Wandered Roads 2

Wandered Roads of Varisia
Session 2
September 24, 2011
Campaign Timeline

Getting to Know You

Session Summary

The heroes come to the aid of a lone Human who has just watched his dog be murdered by a Goblin warrior mounted on the back of a nasty Goblin Dog. Two new heroes appear in the chaos of the battle, an axe wielding Dwarven warrior-woman and an Human female archer. The remaining goblins are dispatched quickly and the man, Aldern Foxglove is more than appreciative of the help. He thanks the party many times and seems quite impressed with the Dwarf's prowess in battle.

Aldern explains that he is a visiting noble from Magnimar and would like to take the party on a boar hunt as a way of saying thanks. Soon after, the Sheriff rushes up and expresses his thanks to the group for helping repel the Goblin attack. He is a large, dour Shoanti man named Belor Hemlock (a very UN-Shoanti name, some may notice.)

The party secures rooms in the Rusty Dragon Inn, which caters to adventurers and heroes (though a few of the heroes end up sleeping in the nearby stables). Kallin is shown a pickled Goblin chief in a jar by an over zealous retired Ranger turned stable owner. Most of the group spends the evening in the Rusty Dragon drinking, eating and partying to celebrate the defeat of the Goblins. Zursat makes a new friend and Ellie manages to find quite a bit of lost and misplaced valuables and other items of interest (including one of Zursat's scarves.)
Pickled Goblin Chief

The next day the group goes on the boar hunt with Aldern. Things go well, though it seems that some folk are not as comfortable in the saddle or in the wilderness as others. Calina the ranger does her best to make sure the boar is NOT caught, but in the end, the beast is slain and taken back to Sandpoint where it is to be cooked and eaten as a feast the following night!

Later that evening, a distraught woman rushes into the Inn crying about a Goblin hiding in her sons closet. Upon investigation, it seems that the Goblin has killed both the family dog and the father and even eaten much of the mans face and upper body. The creature is quickly dispatched and the party attempts to calm the woman down, though that mostly fails. The Sherrif arrives and thanks the group again.

The next day, the Sheriff invites the group to meet with himself and the mayor and a Elven Ranger named Shael. She spends most of her time scouring the Varisian wilderness dealing with threats to the many towns, farmsteads and settlements, mainly from neighboring Goblin tribes. She delivers some bad new that she believes that some outside force is bringing many Goblin tribes together. She relates much information about Goblins to the party. The Sheriff also relays the fact that some of the raiding Goblins were led into the local cemetery where they dug up and stole the remains of the former priest of Sandpoint who had died 5 years earlier in the fire that destroyed the original church. He then says he his leaving town to head to Magnimar to request additional soldiers for Sandpoint's protection and asks the party to stick around as a sort of 'good-will peace keeping force." Everyone agrees.

That night, the the boar is feasted upon at the Rusty Dragon and the party are the guests of honor. Aldern makes no secret of his affection for the party and their prowess in all things. Everyone has a good time. The next day, Ehlayna finds a package to her from Aldern. It is a finely crafted axe with her name and the "Hero of Sandpoint" engraved on it.

The party also explores Junker's Edge, the bottom of the cliff where the town throws all of their trash and a site notorious for Goblin trash raids. Nothing interesting is found, though the group does learn some of the history of Chopper's Island that sits nearby.

The next day, the group plans to pay a trip to the cemetery to try to 'dig up' any more clues.

The next morning, the group gathers for a quick breakfast then heads out to the Sandpoint cemetery. Along the way, several locals greet the group. One even brings out a tray of freshly baked bread and offers some to each of the companions.

Father Zantus of the Sandpoint Cathedral smiles as he sees the party approach, though he is busy speaking to a group of locals in one of the shrines. He nods as the party passes the Cathedral and heads around back to the local cemetery. The boneyard is a very well kept up area located around the north end of the Cathedral on a rise of land that overlooks the nearby Turandarok River. There are several stone mausoleums marked with the more prominent local families names as well as numerous simple plots for the rest of the deceased. The cemetery has a peaceful and serene feel to it. The grass is evenly cut and the bushes, flowers and trees are all expertly pruned.

