Grand Duchy 97

Grand Duchy of Adventure

Session 97
August 4-22, 2016

Sorting Out the Puzzle

Tserdain 6th Klarmont

Sharing the Knowledge

After a long day of hitting the books, the Grey Company comes back together to share what they have found. Draven, excited that he has been granted a new gift from his patrons, explains that he can now cast a spell allowing anyone the ability to read any language, though only for a limited time. Kifein and a young male Hutaakan bring trays of fruit, veggies and bread to the companions as well as several carafes of wine.
“You have been so studious,” Kifein says, “you worked all through lunch. What have you discovered?”

At that very moment, Griffin’s Pixie necklace, which normally glows magically with a faint light, dims and goes out. He looks at Draven and shrugs.

Remar flutters his eyelashes to to help uncross his eyes, and says to the group at large, “I found a lot of books containing pictures of the unknown symbol on the key that are thought to be arcane in nature.  I can’t read Traldar, let alone speak it well.  The books are here if anyone wants to take a look.”  To Kifein in her recommended approach to Traldar he says, “PICTURES. BOOKS. LOTS. ARCANE. KNOW.  WORDS-WITH-EYES.”

“Whatever the language is on that key, it’s not one that my magic could make form into words. It doesn’t look at all familiar to any of our mages?”

Ooo, oooo, me, me, me, pick me!  I bet I know!

“Fat chance,” the mage seemingly mutters to himself.  To Draven he says more audibly, “They didn’t focus us much into linguistic development during my...time...in the Thyatian military.”  Scratching his furry chin, he continues, “As I said though, this book here does have some matching symbols.  Iris, any chance you could use it as a cypher...picking out the relevant symbols from this text that Draven is able to read, then using those as a key to figuring out what this key-spell says?”

“Worth a shot, I guess,” offers Draven, a little deflated that he wasn’t able to answer the mystery himself. “Iris, if I grant you the gift of tongues, do you think you’ll be able to parse this out?”

Iris nods and says she thinks she should be able to.

“okay, get ready. You’ll only get a minute, maybe two, to get it sorted out…” Draven closes his eyes and steadies himself, taking a single deep breath and exhaling before silently beseeching the gods to grant the gift of tongues once more. A feeling of deep peace comes over him and he reaches out to touch Iris’s forehead, passing the gift to her. “There, go now, see what you can see.”

Iris turns the key and lines the rows of symbols up and studies it for several moments then explains that the cylinder is something akin to a scroll. It contains one spell, in Nithian, designed to open a door. From what she can tell it only opens one specific door, no doubt the door to the Vault of Elders.

“So, while I may need to cast my spell again to give you the ability to read it when we get there, it should suffice to get us inside. Now can someone remind me what we’re supposed to find inside? I had hoped the silver bowl might be there, but we’ve since been disabused of that notion.”

Iris reminds Draven that the Hutaakans believe that the Vault holds a tome with a specific ritual that will end the undead trouble in the valley. The Vault is locked and can only be opened with the key, which is in their possession and figured out. Kforedz says that the ritual will have to be performed in the Temple of Pflarr and Kifein says that the bowl, which was not on the altar, will be required, as will some water from the Singing Pool, which the Company has.

Kifein informs the Company that she and a few other Hutaakan have volunteered to join the expedition to the Vault, assuming they are welcome and wanted.

After some consideration, Draven urges the rest of the party to bring the Hutaakan along to the vault. “We will need someone who knows how to engage in the appropriate rituals. But I fear that, at least as we approach the lands that are… held by the Traldar we will need to resort to disguises, mundane or magical,” with a nod to the handful of wizards on the team, “to keep the peace long enough to allow us to complete our work.”

Glancing over at Kifein, at her reversed knees and her other jackal-like features.

Yea Rema.’  Go ahead.  ‘Ide em in a costum o’ fire!  Hahahahaha….

Many memories of those previously veiled in the guise of the wizard’s fire flash through his mind.

The Alphatian swallows, wipes a little sweat from his brow and looks back over to Iris and Draven shrugging.  “I...I don’t have anything magically inclined that I can think of that can hide a...pack of us while we are on the move heading west.  Do you Draven?  Do you Iris?  If not…”

Remar adjusts his view to include Griffin as well.  “Is there anything we can do to act as peacekeeping, diplomats representing both the Hutaakan and Traldar?  It would be ideal to get them to work together.  If not that, maybe we can convince them both to at least defer their hostile actions until a later time.  Like, tell them both the Traldar’s and Hutaakans’ help are needed in the ritual to rid the valley of undead?  Maybe we can say it is in the book when we read it, if we have to?”

Draven chuckles under his breath. “I’m an earthly representative of the goddess of truth and justice. My gifts are for unmasking hidden things, not doing the hiding in the first place.” He too looks Kifein up and down once before realizing just what that sort of look might mean and jerking his eyes away. “L-long robes, perhaps, with hoods. Some sort of minor glamour that would work with more mundane disguises?”

