Wandered Roads 1

Wandered Roads of Varisia
Session 1
August 27, 2011
Campaign Timeline

You Gotta Fight For Your Right to Party!

Session Summary

The characters had all converged on the town of Sandpoint in the Varisian outback for the yearly Swallowtail Festival and the consecration of the brand new Sandpoint Cathedral. Kallin, Zursat and Ellie were old acquaintances that ran into each other at the Festival while the Elf Daellin was merely passing through and enjoying the festivities.

As the evening ceremony began, the peaceful party was interrupted by a horde of Goblin invaders intent on killing dogs, people and apparently trying to set the town (and each other) on fire. The characters, heroes, if you will, immediately sprang to action and engaged the Goblins, though Daellin attempted to get them to surrender first. After several moments of skirmishing, two groups of Goblins were vanquished, though Zursat sustained some serious injuries in the process. The Shaman, Kallin, was able to tend to some of his injuries. Ellie the Halfling spent quite a bit of time picking up her knives. She even managed to find a new knife.

The Sandpoint sky is dark with evening and black clouds of smoke. Cries and screams can be heard coming from various streets leading to the yard in front of the Cathedral. As the group of stalwart defenders takes a moment to clear their heads, Father Zantus comes out from a nearby hiding place. "You are hurt, I can help you! Quite brave, the lot of you. You handled those nasty Goblins handily! Thank you from myself and the town of Sandpoint! We are truly in your debt."

The priest of Desna says a few prayers and manages to patch up all of your wounds before thanking you again. "Unfortunately, I think there is more battle ahead of you this night!" As he says this, a young Varisian woman comes rushing up from a side street. She looks frantic and is screaming, "The sheriff and is being attacked by a horde of Goblins. I don't think he will be able to hold them off much longer! Someone help him!"

As she reaches the end of the street she has been running on, a Goblin leaps on her from above. Apparently one of the Goblins had climbed up on the roof of a nearby building and waited there to ambush an unsuspecting victim. Fortunately, the Goblin misjudged his jump and sailed right past her, smashing into the ground with a sickening crunch. The creature makes no further sound or movement, its neck broken. The woman jumps back and screams at this sight and Father Zantus rushes to her side. "Quick, go help Sheriff Hemlock!" he shouts at you.

Further down the street, you see a group of 3 Goblins break the doors and windows of a shop and rush inside. Immediatly after, another Goblin rushes up and throws 2 burning torchs into the building before running off. A moment later, the shop bursts into flames and 3 burning Goblins come running out and scatter into the street!

Session Notes

This was our first session of the new GURPS campaign for the tabletop group. Some of the time was spent nailing down some campaign specific things and helping Megan create her character. This was her first time playing GURPS.

Dan, Ben and Greg were all part of the 'old group' and it was good to get back together around the table to play again!

Players Present:

+Daniel Ernst as Kallin Hawkril - Half-Orc Shaman
+Ben Lipe as Daellin Silvanthalas - Elven Farstrider Ranger
+Greg Grady as Zursat - Varisian Human Professional Adventurer
+Megan McCarron as Ellie - Halfling Finder of Things
+Jason Woollard  as the DM

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