After a moment, the group is met by Naffer Vosk, a large and hulking man with a wide, worn face and a lurching gait caused by a deformity of his spine. The bent Northman lurches over and greets the party with a gentleness that belies his smuggler past.
Naffer Vosk, Northman Priest of Sarenrea

Now a devout man of Sarenrea, Naffer is happy to share his stories with the group. He seems very distressed about the recent defiling of the boneyard and shows the group where the evil act happened. He explains that Father Tobyn had been a loved and revered member of the community before he perished in the church fire 5 years ago. The burial plot has recently been filled back in and rests beside another plot bearing the name Nualia Tobyn and having the same date of death as Father Tobyn. Naffer explains that Nualia was the Priests adopted daughter, and that she perished in the fire as well. He tells that Nualia was a foundling raised by the priest and that she was very different than the other children of Sandpoint. She was an aasimar, someone descendant from a celestial being. Naffer says she was special, though she was shy and awkward. She was indescribably beautiful, a gift from her heavenly ancestors, no doubt, and many in the town thought that she granted special blessings on anyone just by being nearby. He goes on for a little bit about how horrible the attack was and how despicible it was to dig up Ezakien Tobyn’s remains. The act was a complete desecration of one of the towns most beloved figures. He also thanks the group for their brave and heroic deeds during the raid. He then excuses himself as he has several flowerbeds to tend to this morning before lunch.

Satisfied with the information gained from the ex-pirate turned Priest, the party moves on and agrees to do some more information gathering throughout the day and to meet again at the Rusty Dragon for dinner that evening.

Continued Stories - Calina

Calina decides that she wants to get out of town for a bit and roam the nearby lands with Paka to see if she can learn anything about the Goblin raid or anything else that may be interesting. She opts to leave town by one of the bridges that leads east into the light wood across the Turandarok River and obviously chooses the less traveled one that does not directly lead to the well traveled Lost Coast Road. She passes through town, down the hill from the Cathedral, making note of Savah’s Armory, large building on the corner of several intersection streets near the Cathedral. The building sports several large burnt spots, possibly left-over scars from the large fire that ravaged the north end of town some five years ago. She continues on and passes a smithy. Several large red mastiffs lounge outside of the smithy and they curl their lips and growl as Calina passes by, no doubt they can smell Paka on her. The sound of smithing can be heard from inside the low, squat building, followed by several loud curses and yells. After a moment, the ringing hammer resumes. The last building she sees before crossing the wide hanging bridge is no doubt a tannery, judging from the strong smells of animal hide and tanning chemicals.

Hoping to clear the stench of the foul smelling tannery from her nostrils, Calina follows a faint path leading into the woods. After walking several hundred feet, she stops for a moment in a small clearing. Calina closes her eyes and deeply inhales the fragrant scents surrounding her, the dew-dampened leaves of the trees above her, the slightly musky earth beneath her feet, and the nectar-sweet aroma of the flowering shrubs in the middle of the clearing.
Suddenly, Calina sees a streak of color as a heavy weight knocks her to the ground. Her eyes flash wide open at the shock of landing flat on her behind. A wet, sandpaper tongue rasps across her cheek as Paka greets her in his usual exuberant manner. Calina laughs gently and gives the big cat a loving hug, then playfully shoves him away, as she rolls over in order to stand up.

Happy to be back in the company of her close friend, Calina reflects on the events of the last few days. She had only come to Sandpoint to replenish her supplies and get the news of the wider world, and somehow she became embroiled in a series of strange events that put her together with a group of strangers. Though they were strangers, she had immediately felt a bond or kinship with them, something like the bond she shares with Paka, though not on such a deep level. Her relationship with these new folk was special though, and she intended to explore it more and see where it took her.

As she pondered these things, she wandered aimlessly through the light woods, Paka at her side, the Firepelt acting uncharacteristically playful today. She kept bounding through the underbrush or leaping from branch to branch above her head. Calina continued to follow a lightly tread path that leads south, away from the small town of Sandpoint. She walked for a while, past the more heavily traveled Lost Coast Road, and continued west, around the edge of the Sandpoint Harbor to the banks of the Boggy Creek. Across a sturdy looking wooden bridge she could see the high point of land that was home to the more influential families of Sandpoint. Calina and Paka turned and headed south, following the Boggy Creek’s curving and often soggy course. The trees remained close to the creek, but Calina could see that the nearby landscape was more open and grassy in this area. Farther to the south and east, Calina could see the small, craggy hills that stretched from the western coat around to the the northern coast, effectively blocking Sandpoint off from the rest of the hinterlands.

