Grand Duchy 98

Grand Duchy of Adventure

Session 98
August 23, 2016

Journey to the Vault

Tserdain 6th Klarmont

An Awkward Conversation

After a long day of research and planning, the Grey Company, with the help from a few Hutaakan's, decide they are going to hit the trail at first light the following morning. Kaisex, the Hutaakan Wildsteward has plotted a course that he thinks will safely get the group to the Vault of Elders.
Kasiex indicates on Griffin's map.
Kasiex says ”Some of our travel will follow goat trails through the edges of the mountains. It will take us about 2 days to get there on foot. You can bring those dirty lizards if you like, they can carry supplies.”
Draven says “Will the lizards be able to walk safely on the goat trails, Kasiex?”
Iris looks at Griffin
Iris says “We still don't know where the silver bowl is though, right?”
Remar says “I know where it shouldn't be… In the vault. Otherwise, we wouldn't need a ritual long forgotten to get into it. Kifein remembers the bowl being in the Temple of Plfarr. So if she doesn't also remember it getting stashed into the Vault…”
Draven says “I hold some hope that the bowl is still in the temple, just not where we can easily get to it.”
Remar says “Like, in that fire-ringed pit or something?”
Remar 's eyes gleam a little
Draven says “Anything is possible, I suppose…”
Kifein says "The bowl should be in the Temple of Plfarr. "
Draven says “It was not where we were told to expect it, but I have hope that with his better understanding of your ways, Kasiex will be able to help guide us to it.”
Kifein says "Only someone blessed by Pflarr could have taken the bowl from the temple. It is said to have been in the temple when we lost control of the temple. I imagine one of the remaining priestesses hid it. Once we retrieve the tome from the Vault of Elders and we are ready to perform the ritual, we should be able to locate it."
Kifein says “Is there anything I can get you before this evening is done? Equipment and supplies will be ready to go in the morning.”
Draven says “Provisions would be helpful, of course. Kasiex, on this route, will we need rope or climbing gear?”
Kifein looks at Remar, then gets a better translation from Iris, who seems to be mastering the Traldar tongue with ease.
Kifein says “We do not have many items of enchantment. Most have been lost to us in time. Pflarr blesses us to enchant items but of a more mundane nature, nothing that would be helpful to this quest.”
Kasiex says “All the necessary equipment will be made ready. I see you lack a hand. Climbing must be difficult for you. I hope you do not fall and die.”
Iris gasps and smiles nervously
Draven says “You needn't worry about me. I live under the protection of my gods. You'll find I'm full of surprises.”
Kasiex cocks an ear up at Iris's reaction. "I am sorry if I have offended you. I hope none of you fall and die."
Remar tries to follow the fast moving conversation in Traldar
Iris forces a short laugh and says, "Well I'm looking forward to a nice long hike tomorrow!"
Remar says “He hopes we fall and die?”
Iris says “Oh no---no, he hopes we don't…”
Remar says “Guys, can you tell him again that I'm really sorry for mucking up that translation earlier”
Iris apologizes once more to Kasiex on Remar's behalf
Kasiex narrows his eyes and gives Remar a glare.
Iris facepalms
Iris says ”Remar, really---what are you trying to say”
Remar says ”That I don't have command of the language yet. Why, isn't that what I said?”
Iris says ”I mean...it was a little close”
Remar says ”You have to give me some credit...I've learned this much from none in what...about a week?”
Iris laughs
Iris says ”You're right, you're doing wonderfully! It's just that...the things you are saying are coming across as very...aggressive”
Remar says ”Though, you obviously are either a faster learner with language or have studied this before Iris. You all are for that matter. I wonder what's wrong with me”
Iris looks at Remar incredulously and says “Really? I'm good with languages, sure! It's a hobby; I'm glad I'm decent at it. But you can immolate things nearly at will”
Remar says ”Oh, no. Not at will. I'm still working up to that”
Remar smiles
Iris says ”Wow---I was using the expression loosely, but you think you can do that?”
Remar says ”Where there's a will…”
Iris snorts
Remar says “Lore has it that there's a spell for instance that could potentially allow it's master to set anything ablaze just by setting their eyes on something”

As the group beds down for the night, Griffin comes to Draven and shows him that his necklace has stopped glowing.
Draven says "Good that you brought this now. I can set you up with a light again before morning prayers."
After some brief chanting, the necklace again glows with the faint light of a candle.

