Iris is unsure what she has said, though. Kifein looks back to the tome she holds in her hands and steps from behind a paralyzed Ree toward the right-hand wall of the stairwell. Iris realizes that neither Kifein nor the Mummy Lord can see each other.

One minion mummy shambles around the bodies of all the fallen, heading toward Iris. Another one clambers over the tangle of bodies and legs toward Ree and Kifein. The swarm of black, flying beetles swarm toward Draven, engulfing him in a cloud of wings and mandibles. The distracting insects pummel the young priest and he feels their sharp pincers biting into his exposed flesh.

The Mummy Lord shouts back something to the unseen Kifein in Hutaakan then steps forward, looking for her. He spies her almost immediately and waves his staff, pointing it at her and speaking another Hutaakan command. Iris watches in horror as Kifein screams and throws her hands into the air as the stone steps beneath her seem to open up and swallow her whole.

Gritting his teeth against the swarming insects, Draven reaches out to Griffin and lays a hand on his forehead, calling forth a divine blessing he hopes will rouse Griffin and bring him back into the fight.

Despite the buzzing and biting beetles, Draven draws down divine defenses against this ancient adversary. He feels the power of his Patrons pulse through him and pass on to his fearful friends. Each one in turn shakes their head and blinks their eyes, regaining their bearings. Ree screams, “What happened to Kifein? The stairs just swallowed her up!”

Griffin feels a warmth grow in his frozen limbs as Draven’s holy blessing flows into him, dispelling the fear that had allowed him to be so easily toppled. Well, that was … terrible. Let’s never do that again. Looking over his head, he sees a mummy lurching towards Ree. Trying not to make too much noise, he rolls onto his stomach and pushes up to one knee. Oh, you are toast. He looks at his flaming sword. Perhaps literally.

Reminiscin’ ‘bout da good ol’ days, eh Rema’?

Perhaps it was by the quick thinking of Iris to break his eye contact with the mummy with the fancy hat.

“Remar gives one last mighty pull from the mix of energy to return to his weakened body...”

Ah, I see.  More like tryin’ ta crawl back outta memory’s well, mayhaps?  Always a runnin’ Rema.

Perhaps it was by the divine grace channeled and released by Draven’s holy aura.

“From the circle's center, covered in darkness, a brief laugh is heard…”

It’s like he knews somethin’ ya dinnae, eh?  ‘How not ta piss one’s self when faced wit adversity,’ fer instance?

Perhaps it was by being reminded, while retreating deep inside himself, that he had fell victim to a similar struggle and triumphed so long ago.

“Returning some time later from something akin to unconsciousness...”

Oh dunna tell meh; you finally rememba meh?

Or maybe it was because he really hated that voice that was more than a voice, that was an inescapable part of him in more ways than one, just that much!

“...he finds and takes a pack containing a Grimoire nearby in an odd circular divot...”

Ack, ya tink rembrin’ on dat’ll ‘elp ya actually use it, Rema?  Dunna worry, I’ll ‘elp ya wit handelin’ da darker tings.  Just beg meh a little, or should I say, just beg yerself!

Whatever the case, something like a roar rips itself loose from the previously catatonic Alphatian, as if a beast long ago locked away and finally breaking down the cage door.


Ya just keep tellin’ yerself dat, Rema.’  Ah guess if yer lucky den, you’ll get outta dis, but make no mistake, it won’t be witout meh!

Whatever the reason, the mage was again ready, and begins working himself up off the floor.

Iris visibly recoils in shock at Remar’s sudden and unexpected outburst.  Malthius?  That’s not a Hutakaan name...

Kas takes a shuddering breath as Draven’s magic passes through him. He snarls beneath his mask as he hefts his flaming rod and heaves himself to his knees on his way to his feet.

Fearful of the effect the swarming insects may be having on Draven, Iris utters a spell to shape the flame engulfing his weapon into a fiery cocoon around the priest himself, hopefully incinerating the lot of them!  After the spell is cast, she calls out, “Draven!  The fire around you is my doing; don’t move!  Give me a moment to kill that unholy swarm surrounding you!”  She winces at the pain lancing across her face, but there’s no time for that now.  One step at a time. We will survive this---one step at a time.

The magical flame leaps from Draven’s mace and swirls around him, destroying some of the swarming beetles, though not all of them. Down on the stairs, a now un-paralyzed Ree slashes the mummy approaching her with a flaming long knife but the shambling undead avoids the blow.

One mummy lunges toward Ree but misses while two other servitor mummies attack, one claws toward Iris and the other takes advantage of a rising Kasiex to land a blow on the already wounded Hutaakan. The Mummy Lord shouts out “Die infidels!” in Hutaakan as he flings another magical stone missile, this time at the rising Griffin. The beetles continue swarming, distracting and biting Draven.