Suddenly, Calina is pulled out of her wandering thoughts of the countryside by a shrill, high pitched scream. The sound came from the south and not too far away.

Paka emits a low growl and runs in the direction of the scream. Calina draws and loosely nocks an arrow then follows Paka through the underbrush and tries not to make any excess noise. Her mind races as she mentally tries to identify the source of the scream ... was it animal, human or ... something else.

Calina moves through the light forest, making a bit more noise than she would like to have made. Paka is nowhere to be seen, having darted out ahead of her quickly and silently. Calina hears the scream again, definitely Human, and definitely closer. As she nears the location where she thinks the sound have been coming from, she hears a loud, raspy growl followed by the high pitched screech of her Paka the firepelt. She moves forward and enters a small clearing in the woods. A narrow stream meanders through the clearing and a large, dead tree stands in one of the bends of the little creek. Several messed up blankets lay on the ground near several overturned baskets, remnants of food are strewn everywhere.

Paka is crouched nearby, her yellow-orange mane bristling as a low rumble can be heard from her throat. The object of Paka’s ire is a large Goblin Dog standing at the base of the dead tree. The ugly creature is yapping and barking back and forth at Paka and at a young Human woman and several children who have climbed up into the tree.

Nasty Goblin Dog
The Goblin Dog, its hairless body flakey and covered with a disgusting mange, wears the tattered remnants of of a saddle and bridle, though they are in poor repair and quite dirty and falling off the animal. The creature growls loudly at Calina as she steps into the clearing. The trapped people in the tree begin calling out for help and some of the children begin crying loudly. The Goblin Dog makes a leap up the base of the tree, barking and growling menacingly, scaring the already frightened people there. One of the children retreats a bit out onto a branch, which in turn makes a loud snapping sound and begins to break.

The ugly creature looks back at Calina and she can swear that its ratlike face is smiling at her as it takes a step toward Paka. Calina’s animal companion does not back down from the challenge, even though the Goblin Dog is a bit larger.

Paka and the Goblin Dog quickly engage, and after a few moments, Calina finds a good shot so she shoots the creature, hitting it in its front flank. It yelps loudly and takes off into the trees, again running away from Calina’s bow. Paka makes to follow, but Calina calls her back, focusing on helping the trapped folk in the tree.

Calina helps them down and leads them back to town. She finds out they are a group of students from the local school on a picnic. The teachers at the school are very thankful for her help in the safe return of the children.

Calina decides it is time to get cleaned up to go meet her friends for dinner.

Continued Stories - Zursat

Zursat thinks that just getting a better feel for the layout of the town is the best place to start, and he merely wanders about the place for a while, making a mental note of some of the nearby buildings and establishments.

Zursat heads down Main Street, past the Town Hall and the garrison. Several of the local guards nod their heads at him as he passes. A bit farther down, the tangy sea air is pushed back by a wonderful smell that greets him as he passes a shop marked Sandpoint Savories. Several trays of pies and pastries can be seen cooling in the front window of the shop. Directly across the street from the bakery sits a strange little shop with its front windows packed with stacks and stacks of books. A sign out front depicts a Goblin holding and reading from a book that is nearly as tall as him. This is obviously some sort of joke because everyone knows that Goblins are violently adverse to reading and words in general.

The book store looks strangely undamaged for a place so hated by goblins. Zursat decides to take a look in side and see whats up.

The building is full of books. Book shelves are packed to over flowing. Every available space on the floor has stacks of books on it. Small thin paths between the piles and through the shelves are the only way in to the shop. Because of the stacks of books there is very little light from the window that makes it’s way into the shop but, the whole place is well illuminated with light that seems to come from nowhere.

As Zursat contemplated the light source he is greeted by two older Chelaxian gentleman sitting in comfortable armchairs near an open pile of books. The first one greets Zursat.

Chask Haladan   
 Brodert Quink                        
"Ah, good morning to you, sir, and welcome to the Curious Goblin. I am Chask Haladan.” The old man, easily in his 70’s, stands and offers his hand to Zursat. Though old, his eyes shine with a brightness that shows confidence and knowledge. The other gentleman, also old, though not as old as Chask looks Zursat up and down and smiles. “You are of the Kutar, if I am not mistaken, is that right?” Zursat smiles and confirms. He continues, “I could tell by the way you strap your boots up and those braids on your sleeve. Also, you have the look of a Kutar, though your birth tattoo does do some to cover that up. I am Brodert Quink, expert on all things.”

