Mysteries of Mystara 006P

 Panya's first person recollection of the events of Session #6 of the Mysteries of Mystara GURPS campaign. 

Mysteries of Mystara
Session 006P 

Down to Goblin Town


Panya, ready for anything!
This One began the day with long meditations, longer than normal but This One felt it was needed after the last few days.

Once done, This One looked for the friends and all discussed what should be done next. Surprisingly, The Bright One suggested taking the Holy Mace back to the Monastery. This One was under the impression that he wanted to keep it. Another surprise is that Malachai now wanted to keep the Mace. This is indeed a strange group of companions, but This One knows that each of them have a good heart even if the means are not always compatible with everyone.

With This One’s added agreement to return the mace, and in spite of Malachai’s reluctance, a long, yet uneventful trip up the mountain to St Yuric’s began. Once at the Monastery, This One approached Abbot Laszlo and explained why we came. The Abbot seemed very pleased and offered us a meal before returning to Novici. We accepted graciously and everyone enjoyed the simple yet nourishing fare.

The Abbot was his usual charming self and asked many questions about our recent adventures. He, in turn, told the group about St Yuric who was the original bearer of the Mace and for whom the Monastery was named. He seemed to enjoy having company and learning recent news for the outside world. When he was told about our next endeavor, he insisted that we keep the Mace, temporarily of course.
Abbot Laszlo

“I believe it will be useful and I have no doubt it will be safely returned to us if you leave the area,” the Abbot explained, “Additionally, I would like to offer all of you some healing potions to help you in your battles against evil.”

Soon we begin our trek down the winding mountain trail back to Novici. It was not the uneventful journey as before. Lucky was not himself as lucky as his name and managed to twist his ankle quite badly along the way. We managed to give some aid, but he still limped quite badly.

Upon reaching town, we were approached by a tall young man who introduced himself as Stephen, a cleric looking for adventure. He asked if he could journey with us and offered his assistance and knowledge with the upcoming trip back into the Sunken Citadel. Of course we accepted. It would be impolite to turn the man away.

As it was too late to set off for the Citadel, it was agreed that we rest the night and begin the trip the next morning. This One’s morning meditations were completed and the hike began. Poor Lucky continued to experience bad luck and injured his ankle once more. Even Stephen could not completely heal the ankle. This One wondered if Lucky recently sang a song that angered one of the Traldaran Gods.

Once at the Citadel the descent was fortuitously unremarkable, no falls, injuries or goblins to fight. It was decided to head directly to the Dragon Door. It was locked and even though This One and The Bright One’s strength could not budge the door. Stephen’s opinion seemed correct. This Door was magically held shut and only the key would open it.

After a brief discussion, we headed back to the main room, opened the only remaining door and headed through only to discover a hallway with 3 more doors. One of which was an empty room and the other held a cistern. Malachai went into the room and an angry Water Efrit began a brief attack, spitting acid at Stephen and flying away in spite of our attempts to knock it out.

The final door opened into a room with a broken empty cage, and the sound of whimpering coming from a shabby tent. It ends up being a Kobold named Meepo who cried about his missing dragon and claimed that Goblins stole it. Malachai was not happy with our decision to leave Meepo alive, yet after Meepo said we could talk to his leader, Yusdrayl, about a dark druid that lived below, it was decided to go meet this leader and gain whatever information we could about the druid. This dark druid is probably the cause of all the suspiciously unnatural events occuring in the forest above.

The meeting with the Kobold Tribe leader Yusdrayl went well in This One’s opinion. The Kobolds have a Dragon key which presumably will unlock the Dragon Door and will give it to us if we bring back their dragon that is being held by the nearby tribe of Goblins. Yusdrayl also gave us information about the druid named Sernay and that he lives in a grove below. Meepo was assigned as our guide.
Yusdrayl, Kobold Chieftain

Whether or not Meepo is a good guide, we did pass by some interesting doors, one supposedly is the home of a large rat named Guthash the Bloated, and a fountain that poured forth red liquid when Meepo read the inscription at the base of the fountain. And soon we were led to a door indicated by Meepo, “Goblins behind there.”

We readied ourselves and quietly opened the door, except it wasn’t quiet. The Goblins had a bell, similar to merchants' doorbells which trigger a tinkling noise upon entering a shop. A very disorganized battle ensued with smoke bombs filling the room with dark smoke, a wall which protected javelin-throwing Goblins, and caltrops covering the floor. The two Goblins were killed and our group continued on, only to fight two more battles before we could rest. We did not kill the last Goblin over Malachai’s continued argument that the Goblin is an abomination, not to be trusted, and should be killed. Our hope is that the Goblin prisoner will prove valuable, possibly as a trade. Malachai argues that Goblin’s don’t make trades and it would be useless to keep the creature alive.

Regardless, some of us needed healing and a rest was imperative as fatigue was setting in on all of us. This One does not believe the Goblins will be as easily overcome as we hoped, nor will they give up the Kobold’s Dragon willingly. That remains to be seen.

Session Notes

This is an In-Character report from our most recent session. Panya is a young and simple Nithian monk  that has recently found herself stranded from her original place and time. Somehow, while out meditating in the mountains, time has moved on and she finds herself in a strange, new place. Now out wandering the world, the young mystic warrior tries to fit in with a foreign and eclectic group of companions and is slowly growing into the person she is meant to be.
I award bonus CP to players for doing these write-ups!

Cast of Characters:

Panya Masika, a Nithian monk stranded out of time - played by Carol C

and GMJasonGURPS as the DM

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