Sundered Lands 33

The Sundered Lands of Palladium

Session 33
November 20, 2016

The Inner Chambers

Saturday October 28th

Gaston Leads the Way

Arn has bashed yet another door down, and is finally feeling the weight of all his work.

Seeker roots around in his pack and tosses a healing potion to Arn. "Here, Arn. This should get you back up to speed."

Arn reaches out and thanks Seeker

Everyone looks into the next room and sees Valinya near the far door, looking like she is going to flow right under that one too.

A single chair sits in one corner of this room. Several target dummies lie heaped on a table to the southeast. The ceiling is 10’ and there are several lamps, but none are lit.

Arn feels much more refreshed.

Silver pokes her head into the room for a good look

Fortis turns his gaze on his creation "Gaston, please see if you can open that interior door."
Gaston slowly makes his way across the two rooms.
After a a few moments the fire burning on Cruncher's face goes out, leaving a strangely comical and horrifying face behind.
No sound can be heard from the hallway to the north.
Seeker Okay, folks, let's get moving. Or Valinya will have all the fun.

Fortis says,  "Cousin Gnawtail, if you would not mind, saving a few of those treasures for future analysis may allow us to replicate them"

Moonscar says, “Certainly Cousin Magpie - still a couple in my harness too. Nice little party poppers - we should stock up for new years”

Silver moves up to follow Valinya, or at least where she seems to have gone

Seeker goes over and grabs Burt. "C'mon. you're coming with us."

Arn steps up and activates the darkvision on his enchanted helmet

Valinya starts to "peek" her head under the door

Seeker says, "Hey Val, how about you peek, and then come back and tell us what you see."

Gaston says "Shall I get that door for you gents? Master Fortis asked me to."

Fortis says, "Please do see if you can Gaston, then explore ahead and report back to tell us what you find."

Gaston excuses himself as he slides past the others near the door. He yanks on the door several times before it opens. "Ahh, that was a tough one." He says.

Valinya doesn't reply to Seeker but eagerly slips through under the door and beyond

Gaston disappears around the corner. A quiet voice comes back, "It's really dark over here, but there's two doors. One to the south and one to the east. Just right around the corner.
Should I open them?"

Fortis replies, "yes please"

The sound of a stuck door being yanked open can be heard. "Eww, I think this one is a privy. It's dark and small and smells like excrement"

Gaston says "Opening the other one."

Arn is right up there next to him

Gaston can be heard grunting and pulling on the door. "Ahh, got it. This room smells worse than the privy and...."

Silver wanders in and pokes around

Hrag the Grimbor

Gaston is cut off by a growl and ear shattering screech!

Gaston gasps and the sound of something being smashed into the stone floor is heard.
Valinya and Silver see Gaston disappear as a huge knobbed club smashes into the floor just inside the doorway.

Moonscar asks Seeker, quietly and in Wolfen, “are we dragging him along with?”
Seeker replies in kind, “He's our prisoner. Can't really leave him behind, as far as I’m concerned. He surrendered to us.It would be handy of either of our mages had Sleep, but they don't.”
Moonscar nods and responds, “yeah I contemplated just punching him in the head. but that risked killing him.”
Moonscar looks over his shoulder at Burt and says, “So are you coming, or just sitting there till you burn up?”

Fortis summons a lance of distilled sunlight Sunbolt preparing to attack his opponent.

As Seeker glances at the captive Moonscar nods back and says in Wolfen, "Covered"

Valinya watches the beast calm a bit, breathe heavily and stare at her in the darkness of the little hallway.
Valinya smiles and nods at her new friend
Hrag the Grimbor
Valinya says gently, "Hello ... what is your name"

Silver moves up and prepares to blast fire at whatever is holding the club...

The creature looks at Valinya and cocks its head to side, mumbling something that sounds like someone's upset stomach.

Valinya thinks, “Hmm”
Valinya sings another tune ...

Peeking around the corner, folks see Valinya speaking to a huge, nearly 10 foot tall apelike creature with knobs and spikes sticking off its body. It carries a 6 foot long club.
Valinya announces, “I think we'll call him Spike”

Silver winds up for a full fiery blast but at the very last moment closes her mouth, chokes a bit, and causes some smoke and flames to spurt out the sides of her mouth...
Silver muses “... magic I assume?”