Zursat responds with his usual greeting, though leaving off the part about his tribe, seeing as these gentlemen have already deduced that part of it. Zursat asks how the book store managed to avoid the Goblins wrath in the recent raid. Chask responds, “Well, no doubt to you and your friends. You ARE one of the youngsters that helped repel the Goblins, weren’t you? I have heard some of the others recount the tale, and I am sure I heard tell of a Varisian with an impressive tattoo like the one you sport. For that, I thank you greatly. Youre bravery and courage is undoubtedly unquestionable. A true hero if I ever saw one, and believe me, I have seen many in my day.” Brodert chuckles at this statement, at which Chask turns and begins arguing with the other man. At this point, both men seem to have forgotten that Zursat is even there. Zursat nods politely and then lets himself out of the shop. He can hear the two men continue their good natured argument as he continues his stroll through town.

A little further down the street, Zursat comes across a large, 2-story stone building. The sign hanging above the green double doors reads Turandarok Academy. As he studies the building, a light breeze brings a light and wonderful smell to his nose. The flowery perfume of a woman. He turns quickly when he hears a quiet “Excuse me,” from behind him. He turns and sees a beautiful young Chelish woman standing in the doorway of the building across the street from the Academy. The beautiful woman smiles and bats her eyelids at Zursat.

Girl in Distress - Shayliss Vinder
“Please sir, I need your help!” she calls out in a pleading voice.

“Fear not for it is I ZURSAT OF THE KU’TAR PROFESSIONAL ADVENTURER” says Zursat as he moves up chose to the young lady while drawing his sword. “What is your name and where is the trouble”? he says with a grin.

The young lady jumps back a bit as he flashes his long blade toward her. “Oh my, you ARE one of those brave Heroes from the Festival. I thought you were. You are so brave to offer your help to me. Please come, follow me. You see, my father owns the General Store, but he has been so busy and preoccupied with the trouble my sister has gotten herself into, that he has neglected the store.” The attractive young woman leads Zursat into the tidy and well stocked general store. She stops short and turns, causing Zursat to nearly crash right into her. She smiles as he stops mere inches from her. She looks up at him and smiles. “I am Shayliss, by the way. So very nice to meet you, Zursat.” Her soft, silky hands brush against him as she turns back around and heads toward the main counter of the little shop. “Follow me, it’s down here, in the basement.

Behind the counter, she leans over and pulls up a wide trapdoor that leads down into the darkness. She looks up and smiles at Zursat when she sees him looking at her bent over near the floor. Her dark Chelish eyes sparkle at Zursat. She quickly hops down through the trapdoor and onto a wide wooden ladder. “Its rats, you see. I’ve been telling my father about them for a week now, but he hasn’t done a thing about it yet. He doesn’t believe me that they are down here, but I’ve seen them. Big, nasty, black and brown things. Disgusting things. Well this morning, they chewed into a large bag of seed and knocked over a shelf of lanterns, breaking them all. If we don’t do something about them soon, my family will be out of business!

Zursat rushes after her, nearly jumping the whole way down into the storage cellar below. He sees Shayliss lighting a lantern from the small stove in the corner of the room. As she stands, the light from the lantern casts a soft, warm glow all over her body. It does seem to Kutar that a few buttons of her blouse have been un-done because the shadows cast between her breasts are definitely deeper than he had just though. “Right over here, behind those barrels is where I saw them last, in the corner,” she points with a long, shapely arm.

Zursat rounds the corner past the barrels and sees, instead of rats feasting on provisions, a small cot made up with blankets and pillows. He is shoved hard from behind and before he knows it, he is laying on his back on the cot with the beautiful Shayliss laying on top of him. She kisses him hard on the mouth, her lips soft and sweet. Glancing down, Zursat is now very sure that her top has been unbuttoned even more.

Zursat reaches up and helps her to remove her blouse. “Now why would you use a ruse of rats in the cellar when your beauty is all you needed to bring me here”? he says while kissing her neck and removing his trousers.

Zursat and Shayliss become fast friends over the course of the next half hour. It turns out they have many similar likes and enjoy many of the same type of activities. While deeply focused on enjoying one of these many activities, neither take notice of the heavy footsteps coming down the steps into the cellar.

