Sundered Lands 36

The Sundered Lands of Palladium

Session 36
December 5-17, 2016

Lady Lotus Splits

Saturday October 28

Talking With Lady Lotus

Rowyn Kellani, The Lady Lotus
The smell of burning wood and flesh hangs heavy in the air in both chambers of Rowyn Kellani. The scent of blood and death lingers heavy near the doorway between the two spaces where her two lumbering zombies still stand. Their great axes have been removed and placed far away from them. Gut Tugger’s bloody remains have been trampled into the thick carpeting of the sitting room. Seeker, Moonscar and Fortis, in the guise of Frump, the Dwarven merchant, continue their interrogation of Rowyn Kellani. The Lady Lotus sits at the end of her bed, all of her valuable and dangerous items have been taken from her, though she still wears her armor and clothing. A delicate silver flute hangs from a chain around her neck. Fortis is certain that it is not magical. The Lady’s demeanor is much different now than it was earlier. She keeps her eyes down in defeat and her voice is quiet and lacks the strength it possessed upon first meeting her. Her red hair is now tangled mess and a black scorch mark lies on her back where Valinya’s lightning bolt hit her.

Moonscar finishes his veiled attempt at inquiring about the Shadow Pearl and her involvement and she replies, “I have no idea what you are talking about.”

Seeker flicks an eyebrow at Moonscar and Frump. In Wolfen, “That didn’t sound quite truthful to me - what did you two think?”

Frump waits for a lull in the conversation with Rowyn before speaking “Are you certain you wouldn’t like to reconsider your answer to the Kankoran’s question? We are doing well at the moment, coming to a peaceful resolution. I’d hate for an attempted deception to lead to a fatal misunderstanding. Think very carefully about his question. Your answer may be the most important thing you say for the rest of your life.” Frump glares directly at Lady Rowyn for a moment and gives her an opportunity to reply.

The Lady Lotus merely glares back, a moment of her former strength shining through the gloom of her current predicament. Otherwise, though, she does not answer.

Frump then continues “Among all the other thing to concern us are the remnants of this organization. Perhaps you, Lady Rowyn, have some kind of prearranged signal to gather your crew for an announcement? There is information they surely need and we would like to ensure this evening witnesses no additional bloodshed. I expect at least a few of them may have an interest in alternative employment opportunities, which would be a good thing for them to discuss with us prior to starting any freelance activities.”

“I do not suspect that I will have an easy time rounding up the remaining Harpies after this,” Rowyn Kellani looks around at her captors. “And definitely not after my gold is gone. They are thieves, rogues and thugs after all. There is loyalty, but that only goes so far after the gold runs out There are some few that I could probably connect with, and through them, some of the others. I would just as soon take my leave of Essanos though. Other groups will no doubt use this opportunity to fill the vacuum and even jump at the opportunity to get rid of me for good.”

Done with this interrogation, Frump leaves the room.

Seeker relaxes as Frump leaves. “So, you’ll leave town. I hear the Western Empire is full of opportunities for enterprising folk. If you want something a bit more unusual, the Wolfen Empire welcomes all sorts.” He grins. “They’re not all as scary as me.”

He moves further into the room, standing easily, and gets back to business. “I agree about your crew. They won’t stick around now. We’ll give them a chance to clear out and then strip the place.” He eyes the pile of magical stuff on the bed. “If you’d be so kind, can you elaborate on your magical items here? After that we can take a tour and you can show us where you’ve stored the Harpies’ wealth.”

His voice softens, and he points a claw to the silver flute around her neck. “Are you a musician?” He muses for a moment. “Perhaps a change in career is in order?”

The Lady blushes as Seeker takes notice of the silver flute nestled between her breasts. “I am something of a musician. Would you like to hear a song?”

She just lost everything. It couldn’t hurt to humor her for a moment.

He nods. “Please, if it’s not a bother.” He leans up against a wall to give her some room to perform.

The Lady Lotus takes up her flute, shakes her lightning bolt-frizzy hair back out of her face, clears her throat and starts playing the flute. It is immediately clear that she is quite skillful as the sharp clear notes flow from the delicate instrument. Her fingers move fluidly over the holes and valves as the notes drift through the air.

Poking Around

Seeing that he is not improving the situation ‘Frump’ goes back to the other room and peers at the shelves with his enhanced Magesight. I wonder what that swirling red globe was, and if there is anything else of interest in this room.

