Simple Tricks and Nonsense

     A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...     

We got excited about a new Star Wars movie and decided to play some GURPS: Star Wars! In October of 2016 we put together some characters and in December, we blasted off and our new campaign, Simple Tricks and Nonsense was born.

This blog will follow the exploits of the crew of the Painted S'kytri as they roam across the galaxy in search of adventure, excitement and the next paying job!

The Crew

Dexen Halcyon is a cocky young pilot from Ord Mantell who flies by the seat of his pants. A former University Grav-Ball star turned bar tender, Dex now sits behind the wheel of the S'kytri. Dex owes his current position and skill as a pilot to Captain Minas Largo, who pulled him out of the rut that his life had fallen into and shown him the stars. 
Played by +Daniel Ernst (Character Sheet - Background)

Jetha "Rook" Reu'kri grew up on the seedy side of Corellia. She was smart and numbers came naturally to her. After University, she worked in a production lab until she was framed for smuggling secrets out. A stint in prison jaded her and when she was released she became a smuggler, hooking up with Captain Minas Largo and his crew.
Played by +Carol Coburn  (Character Sheet - Background)

Varko Prumen is an aging Mon Calamari scoundrel who grew up with the better things in life, only to have them taken away, first by the violence of the Clone Wars, and then by the occupation and enslavement of his homeworld by the Empire. He pledged his life and skills in defeating the Empire, and over time, with his help, and that of smugglers like Minas Largo, the Rebellion finally won. Now he spends his life traveling the stars as a member of the Painted S'kytri crew, trying to earn an honest or not so honest wage while still doing good for those in need.
Played by +Ben Lipe  (Character Sheet - Background)

Xetsu'ae is a grizzled Twi'lek engineer and mechanic that spent most of his early life enslaved by the Empire. After his release, this third-person talking mechanical genius hooked up with Captain Minas Largo and his crew. Xetsu keeps the Painted S'kytri space worthy in one piece, a feat that isn't always as easy as it should be!
Played by +Jodi H  (Character Sheet - Background)

Alita is a young Socorran scout whose family had "adopted" the smuggler Minas Largo many years ago. Alita grew up calling the old Captain "Uncle" and went on many trips and spent much time under his tutelage. One of the best scouts on Socorro already, her exposure to the wider galaxy only made her better. When a tragedy befell her family back on Socorro, she fled aboard the Painted S'kytri and eventually became one of its crew. The recent death of her "Uncle" has deeply saddened her.
Played by +JeCorey Holder  (Character Sheet)

Lofchiir is a charismatic young Wookie with a secretive past. It is rumored he was a pirate before joining the crew of the Painted S'kytri. Lofchiir is a most convincing speaker, when the language barrier is not a problem. When it is, he is more than comfortable with ripping his opponents arms off, as Wookies are know to do.
Played by Don K (Character Sheet)

Adin Vill is an ex-Imperial medic who became disillusioned by the Empire's tactics after seeing and being asked to do too many unspeakable things. He was discharged and thrown into prison. After being released from prison, he ran into Captain Minas Largo on several occasions and eventually became one of his crew members. Adin is tormented by his past and deals with it through heavy drink and sharp commentary. 
Played by +Jason GURPS as an NPC (Character Sheet)

The Campaign

Episode 0 - A Long Time Ago ...
Episode I - Of All the Hyperlanes...
Episode II - The Lambda Heist
Episode III  -Take Him Home
Episode IV - The Snow Job
Episode V - A Rock and a Cold Place
Episode VI - Standoff on Leritor
Episode VII - From Leritor to Lamaredd

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