A loud crash is heard, snapping Zursat and Shayliss both out of their lovers trance. “By Asmodeus’ right hand, what in the Hells is going on here!” Zursat leans out from underneath Shayliss nude body and sees a large, barrel chested man standing with his fists clenched, a pile of broken lanterns laying at his feet. “Shay, what has this Varisian dog done to you?”
The man starts moving toward the two on the cot, his hands clenching and unclenching, a deep fire burning in his eyes.

Disgruntled Father - Ven Vinder - General Store Owner
Zursat whispers in Shayliss ear “When I start talking, get dressed”. Zursat stands up and between the man and Shayliss. While dressing himself Zursat holds the mans attention. “Fear not kind sir for it is I ZURSAT OF THE KU’TAR PROFESSIONAL ADVENTURER, you of course know about the goblins that invaded the city, well I have been trying to to get a lead on there location so I and my team can wipe them out once and for all, so last night at the Rusty Dragon Inn while I was entertaining the customers with “Give me the barrel a pints not enough” one of my favorite songs, It was written by Kelly Green-Field a halfling of course, I had just finished the last of the song when one of the scouts I had sent out to find the goblin strong hold walked in, he informed me that he had tracked the monsters using a special amulet given to him by his father and past down through his family for over four hundred years, it took to a large rock in the center of a thick grove of trees, under the rock he found a secret entrance to a large complex of caves, all the signs of goblin habitation were there, he marked the rock with the words ‘goblins here’ with an arrow pointing to the opening, he made his way back to me as fast as he could, upon hearing his tail I call a meeting with my team so we could work out are next course of action, we will invade their strong hold and we are going to need provisions for the journey, so I need to know your best price on provisions for a week long trek.” As Zursat finishes his story he slides his sword into it’s scabbard.

“What are you doing to my baby!” the man roars at Zursat as he approaches, his fists raised in front of him. “I expected as much from your sister, but you, Shayliss, I had hoped better!” he says to his daughter with undertones of sadness in his angry voice. He turns again to Zurzat, “Provisions, PROVISIONS! You speak to me of provisions while you deflower my beautiful daughter?” At this comment, Zursat hears Shayliss chuckle quietly behind him as she pulls her skirt back up. “I should pound you into the ground and then have you thrown in jail, hero or not!” He advances a few more steps toward Zurzat, but well beyond striking distance, eyeing the sword strapped at his back. “What are your intentions for my daughter?” He then seems to relax a bit, his shoulders lower, though he still keeps his meaty fists clenched and in front of him. His eyes narrow a bit, “A weeks provisions, you say? For you and your entire party? And I expect that you will be reimbursing me for these lanterns as well?”

Shayliss takes this lull in her fathers anger to rush past Zursat and her father. As she passes her father, she turns and looks back to Zursat, winking suggestively and blowing him a kiss. She then rushes back upstairs. Her father shakes his head and turns back to Zursat. “Adventurer or no, I should still pound you into the ground for this indecency. This is an intolerable act. My daughter with a Varisian. Her mother will not be happy with this, she has always dreamed of noble blooded grand-children. Zursat you say, well, son. Welcome to the family. Let us talk of provisions.” He lowers his fists and steps forward, reaching a hand out to shake Zursat’s.

Smiling widely, Zursat sheepishly reaches out for the merchants huge hand. As the man takes Zursat’s hand, he squeezes it with incredible force, the sound of cracking knuckles can be heard before he yanks Zurat forward and smashes him in the face with his other hand. Zursat, expecting the possibility of such an attack, tries to dodge, but with his hand in the other mans grasp and the strong yank forward, he is unable to. The wide fist connects solidly right in the tattoo, sending Zursat crashing back to the floor in a heap.

Reeling from the blow, Zursat tries to climb to his feet and sees the man walking away back toward the steps leading upsairs. He looks back over his shoulder and calls out, “Finish getting dressed and meet me up in the shop so we can discuss these provisions you need.”

Zurat puts his boots on and starts looking for a back door out of the cellar. His quick sweep of the four walls brings him no joy but then he looks down on the sewer grate he is standing on. Grabbing the lantern that Shayliss had sitting next to the cot Zursat lifts the grate and jumps into the sewer. Even the splash of the water does not drown out the voice of Shayliss father. “What are you doing down there?” and his foot steps coming down the stairs. This sewer is just for water drainage so Zursat find himself stooped down rather low until he makes it to the main sewer system. The main system is not that far from were the grate was. Zursat can still make out the voice of is would be father-in-law. “Where the hell did he go. I hope he’s stupid enough to take the sewers. The giant rats will eat him for sure. HA! Well there’s still a chance for royal blood after all. Damn Varisians!”

