GURPSing at GenCon 2024

I am getting excited for August and GenCon! This year will be my 2nd trip and this time around I plan to GM some games as well as play as many as I can.

I am running 3 games this year at GenCon, two of them GURPS games and all three of them written by the amazing JC Connors over at 1shotadventures.com Go check them out, though not the ones I'm planning on running if you're gonna play!

My GenCon GM Schedule looks like this:

FINAL VOYAGE OF DRÆNGR THAR (GURPS) Kicking off GenCon Thursday at 10am!

FINAL VOYAGE OF DRÆNGR THAR (OSE:AF) immediately following Thursday at 2pm

CANYON OF THE SNOW CAIRNS (GURPS) Friday morning at 9am

There are a NUMBER of other GURPS games being run as well. If you're going to GenCon this summer, come play a GURPS game (with me or one of the other GMs!)

Nick and Nose are doing their World Tour and running quite a few games between them again (you may know them from their amazing work on the GURPS Foundry Module)

The Leviathan Files: Mother's Milk - Thursday at 6p

You Are Not Alone - Friday at 10a and Sunday at 10a

The Lost Temple of Tyr - Friday at 2p

The Wizard King's Challenge - Saturday at 10a

The Leviathan Files: Gallows Humor - Saturday at 6p

Plus quite a few other GURPS games, even some 3rd Edition games out there:

Bug Zappers, 3E - Thursday at 1p

The Watery Depths - Thursday at 3p, Friday at 10a, and Friday at 3p

A Very Normal GenCon Gaming Session - Friday at 11a (this one looks intriguing!)

Island Invasion, 3E - Friday at 1p

Nazi Hunters, 3E - Saturday at 1p

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