Gritting his teeth against the pain, Draven focuses his will into a tight knot in the pit of his stomach knowing that his rapport with the gods are all that stand between life and death for himself and those he has come to see as his flock. “Tarastia, Lady of Justice, if I have served you well, grant me this protection that I might hew your enemies back into the hell which they so richly deserve!”
Draven feels the divine armor surround him, protecting him from the bites of the swarming beetles, and hopefully more serious threats. Meanwhile, Ree slashes the mummy advancing on her, but her long knife fails to do any real damage.

Griffin flinches as a heavy stone shatters against his shield.

Kasiex groans as the mummy strikes true past his armor and defenses

Kasiex feels the mummy’s hardened claws rip through his scale armor, dig past his thick fur and sink into his flesh. The angle of the mummy’s attack causes Kasiex to lose his grip on his flaming club, dropping the weapon to the ground. Kasiex feels the room beginning to spin around him as the wounds really begin to take their toll.

Flashing forward with the actions of the past still fresh in his mind, Remar lets his combat reflexes and his instincts take over.  He presses himself behind and against an the cold, stone wall’s outcropping, minimizing his exposure to enemy incoming and maximizing his tactical, magical capabilities that can be brought to bare in support of his comrades.

Comrades whose faces I do plan to see after this is finished!

He takes in the scene as the sounds of battle wage before him:  Draven's form is lite up as a controlled, cocoon of flames extends from his weapon to the swarm all around him - all the while shouting out to his Patron in a fiery voice all his own.  Well...that’s impressive.  Iris leaps close by, easily escaping the gnarled grasp of a pursuing mummy.  The *pang* of Griffin's shield indicates he has avoided further injury as well.  A very pained, snarling, whine from Kasiex followed by the sight of his flaming iron bar hitting the ground indicates he has not been so lucky.  The Hutaakan has not fared well and will not fair at all if he doesn't receive immediate ministrations.

Griffin rises up behind the mummy attacking Ree. He flicks the sweat from his brow as Serenity flashes twice, slicing into the mummy’s unguarded back! He gives Ree a glance and a head nod. Hopefully she can flank one of these beasties like I just did!

Griffin feels his blade sink deeply into the exposed back of the mummy attacking Ree. The flames bite the ancient wrappings but quickly burn and sizzle out. Griffin realizes that these mummies are wet and while the flaming weapons are doing additional damage, the wet wraps are not catching fire like the previous ones. Regardless of the wetness of these mummies, Griffin is sure that his rapid strikes against his foe’s back have severely injured it, slowing down its already slow gait in the process.

Kasiex staggers, but the Wildsteward refuses to go down! Snarling and weaponless, he attacks the mummy with everything he’s got in an effort to incapacitate it and open the way for him to charge the staff-wielding creature that laid Kifein low.  Kas snatches the flaming rod up from the ground and strikes at the mummy with all his might!

The flaming rod smashes into the mummy’s wet and rotted leg. Kasiex feels the undead limb squish beneath his blow. The fire tries to catch, but the bandages are too moist, though he sees that the fire does burn some extra wrappings away.

After all this, Remar chooses his action.

"Draven, I'll tend to Kasiex and Iris so you can smite that mad, hatted one into hell!"

Ey 'goat too much shite goin'on.  Route some-o-tha' inta 'elpin' da fleebag, thaur.

In silent agreement, Remar expends some mystical energy, snaps his fingers and instantly cancels the levitation spell on the unseen Kifein, his own flaming knife, and Kasiex' flaming piece of scrap metal.  He then pushes his magical senses to reach outward to Kasiex and attempts to right the wrong that has been wrought upon the wounded warrior.

Iris nods in satisfaction after a goodly portion of the swarming insects were dropped by her sculpted flames.  Okay, that seemed to work fairly well. One step, now to the next.  A dull ache spreads through her chest as she realizes she can do nothing for Kifein while the group is still beset by the Mummy Lord and his creatures.  However, the attack from the mummy shambling toward Iris evokes a cold, cleansing fear in her that clears all thoughts from her mind. She reacts instinctively; deftly slipping to the side of the undead and drawing her blade across its arms in a parry.  Small puffs of steam hiss from the wet, mouldering bandages where her flame-spelled saber grazes them.  While making a concerted effort to keep herself between Remar and the mummy, Iris postures in a defensive stance and draws magical energies about herself, murmuring a spell. "Remar---I'm going to keep it off of you as long as I can; let me know if I'm blocking your magicks!"

