Grand Duchy 95

Grand Duchy of Adventure

Session 95
July 20, 2016

Road to Byxata

Soladain 3rd Klarmont

Spiders Be Gone

The Grey Company
Remar and the rest of the company show the Hutaakan how to use fire to fully exterminate a rhagodessa lair, once found. They Hutaakan are eager to learn this trick as the spider-like monsters sometimes plague them. 

The Hutaakan are grateful for the help in recovering their lost warrior and for being shown effective methods of ridding themselves of the rhagodessa. In turn, they invite the Grey Company to come with them back to their home, Byxata, and meet their High Priestess. 

After some discussion, the group decides that they should go with the Hutaakan and show appreciation for their hospitality. Draven and Iris express interest in helping bridge the divide that separates the two groups here in the valley. Griffin is interested in any potential treasures they might have and Remar just seems distracted, as usual.

Lunadain 4th Klarmont

Walking and Talking

The Grey Company and the Hutaakan group start their journey to Byxata. Kifein says it should take a day or so to get there since, once they make it back out to the valley proper, they will travel wide to the east to avoid any Traldar scouting parties. The Grey Company learns a bit about the shared history of the Hutaaka and the Traldar of the valley and about the "Killer in the Dark" that was some otherworldly beast that resided beneath the Temple of Pflarr and was kept at bay by frequent rituals, but since the Traldar have ejected the Hutaaka from the Temple, the rituals could not be completed and the beast has escaped.

There are also numerous sightings of undead wandering the valley in the distance. Kifein explains that they have been a growing problem in the valley but generally stay away from Hutaakan bands because many of the priests and priestesses can turn them away, much like Draven does. 

Draven broaches the idea of a peace between the two cultures, but again, Kifein dismisses the idea, saying that the Traldar would never agree to it. She is not angry or bitter toward the Traldar, but firmly places all the blame for the conflict on them.

Late in the night, the camp is roused when another group of about 10 Hutaaka approach and camp nearby.

Gromdain 5th Klarmont

Tension Rises

Tyzin, thankful Hutaakan
The new group of Hutaaka that had arrived the night before is not as welcoming and friendly as Kifein's group. They are distrustful of the Company and Iris over hears words being thrown about such as "unwanted outsiders" and "pinkskins." Kifein and some of her group defend the Company and after brief introductions, the newcomer Hutaakan keep their distance. 

As the traveling gets underway, the Company is approached by a young Hutaakan. His name is Tyzin and he has come to express his thanks for being saved from the rhagodessa the other night. 

Just after midday, some Hutaakan scouts return with two dead lizards, just like the kind the Traldar have domesticated. The Company begin to worry that they may have come from a Traldar patrol nearby. Marcel hopes they will get to share the lizard meal.

Draven carefully observes the Hutaaka and their religious rituals while the group travels. He learns that Pflarr is a patron of artisans and builders and that the Hutaaka often use well crafted and skillfully decorated bowels to make many their many offerings. 

Welcome to Byxata

Late in the day, just after the sun has gone down, the group has traversed to the north side of the valley and entered another of the valley spurs. They enter a heavily wooded area near the side of the valley. A short trip through the woods leads the group to a small box canyon just off the larger valley spur. The entrance to the canyon, some 200' wide, is blocked by a 20' high wall of mainly stacked stone. Guards and watch fires burn at regular intervals atop the wall. At the far end of the wall, a stout wooden gate allows entry to a small collection of 20 or so buildings sitting among the ruins of larger settlement. 
The High Priestess of Pflarr, Kforedz

Kifein names the place Byxata, the last home of her people. As the group enters, there are many curious looks and more than a few of disdain and even some of outright anger, though no one says anything.

Kifein takes the Company directly to meet Kforedz, the High Priestess of Plfarr and the leader of the Hutaaka. She welcomes the group and tells them she is thankful for them, believing them to be saviors for her people that she has prayed for. 

After exchanging greetings, Kforedz also explains that she has heard that another group of outsiders has recently entered the valley. She assumes they are friends of the Grey Compnay but they explain that it is Golthar the wizard and is no doubt here to dominate, plunder and enslave the inhabitants of the valley. This news makes Kforedz sad. She says they will speak more of this the following day and Kifein shows the Company to their temporary lodgings for the night.

Cast of Characters: 

Garrett "Griffin" Constantine, a Thyatian rogue of a gambler from Penhaligon rolled by +Arne Jamtgaard 

Draven Rickart, a Thyatian Acolyte of the Church of Karameikos ministered by +Jason Packer with help from +Patrick Burke 

Remar Umerusan Alphatian battle mage that escaped forced service in the Thyatian army currently marshalled by +Patrick Kelly 

Iris Vardaa Thyatian explorer and historian searching for answers and adventure, now guided by +Stephanie Kelly 

and +Jason Woollard as The DM

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