Dark Paths 2

Dark Paths of Riddleport
Session 2
February 19, 2012

Got a New Job

Map Tool Session Log

Session Summary

We picked up the action with the bandits still trying to rob the casino.  Most of the patrons of the Gold Goblin are only interested in the location of the nearest exit, but a motley collection of individuals seem determined to deny the criminals their prize.  Each of the PCs got a chance to show off in their own way.
  • Bodi demonstrated that he could fence while flirting
  • Guy was psychically chucking lethal poker chips
  • Snargash's music literally had thugs glued in place
  • Aethel was flinging lightning left and right
  • Aragon got manic as he sliced off someone's head
  • Shayla distributed arrows at chaingun speeds
  • Ajax kept it cool as he remembered to take a prisoner by crushing his kneecap
When the dust settled they met the floor manager, one Larur Feldin, a Dwarf, and Saul Vendercasken, the owner of the Gold Gobliin Casino.  He thanked the group profusely and bought them food and drink on the house to start to show his appreciation.  Snargash tended to the wounded, regardless of side, and then joined the rest in the dining room.  

Having seen how well they could handle themselves, Saul turned around and offered them all jobs at the casino!

Continuing Story Doc

Continuing Story Summary

Saul and the group continue discussions regarding their employment and the next morning the group meets Hulger, the Halfling chef of the Gold Goblin and then Saul sends them off on various tasks. Saul asks Aethel, Bodi and Guy to deliver a 'donation' (link) to Madame Pamodae at the Temple of the Silken Veil, the house of Calistria, the patron Goddess of Prostitutes, Trickery and Revenge. Saul has Aragon and Ajax deliver a payment (link) to a money lender in Rotgut. Saul also send Shayla and Snargash off to purchase some glass (link) to replace the broken windows in the casino. 

Session Notes

Im still playing with the format/ style of the posts. For this post, I've linked the actual session log at the top of the description, just under the session title where it says Session Summary. Likewise, I've linked the continuing story play by post link where it says Continuing Story above that description. In addition, I've included a few extra links in the Continuing Story description pointing to a few side-plots that some characters went on. I have also provided a link to the Pathfinder Wiki (and will do more in the future) regarding some background specific things, in this case, for Calistria, the Goddess of Prostitutes.

Players Present: 

+Amergin O'Kai as Snargash Windblown - Half-Orc monk
+Arne Jamtgaard as Aragon Whisperwind - Elven Bladedancer
+Ben Zittere as "Ajax" - exotic Human spear-fighter
+Daniel White as Aethelarian "Aethel" Flitterseed - Noble Elf wizard
+Gren Drake as Guy Greystone - Gnome telekenetic
+Mike Biancone as Bodil "Bodi" Jantzen - Human swashbuckler, sailor and lady's man
+Stephen Kolmetz as "Shayla" - Tiefling archer
+Jason Woollard as the GM


  1. I doubt its your fault, but the formatting on the chat log is really difficult to read. It looks to me like the default MapTools chat log saved as .html and copied to Google Docs.

    If you're good with some kind of scripting language, you could probably do something to make it look better.

    Yeah, it's not the most useful advice, but it's something I thought you should be aware of.

    Good summary, though, and I know those are hard to write.

  2. yea, the chat log is taken directly from Maptool with a few things edited out (mostly OOC stuff) and then I keep it around in case I have forgotten something and have to go back and check (which I often do). I know nothing of scripting languages besides that you mentioned them just now, so I'm not so sure about that. And the summaries have been difficult seeing as these sessions are at least a year old at this point! When I get up to the more recent ones, they should be a little clearer and more comprehensive. Thank you for reading!