Introductions to a Wildsteward

Kifein seems unaffected by Draven’s glances and she starts to speak, then another Hutaakan enters the area. He is tall and muscular and has a dark gleam in his eye. He does not look too old but carries himself with the air of experience. A short blade rests at his belt and a long bow hangs from his shoulder, a weapon not seen carried by other Hutaakan thus far. He wears a thick leather skirt and worn scale mail can be seen from beneath his tunic. A brown, grey and green heavy cloak falls from his shoulders.

Kifein smiles, “Ahh, Kasiex, you have returned.” She turns to the Company and waves her arm toward the newcomer. “This is Kasiex, Wildsteward of the Valley. He will be accompanying us to the Vault of Elders. He has great knowledge of the valley and its many ways. He should be able to get us past the Traldar easily enough.” Following his introduction, the Hutaakan bows slightly toward the members of the Grey Company.

Draven, about to extend his hand in a very Thyatian manner of greeting, instead bows in return. “We are coming to know this country well, having traversed it a time or three already, but having an expert will only be helpful.”
Kasiex’ ears flick as he surveys the Company. “You're the outsiders who saved our man from the Rhagodessa? Kifein speaks well of you, as do your deeds. You have my thanks. Kifein asks that I guide her, and those of you who choose to accompany us, through the Valley to the Vault. I will do all I can to bring you there safely.”

Like Draven, Remar also stands and nods his head toward the newly introduced Jackalman.  My Traldar is coming along as far as I can tell.  I’ll try and tell him, “A pleasure to meet you...Kasiex?  Or do you prefer Wildsteward?”


His eyebrows bunch together sincerely.

“Kasiex is proper. Wildsteward…” the jackal-headed being stresses the second syllable “ is my task and title.” He glances at Kifein, unsure if he should continue; she did not appear to have difficulty conversing with these outsiders, though...  “I, and those few like me, patrol and care for the wild places, guide the lost, ensure that violent actors are...contained.  The Rhagodessa, for example - me and mine would have ultimately been responsible for taking care of them.  I appreciate your help there - the Stewards are stretched thin, these days.”

The wizard smiles and nods in feigned acknowledgement.  I think he said he prefers Kasiex.  I’ll tell him “Ah, I see.  Well, very good then.  Kasiex!  It has a nice ring to it, that name...and easy for me to remember at least.  It reminds me of a spellword ‘KacՅx'a.’  It means ‘Grounded,’ ‘Rooted,’ or ‘In the earth.’”


Kasiex’ brow furrows, and his ears betray his confusion for those who notice such things.

The mage continues.


Sorta like buryin’ thems otha Jackals in tha dirt, tha first time you met em, eh?

What?  No.  What are you babbling about?  I was complimenting him!

Hellova compliment!  Hahahaha...

Remar flushes, looks uncertain, and then with a final nod and weak smile, begins busying himself with his gear.

Kasiex’ hackles rise and he takes a half-step back; a low growl rumbles deep in his chest for a moment before he strangles it back into silence.  He slides himself more directly between Kifein and the Company, Remar in particular.  Addressing the Company as a group he says “You...threaten us? Or not speak Traladar well?” His fur stays bristled  as he cuts a glance over his shoulder to Kifein, looking to the other Hutaakan for direction. Surely she wouldn’t bring enemies to us; surely they cannot have fooled her…

Remar’s heart pounds at the canine-rumbling.

Oooo boy, doggies!  Hey Rema, I guess tha feelin’s o’ panic are still thar with ya afterall!  I was beginnin’ t’wonder.

Turning at the sound, he looks wide-eyed first at Kasiex, who seems to be focusing on him, and then at the rest of his companions.

In Thyatian he says, “Was it something I said?”

Kifein raises her paw, and in Traldar says, “These are our friends. They have shown they want to help.They do not understand our language, only some of the base language of the Traldar.” She looks at Iris, “This one, Iris, speaks it the best while the dark haired one there, the one that often mumbles to himself, well he must have other talents.” She smiles at Remar, or at least he thinks she is smiling. There are a lot of teeth being shown…

Not wanting to be rude, Remar smiles back just as enthusiastically.

Watching from the sidelines, Griffin hides a smile as Remar’s intentions again exceed his abilities. He approaches Kasiex slowly, arms spread at his sides, hands empty. “I greet you, Kasiex, Wildsteward. I am called Griffin. Let me introduce you to our company.” He goes around, making sure all are familiar with each other.

Cast of Characters: 

Garrett "Griffin" Constantine, a Thyatian rogue of a gambler from Penhaligon rolled by +Arne Jamtgaard 

Draven Rickart, a Thyatian Acolyte of the Church of Karameikos ministered by +Jason Packer with help from +Patrick Burke 

Remar Umerusan Alphatian battle mage that escaped forced service in the Thyatian army currently marshalled by +Patrick Kelly 

Iris Vardaa Thyatian explorer and historian searching for answers and adventure, now guided by +Stephanie Kelly 

Kasiex, a Hutaakan Wildsteward used to ranging the mountains and valleys now led down a new path by +Patrick Burke 

and +Jason Woollard as The DM

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