Saethor's Bane - GURPS Solo Adventure Fully Funded and in Full-Color!

 A special "GURPS but not a session report" post!

My friend Douglas Cole over at Gaming Ballistic puts out amazing third-party products for my favorite game... GURPS.

Saethor's Bane: A Dungeon Fantasy RPG Solo Adventure

His newest project is ending tomorrow. It funded in the first couple of hours on Backerkit Crowdfunding and has reached its one and only stretch goal... turning all the art and maps from black and white to full color. 

"A Choose-Your-Own style adventure for the Dungeon Fantasy RPG. Four mercenary soldiers join the fight to overthrow the dark Overlord Saethor. Play it solo, as a tutorial, or a no-prep convention romp. Will you be Saethor’s Bane … or he yours?"
If you are into GUPRS, and I assume you are, check this project out before it closes Saturday March 9 at 9pm Central.

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