Fortis as Frump steps over the bloody puddle that was once Kellani’s pet dragon, Gut Tugger and enters the sitting room. He can hear Arn and Wulda on the other side of the stone wall talking like old pals. He sees Valinya resting on one of the plush chairs near the table. He moves to the shelves that line the north wall and does a quick scan of the contents. The only thing that appears magical is the crystal ball with now blue smoky light coming from inside of it.

He takes a moment to inventory the other items on the shelves as well. There are at least 20 books, they look to be adventure tales, love stories or erotica, with some of them clearly being all three. An alabaster statue of a succubus looks valuable as does an onyx statue of some sort of panther with strange tentacles coming out of its sides. There is also a small statuette of a silver unicorn rearing on its hind legs. The unicorn’s horn is gold. Numerous stuffed animals line the shelves, such as a stirge, cobras, monstrous spiders, and what looks to be a shrew the size of a large cat. The two coffers look promising though, possibly containing gems, coins or jewelry. The first coffer is darkwood and carved with very subtle tree designs while the other box is iron and inlaid with several jade bats. Both have metal clasps holding them closed but do not appear to be locked.

The soft sounds of a flute being played can be heard from Rowyn Kellani’s bedroom area. After a few seconds, the music stops.

Silver comes slinking through the area, goes into the bedroom, then returns a few minutes later announcing that somehow Rowyn Kellani has disappeared and that Seeker and Moonscar are currently searching the room for her.

What in the shattered lands is she talking about? Rowyn gone?
Fortis perks up. That slippery eel, I think we are going to need to establish a more permanent solution when we come to our resolution next time. In an effort to bring about that eventually Fortis begins looking for clues of her passage.

Hanging Out With Wulda

Meanwhile, out in the other room, Wulda leans against the magically created stone wall eyeing the doorway leading out of the room. Silver sits on the ground next to him, watching him and his nasty flail closely while Arn stands just outside the doorway in the hall, watching for anyone approaching. The smell of burning flesh is strong here because of the 4 dead thugs just past Arn, all now nothing more than burnt piles of flesh and gear. Though technically captures, Wulda seems calm and happy. He smiles and shifts his gaze back and forth from Arn to Silver. “So, what’s the story? Mercenary company working for that Vanderboren gal? Heroes on a quest? Rival gang? I just don’t get it. From what I hear, you seem to resemble all three, but it just don’t fit right to me. Adventurers.” He gazes up at the ceiling, as if in deep thought. “Say, you ever hear of the Desert of Brass? Been trying to get a group together to head down there. I’ve heard some interesting things, hoping someday to see if they’re true.”

Wulda is a bit of a flop-flopper
Valinya sits in the same room, though on the other side of the stone wall. She leans back, still in Airy form, in one of the plush chairs, trying to rest and get her head straight.

Arn shifts his position so that he can still see Wulda to the side. He engages him briefly to see what direction the story will go. “...something like that, the details are not important. What is your involvement here? You serve the lady as muscle, but when push comes to shove you back down like a cowardly goblin? She must not be paying you enough. I know Seeker and I were looking forward to trading blows with you. I like a good challenge.”

Wulda shrugs, “Yea, I get that, I like a good challenge too, but it’s not like I was her “guy” or anything. Haven’t been involved very long. She hired me cause I’m big and tough. Haven’t really done much. She would just keep me around when she had to intimidate people I think.” He cracks his knuckles. “And you’re right. She wasn’t paying me enough to end up like that,” he nods his head in the direction of the 4 smouldering, dead Sea Harpies. “Nobody pays enough for that. Yea, so, by the way, since you have taken down her organization and all, do you think I could get my pay from her before you take it all? A man’s gotta eat and all that, ya know.”

Arn laughs at Wulda’s comments.  “Ye sure do have a set of iron balls on ye….making a request like that after a battle with us.   Oddly enough I like it.  I respect that type of brashness.   Hell, I may even have a drink with ye when we’re all done here at this point.   I would just have to confirm first with my one friend you apparently whacked with yer flail.  I need to make sure that he is okay and doesn’t require ‘payback’.   So Vanthus ran off South?  What do ye know of the others and his involvement?”

