Wandered Roads 10

Wandered Roads of Varisia
Session 10
April 21, 2012

Campaign Timeline

You Fight Me

Dark Shadows

Finally recovered from the epic battle with Nualia and her evil companions, the party decides to press on and continue exploring the ancient ruins that had become the base of operations of the foes of Sandpoint. After exploring what appeared to be Nualia's study/ religious sanctum, the group headed back to the L-shaped room where their fallen foes lay. The column of massive gold coins still piqued the curiosity of some, but no one could figure out what it was, while the other half of the group checked out the massive stone doors at the other end of the room. After removing the iron spikes that held the door closed, Ehlyna pushed the heavy doors open to reveal a long, dark chamber lined with sarcophagi and pillars with a statue of the same grim fellow who has been depicted in most of the statuary in this place. Noting some spiritual movement at the far end of the room, Kallin heads over to take a look, hoping to make contact with the restless dead and offer his aid. Unfortunately, the dark shadows had other things in mind and immediately set to draining Kallin's strength from his body.

His friends quickly came to his aid, but not before being sapped of much of his strength. Ehlyna also fell victim to the dread touch of one of the evil spirits before she was able to slay them with help from Kallin's spirit magic.

With the 3 evil shadow spirits defeated, the party continued their explorations, though there seemed to be no remaining doors to go through. Thinking that there may be something behind a blank space in the wall, Vexeron used his magic to see through the wall and sure enough, there appeared to be a secret tunnel there. With this success, Vexeron went back to the giant gold coin column and tried his magic again, and there was a chamber beyond that as well. Choosing to search the other passage first, the party searched and even though they knew it was there, they could not find access to the tunnel. Again, using his magic, Vexeron was able to determine where the door was and Ellie managed to figure out its opening mechanism. The tunnel led off into the darkness and branched off in 2 different hallways both with stairs leading down. Deciding to finish the exploration of the current level before delving any deeper, the group returned to the gold coin column barrier. Another spell casting showed a tiny slot in the wall to the side, just the right size for a coin, and after a gold coin was dropped into it, the column rumbled and sank into the floor, revealing a large antechamber beyond.

Three sets of carved stone doors led out of this room, and exploring them on at time, the party first found what appeared to be some sort of ancient labratory/ operating/ torture room. Finding nothing of real value besides some bizarre tools and sharp implements of pain, they moved on to the next room. This room held an elaborate throne upon which sat an illusory image of the man continued to be depicted nearby. The illusion was of the man sitting there speaking, waving his hands around, though no one could decipher what he was saying, though it did become apparent that the illusion was stuck on some sort or repeating loop of about 15 seconds long. Creeped out, the party moved on to the 3rd set of doors.

These doors were slightly different and in the middle of where they came together, there was a circular indention with carved out shapes of the 7-pointed star that had been seen before.

It was a hand across and half a hand deep and looked to be some sort of arcane key hole. Force would not budge the doors, but then someone remembered seeing something that may have worked back in the laboratory  Originally thinking it was just another tool of torture, the party retrieved the key and fit it into place. With a click and a low buzz, the door opened.

The chamber that lay beyond was warm and humid. A huge pit of fire was in the center of the room. Two wooden racks of burning candles stood in the near corners. On the far wall was a carving of the 7-pointed star nearly 10 feet across. Seeing no immediate threats, the group entered the room and began examining things. Without warning, a huge wolf like beast on 2 legs appeared out of thin air and attacked Vexeron from behind, nearly rendering him unconscious.
Evil Demon Beast
As everyone turned to react, the creature disappeared. Within a moment he appeared again and pressed the attack. Daellin used his magic to allow himself to see the creature when it turned invisible and he called out its location. The beast continued this tactic for a while as the party hit him with sword, arrow and magical bolt, all seeming to have only minimal effect. Hoping to gain the upper hand, Daellin used his magic on Ehlyna to allow her to see the creature as well, unfortunately that was not the only magic being worked on the Dwarf warrior.

As Daellin and Ehlyna moved up toward the creature, Ehlyna unexpectedly turned and swung her axe at Daellin. Using his magic to blink away out into the antechamber, Daellin went on the defensive. Seeing this dangerous turn of events, Calina attempted to neutralize Ehlyna by shoving her to the ground. This only slowed her down as she quickly gathered her axe and headed after the fleeing Elf. At this point, the party, now divided, was on the run as the wolf demon continued to try to tear them to shreds with his razor sharp claws. Everyone headed for the door that Ellie was guarding, and as the murderous Dwarf passed, she managed to get herself tangled up in Ehlyna's legs and both of them crashed hard to the floor just past the door. Daellin had been laying in wait just outside the door and attempted to knock the enraged Dwarf out by pummeling her in the head with his sword pommel, but unfortunately, the Dwarf's head was just too thick.

Once out in the hall, the doors were pulled closed quickly and several folk piled on top of Ehlyna, who was still trying to get at Daellin and no doubt kill him for all the 'stupid Dwarf' comments he had been making all day. As everyone reached to get a grip on the rampaging Dwarf, the Elf continued to bash her in the head with the handle of his weapon, but to no avail.

At least the wolf demon had not followed them into the other chamber.... yet....

Continuing Story Doc

Continuing Story Summary

The Elf, Daellin, continued to bash his companions head in, though he felt that the Dwarf’s skull was just too thick for it to work. Meanwhile, Kallin, Calina and Ellie were all dogpiled on top of the prone Ehlyna, trying to hold her down and stop her from killing Daellin. Vexeron leaned heavily against a nearby wall, heavily fatigued and wounded from the short battle with the wolf-demon-creature in the room beyond.

Calina holds tightly to Ehlyna as the Dwarf continues to struggle against her captors. Calina feels the many memories and emotions of the day wash over her while she attempts to understand the dwarf's sudden fury against the Elf. While it's true that the Elf taunted Ehlyna many times, the Dwarf had never failed to stand her ground against any verbal banter and always happily dished it back to the Elf. The attack on Daellin was different, and Calina is sure that some form of magic must be involved. Friends do not kill friends!

Calina leans close to Ehlyna's head, and begins to hum the tune of a lullaby. She didn't remember the words of the song, only the soothing sound of her mother's voice from so long ago.

After several more moments of struggling, Ellie was able to pull Ehlyna’s heavy helmet off and Daellin manages to get a few good hits in, just enough to knock the raging Dwarf out, but not enough to seriously hurt her.

“She’s going to have a headache when she wakes up,” Daellin remarks then slumps to the floor exhausted.

Everyone sits still, an eerie, deathly silence fills the chamber. The doors leading to the demon’s chamber remain closed and still. Apparently he is not giving chase. Eventually, the silence is broken by the soft sounds of Ellie crying as she kneels next to the unconscious Dwarf.

Characters Present:

Kallin Hawkril, Half-Orc shaman and budding Priest of Pharasma - played by +Daniel Ernst
Calina, Varisian Human archer and scout - played by +Carol Coburn
Daellin Silvanthalas, Elven Farstrider Ranger - played by +Ben Lipe
Vexeron, Human Wizard - Played by +Greg Grady 
Elyna Fuzziface, Dwarven warrior - played by +Jodi H
Ellie, Halfling finder of things not necessarily lost - played by +Megan McCarron
and +Jason Woollard as the DM

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