Silver looks past the spiky ape thing

Valinya speaks to the huge beast, "Hi - us friends. Me Val. Who you?"

The huge beast grunts and growls back at Val.

Valinya sees the heavy iron collar around the creature's neck and the chain connecting it to the wall across the room

Seeker clears his throat. "Um, Val, is it okay with you and your new friend if we move on through?"

The beast looks suspiciously at Silver then mutters something that sounds like "Gugger"

Valinya nods to acknowledge she heard Seeker and says, "We help you ... back up so we come"

The creature backs up all the way across the room.

Seeker moves into the room, cautiously

The ape looks at Seeker, and grits his teeth, hefting his club.

Valinya motions toward Seeker and says, "Him friend"

It puffs out its chest and exhales sharply, spitting all over the place.
The creature slumps its shoulders and looks away.

As others enter the room...
The smell of feces and rotted meat fills this room tall room. A faint magical glow from near the 15’ tall ceiling provides just enough light to see the huge, lumbering gorilla like creature standing across the room. It has an elongated snout, wide eyes and and various bony spikes protruding from its body.

As it backs up, its heavy chain scrapes against the stone floor.

Moonscar is pulling rear guard and watching Burt - keeping him slightly in front

The creature keeps his eyes down as Seeker moves across the room.

Seeker sizes up the creature and is sure that the beast is easily stronger by half. The large Wolfen shudders at the thought.

Seeker asks, "Um, Val, you sure this guy is cool? If he were to hit one of us, it'd probably kill our entire family.

Arn suggests, “maybe we can shorten his leash a bit?”

As more folks pile into the room the creature slinks back into a small alcove to the north, squeezing himself into the space, not looking up at anyone.

Valinya floats closer and speaks calmly. "
Valinya says, "We friends. Help you."

There is a closed door directly across the room leading to the east.

Seeker shakes his head. "He looks like a doorkeeper to keep the rest of the Sea Harpies out. Let's pass on through. I doubt this is the only entrance."

The ape nods his head and says what almost sounds like "Yes"

Valinya asks, "What wrong? Chain off?"

The beast nods and touches the collar around his neck

Valinya replies, "Oh." Valinya's face and voice are filled with compassion

Silver moves up to check out the other side of the room

Moonscar whispers to Valinya, “Sis, is he wearing what I think it is?”

Valinya can see that the dark fur around his neck where the collar is has been rubbed away, leaving calloused grey skin exposed.

Valinya nods at Moonscar's question. Staring at the chain, Valinya sings again, ...

Moonscar asks softly, and a bit too nicely, “Burt, who chained him up here?”

Burt says, "I ain’t never seen this thing before. damn! We’ve heard some loud screeches, but didn’t know what it was!"

Valinya tells the others "He is Hrag, a Grimbor"

Silver pokes at the door to see if it's open

The door appears to be stuck, like all the other doors encountered in this damp underground compound.

Arn laughs, “I may have a key that opens up that door,” and gestures with his shield

Seeker shrugs. "It's been working for us so far"

Silver moves aside to let Arn use his "key"

Moonscar asks, “Is it safe to let him free and bring him along Sis?”

Arn sets up for a charge into and through the door.

Moonscar continues, “I reeeallly don't want to leave him chained up like that if we can do anything about it”

Arn slams into the door and cracks it enough that he is able to kick and bash the rest away.

Valinya sings a little song and the collar around the huge beast disappears and then reappears floating in the air to the right of him. It falls to the floor, clanging loudly.

Arn says, "Knock knock"

A large hexagonal table made of oak takes up the majority of this room, surrounded by six chairs. The north wall bears a huge map of Sasserine, on which dozens of tiny flags have been placed. To the south, a five-foot tall and ten-foot wide slate bears a tangled mess of chalk scribblings. A winch handle protrudes from the northwest corner.

When the collar comes off, the chain also falls to the floor. The beast sits down on the ground and puts his hands on his face. He starts shaking and making a sound that resembles crying, laughing and a deer dying when Silver goes hunting.

