Wandered Roads 3

Wandered Roads of Varisia
Session 3
November 5, 2011
Campaign Timeline

Through Glass

Session Summary

While enjoying dinner at the Rusty Dragon, the group reconvened after spending the day on their own in Sandpoint. Calina, Kallin and Zursat spent some time telling about their encounters of the day. Zursat then spent the rest of the evening regaling the crowd with stories and songs of adventure and the natural beauty of the woods.

The next morning, the group headed out early to make their presence known throughout the town in the Sheriffs absence. They wanted to check in and do something for the Barett family, whos father had been killed by a Goblin trapped in a closet. They first went to the tannery where Alergast Barrett worked and met the tanner, a coarse and unfriendly man by the name of Larz Rovansky. Larz did not even know that Alergast had perished and was in an even fouler mood that he would not be returning to work, so he began yelling at and scolding his other assistants. The party then headed to the Barett residence to see if there was anything else they could do to help the family, but once there, they found that the Barett family was packing their belongings and heading out of Sandpoint, moving back to Magnimar to be closer to family. Mrs. Barett's sister was there, helping with the move and she approached the heroes and scolded them and basically blamed them for Mr. Barett's death, saying that they had not done a through enough job 'heroing' otherwise he would still be alive.

A bit taken aback by this assault, the party retreated and began making plans to raise some money to send off to the family to help them get re-established in Magnimar. They talked to some helpful neighbors and made plans to set up fundraisers at several local taverns. As they continued their walk through town, they were approached by Bethana Corwin, a maid at the Rusty Dragon. She is visibly upset and says that her employer, Ameiko Kaijitsu, is missing. Leading them back to the Rusty Dragon, she explains that she could not find her at the Inn that morning and went looking for her. She was not in her room, and in fact the bed had not been slept in at all. She had found a crumpled up note written in the Minkai language. Fortnuately Ameiko had been teaching Bethana to read her native language and the maid had translated it. The note was from Ameiko's bastard half brother,Tsuto, who had been estranged from the family some 5 or more years now. It implicated the Kaijitsu family patriarch, Lonjiku, as being part of the recent Goblin raid on Sandpoint. The note asked Ameiko to meet Tsuto at the family Glassworks at midnight last night to discuss the situation.

The party immediately went to the Glassworks to investigate. Once there, it appeared that the Glassworks were closed, though the furnaces continued to put forth streams of smoke.
Kaijitsu Glassworks - Sandpoint
The heroes headed around to the back entrance and were able to gain entrance through roguish means. Once inside, they quickly discovered a gang of Goblins mutilating a number of dead Human bodies, apparently the Glassworks employees. They also made another grisly discovery, Lonjiku Kaijitsu murdered and encased in several layers of hardened glass. They followed 2 fleeing Goblins down into the basement of the Glassworks, and though they did not catch up to them, they did discover Ameiko bound and gagged in a storage room.

Ameiko Kaijitsu - owner of the Rusty Dragon Inn
Once freed and healed, she told her story of how her brother, Tsuto, had tricked her into coming to the Glassworks with the note, then told her that he was involved in the Goblin raids, and that he was in league with Nualia Tobyn, the Aasimar daughter of late Father Tobyn. Everyone in town had believed Nualia had perished in the fire those 5 years ago, but apparently she had not and she was not back and looking to do Sandpoint great harm. Tsuto tried to get Ameiko to join him, or to at least leave Sandpoint because another, even bigger raid, was about to happen. She refused and slapped him, accusing him of evil and consorting with monsters. He then struck her and had his Goblin cronies attack her and tie her up.

The party then secured the 5 Goblins they had incapacitated during the fight and escorted Ameiko out of the Glassworks. They called for help and then began planning the delve into the dark, curving tunnel below the Glassworks in hopes of finding the fleeing Goblins, Tsuto or more.

Session Notes

We were missing a lot of players for this session, but we played on anyway.

Players Present:

+Daniel Ernst as Kallin Hawkril - Half-Orc Shaman
+Carol Coburn as Calina - Varisian Human archer and scout
+Greg Grady as Zursat - Varisian Human Professional Adventurer
+Jason Woollard as the GM

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