Zursat is able to extricate himself from the sewer drain a few blocks away from the general store. Carefully looking out for the shopkeeper, he makes his way back to the Rusty Dragon where he gets himself cleaned up. A short while later, he meets up with the rest of his new companions.

Continued Stories - Kallin

Kallin wanders off on his own, lost in thought and trying to pinpoint what it was he was feeling in the cemetery.

Kallin is still bothered by the spirits hiding and the strange sensation emanating from the girl’s grave. He returns to cemetery to see if he can make contact with any of the spirits. After a couple of hours of failing to make any head way on contacting the spirits. He reaches down to the ground of the girl’s grave.

He stretches out his spirit senses and can tell that there are no spirits residing here. After a few moments, Kallin hears a shuffling behind him and turns to see the caretaker, Naffer, shambling toward him.

“Hey there, friend. What brings you back to the boneyard? Come back to learn more about what was taken from here? You can see them sometimes, cant ya, the spirits of the dead. I can sense that about you.”

Kallin raises his hand to show an open hand and to wave a greeting. “Glad to see you again, Naffer”, Kallin says. “I appreciate how well maintained the spirits graves are. Yes, I can see spirits but I seem not to see them here. Can you help me understand why? Is it related to grave of Father Tobyn’s daughter, Nualia?” As he talking, he tries to get a sense of magic and/or a spirit-like essence of Naffer.

“You cannot see the spirits of the dead here because they are at rest here. Most that I have know that can see spirits can only see those that are restless for some reason or another. Here, I tend to their mortal remains as well as their spiritual needs. Trust me, the spirits are here. You just have to be patient and look closer. Do you wish to commune with the spirits here? You may, as long as you are respectful to them. Let me get you some tea. My herbal specialty. It will help relax you and maybe help you to speak to them.” Kallin nods silently and agrees. He finds a nice flat spot near the old Priests grave. He smooths the grass out and folds his legs under him. Kallin again nods in thanks as the lame Priest Naffer hands him a cup of warm tea. He drinks it and begins the process of clearing his mind and attempting to enter a state of looking into the spirit world.

After a minute or so, Kallin begins to see the many spirits of the inhabitants of the boneyard. There are many peaceful looking spirits nearby. They move about a bit, though mostly they just sit near their graves. Some of them appear to be conversing with each other. The look at Kallin and nod at him, acknowledging his presence.

As Kallin looks around, he makes a mental note to schedule some time to help and talk with Naffer. He spies a pair of spirits that seem to be receptive to his approach. He moves toward them and says, “Greetings, my name is Kallin.”

The spirits approach Kallin apprehensively, then seem to calm a bit once they get close to him. They seem to be able to sense that he has a strong connection to the spirit world.

Kallin chats with them for a while, listening to their stories, knowing that it is important to allow the spirits to share first before they are willing to answer any questions he may have. After making them comfortable and listening to their stories, Kallin begins to ask them about the Priest, Ezakien Tobyn and his daughter, Naulia, who had been buried here. They gladly tell Kallin that the Father Tobyn had indeed been buried here, but recently left. They also tell him that there had never been anyone buried in the plot next to him, but that Tobyn often lamented and cried out for his daughter, whom he seemed to expect to be there, but never was.

He continues his chat with the spirits for a bit longer, but is unable to glean any other useful information from them. He does manage to get the attention of a few other spirits that are resting in the boneyard, though they too do not have much to offer other than glimpses at their past lives. It seems that Naffer Vosk is doing a wonderful job of tending to the spirits here.

After his chat with the spirits, Kallin gets up and wanders to think on what he has just learned. If Naulia wasn’t in the grave, who or what was? He tries to recall any stories or legends on the aasimar. He also wonders on what kept Father Tobyn there so long until recently. Where could he have gone? He tries to piece this all together but nothing seems to come. He needs more answers but where to find them. As he finishes that thought he realizes he staring out across at the island they saw before.