In the familiar heat of the moment, the mage replies, “Sir, yes sir!  Assuming standard tactical support protocols!”

Is he making fun of me? Now, of all moments?! Iris wipes the blood from her eyes and risks a brief look behind herself at Remar, turning back just as quickly. He looks so serious, she thinks, as she dances with the Hutaakan mummy.

The mummy guardians press the attack, one slashes again at Iris and misses. The mummy assaulting Ree turns and tries to claw Griffin’s face off, but fails to connect. The third mummy lunges forward toward the kneeling Kasiex, trying to wrap its undead hands around the Wildsteward’s furry throat.


The Mummy Lord takes a step back into the inner chamber, swings the end of his staff around and taps it on the stone floor. As he does so, another swarm of beetles issues forth from its end. The Mummy Lord calls out in Hutaakan, though only Kasiex can understand him.

Still swarmed with annoying but no longer painful insects, Draven fumes. No clear path to their infernal leader! He closes his eyes and centers himself against the buzzing and clicking of the beetles, drawing forth the holy energy from his blessed holy symbol and the will of the gods to see righteousness prevail and directs it outward in a wave of crystalline force, rippling out in all directions.

Close the Doors

Kasiex manages to bring his non-flaming club up to block the attack, knocking the tattered, wrapped claws away at the last moment. Iris concentrates on manipulating her magical forces to  give her a little speed advantage in the continuing battle while Draven calls, focuses and channels the divine might of his Patron Immortals to burn the undead with heavenly fire.

All of the mummies are greatly affected by the blast. All of the downed mummies disappear into piles of ash and wrapping as well as the one between Griffin and Ree. The other servitor mummies seem greatly slowed by the divine blast and even the Mummy Lord is injured considerably. Only the Mummy Lord and 2 of his servitor mummies remain as threats.

With the mummy no longer in front of her, Ree steadies herself and casts a spell, flinging her arms up at the two open stone doors leading to the inner sanctum. Both doors simultaneously begin to swing closed, threatening to trap Kasiex inside with the Mummy Lord and a servitor mummy. The doors are moving to a closed position slowly and will take another second or more to fully close.

With a rumbling snarl, Kasiex shoves himself to his feet.  He takes a sure two-handed grip on his club and, disregarding the sound of grinding stone-on-stone behind him eyes his enemies; the mummy before him merely an obstacle on the way to his true target: the Mummy Lord, and the staff the creature wields that has harmed his fellows.  

The sheer effrontery of it! How dare this creature attempt to smite a Speaker of Pflarr and her servants!? It will. Not. Stand.

“I will lay low this servant of yours, creature, and though it may cause my death I will put you back into the ground where you belong for daring to raise a hand against Kifein!” he calls in Hutaak’a to the Mummy Lord.

With his last word, Kasiex levels a mighty blow at the mummy before him!

The mummy makes a pathetic attempt at dodging the Hutaakan’s pummeling blow but fails. Kasiex feels his crude club smash into what must be the few remaining solid parts of the shambling mound of wrappings. The beast remains on its feet but looks like it could fall to pieces at any moment. Beyond it, the Mummy Lord’s cold blue eyes shine and stare at the Wildsteward. “Come, join me in death, young pup,” the Mummy whispers to Kasiex in his native tongue.

Griffin struggles forward, strangely weighed down by his gear. “Ree! Wait! What are you doing? We have to finish this to save Kifein!” Who has the book, so if we don’t rescue the priestess, all this has been for naught. He gets in front of one of the closing slabs of doorstone and slashes at the minion standing guard at the entrance.

The mummy tries to dodge the first attack but is unsuccessful and Griffin’s flaming slash sends it to the ground in a sizzling pile of rags. Griffin’s second swipe finds nothing but thin air.

“Sir!” Remar barks.  “Deploying anti-magical countermeasures - I’m going to try to...no please don’t hit me!  I didn’t mean to say try!  I meant I’m going to capture the enemy resources - send that swarm back onto their spellcaster and free up our frontline forces.”  Taking a deep breath, he quietly chants a few quick words “Tua animum ad animum meum” and then gestures with his staff toward the swarming vermin.  With a twist, he gestures toward the blue-eyed mummy with the staff, “Invasit eum!” before once again ducking down to peek from behind cover.

Blessed Goddess, Remar is having a nervous breakdown. Consternation over Remar’s alarming behavior edges out the wonder Iris felt at Draven’s awesome display.  She clenches her jaw in determination and focuses on defending herself instead of attacking the mummy, while still blocking its path to the shell shocked mage, should it even try. Seems content to attempt to finish its friend's job on my face, Iris notes with a wry, morbid satisfaction.

