Grand Duchy 106

Grand Duchy of Adventure

Session 106
November 30, 2016

The Mummy Lord Defeated!

Nytdain 8 Klarmont

Finish Him!

The combat between the Grey Company and the Mummy Lord continues! Ree loses her balance in the wind and falls to the floor, her skirt blows up a bit, but everyone notices she is wearing shorts underneath.Cute but practical.Griffin stumbles, but struggles to one knee again. Iris begins trying to stand. Draven continues chanting, ready to call forth a divine spell. Remar moves to a better vantage point on the outskirts of the wind.

The Mummy Lord shouts something in Hutaakan but no one understands it at all then swings at Griffin's torso with a staff and succeeds! Griffin manages to parry the strike. Griffin stumbles again, but struggles to one knee again. The Grey Company continues to struggle mightily against the Mummy's windstorm!

Remar hurls another magical bolt at the  Hutaakan Mummy's head. The Hutaakan Mummy attempts to dodge Remar's attack and fails! The Mummy Lord seems to be slowing down due to his wounds.

Iris stands from kneeling despite the storm, but misses her attack while Draven continues his chant. The Mummy Lord swings at Iris's torso with a staff and fails! Ree falls again but rises back to a knee.

Remar waits to intercept and interrupt the Hutaakan Mummy's next action with a Magebolt to its conk. Iris falls flat on her behind, then struggles to a knee. Draven’s chanting grows louder still...

The Hutaakan Mummy swings at Griffin's torso with a staff and succeeds! Remar hurls a magical bolt at Hutaakan Mummy's head. The Hutaakan Mummy attempts to dodge Remar's attack and fails! Ree moves up behind Griffin and Iris, hoping to help them stay on their feet! Griffin and the Mummy Lord exchange some ineffective blows and Griffin tries to strike his opponents staff but the Mummy Lord manages to hold on to his staff.

Remar waits once again to intercept and interrupt the Hutaakan Mummy's next action with a Magebolt to its gray matter repository.

The Hutaakan Mummy attempts to dodge Iris's attack and fails but Iris's slash does not seem to penetrate the supernatural toughness of the mummy lord! Draven finishes his casting and the windstorm in the immediate area of the mummy seems to subside. Draven screams out the final chant and suppresses all magic in the vicinity. The other spells in the area also go away! The Mummy Lord screams in anger!

Hoping to use the Mummy’s distraction to his advantage, Remar hurls a magical bolt at Hutaakan Mummy's gray matter repository. He raises his staff and is cut off by a magic bolt! The Hutaakan Mummy attempts to dodge Remar's attack and fails! The bolt snaps the Mummy's head back, causing it to hit the wall. The Mummy pitches forward and falls, nearly crushing Griffin in the process. The creature hits the ground and falls apart into a pile of rags and lumps of blackened flesh. Iris gasps and everyone takes a long breath and slowly the windstorm dissipates. Iris rushes over to Kasiex. Remar bolts the mummy a few more times just for good measure.

Afflictions, Rings and Missing Friends

The Mummy Lord's Staff

Remar asks, "Draven, are you well enough to see to Kasiex' wounds, or have you had to ask for too much already to ensure our safety to this point?"

Draven speaks, "I fear I have asked too much of them. I shouldn't presume further, not before I lead a service in their thanks..."

Remar intones, "Rest then brother. Though my skills are a bit inferior to yours, I will do my best to magically assist him. Then it is off to figuring out how to extract Kifein"

Draven investigates the staff, but drops it immediately as it begins to sap his strength and quickly puts it back down. He suggests, "Perhaps that's a tool better investigated by you, Remar, or Iris perhaps, but ‘ware, it may try to drain you if you handle it."

Kasiex shakes his head and pushes himself up by his elbows and Draven searches the area where Kifein was swallowed up but the stone floor looks like the floor everywhere else in this chamber.

Kasiex says "What happened?” in heavily accented Traldar.

Iris crouches over the staff, eagerly examining what she can see, but careful not to touch it

As he recovers from the fight, Griffin has a bit of a coughing fit. He sits down next to Ree and catches his breath. "You good?" Griffin coughs some more.

Ariadne nods and says "You ok? That cough is new."

Remar says, "We may need to manipulate the staff in order to access whatever magic was used to encase Kifein and undo it. Iris, if you are unable to do it, let me know and I will try. I am familiar with shaping earth...even worked stone, but hopefully it was not a spell such as that used, as she would be suffocating.""

Draven says a heartfelt prayer for the soul of Kifein, just in case she now sits in judgement.

Iris sees that the staff is old and ornate but in surprisingly good condition, except where several sword cuts are in it. Iris replies, "I'm not familiar with any spell that would cause what happened to Kifein; I agree we need to figure out a way to help her. I'm not seeing anything obvious yet other than that the staff is ornate"
Ariadne says "It seemed that the Mummy was using magic from the staff, didn't it?"

Remar says, "Yes. At least, that is what I saw with my Identifying Spell"

Ariadne walks back out of the room toward the steps, bends down and picks up a large tome. She says "We still have this, maybe there is something in here that can help."

Draven, suspecting he is not the only one for whom the weight of the loss from this fight is heavy, attempts to console Griffin and the others as seems suitable to them.

Iris signs in relief, "oh good! I didn't see that from where I was at before."

Griffin examines the Staff but it does not look like anything Griffin is familiar with. It does contain many images he has seen recently in dealing with the Hutaakan. Mostly religious images and such.

Kasiex, still weak from his recent brush with death, looks about. He sees Remar examining the staff.