“Naa, I don’t know which way he went, off on some job for Kellani there, no doubt. I knew the man a little, but can’t say I didn’t like ‘em much. Bit of a prick, but whatever, who isn’t around here. Yea, I’ll hold ya to that drink, Dwarf,” Wulda responds.

The soft sounds of a flute being played can be heard from Rowyn Kellani’s bedroom area. After a few seconds, the music stops.

“I’m not too impressed with these Harpy twits.   Though their use of the magical tentacles was a bit of a pain in the ass.  Relying upon zombies for guards?  Pathetic.   So I’m assuming the other Harpies fled….why the hell did they try to burn down all of the buildings?”

Having listened to the banter for a while and growing somewhat bored of it, Silver perks up at the sound of the flute.  “What was that? Who would be playing music here?”

She makes her way back around to find out what’s going on in the other room, pausing a moment to eye up the dead lizard on the floor as a potential meal, before finally entering the other room.  

A few minutes after Silver has left, Arn hears her talking around on the other side of the wall saying something about Rowyn Kellani having disappeared and Seeker and Moonscar are looking for her.

Hearing his companions call out about Lady Lotus leaving….Arn turns to Wulda, anger seeping into his voice.   “Okay there lad…..what tricks is this lady up to?   How did she manage to sneak past our mates and get out of here?“

Wulda shrugs, “How would I know, I’ve been out here with you. But seriously, she’s a rogue, and a damned good one from what I know. All rogues is tricksy, right? I assume she’s got some secret passages or something all around this place, wouldn’t you?” He chuckles a bit, “But like I said before, I ain’t one of these Sea Harpies, I’m an independent contractor, and cause of that, I don’t get in on all their club secrets. But ya know she’s a wizard of some kind, don’t cha? One ah them musical wizards. Playing that flute or singing or humming whene’r she makes her magic.” He glances back past Arn toward the smouldering Sea Harpies and the hallway leading back out, “I’ll keep an eye here, you go help them find her. I’d like ya to grab her again so maybe she ken tell ya exactly how much o’ that coin belongs ta me. I ain’t goin’ no where.” He makes a criss-cross motion over his chest with his pointer finger.

Where Did She Go?

The next thing Seeker realizes he is standing there, staring at the end of Kellani’s bed, but she is nowhere to be seen. Looking around quickly, he sees Moonscar a few steps behind him, looking in the same direction but not seeming to notice anything, dazed. Looking back to where the woman had just been, Seeker sees that her sword is missing, though the other gear is still there.

Seeker growls, then pokes Moonscar to return him to his senses. “Wake, brother! She bewitched us. Damn shame too, we were being so nice.” He pauses for a moment. “Well, except for Val.” He gulps. “I hope she’s not mad that she got away.”

He sniffs, hoping to catch her trail, but the incense and smoke in the room mask her scent, although he did take her measure earlier.

Seeker removes a large loop of rope from his satchel, throws it over one shoulder, then gathers up her items and secures them in it.

He turns to Moonscar. “Since Fortis is busy in the other room, and likely will be for some time, let’s take this room. See what we can find.” He ponders briefly what he had already seen of the sitting room. The books will have to wait for later. He thinks for a moment. She wanted to take her perfumes. That means they might be valuable. He stops at the dressing table and loads his satchel with what he finds there.

The stench around the dressing table is nearly unbearable to Seeker as he slides about 20 small vials into his satchel. He shakes his head and wonders to himself how the Humans even find that stuff to be attractive.

Now, on to searching the room. Slowly, methodically, and separately from Brother. Twice the chance to find things.

Silver enters the room after pausing at the doorway to look at the dead lizard.  She looks around quickly and says “Wait, where’s the lady? Seriously? You let her go?”  A moment of taking in the sheepish looks she says “She had a flute, huh?”

After figuring out roughly what happened, Silver looks about the room for any hiding places or secret doors.  Maybe she’s just hiding under the bed or something?

Peeved, the Kankoran mutters, “Yeah, my alter-ego would’ve know better than to let her play that thing. . .” then pauses in confusion, “Wait, what?” then proceeds to search the room with a puzzled look on his face.

The two canine companions begin their search of the bedroom. Silver pokes around, looks under the bed, does not see her anywhere and heads back out to inform the others that the Lady Lotus has disappeared.

