Mysteries of Mystara 006T

Talyn's first person account of the events of Session #6 of the Mysteries of Mystara GURPS campaign. 

Mysteries of Mystara
Session 006T 

From Talyn's Point of View 


"You Lost your Dragon?"

We made it back to town and proceeded to rest for the night. In the morning we made to return the mace to the Abbey of St. Yuric. Amazingly Malachai has some objections, I really don't understand what his problem was as the mace clearly was not ours and should be returned.

Once we reach the Abbey, the Abbot greets us, feeds us and rewards us with some healing potions. Then he generously allows me to keep using the mace while I'm in the area. I guess everyone is not all mercenary or capricious. I will be sure to return it after we're done at the Sunken Citadel.

The trek back down did not go smoothly as Lucky, who doesn't seem very Lucky, injured his ankle. He doesn't seem very agile or focused, he shouldn't try to sing, play and hike at the same time. After we reach town we meet a strange priest named Stephen who wants to accompany us into the Sunken Citadel, and maybe beyond. I guess word of our deeds are getting around, I wonder if we will attract many followers?

We rested for one more evening, as it was after nightfall when we returned and set out back to the sunken citadel in the morning. Once again Lucky seems to have injured his ankle while hiking. I'm really not sure how he managed that as the road, while worn, was pretty even. We returned to the crevasse and climbed down this time with no rats to greet us and even Lucky made the descent without injury.

Then proceeding back to the door that seemed locked, Panya and I attempted to force the door open only to bust part of the rock off. It is a very solid door and Stephen suggested that magic was holding it closed and maybe we should look for a key. I would have liked to have continued to try and pry it open, but I saw the wisdom in at least trying to find the key first.

Proceeding on with our exploration we backtracked to the tower room and took the only other door available, which led to a corridor that had three doors in it. About 2/3 of the way down the corridor were two rooms across from one another and the third at the end of the hall. I proceeded to open the right hand door into an empty room and then the left hand door which was a water closet.

Malachai then proceeded to play with the water keg and provoked the ire of a water mephit. It attacks and manages to spit acid into the face of Stephen. After exchanging a few blows it runs away, not wanting to chase down a gassy, acid-fluid creature, and not seeing much profit in it, we let it go.

Continuing on, I kicked open the door at the end of the hall and we entered a large room with a cage in it and crying Kobold. The Kobold turned out to be called Meepo and this strange tribe of small creatures somehow had captured a dragon. Not sure if it really was a dragon or not, but Meepo took us to see his chieftess Yusdrayl.

Yusdrayl was in a large dragon themed throne room with an actual throne that looked like a dragon's head. Lucky played some marvelous tunes which seemed to charm the Kobolds and we cut a deal with Yusdrayl for safe passage through Kobold territory and a reward in exchange for retrieving the dragon from the goblin tribe. We also found that the dark druid's name was Sernay and that his grove is below. Sounds like it is on another level. As for the reward there was a table that held some treasures including an interesting key, probably to that door we couldn't get through.

Following Meepo through the Kobold halls, we come to an area he calls the back door. The first chamber had some kind of fountain and a door that had dragon skeletons in relief around it. That door was also very cold to the touch. Meepo was able to read the words on the fountain and some kind of magic fluid, it was red, was spit out of the fountain. I gathered up what I could in my canteen and we decided not to mess with the cold door as it probably has undead abominations behind it. Maybe we will come back later.

We then proceeded on and Meepo indicated that an area directly past the fountain room had a giant rat called Guthrus. That corridor had a bunch of doors branching off it, probably another prison. Although I would like to come back and see if these rats have stuffed anything interesting or rewarding into their nest. Following Meepo we went left through another door.

We found ourselves in a chamber just outside an area Meepo indicated the goblins were. We prepared for battle, I readied my smoke grenade and Malachai tried to carefully open the door. The clever goblins had set a bell on the door which of course we set off. On the other side was a room that had caltrops strewn all over it, a small wall at one end, and goblins throwing javelins. I tossed my grenade into the room, let the smoke erupt and then Malachai and myself took turns sweeping the caltrops out of the way to make a path. We then fought the goblins.

We pressed them hard and they retreated to where more goblins were waiting and we handily defeated the first eight or so of these pathetic creatures. While several members of the party rested I scooped up the caltrops, as these things seemed valuable. We then attempted to proceed through the next door and more goblins ambushed us. I had to use the last of my smoke bombs to give us a shot at pushing through the goblins and another fight insued. Once again we had to push forward and I lost count of the number of goblins that we fought, another eight - twelve I think. As the fight pushed through two or three rooms and pushed our stamina to the maximum, the plan is to quickly loot the bodies, the room, and then fall back to rest.

Session Notes

This is an In Character report from our most recent session. Talyn is a young and naïve Celestial that has recently escaped from the Cult of Vanya. He was being trained as a holy avenger but chaffed under the strict training and dogma. Now out wandering the world, the young, glowing warrior tries to fit in with a strange and eclectic group of companions and is slowly growing into the leader he can be.
I award bonus CP to players for doing these write-ups!

Cast of Characters:

Talyn Dilectus Vanyilam, teenage Celestial warrior on the run - played by Don K

and GMJasonGURPS as the DM

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