Remar examines the staff...then after muttering to himself, picks it up mentally focused on making its magic serve the company's cause but as Remar pics it up, he immediately feels it leeching the energy from his body. The mage wonders aloud, “So, is it that you need fuel to bond with this?” He feels absolutely no arcane magic flowing through this item but continues to examine it despite its draining effect.

Griffin says "Hey, Remar, maybe it's a Hutaakan thing - let Kaisex try"

Iris exclaims, "Oh my goodness" t,hen adds nervously, "What if it turns you into a mummy?!"

Draven answers gravely, but with a wry smile on his face, "I fear Remar will see that as the 'next great adventure' Iris..." Iris looks absolutely horrified at Draven's words

Kasiex says "That looks like the Staff of Pflarr, an ancient holy symbol of my people. I would put that down."

Iris says, "Kasiex says you need to put that down, it's a holy symbol of his people!"

Remar says, “Oh, um...well Kasiex, can you take this thing and make it cough Kifein back out of the Stone and Earth that swallowed her earlier? The mummy was using this staff to do that.”

Kasiex takes the staff from Remar and holds it and turns it over in his paws. "This is definitely the Staff of Pflarr, but I sure don't know what to do with it."

Griffin takes off his shield and crossbow and start exploring the rest of the room. He sees that the two large statues have some ornamentation on them that appears to be both valuable and removable.  He stealthily removes the ornamentation and stows it away carefully, making sure that Kasiex does not notice him plundering the statues.

Remar rests and studies his grimoire while he does. Iris sits next to Ree to offer help on interpreting the tome.

Draven and Remar discuss necromancy spells. Iris walks over to Draven. Iris whispers, "he's losing it. he's losing it"

Kasiex says "But what about Kifein?" Iris looks through the ancient tome. Griffin draws a big X on the floor where Kifein was swallowed up.

Iris thinks that she might be able to find something in the book. It actually looks like there are some arcane spells in this tome, among other things. Ree is interested in helping Iris figure this out though she cannot read Hutaakan.

Iris says, "Ok, so if i translate this correctly, the spell will disappear from the book. Or I can try to study this overnight and possibly learn the spell. Or I maybe mistaken and it can only be used as a scroll" She she seems just a bit confused on the actual application of the magic and smiles weakly

Draven sayd, "Worth a try to learn it long-term, if you think it can be done."

Iris says, “I would prefer that method, if only to preserve as much of the tome as possible for the Hutaakans but I did want to run it by you all first though.

Griffin also realizes that he is much more tired right now, his gear is really wearing him down and he feels like he has worked out all day; muscles are just tired out. He coughs and looks woozy. “Uh, Brother, could you take a look at me? I think this yellow junk is not good for me.”

Draven examines Griffin and then asks, "Can someone start a fire? I should make a hot poultice for Griffin's face."

Draven looks down then whispers to Griffin, “Brother, where did you come by that ring on your finger?”

Ariadne says "So, there's this door leading north here. With water coming from under it. And should we think about letting the others in? Or exploring the rest of this area?"

Remar starts a magical fire.

“I do? What ring?” Griffin looks at Draven with surprise. He did not realize he had the ring on his finger at all. He does not remember putting it on.
Such a pretty ring.
Draven works on a poultice for Griffin and answers,  “Indeed you do, look - ornate silver and ebony with a panther head. Here, help me remove it.” The ring, for some reason, will not come off of Griffin’s finger. Griffin and Draven look like they are looking at Griffin’s hand and shaking each others hands.

Griffin says jokingly, "Pleased to meet you!" A concerned look crosses his face when he realizes the ring will not come off. Griffin begins coughing.

Remar examines the door.

Watching Draven and Griffin fuss over this particular ring, Iris covers her mouth with both hands.

Griffin waves his hand. "Isn't it pretty?" He coughs some more.

Iris gasps and looks terribly guilty then exclaims quietly, 'Oh no!" She doesn't meet Draven's gaze.

Draven declares, with some disgust at his light-fingered friend, that the only solution that will save Griffin's life is to cut off the finger. Griffin thinks hard and believes he might remember putting the ring on. It is an ornate silver and ebony ring fashioned to look like a panthers head. It is encrusted with small clear crystals and 2 emeralds for eyes. He also remembers that it was an unknown magic item and it needed to be checked out before anyone did anything with it.

Ree says "That cough really sounds bad Griff." She then looks at Iris with a strange look. "That wound looks bad, Iris. It looks a little swollen and black. You need to sit down.”

Iris gently touches her face and pleads, "Um, Draven? Could you please look at my face?”

Draven agrees, "let's have a look at you..." The priest sees that Iris's wound is also infected with Mummy Rot and explains this to her.

Iris looks like she's going to cry but instead opens up the tome and starts reading, hoping to find a way to rescue their Hutaakan friend, Kifein.



This part of the Vault is also a Dyson Logos Map. Flear's Temple has been altered a bit and combined with another Dyson map to create the Vault. Thanks +Dyson Logos for all your wonderful maps!

Cast of Characters: 

Garrett "Griffin" Constantine, a Thyatian rogue of a gambler from Penhaligon rolled by +Arne Jamtgaard 

Draven Rickart, a Thyatian Acolyte of the Church of Karameikos ministered by +Jason Packer with help from +Patrick Burke 

Remar Umerusan Alphatian battle mage that escaped forced service in the Thyatian army currently marshalled by +Patrick Kelly 

Iris Vardaa Thyatian explorer and historian searching for answers and adventure, now guided by +Stephanie Kelly 

Kasiex, a Hutaakan Wildsteward used to ranging the mountains and valleys now led down a new path by +Patrick Burke 

and +Jason Woollard as The DM

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