Seeing Griffin struggling forward out of the corner of her eye, Iris lends her voice to support his earlier outcry, “Griffin's right! We can't abandon Kifein, and this whole effort will be for naught if she and---if she's lost!” Iris stops herself from mentioning the ancient tome at the last moment. I don't know if that creature speaks Thyatian, but I won't risk it knowing our true goal here.

Winds of Change

The newest swarm of beetles, slowly moving away from the Mummy Lord, stop and turn, heading back toward their original summoner. The mummy that had been attacking Iris suddenly turns and lurches toward Draven, clawing at his flank in a wild attempt to strike him. The Mummy Lord then takes up his staff in front of him and spins it several times in quick succession, causing what looks like a small tornado to issue forth. The tiny vortex of air quickly grows and spreads out in front of him, becoming a windstorm over 20 feet across and filling the area in front of the double doors! Near the stairs, Ree is blown off her feet and disappears down the darkened stairway while both of the beetle swarms are completely dissipated in the high winds.

In his weakened state, the gale-force winds slam him into the stone door, and he slides to the floor. I am really starting to think this guy doesn’t like us! Using the door as leverage, he pushes himself to one knee. Not that easy to take me out, ugly.

Shield at the ready, Draven easily blocks the minion’s claws, his attention focused on the undead lord. Even the force of the winds is insufficient to deter him, the fire of righteous fury and indignation propelling him forward. “No, loathsome worm, you’ll not escape my justice so easily as that!”

From his covered position and unable to counter the unknown spell, Remar can only shield his eyes against the flying grit and small debris kicked up my the mummy lords’ magic.

Dunna know dat one do ya Rema’?

It keeps twirling its staff with each cast of his spell; more than I need to when I use mine.

Mayhaps it be more den just’a stick, eh?

“Sorry for that earlier,” he hollers into the oncoming air.  “I was not...myself, presumably due to that fearsome effect the more special mummy projected.  I recommend we try and dislodge that stick!”  Hair still whipping in the wind behind him, he points around his corner and sends a bolt forth targeting the hand holding the staff of the enemy ahead.

Remar’s magical bolt flies through the whirling windstorm, past Griffin and Draven and strikes the Mummy Lord right in the wrist. The bolt sparks as it hits but the Mummy does not drop his staff.

With a startled cry, Kasiex is knocked back to the floor by the Mummy Lord’s windstorm.  

As his friends are buffeted to the side by the wind, Draven, powered by the fury of his gods over this abomination, bursts past them to close with his main opponent. “You’ll not get away from me!” he shouts as his swing goes wide, having misjudged the winds.

The Mummy Lord seems to smile underneath his tattered wrappings as Draven swings his mace at him. The undead abomination stands his ground and seems to beckon the others to advance closer.

Kasiex scrambles to a crouch, keeping a firm hold on his club.  Glancing around as he does so, he realizes that one of the other mummies is within reach, and attempts to smash it with his club, winds-be-damned.  Whether due to the wind, the unpredictable movement of the Mummy, or simple dumb luck, he fails to connect with his attack.

Managing to keep her footing in the violent windstorm raging about her, Iris steps out of her defensive stance and follows the mummy that has now attacked her new Hutaakan companion. Steadying herself, she takes careful aim at the mummy’s back, wary of the whipping wind that threatens to throw her strike off center. Her flaming saber rakes the back of the mummy, reducing it to nothing, its tattered wrapping blowing away in the wind.

The Mummy Lord, now alone with no minions left, takes a step back behind the edge of the doorway, removing himself from view of the sniping mage. He holds his staff in front of him and grips it with both hands. A blue-gold shower of energy washes over him momentarily then disappears.

Kassiex attempts to struggle to his feet in the windstorm;  standing up to the wind now that he's had a second to accustom himself to the whipping winds, he looks around for a target. Through the doorway, a flash of blue light tells him where the Mummy Lord has retreated. The Wildsteward stills perfectly for one instant, then he moves and attacks, attempting to disarm the staff from the Mummy Lord's hands but failing to bind the Lord’s weapon properly.

The wind continues to buffet those within the area of effect aggressively. Iris manages to keep her footing but Draven and Griffin are not as lucky. Griffin falls where he had been standing and the young priest is thrown to the floor in the doorway to the inner sanctum.

The Alphatian peeks from his cover, looking to his comrades and sees that the wind is affecting them all.  Sadly, there’s little he can do about this effect at present.

I’m going to need to lose myself in research for at least a couple of days after this.  I need to study-up and patch some of the now apparent holes in my repertoire.