Valinya’s consciousness floats in peace, resting and recovering but suddenly there is a niggling distraction, like a mental will-o-wisp calling to her from the distance.  Curious, Valinya moves toward being aware of her surroundings more.  As she surfaces she hears Silver and catches the name of Rowyn and something about … gone?  What?!  Opening her eyes she quickly floats off to find out what in the world has gone on while she rested.

Everyone converges on the bedroom where it is suddenly discovered that Rowyn Kellani somehow escaped. It appears that when she played her little flute, Seeker and Moonscar were somehow dazed. Fortis is sure that the flute had not detected as magical or he would have had it removed.

Frump the Dwarf begins looking around the room, moving a bit faster than a Dwarf of his stature should be, and then there is the whole issue with him sometimes floating up and over things, but no one else pays it no mind. As he searches, Fortis feels the faint tickle at the back of his mind, like a light breeze blowing across his wingtips. He knows that Kruncher is no longer under his magical sway, though the time for his spell should not have worn off yet.

Fortis is unable to discern anything specific about where Rowyn Kellani may have gone. She had been sitting at the end of her bed, in the corner of the room, with Seeker standing almost on top of her and Moonscar behind him in the middle of the room. Fortis and Valinya were in the room just outside, though Valinya did have her eyes closed, she was still a fairly perceptive gal. Seeker and Moonscar report they have a strong scent of her, but it is all over the room and very intermingled with incense and perfume. They also report the faint scent of Vanthus on and near the bed, but easily several days old.

The two sharp nosed canines continue their search of the room, each starting at one side and then changing sides to back each other up. After about 40 minutes, Moonscar lets out a victory yelp and shouts, “Think I got it!” He traces his claw along an invisible seam in the wall near a full length mirror at the end of Kellani’s bed. Seeker scowls as he sees it is in an area that he had just carefully searched. “Now, how to trigger it,” the Kankoran muses. He searches around for a while longer then turns and sticks his head under the bed, sniffing. “Got it!” comes his muffled voice followed by a faint click sound from the wall. The invisible seam suddenly becomes visible as a small section of wall reveals itself to be a secret door. Moonscar stands up and carefully pulls the door back, revealing a tiny, dark passageway about 3 feet high and 2 feet wide. Seeker exhales and wonders if he is even going to fit through the hole. Sensing his apprehension, Moonscar peers into the darkness and states, “It opens up a little bigger not too far in, Brother. I also don’t see any sign of Kellani. Passageway looks to be only about 15 feet long or so. Door at the far end, on the right.”

As he sees the rest of the group gathering he asks, to no one in particular “Well, we can either chase Lotus, secure this site or split up and try to do multiple things.” He looks around in an attempt to spot any obvious interest in one of those possibilities. “We know where Lotus came from, but not necessarily where she went. We may lose our only opportunity to catch her if we aren’t too late already. We’re also potentially sitting on a fortune that at least some of the scattering guards would know about. We’ve already brought the harbormaster’s murderer to justice, but may be able to use his shade to damage house Kellani if we can get the corpse in front of a necromancer and the authorities. And we have a mercenary, one that I am none too fond of at the moment, waiting in the other room for us to tell him what we are going to do with him. I’m not particularly strongly inclined to one course over another but would suggest that, should we end up pursuing Lotus, that we strike without delay and forestall any more trickery.”

Floating to peer into the passage Valinya says, “I could do a quick scout if that is helpful.”  

Seeker shakes his head. “We were already planning on letting her go, so I think just saying ‘good riddance’ is all we need do as far as the Lady Lotus. Let’s focus on what’s in front of us - secure the resources of the Sea Harpes for ourselves and Lavinia. Take them and the corpse of Rosk to the Vanderboren manor - let Lavinia deal with the local gendarmes..

Arn had looked at Wulda and  just nodded. “ I will see what we can do for ye, but I make no promises. I didn’t offer to pay you, but if she owes ye money, ye can take that matter up with her.   If you stick around, good, we can settle things. If you leave, that’s on you too.  But plan or try to cross us again, it will be the last thing ye do.”.  

Arn makes his way around the hallways while the others were searching the room. He thought maybe if Lady Lotus escaped, if they could just go down other passages and pick up her trail.   However it seemed like his two canine companions were too involved in the searching of the room. Arn instead made his way down the hallways making sure that the remaining Harpies were dead or gone. Arn then decides to let his greed get the better of him and looks over the fallen bodies for any hidden coin or items of interest.

