The Sundered Lands

The Sundered Lands of Palladium

It is a dark time.
Much has happened in the world since these companions traveled together. They have been called back to once again fight against the Lords of Chaos and help protect their world.
The lands have already been torn asunder in some places. If evil is allowed to win, the entire world could suffer the same fate!


This is a continuation of our long-running GURPS: Palladium Fantasy campaign that started back in 2008. We played weekly using MapTool for 3 and a half years. At that point we were running 2 separate groups through a shared campaign. There were 10-12 characters played by 7 players (most of whom were original campaign players, and the others had 2+ years in the campaign) We decided to take a break for a while and started up another campaign that ran for multiple years (Dark Paths of Riddleport) before deciding to come back to this one. Still not ready to start this campaign back up right away, Arne (one of the players) agreed to host an Interludes campaign in which he GMed a series of connected plots for the characters and I got to play a former PC that had left the campaign and was reunited with her old companions. These Interludes went on for just over a year and finally, I was ready to take the campaign back over.

I fast-forwarded time, bumped all the characters up to [400] points (they were spread out anywhere between 250 and 375) and brought them back together. I added some new bad stuff to the world to let everyone know that the stakes had been raised then we jumped right in and started gaming!

The Cast of Characters (and some of them are REALLY characters!)

Arn Ironfist - Dwarven miner, lawyer and brawler who talks to his right-hand gauntlet, "Lefty"

Seeker Militis - Wolfen Warlord, scout and teenager who wields a powerfully enchanted greatsword

Valinya - Elven "air-headed" Elven wild-song mage who crafts her magic through song and can draw upon great reserves of power to handle any situation

Moonscar - Kankoran druid, mystic and esoteric enigma who goes by many names and speaks with the many smokes of the Web and travels with Sings to Moon, a savage timber wolf from the cold north

Silver - a young dragon hatchling who possesses fiery breath, magical talent and the ability to take the form of a beautiful Elf maiden. She tends to find "flame-based solutions" to most obstacles

Gorgukk Torgnaz - Ogre sailor who has worked with the party and the Guardians of Bletherad off and on over the years. Big, strong, polite and more than deadly with his finely crafted maul, Tempest

Campaign Log

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