Looking down at the island, Kallin is sure he can see someone moving around. He steps closer to the ledge to look and is startled by a loud, ignorant voice behind him. “Hey, get out of the way halfbreed, unless you want to join my deposit to Junkers Edge!” Kallin turns around to view man owning the voice. A dirty, wiry man is standing behind him, pushing a wooden cart filled with trash. The whole affair stinks of rotting food and bodily waste. The man sneers at Kallin from under several layers of grime on his face, then suddenly stopps and seems to shrink a few inches. A sheepish look comes over his face and he begins to apologize, “Oh, um, quite sorry, um, sir. I didn’t realize who you were. You know its so hard to tell your type apart. I mean, you know, from behind. No, I mean I’m sorry sir,” he stammers and pushes his cart out wide past Kallin. He dumps the trash quickly over the ledge and then rushes off without Kallin even saying a word to him.

Kalling peers over the edge where the trash had fallen down to the beach below. He sees quite a few bits and pieces of junk stuck on various outcroppings in the rocky cilff face. Just then, he sees a young boy go skipping by, headed directly for the edge of the cliff. Kallin reaches out to stop him, but then realizes that the boy is not Human, but just a spirit. The little boy looks back at Kallin as he heads over the cliff, making his way down a very well hidden path. The boy looks back at Kallin several times as he makes his way down the cliff. The path looks treacherous, but Kallin is sure he can manage it if he is careful and takes his time.

Kallin drops his pack and heads down the path at his normal pace, hoping not to lose the boy. He shouts at the boy, “Hey, wait up...I want to talk to you!” As he gets a short ways in to the path he realizes how treacherous it is and thinks to himself that the boy made it look so easy.

Kallin carefully makes his way down the steep and narrow path and only loses his footing a few times, but never falls. At the bottom of the bath, Kallin again finds himself amidst the piles of junk thrown from the town of Sandpoint above. To his left stood the ruined tower of the Old Light and just past that, jutting out into the Varisian Bay lay Chopper’s Island. He looked up to the sandy, grass covered island and could just see the back of the boy disappearing over the rise. He was running through the tall grass with his arms outstretched, flapping like a bird. The boy looked back over his shoulder once more at Kallin with wide eyes

Kallin carefully tried to get as close to the boy as possible, proceeding slowly as he went. He peers to at what boy is looking at, hoping just to get a glimpse.

Kallin meanders around the grassy island for a time, but does not find the boy or the other figure he saw moving about down here. After a while he is about to give up when he spots the spirit of a man crouched down near a few stone blocks poking up from under the sand. The man appears lean and tall, but is crouched down very low and looking away from Kallin. The Half Orc Shaman approaches slowly and calls out a friendly greeting. The man turns and Kallin can see that he appears to be carving something. The man holds his hand up to his lips and whispers, “Shhhhs” to him. He then turns back to his carving. Kallin slows his approach and begins to swing around to the side of where he is crouched, to get a better view. As he comes around the side, he can see the spirit form of the young boy laying on the ground in front of the man. The older man is cutting into the boys face now, apparently cutting his tongue off. The man, seeing that Kallin is now standing more in front of him, stands up abruptly, holds the severed tongue up in front of his face and makes a silencing motion again, but this time he whispers “Pazuzu.”

Suddenly, there is a great cacophony of sound as what seems like thousands of birds leap into the air from the tall grass on the island. The air is full of feathers and scratching beaks and talons. They swarm around Kallin to the point that he cannot even see 3 feet in front of him. They buffet him with their wings and begin slamming into him. He waves his hands and staff in front of him, trying to protect his face and eyes, which the birds seem keen on getting at. He stumbles backward and then begins running for the base of Junkers Edge, trying to escape the chaotic swarm of birds. He lurches forward and goes right over the short but steep edge of Chopper’s Island and lands face first in the tide soaked sand. As he climbs back to his feet, it seems that the birds have disappeared, though the scratches on his arms and face remind him that the encounter was very real.

Kallin looks back at the island but decides it is time to go meet his new friends for some dinner.

Session Notes

Our second session saw 2 more players added to the fold. It was good. After the session, several players participated in some PbP continuing stories with me using Google Docs (it was still Docs back then)

Players Present:

+Daniel Ernst as Kallin Hawkril - Half-Orc Shaman
+Carol Coburn as Calina - Varisian Human archer and scout
+Ben Lipe as Daellin Silvanthalas - Elven Farstrider Ranger
+Greg Grady as Zursat - Varisian Human Professional Adventurer
+Megan McCarron as Ellie - Halfling Finder of Things
+Jodi H as Ehlyna Fuzziface - Dwarven Warrior
+Jason Woollard as the DM

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