Arn collects several potions, pots and sacks as well a a handful of coins. He shoves the coins down into a pocket and carries the potions to show his companions. He gives Wulda a bit of a glare as he passes him again and heads off to find his friends.

“Still, it might be good just to see where this goes, and to see if there is anything else down there.  I won’t be long, just a quick flit there and back.”  

“Sounds good to me, Val. Brother, you want to watch her six while she’s in there? I might get stuck if I have to move fast.”

Valinya floats down the hall with Moonscar moving into the secret doorway to watch her back. At the far end of the hall, Valinya calls back quietly, “Yea, just another wooden door here, to the east. Wood and iron. Better made than the other one’s we’ve seen. Got a lock on it. Pretty sure I could flow in under it though, would probably be dark on the other side.”

As the wispy Elf explores the previously hidden passageway, Arn saunters into the room alone, shouldering past the two zombie Bearmen that continue to stand stock still just inside the doorway. Wulda does not appear to be with him. He plops several small items down on the bed. “Got these offa them smoking Harpies out there. Surprised they didn’t get all ruint in the fire!” There are 2 small, crystal potion vials, two small clay pots and two dark cloth sacks sewn up at the tops.

Fortis nods “well, the longer we wait the more likely one of the Harpies is going to raid that treasury. If Lavinya is relying on it I think we should get moving.” The Ellyl goes on to remind everyone about all the things he identified as valuable during his earlier assessment in the sitting room. “And, from what I’ve heard, The Appetites of Lady Devine is a valuable classic, well worth salvaging. Brother Gnawtail, do you imagine Sings would like one of these plush creatures to chew on?” As he is offering a squishy stuffed toy to a noble scion of the wilderness Fortis does a doubletake and returns his attention to the bookshelf. “Hey, look at this! At first I thought that Rowyn must have two copies of this erotic classic, but it looks like the elaborate serif on the writing has hidden an even rarer gem than I would have imagined. Peer a bit closer and the second book is actually titled The Ape Tittes of Lady Devine! I’m not sure if this is humor, parody, bizare thaumatological erotica or a convenient cover for writing someone wants to be dismissed as irrelevant. Either way, we should bring both books.”

Seeker points a thumb over his shoulder at the exposed secret passage and proceeds to fill in Arn. “Brother found a possible exit or maybe access to the treasure. Val’s checking it out now. We might need your skills to get the thing open, though.” He raises his voice, “Val, can you go ahead and slide under to check it out? Be careful, although I think it unlikely, Kellani could still be around, and we know she’s a mage of some sort.”

Would I … why I’d LOVE to! Valinya thinks amusedly to herself as she quickly flows under the mysterious door.

Valinya finds herself in a completely pitch black space.

Arn looks over to Seeker.   “What do ye have in mind?   A gentle attempt to pick the lock or a less subtle smash through the door?   Either way, I aim to please.” Arn starts making his way down the passage, waiting for Seeker’s reply.

Seeker watches the Dwarf as he heads off to follow Valinya. “Well, Arn, it’s likely a bolt hole, or the treasury. In either case there are likely to be traps. So, start with checking for those. Then lockpicking, I’m thinking. If it’s the treasury, smashing the door down could cut into our profits.” He clears his throat. “Val is going to take a peek, so we may have more intel in a moment or two. Could give you a better idea what to expect.”

Fortis takes a moment to review the situation. We still have some dangerous beings up and about in this place; a few bearman zombies, cruncher the warg, potentially the grimbor, even though he seems friendly. It would not do to become complacent, especially if we are considering splitting up and taking different tasks in disparate areas beyond the ready support of our fellows. The Ellyl peers at where the bearman zombies dropped their war axes, ensuring that one of his other companions thought to disarm them. If I get the time, I really ought to destroy them. I don't think we will have the opportunity to subvert them to a useful purpose, and they are dangerous to leave behind where someone could use them to hurt people.