Glad ya tink we’re gettin’ outta dis, Rema’; happy thoughts!

He again looks around his niche and doesn’t see the adorned mummy.  He does note the artificial blue and gold light that twinkles around the corner of the the inner sanctum, pressing back the oppressing blackness of that room.

Kasiex went in there, but doesn’t have magic, that I know of at least.  I don’t think that was Draven, as he just lost his balance.  That must have been some spell or another from that mummy.  Damn.  I wish I could have at least seen it; it may have been one I actually know!

Shaking his head free of the negative thoughts, Remar glances at Iris, and can’t help but notice the mat of unseated flesh hanging from the side of her jaw now flapping back in the breeze.

Wounded, but better than dead.  In battle, there’s always the wounded and the dead, and that’s it.  And if you manage to get out physically unscathed, well, he thinks to himself, I guess I’m a shining example that not all wounds are skin deep.

Nearly poetic as always.  I’da stand and slow clap fer ya ifn da setting twer different, really I would Rema’, but me thinks now’s not te time.

I guess it would behoove us to patch up while we can.

“The enemy has removed himself from sight and is likely taking cover!” shouts Remar, into the tumult, toward Iris.  “I’m fairly certain it’s cast some spell, but I wasn’t able to see it.  To maximize our options, Iris, I’ll take this time to try and heal your wounds.  Continue to steel yourself; we will overcome this!”

With that, he makes a quick hand gesture, points his staff toward the archeologist, and mutter’s, “Revertar ad te, magis.”

And just like that, all of Iris’s wounds magically disappear. If only Remar could do something about this blasted wind, too.

In an attempt to keep his defenses up, Griffin raises his shield as he tries to get to his feet, but the wind grabs it and pulls him off balance again, slamming him against the door. Fighting mages sucks. Have I mentioned that? He looks at Serenity, eldritch flames licking from both edges. But they have their uses. Okay, let’s get back to this. He pushes his back against the door and levers himself to one knee. Just one shot, and I can get free of this.

Feeling the magic soothing the painful wounds across her face, Iris flashes Remar a smile and shouts, “I owe you one!”  Suddenly much more hopeful, she rushes through the gale to Draven’s side and helps hoist the priest to his feet as she says, “Let us join brave Kasiex and destroy this loathsome creature!”

Snarling, Draven crawls ahead, hoping to escape the wind storm before he stands up again. “Keep the pressure on!” he yells, hoping to hearten his companions.

With a shove from behind, Draven finds himself up on his feet, just outside of the raging windstorm. Looking back over his shoulder, he sees Iris a yard behind, crouching and trying to keep her footing against the wind.

Wrap Session

Seeing the Grey Company pressing their advance, the Mummy Lord takes another step back and as he does so, he flings a handful of tattered wrappings at Kasiex. The dry fabric leaps toward him, right toward his throat!

Kasiex snarls, surprised at the attack; he thinks he brings his club up in time, but fails to deflect the wraps nonetheless.

The Hutaakan’s eyes go wide as the mummy’s wrapping coil and constrict around his neck. Kasiex feels the ancient cloth squeeze around his throat, crushing his windpipe and threatening to drag him back into unconsciousness.

Finally able to keep his feet, Griffin steps forward out of the storm. I’m coming for you, ugly! Leave the dog-man alone!

Refusing to allow the profane creature to escape, Draven pushes forward, pushing himself to close the distance between them. “Die at last, and return to hell!” he bellows as he swings his mace, trying his best to emulate the warriors he’s spent so much time travelling with, working to deceive his opponent as to where the blow will land, putting forth every ounce of effort from his wiry frame.

With a supernatural ease, the Mummy Lord spins his staff around, deflecting Draven's fiery mace. And though his face is wrapped in rags, it almost seems if the Mummy Lord is smiling. It's calm but resonant voice calls out in Hutaakan but only Kasiex understands the words and he is too busy being strangled to pay them much notice.

No longer able to see the enemy and having difficulty tracking his allies’ actions, Remar rises from his kneeling position in preparation to navigate around the effective edge of the whirling winds and work his way to the other side.  “Everyone!  I can no longer see most of you or that magically-aware, desiccated, husk.  I must make my way to the other side, opposite to where I am now in order to best assist.”

“Press him! His back’s against the wall!” Draven growls out in Thyatian as he hears his friends closing in. In broken Hutaakan, he taunts the mummy, “You will not get away.”

Doing all she can just to stay on her feet, Iris stumbles forward through the blowing wind. She moves toward where she sees Griffin, Draven and Kasiex are confronting the Mummy Lord. She moves as far as she can and finds herself just inside the next chamber on the edge of a wide, dark puddle of water on the floor. Unfortunately, she is still in the windstorm though.