Moldain 7th Klarmont

Have a Nice Trip, See Ya Next Fall

The next morning everyone rises and prepares to head out. Kaisex has already been out on one scouting mission earlier that morning to make sure there were no unwanted watchers around.
Kasiex says “The first 4 miles or so will be across some rugged mountainous paths. Be very careful. I will tie a rope between each of you. Do not tie these to the lizards, they will not fall. Disgusting, stinky beasts, but they are good on the trail.”
The climb is rough and the sun beats down, tiring everyone out, but all is good.... until....
Somehow, during a rest time, while untied from his rope, Firewild, er, I mean Stephen slips over the edge.
Stephen yells "Ahhh!"
Remar reacts quickly, casting a spell even as his friend falls.
Stephan floats back up over the edge. The crotch of his pants is noticeably wet.
Iris looks on wide eyed
Remar says “Is...this...a good time....to talk about...steading shares.....Stephen?”
Iris creeps away from the edge
Remar floats him to safety
Stephan says "Uh, um, thank you, friend. Im not sure what happened there. I just felt a little light headed and stumbled, next thing I knew I was floating in the air."
Draven says “Truly the gods are looking out for you, Stephan.”
Iris says “I think you ought to drink some water”
Kasiex keeps an eye on Stephan. "I am glad you did not fall and die."
Iris says “It may help with the lightheadedness”
Kasiex says “Nice magic you do.” in very accented Traldar.
Iris laughs nervously
Remar nods a thanks to Kasiex
Remar says “SHOULD SEE ME NOT-NICE MAGIC,” in loud and stilted Traldar, thinking that the louder and slower he speaks, the easier for Kasiex to understand him.
Remar laughs
Iris laughs and says, "I think you got that one spot on"
Remar walks over to Stephen and claps him on the back

The Long Hike Across the Valley

The rest of the hike is easier. Several groups of goats flee away from the approaching hikers and their lizard friends. Just before coming down the last sloping trail, Kasiex points out to the west, right through where the mountains come down and a smaller rocky outcropping. "Ronkan. Our true home. Past that, you can see the Temple."
Kasiex says “We will watch from here for a moment to see if there are any long range Traldar scouts. This is about the extent of their range, but some of those dirty savages go farther from time to time. As much as I would like to run into some of them, it would not help our mission.
You can see a few groups of figures moving about in the far distance near two ruined towns closer to Ronkan but nothing up close. We will hike across the valley and then up into the mountains a bit to make our camp for the night.”
Draven says, in Thyatian to those who speak it, “I will count on you all to help me stay his hand if we do run into any Traldar, and to stop them from violence as well.”
Remar says “Definitely Draven” as he pants and wheezes
Iris says, also in Thyatian, “Absolutely, Draven. Diplomacy!”
Draven says “It may be that we are called here to bring peace to a valley that has known little but all consuming war for ages. It is the least we can do.”

The sun keeps getting hotter and hotter, and Remar seems to be struggling with the hike. He is sweating, he keeps getting rocks in his shoes, causing the group to stop.
By the time the group makes it to the mountains on the other side of the valley, Remar is about wiped out. Kasiex leads the group up to a sandy cave about 100 feet up the side of the mountain. It is dry and cool and relatively comfortable, though not quite comfortable for Remar to shake his exhaustion from the day.

That night, Iris's necklace and Marcel's shield both go dark. Marcel tells Draven he does not have to re-light his shield at this time.
After some brief casting by the young priest, Iris's necklace begins to glow with a soft, divine light.
Iris says “Many thanks, Draven”
Draven says “Of course. It is my duty to be a light in dark places.”
Kasiex says “We will reach the Vault tomorrow evening, it should still be light, but not for long. The Vault lies up on the slope, many steps to reach it.”
Remar winces at the words he understands...many steps
Griffin beds down first, to take the final watch of the night but he is restless and has trouble sleeping. When he does fall asleep, he is loud and snoring nearly the whole time.
Iris plugs her ears with her fingers
That night, the waxing half moon shines brightly in the valley below. Those that are awake at different times see numerous groups of figures wandering aimlessly through the valley. The restless dead. Even later that night, several Fire Beetles scurry around the outside of the cave, but are scared away by Griffin's snoring and uneasy sleep.

Nytdain 8th Klarmont

Boot Surprise!

