Grand Duchy 45

Grand Duchy of Adventure

Session 45
January 15, 2015

The Tapestry

Nytdain 22nd of Flaurmont

Dotzag the Goblin
Iris comes out to the stables to find Draven. He has been requested back inside the tower to help with Stephan, who is having trouble with some of his bandages. Griffin and Marcel continue their interrogation of the pathetic little Goblin Dotzag while Iris and Akaios look around the stables. Dotzag tells them that there is some food located in the next room and Marcel then shares some water and food with him before releasing him from his bonds. Dotzag tells them what he knows about what is going on here at Xitaqa, including the fact that there are at least 100,000 Faz Plak Goblins and twice that number of trained attack baboons living in the ruins. Iris is suspicious of the Goblin's counting skills. He tells them that the Yellow Robed Wizard (whom Stephan had named as Golthar) had come to the ruins and commanded all of the Goblins around. He brought with him other Humans who were also bossy as well as King Vlakk and the other Hobgoblins, who were even more bossy. 

 He describes how the Hobgoblins rushed out and fled on horses just a few hours ago, shortly followed by the explosion at the top of the tower. He then saw many of the other Faz Plak (Yellow Fang) Goblins fleeing the area, though none of them were gracious enough to release him to flee also.

He describes where King Plak and his court lived, in one of the larger connected buildings on the other side of the area, and the Company thinks they might want to investigate that the next day. The hour is getting late and everyone is exhausted so they gather up what little food they can from the store room and head back to the Tower. Dotzag follows them to the tower and Marcel tells him that since he is a warlock, he has the power to make Dotzag a king and gives him ownership of the tower starting the next day after the Company leaves. The Goblin seems quite impressed with this and agrees.

Draven has nightmares

They find Burik just finishing the slaughter of the Frost Wolves as the group came back in. They help him carry the remaining cuts upstairs to the camp area. A fire had been set in the far stairwell with all the doors open to the levels above to allow the smoke to drift out without filling the camping area. Much of the meat is smoked as best it can be while Marcel whips up a thick, lumpy porridge that everyone eats with forces smiles. 

While everyone else sleeps well under the protective blanket of Remar's Mystic Mist, Draven finds no solace and experiences terrible nightmares throughout the night.

Loshdain 23rd of Flaurmont

Golthar, the yellow mage
The next morning the Company packs up and heads out, leaving Dotzag in charge of the tower. The rain continues to fall from the overcast sky and the wind blows cold. Initially the Company decides to go check out the King Goblin's lair but while moving through the ravines, they spot a fairly large group of Goblins making their way from the other end. Both groups stop and look at each other, making no threatening moves, Eventually the Grey Company decides that moving on is the best option with so many tired and wounded and low supplies. 

Deciding on the low path, the Company makes good time, despite the continually falling rain and eventually make their way back to the river ford where they had stashed the horses taken from the raiders. They camp for the night, again under the protection of Remar's Mystic Mist. Draven finds that after some time meditating and contemplation, he is able to mend his connection to the Immortal Patrons of his church, regaining his divine magic. This sets his mind at ease and begins further healing of the wounded members of the group. That night though, he again sleeps poorly, his dreams haunted by terrible nightmares that he cannot remember in the morning.

Soladain 24th of Flaurmont

The rain is gone when the morning comes, much to the joy of the Company. They continues their trek south and eventually make their way to the destroyed lumber camp where they had left the boys. The three had already departed, hopefully back to Susikyn, with no problems. Another group of refugees is encountered and invited back to Susikyn. These refugees come from far Cherkass and say they have been wandering the hills north of the Dymrak for weeks. They are happy for the help and accept the invitation. The Company and refugees camp again for the night in the wilderness, hoping to make it back to Susikyn the following day.
For the third night in a row, Draven's sleep is plagued by terrible feelings and images that he cannot quite remember when the morning comes.

Lunadain 25th of Flaurmont
The company arrives back at the homestead
The rain holds off for another day and makes the trip back to Susikyn much better,though the Company, now mounted, has to travel a little bit slower due to the addition of more refugees. The forest between Ilyakana and Susikyn is quiet and still, but no encounters hamper the journey. By evening, the group makes it back to Susikyn and they are greeted heartily. The number of folks now living at Susikyn has grown considerably and it appears that Pytor has been hard at work making accomodations for them all. Several trees have been felled and cut into lumber. The fence has been repaired and moved out quite a distance to make room for more living quarters. The barn is already framed back in and looking more and more like a usable structure. Several temporary dwellings have been built against the outside of the main house and even in the darkening evening hours, many people are moving about the area, performing different jobs and tasks for the homestead.

Pytor and his family are so happy and relieved to see the Company return with the missing Stephan. Bahaznic is overjoyed to see his father again. There is much crying, hugging and laughing as they enter the homestead. As Pytor begins calling out orders to prepare a feast in honor of the Company's return, Stephan can only think about the tapestry and immediately rushes to the main hall to check it out.

With the magic needle in hand, he touches it to the tapestry as everyone watches. As the needle is touched to the tapestry, it sparkles brightly and its golden thread shimmers. Moving of its own volition, the needle magically weaves through the golden tapestry, subtly changing the areas it passes through. Soon the geometric patterns are gone, replaced by a beautifully executed map depicting a coastline, rivers, and a pulsating golden area nestled in a mountain range.

The Tapestry with the golden thread shows a map!
Immediately, Stephan starts pointing out possible landmarks. As he identifies more and more locations, he is sure that this is some sort of map to something of great importance. "This is what that yellow mage, Golthar, was looking for. Considering the lengths he was willing to go to in order to get it, I can only guess as to it's value. We should mount an expidition to find it immediately!" Stephan says. Pytor grunts then remindes him of the horses. "We HAVE TO sell those horses or the homestead will not survive. We are stretched to our limit as it is, especially with all the new mouths to feed. I believe we are strong and can survive, but we must get those horses to Rifllian. The coin from their sale can buy many needed supplies we need from Kelvin." Stephan smiles, "Of course brother, ever the thinker. Rifflian lies directly on the path to where this map leads. We can take the horses, sell them and send the profits back with Taras or one of the others." 

Pytor is happy his brother is home safe
Stephan is ready to leave again

Pytor agrees and then says that no more will be spoken of this until the next day. The great party and feast begins and everyone is able to let go of their worries and unwind a bit. The night of festivities and relaxation is good for everyone and the prospect of sleeping in warm, dry place is very comforting. That night, everyone, including Draven, has a peaceful night's sleep. 

Cast of Characters: 

Garrett "Griffin" Constantine, a Thyatian rogue of a gambler from Penhaligon rolled by +Arne Jamtgaard 

Marcel Maasa homely but sincere wielder of spears aspiring to cooking greatness commanded by +Christian Blouin 

Draven Rickart, a Thyatian Acolyte of the Church of Karameikos ministered by +Jason Packer 

Iris Varda, a Thyatian explorer and historian searching for answers and adventure guided by +Alex Safatli  

and +Jason Woollard as The DM

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