The Mummy Lord takes a step back, keeping his back to the wall, and twirls his staff in the direction of Draven’s face. Unable to defend himself, Draven sees the stone coming right for him then feels an explosion of pain as it smashes into his nose and cheek. Draven’s world turns red and black and the room seems to spin. Both Draven and Kasiex are sprayed with Draven’s blood. The Mummy Lord lets out a terrifying laugh. Draven falls backward, unconscious, crashing to the ground across the threshold of the doorway and the edge of the windstorm.

Even through the rushing winds, Remar notes crunching sound of cranial bones and condensed flesh as he hustles around the edge of the storm behind the other niche south of his previous position.

Bein’ stuck up en dis ‘ere noggin’, ay canna ‘elp but notice tha memries flyin’ buy.  Yer familiar wit a face-breakin’ eh?

Oddly, a club to the face does feel the same kind of familiar to me as seeing an old friends.  Wait.  You can see my memories?

Haha!  Where da ya tink I live Rema’?

Now’s not the time!  Help me get us out of this.  Help us all get outta this.

Tis never a good time.  What ever ‘append to yer first ‘andler dat would smash ya up s’much?

It was Old Yellow Eyes, Remar can’t help but remember, He saved me.

Why?  Ay canna find dat in all dis clutter

That’s because, I don’t know.  But after that, he took me on as his mage with him as my handler.  


He was rough around the edges, but was fairly kind.  He liked magic.  He used to make me float his coffee mug over to him saying it was good practice; like working out muscles for bigger things…

I have an idea.

Kas, choking in the grip of the wraps, drops his club and attempts to claw and twist his way free.  The Hutaakan’s knees buckle slightly as he barely clings to consciousness.

Pressing the Attack

Griffin takes a step and finds himself free of the terrible windstorm. He moves around Kasiex and steps up to the mummy lord. Hope I can give you some space to recover, dog-man. He glares at the villain. “Okay, ugly, looks like it’s my turn.” He looks at the staff and gulps visibly, obviously concerned with the monster’s prowess. He takes a deep breath. ”It’s easy to hit a priest with that thing. Try it on me.”

Pushing with all of her strength, Iris manages to fight her way out of the swirling windstorm. With a yell to bolster her own courage, she follows Griffin’s lead and charges across the room, swinging her saber wildly as she goes, hoping to get a lucky strike on the Mummy Lord but having no such luck.

The Mummy Lord, being pressed by multiple assailants, forgoes an attack this moment but instead draws the windstorm to him. The swirling vortex of high velocity wind flies into the inner temple chamber and seems to center right on Kasiex, fully engulfing the attacking members of the Grey Company.

“The wind,” Remar exclaims, wishing he could tell what was happening magically behind the scenes.  “It’s shifted into the room with them all!”

The Grey Company fights with all their might in their attempt to defeat this Mummy Lord. Kasiex manages to rip the tattered wrappings from his neck, though barely before it robbed him of his breath. Griffin and Iris stand face to face with the abomination, Draven lays unconscious on the floor and Remar has taken up a protected position across the way in hopes of helping in some way and can just see the Mummy Lord and his companions, though his field of vision is narrow.

The storm rages around Griffin as he stares up at the hideous mummy lord. He focusses on the problem at hand, and the tempest around him fades to a whisper. Okay, just pile it on and see if we can overwhelm it. He takes a swing at the creature, trying to penetrate its defenses.

Kasiex remains on his feet in the face of the storm, his ragged snarls still audible above the howling winds.  After Griffin’s strike, the raging Hutaakan drives forward, seizing and grappling the Mummy with both arms from the side, making sure to leave Griffin and the rest of his allies a clear path to strike again!

The Mummy Lord brings up his ornate staff and bats away Griffin’s sword but is caught unaware by the sudden charge and grapple by Kasiex. The angry and wounded Hutaakan Wildsteward grabs his tattered foe and goes for the best grip he can muster!

Despite the fear gnawing at her, Iris takes comfort in the bravery she's witnessing in her friends. Seeing an opening provided by Kasiex, she commits herself fully to attacking the dread Mummy Lord. Drawing upon all of the skill she can muster, she strikes at her foe with her flaming saber and murmurs a prayer for victory!

Iris swings her saber at the Mummy Lord, hoping that in her haste, she doesn’t accidentally hit her new companion. Her shot is lined up perfectly and she arcs the flaming blade but at the last moment, dust and debris hit her in the face, distracting her for just a heartbeat, but enough to cause her blade to fall out of line. It is all she can do to keep it from slicing into the back of the Hutaakan holding on to him.