Valinya floats to the hulking Spike and airlily brushes him, speaking comforting, broken words

Silver snaps her head around at the sound... looks at the Ape for a moment, then seems to lose interest and looks back to the meeting room

Seeker follows Arn and Silver into the room

As Fortis surveys the Grimbor's prison, he realizes that Cruncher is no longer with the group.

Silver makes a beeline for the winch handle and inspects it, trying to figure out what it’s connected to.

Burt refuses to approach the Grimbor when Moonscar gets closer.

Fortis issues a VERY high pitched whistle, probably only the canines can hear it.

There is one door leading out to the right side of the room.

Vallinya speaks to Hrag

Maps Show the Way

Seeker inspects the map of the city, memorizing it to try and puzzle out Sea Harpy activities for later.

The map has blue, red and gold flags sticking in it in various places about the city.

At a quick glance Seeker thinks that the blue flags are Harpy bases or allies and the red are foes. The gold he is unsure of, though one is stuck in Vanderboren manor...
Seeker mumbles to himself,  “Interesting…”

Seeker sees Silver's curiosity. "I would hazard a guess that until recently that was connected to Valinya's new apey friend.

Silver agrees, “Oh, that would make sense.”

Fortis whistles again to get Crunchers attention

Silver starts looking around the room for other interesting stuff

Fortis hears no sign of Cruncher nearby. The Worg is not exceptionally quiet.
Fortis calls,  "Cruncher, please come here"

Silver pokes around the table and chairs, looking under them for any secret stuff

Valinya smiles.

Seeker ponders the map for a good while, then crosses the room to the far door. He checks it to see if it's locked.

The table and chairs are nicely made but there is nothing interesting on them.
The door on the eastern wall does not seem to be locked, but it does not open easily.

Moonscar waits for Valinya to introduce him to Hrag

Silver asks, “Oh, Seeker - should I torch that map?”

Seeker's eyes go wide. "Er, no, no, Silver, that won't be necessary. We may need it to identify the Sea Harpy allies later.

Moving forward Valinya motions to her friend. "He is Hrag for short ... a pacifist somewhat believe it or not. He will come with us I think but may not fight

The huge creature follows Valinya

Seeker puts a little muscle into it and opens the door.

The door opens with the added pressure of Seekers shoulder.

A long hallway can be seen leading west. It ends in another door.

Seeker makes his way down the hall. "C'mon, guys, I think we're close."

Fortis looks at the terrified Sea Harpy "Burt, I need you to go find Cruncher and tell him he's needed here. I CAN trust you to do this and not try anything rash right?"

Burt "Blackeye" Emmit says "Uh, Cruncher? That thing scares me!"

Fortis gives some motivational advice, "It takes a brave man to admit his fear, but he will not harm you so long as you are on my side... you are on my side now right?"

Burt "Blackeye" Emmit says "Um, yea. Absolutely. So go back and find Cruncher. Tell him you need him, got it!"

Fortis responds, "thank you"

Burt "Blackeye" Emmit hurries off into the dark hallway.

As she moves along Valinya keeps looking back to check on Hrag, giving him encouraging looks and words

Moonscar moves quickly to take down the map

Seeker tries this door, like the last. If it's openable, he'll open it.

Moonscar starts taking the map down. It is large and has many many little pins stuck in it.

Seeker shoulders the door open. This one is a bit more stuck than the last one and he has to hit it twice to get it open.

Bearman Zombie Surprise

As Seeker pushes into the room, he sees a battle axe swing at him from the right side of the door.

Bearman Zombie swings at Seeker's torso with a battleaxe and succeeds!

Another one steps from behind the door.

Seeker jumps back and dodges

Fortis launches his Sunbolt at his most deserving opponent.

The Zombie Bearman attempts to dodge Fortis's attack and succeeds!

The ceiling in the room is 10' high, just 3' higher than the hallways.

Valinya quickly realizes that the Bearman Zombies will still be able to reach her easily. They are nearly as tall as Seeker and wielding long battle axes

Moonscar curses, “Damnit! I want this map!”