“You know, we really should collect as many of Rowyn’s personal belongings as we can, it could be useful in a tracking spell if we can’t locate some of her hair on the bed or something… Ohh, I should check her bed.” Fortis alights on the comfortable looking furniture and begins peering and poking in an attempt to find a piece of the woman who recently fled. As he continues to busy himself with the collection of interesting and valuable items Fortis begins to speculate on the possible challenges and opportunities surrounding the issue of Rosk’s corpse. Well, getting it out of here is certainly going to be messy, no doubt about the inherent unpleasantness of the immediate logistic difficulties, though perhaps some form of packaging would make the task slightly less grotesque… a bedsheet or blanket perhaps? I wonder if the Grimbor would be willing to undertake the burden… though I am not convinced he could traverse all the narrow passages we had to utilize to get in here… we’re going to need a different egress route. Transportation issues aside though, we will emerge into the area of a major fire, toting a corpse. It would not be surprising to find someone in authority already present. Perhaps we should establish communication first and then proceed to extract the remains. Then we are confronted with the difficulties of extracting useful information that will enable the authorities to take appropriate action. In order to advance Lavinya’s house and undercut house Kellani we need to tie the murder of the harbormaster to Rosk, Rosk to Rowyn Kellani and Rowyn to the mistress of the house. The last is not so difficult I think but some of the others are tenuous connections. A Summon Spirit spell will get the truth out of him, but neither Valina nor I as versed in such necromancy. It is possible that the guard has the ability to seek out those services. I wonder if Rosk knew who Rowyn really was or if her Lady Lotus persona is enough of a clean break to sever the chain of suspicion. Perhaps we need to seek the counsel of someone more well versed in local law and politics. Valinya’s vision showed house Kellani as a danger to the Vanderborens, but I’m not sure if that means Rowyn’s subversion of Vanthus, the economic harm from the plundered treasury, or some devastation yet to come. Now that I think about it, it is possible I could have miscast the truthsayer spell and Rowyn succeeded in lying to me. If we presented Rosk’s corpse to the guard and they do summon his spirit to question there is still the remote possibility that he isn’t the true killer and he can’t be used as a lever to weaken house Kellani anyway.

Perhaps there is another route. I wonder if any of Rowyn’s possessions can be directly tied to her. If we can establish that the scion of Kellani was responsible for a major criminal enterprise involved in the plunder of their trade vessels the other houses may be moved to retaliate. The guard wouldn’t even need to become involved if the other houses boycott the Kellanis. Even if they don’t particularly care about the harbormaster, once the blood is in the water driving Kellani away from power and wealth will open up opportunities for other ambitious houses to take over Kellani goods, properties, ships and trade routes; and they could do it all while claiming the moral high ground and presenting themselves to the public as principled and lawful. That is exactly the kind of twisty political thinking that the heads of voracious houses are capable of, and who knows they may even actually do it primarily for the principle of the matter. They are after all only able to enjoy their wealth if the other houses play by the rules and don’t assassinate them when they manage to achieve great success. A house known for assassinating the heads of other houses, or having her daughter do it, should be seen as anathema to her peers. Even if that is the way of things though, it still can’t hurt to put the public against the Kellanis as well. A few well placed stories, especially true ones, in the right bars and we can make certain that everyone knows who was behind it, and the more Kellani twists to deny it the guiltier they will look. Heck, we may even get some mileage out of the stuffed animals… sell them as souvenirs of the twisted noblewoman who ran off to the underworld and couldn’t leave her childhood playthings behind. Hmmm… I wonder what the sexual mores of the local culture are regarding their noblewomen… is there anything to be gained by holding up Rowyn as a lustful deviant in the company of scores of unsavory thugs and comparing her to Lavinya’s shining example of duty and modesty? Would the merchant class eat up a morality play featuring two young women of noble birth, one of whom turns wicked  and meets an unhappy end of defeat and banishment while the other overcomes terrible personal tragedy and restores her house? You bet they would. They would tell their daughters that story before bedtime every night. If we can manage to turn the nobility, the merchant craftsmen and the authorities all against them simultaneously there is a good chance of severely weakening house Kellani. Reap what you sow Mistress Kellani…

Breaking from his rapid train of thought he begins addressing his concerns to the group. “Hey, Gnawtail, I’ve had a few thoughts and would like your opinion”.

Cast of Characters: 

+Arne Jamtgaard plays Seeker, a teenage Wolfen Warlord
+Stephen Kolmetz plays Valinya, an Elven Wildsong Mage
+Mike Biancone plays Arn, a surly Dwarven Warrior
+Amergin O'Kai plays Moonscar, the esoteric Kankoran Druid
+Daniel White plays Silver, a young and curious Dragon
+Mike Williams plays Gorgukk Torgnaz, an Ogre sailor and mauler
and +Jason GURPS as the GM

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