“Oh Dren,” the mage exclaims seeing Kasiex grab hold of the grub-covered corpse. I guess I’ll have to file that idea away for now.  I can’t try it with the Wildsteward holding on.  Well…

When’en doubt…

“Bolt it out!” he replies aloud and fires in reaction to the familiar credo.

Remar’s magic bolt flies at the Mummy Lord with uncanny accuracy, slipping right past the grappling Kasiex and striking the Mummy in the side. The Mummy Lord attempts to dodge but is unsuccessful. The Mummy Lord then shifts his attention to Kasiex and with a strength greater than the Hutaakan Wildsteward expected, attempts to break free.

Though Kasiex feels that he has a good grip on the Mummy Lord, the ancient undead easily throws off the Hutaakan’s grabbing paws. “How dare you touch me, whelp!” he says in Hutaakan as he steps away from the grapple. From across the room, Remar watches this and he also sees Ree stagger up the stairs and turn the corner, heading toward the action in the inner sanctum.

Wanting to restrict the Mummy Lord’s movement options as much as he can, while still continuing to press his attack, Griffin yells “Iris! Shift left!” and waits for an opening to step in and launch an attack.

Iris shouts, “Moving left!” as she sidesteps out of Griffin's way, attacking as soon as she has a clear shot. Nearly slicing into Kasiex has left a knot of anxiety in her stomach, but we have to keep pressure on this vile thing!

Griffin slides left after Iris and flicks a quick attack at the monster’s arm. Take that, fiend!

Both Iris and Griffin score hits on the Mummy Lord but it appears that their strikes do very little in the way of actually damaging the abomination. It seems as if this Mummy Lord has some sort of unnatural protections on it that deflects damage from mundane attacks. Near the door, Ree goes sprawling to the floor. In her weakened state, she was unable to keep her footing in the whirlwind but refuses to leave her companions to battle the Mummy Lord without her!

Having given it his all, the Company sees the Hutaakan waver on his feet, then collapse where he once stood. The driving wind and the bulk of his armor makes it hard to tell if the stalwart hunter still breathes…

What to do, what to do...I guess I’ll try and get Draven back up on his feet.  Then I’ll assist further via my previous plan if I have enough energy.  Remar once again makes a quick hand gesture, but this time points his staff toward their prone priest, and whispers, “Revertar ad te, magis.”

Draven’s eyes flutter open as he feels a wave of magical healing wash over him. Though still prone and being buffeted by a magical windstorm, Draven no longer feels the effects of his wounds, in fact, he feels almost as good as new! Tilting his head up to get his bearings, he sees Griffin and Iris pressing the attack on the Mummy Lord just a few yards away, the ancient abomination with its back up against the wall. He sees that dreaded staff swing around and fling another stone missile directly at Griffin!

Griffin, already raising his shield against the fierce wind, feels a shock run up his arm as the monster’s attack shattered against it. Hey! He growls, “Okay, that’s it.” He takes a deep breath, braces against the tempest, and launches a strong overhead blow against the fiend.

The Mummy Lord raises the staff in two hands and again parries Griffin’s blow.

The mummy’s parry combined with the cyclone wind causes Griffin to lose his balance and fall to the floor. He struggles to get to one knee, very aware that he is toe-to-toe with a monster hoping to kill him.

Relishing the renewed strength in his muscles and clarity in his thoughts, Draven struggles to his knees. I just need to get close enough to make it count… it can’t survive another burst of divine light…

Remar wants to know what magic is being used by the Mummy Lord, but fears letting up the attack when he sees Griffin blown off his feet.  He again resorts to the magic bolt. Might as well, he thinks, works every time.

Yea but old Rags ther’ seems ta be one tough cookie… Whas’ da real threat here? Dear ole Mummy or…

Remar considers targeting the staff, but knows his bolt won’t be effective against it. Once again he targets the Mummy’s hand, hoping to eventually deal enough damage to cause the Mummy Lord to drop his considerably useful tool. The glowing bluish-green bolt flies through the stale air of the Vault of Elders, making a sizzling and crackling sound as it passes directly over a kneeling Draven’s shoulder. It impacts the Mummy’s hand sending sparks and scraps of mummy wrapping flying.

Take that!

I’m sure ‘e will, and ready ta dish out tha same back atcha!