Silver steps up, snakes her head past Seeker's arm, and blasts fire at the zombie
Silver breathes deep, and blasts out with a cone of fire!
The Bearman Zombie attempts to dodge Silver's attack and succeeds!
But is unable to get out of the area effect of the flame.
The Zombie has some spots of flame on him still.

Moonscar leaves the map hanging half off the wall and bolts through the door snarling Danzi obscenities

Arn moves up, looking to throw his mace at the nearest enemy but cannot find a good shot.

Hrag shouts something that sounds like "Valinya" or "Malgina" or "Ball in ya" and rushes down the hallway
For a huge beast, Hrag moves quickly and nimbly, sliding past Silver and Seeker
He slams right into the flaming zombie on the left.

Valinya beams, "My boy!"

Hrag  slams at Bearman Zombie's torso with his horny body and succeeds!

The Bearman Zombie attempts to dodge 's attack and fails!

The zombie is slammed back but stays on his feet
Seeker draws Charnag Velve and moves into the room

Bearman Zombie swings at Valinya's torso with an axe and succeeds!
The Valinya attempts to retreating dodge Bearman Zombie's attack and succeeds!
Valinya floats back out of the way of the swinging axe.
Bearman Zombie swings at Hrag the Grimbor's torso with a axe and critically succeeds!
The Hrag the Grimbor attempts to dodge Bearman Zombie's attack and fails!

The Zombie's axe nearly slices Hrag in half. The Grimbor staggers back in a spray of blood and falls to the floor!

Valinya shrieks and starts casting a spell to help her new friend!

Silver moves up into the room

As the magical melody flows off of Valinya's lips, the gaping wound magically closes, though the blood remains...

Moonscar breaks into a full out run
Moonscar murmurs, "S'cuse me Sis" as I go flying through Valinya and then raises the obscenity bar a few yards when I see Hrag

Arn continues to move and this time hurls his mace at the end of his run.

Arn Throws his enchanted Mace at the closest enemy
The Bearman Zombie attempts to dodge Arn's attack and fails!
Hrag shakes his head and reaches out with his hand and grabs the Zombies leg

The zombie is smashed back against the wall just as Hrag grabs him.

Seeker rapid strikes against Bearman zombie
The Bearman Zombie attempts to dodge Seeker's attacks and fails!

Seeker hacks at the grappled and slightly burning zombie.

Bearman Zombie swings at Hrag the Grimbor's arm with a axe and succeeds!
The Hrag the Grimbor attempts to dodge Bearman Zombie's attack and fails!
The grappled zombie lashes out whit his battle axe and chops Hrags hand off!
The battered Grimbor sways and falls to the ground again.

Fortis buzzes around. Valinya floats down and again heals her new friend.

Silver breathes deep, and blasts out with a cone of fire!
The Bearman Zombie attempts to dodge Silver's attack and fails!

The Bearman Zombie attempts to dodge Moonscar's attack and succeeds!
Arn catching his returning, flying mace, Arn continues to close the distance to the enemy

Arn sends his mace at the other Zombie this time. Spread the love around
The Bearman Zombie attempts to dodge Arn's attack and succeeds!

Seeker is puzzled that the Bearman zombie is still standing. He gamely tries again.
Seeker rapid strikes!
Seeker's strikes are too much for the zombie to handle and it goes down in a pile of rotting skin and bones

Bearman Zombie swings at Silver's torso with a axe and succeeds!

Silver attempts to dodge

Silver steps forward and breathes flame at the zombie to the south again
Silver breathes deep, and blasts out with a cone of fire!

The zombie tries to dodge but is not able to get out of the area of flame.

With one zombie down, the group is able to focus their attacks and quickly destroy the other zombie easily.

Cast of Characters: 

+Arne Jamtgaard plays Seeker, a teenage Wolfen Warlord
+Stephen Kolmetz plays Valinya, an Elven Wildsong Mage
+Mike Biancone plays Arn, a surly Dwarven Warrior
+Amergin O'Kai plays Moonscar, the esoteric Kankoran Druid
+Daniel White plays Silver, a young and curious Dragon
+Mike Williams plays Gorgukk Torgnaz, an Ogre sailor and mauler
and +Jason GURPS as the GM

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