Kasiex says “It might rain some today. See, heavy clouds coming in over the mountains.”
Just as the Company has packed up for the trip, a light steady rain begins to fall.
Iris says "I hope those steps aren't too smooth"
Griffin shrugs. "A cooler hike today, eh, Remar?"
Iris slips and fall face first into mud, jumps up sputtering
Remar says “Oh Gods not more hiking…”
Remar continues to have trouble with the all day hiking portion of the adventure. He finds he has some sort of dead animal in his shoe.
Remar says “No guys really, I have another rock in here. I know, I know I'm sorry. Lemme just empty this thing ouuuutttttOOOOOOHHH MY GOODNESS!!!”
Iris gags
Remar says “I...uh...I guess I didn't check my boots like I usually do in the morning before shoving them on”

Remar chuckles weakly in embarrassment
Draven says “No need to explain. You were just saving it for a snack later…”
Remar wonders if this is some sort of bad omen
Remar says “You can eat these? I had no idea”
Iris says “mutters under her breath, "Oh dear lord don't give Marcel any ideas"
Marcel says “Did someone say Chipmunk? My grandmother told me a great recipe…”

A Tense Meeting and Regret

Just as the group is ready to come down out of the mountains, Kasiex freezes and draws his bow, pointing the weapon down at the ruined village just below.
Kasiex whispers “Quiet! We have company”
Draven lays a hand on Kasiex's shoulder. "Easy, friend, what do you see?"
Just then, several Hutaakan, dressed like Kasiex appear. Two on the rocks above and 3 emerging from the village below. They all have long spears at the ready.
Kifien quickly holds up her hands and calls out to them in Hutaakan
There is some shouting back and forth between the newcomers and Kifien. Kaisex remains strangely quiet during this exchange. He lowers his bow but does not take the arrow off...
Kasiex 's eyes narrow and go from the Hutaakan to the Company and back to the Hutaakan
The arguing goes on for some time, then finally the other 5 Hutaakan leave. They go around the group and head up into the mountains, possibly back toward the campsite the Compnany just left
Draven says “That seemed... tense.”
Griffin says "Iris, any way you can get the gist of that?"
Iris does not understand anything but that the other Hutaakans were mad, possibly about your group
Remar watched for signs of differing standards of any kind that would highlight them as form a different army or tribe
Kasiex says “They did not like that we were with you. They claim that outsiders like you helped kill many Hutaakan 10 days ago.”
Iris whispers in Thyatian, “Well, are we going to talk about this to them, or let it go? Bad news does not age well”
Kifein says “I told them that it was not you but probably that wizard, Golthar, that followed you here.”
Draven says “The sooner we can help you to end the scourge of undead in the valley, the sooner we will earn their trust.”
Kasiex shakes his head at Draven's words. "Let us move on"
Draven adds, in Thyatian, “And we will make amends as best we can…”
Griffin says “Sounds good to me, Draven.”

The rain really slows the travel down. This end of the valley is quite low and the ground becomes a veritable swamp. Draven begins having flashbacks to a particular dream he had once. He keeps looking from side to side, as if watching for something to come rising up out of the muck...
Remar falls in beside Draven and, quietly, in Thyatian, “Brother...how does one unburden something like this from oneself?”
Draven says “I think it will be sufficient if we can help both of these peoples out. Justice is the first casualty in war, and they have known nothing but for so long.”
Remar says “Even if we appeared to have ready, fire, aimed?”
Draven says “In our defense, I think we all thought we were going to be facing the gnolls who had been pursuing us. Our mistakes were honest ones.”
Remar says “Well...they didn't look like Gnolls to me, but I still fired on. Maybe at some point...you all who speak better could help me in what I'd say to apologize”

Reaching the Foot of the Stairs

The group finally makes it across the swampy lowlands and back to the rocky spur of the mountains. Being less than 6 miles from Ronkan, the two Hutaakan urge care and stealth.
Kasiex says “The rain will not stop the Traldar, but it will keep them from going too far from their walls. They do not want to be caught out at night. Come, we have several more hours to climb up and over this mountain, then we will have to climb the stairs to the Vault of Elders.”
Griffin says “Lead on!”

After several more hours of intense hiking and climbing, the Company and their Hutaakan escorts reach the little stretch of land at the far western end of the valley. The rain has stopped somewhat and Kifein points up into the mountains. High up, probably a quarter mile or more, stonework can be seen. A weathered and broken, but wide stone stairway leads up along the side of the mountain.
As the group prepares for a long and gruelling climb, Remar decides to do a little scouting ahead. He speaks a few magical words and performs a simple set of motions with his hands then leaps from the ground, flying up the mountain, roughly following the stairs that lead to the Vault of Elders.

Cast of Characters: 

Garrett "Griffin" Constantine, a Thyatian rogue of a gambler from Penhaligon rolled by +Arne Jamtgaard 

Draven Rickart, a Thyatian Acolyte of the Church of Karameikos ministered by +Jason Packer with help from +Patrick Burke 

Remar Umerusan Alphatian battle mage that escaped forced service in the Thyatian army currently marshalled by +Patrick Kelly 

Iris Vardaa Thyatian explorer and historian searching for answers and adventure, now guided by +Stephanie Kelly 

Kasiex, a Hutaakan Wildsteward used to ranging the mountains and valleys, now led down a new path by +Patrick Burke 

and +Jason Woollard as The DM


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