Up close, Iris finds herself just outside of the raging windstorm. Seeing both Griffin and Draven down on their knees, she knows she has to keep pressing the attack. She can’t let this beast gain the advantage, not that it isn’t already at an advantage. Iris realizes that the staff in the mummy’s hands is the biggest threat, she decides to focus her attack there. Knowing she isn’t skilled enough yet to try to disarm him, she thinks she will just try to hack the Mummy’s hand off but realizes that her thin blade may not be able to penetrate his supernatural durability so she does the next best thing and decides to hack at the staff itself! Hoping that luck is on her side for once, she makes an obvious swing at the staff instead of the Mummy and prays that this time the Mummy does not avoid the strike! Her strike is true, but just barely. She smiles as she anticipates the feel of her blade hacking into the ancient wooden staff but just at the last minute, the Mummy flicks the staff to the left and deflects her saber away.

The Mummy shouts something loud and not very nice sounding at Iris and turns his attention toward her. He spins the staff around and sends a large dark stone flying directly at her!

As Iris manages to avoid the Mummy’s attack, the Grey Company once again goes on the attack. Remar sees Ree pull herself to her feet and take a step across the windstorm toward the rest of the Company.

Griffin tries to rise to attack the mummy, but, buffeted by the wind, splashes back into the water. He struggles to get to one knee again, hoping to keep the fiend pinned against the wall.

Barely, Draven staggers to his feet, fighting against the wind against his shield as it tries to counterbalance him.

Draven steps up, squeezing between a pillar and the wall. Only Kasiex’s prone forme lies between him and the Mummy Lord. Griffin and Iris continue to keep him pinned against the wall. Another one of Remar’s magical bolts flies past and strikes the Mummy in the hand holding that dreaded staff at almost the same time Iris takes another swipe at the staff. Sadly her strike misses.

The Mummy again twirls his staff and grips it with both hands in front of him. A sparkling blue energy flows from the staff, up the Mummy’s arms to encase his whole body for a moment before they fade out.

Ree continues to make her way across the swirling windstorm, trying to come to the aid of her companions.

Griffin struggles against the relentless wind but is battered to the floor again. He tries to at least get to a position where he can keep his shield up for defense.

Advancing on the mummy, hoping to at least distract him so others might land a blow, Draven swings his mace in a futile attempt, but between the body of his recent acquaintance and team-mate, and the buffeting winds, makes a terrible show of it, swinging high and wide.

Iris again hacks at the Mummy’s staff, hoping to relieve him of his advantage but again the Mummy Lord proves to be quicker and manages to parry the blow. Griffin struggles against the wind to just keep his footing and is unable to make an attack. Remar draws upon his magic and casts a spell, “Cognitum Abduceret,” he says out loud, though no one at all can hear his words over the howling of the nearby windstorm. Magical knowledge slips into his mind and he smirks, shouting out as loud as he can, “He is using the staff to mend his wounds!”

The Mummy spins his staff around and this time sends a stone missile flying at Draven but the attack goes wide and the stone flies past his head, striking the stone pillar behind him.

Griffin leans into the raging windstorm and is able to keep his footing while Draven is caught off guard by a gust from his shield side, knocking him off balance and once again sending him crashing to the floor. Ree also manages to keep her footing and trudges another step closer to the melee on the far side of the room.

Griffin struggles to his feet and slashes at the staff but fails to connect. This wind is too much! How can we fight this monster?

Attempting to advance and avoiding the thrown missile is too much for the young cleric, and Draven falls once more, cursing and snarling the whole time. I will crawl over there and chew his legs off if I must, but he will fall!

From the ground, Draven begins speaking the words needed to try to do something about this blasted windstorm. Remar flings another bolt at the Mummy’s hand, scoring yet another hit on the rag-wrapped extremity while Iris again swings her flaming saber at the whirling staff but again misses the narrow target.

The Mummy, still backed up against the wall forgoes attacking for a moment and raises the staff in front of him then pulls it back toward  his chest. Remar sees the windstorm shift and move closer to the mummy, fully engulfing the other members of the Grey Company.


This part of the Vault is also a Dyson Logos Map. Flear's Temple has been altered a bit and combined with another Dyson map to create the Vault. Thanks +Dyson Logos for all your wonderful maps!

Cast of Characters: 

Garrett "Griffin" Constantine, a Thyatian rogue of a gambler from Penhaligon rolled by +Arne Jamtgaard 

Draven Rickart, a Thyatian Acolyte of the Church of Karameikos ministered by +Jason Packer with help from +Patrick Burke 

Remar Umerusan Alphatian battle mage that escaped forced service in the Thyatian army currently marshalled by +Patrick Kelly 

Iris Vardaa Thyatian explorer and historian searching for answers and adventure, now guided by +Stephanie Kelly 

Kasiex, a Hutaakan Wildsteward used to ranging the mountains and valleys now led down a new path by +Patrick Burke 

and +Jason Woollard as The DM

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