Dark Paths 16

Dark Paths of Riddleport
Session 16
October 14, 2012

The Double-cross?

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Session Summary

Their new ally, the strange Elf, Kwava, is more than generous with his healing potions. He continues to explain what he knows about going's on's in Riddleport. The Crew ponders the in's and out's of the recent events, eventually coming to the conclusion that Saul has betrayed them and sent them to their deaths, like Kwava has suggested. The next order of business quickly turns to plotting their next step... revenge.

Eventually, it is decided that they will return to the Gold Goblin, pretending to be unaware of the double cross and with Aragon and Bodi posing as dead. They will get a cart and drag them through the streets from the north, making a big show that they had been defeated in the Boneyard and seem to be slinking back to the Goblin to regroup. Once at the Goblin, the plan is to confront Saul, and assuming he is guilty, take him out.

The next morning, the Crew heads back to town to carry out their charade. Upon reaching town, they receive many curious and surprised stares. Apparently word of their defeat had already reached Riddleport. As they traveled the streets of the City of Cyphers, more and more folk gathered around. Snargash used the opportunity to again sing their story to the masses and use his healing gifts to help those in need of minor healing magics. It takes most of the day to maneuver the cart back to the Gold Goblin through the crowds.

Finally, the cart and Crew reach the Gold Goblin. The establishment is closed, a note tacked to the door says 'Closed due to Illness.'  As they approach, several sentries are spotted out front. They rattle the shutters to alert those inside and then make a break for the back of the building via a narrow alleyway.

Clearly the management at the Goblin was waiting for their return. Aethel warms up a lightning bolt as Snargash calls out to the fleeing men.
The Gold Goblin

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Continuing Story Summary

Realizing that they were in for a pitched battle, everyone, including those hiding in the cart, readied themselves for combat and they approached the Goblin. 

Session Notes

This was the session that Shayla turned into an NPC. Unfortunately Stephen +Stephen Kolmetz was no longer able to game with us after about 4 years of solid GURPS campaigns. He has been missed since his departure.

Players Present: 

Aethelarian "Aethel" Flitterseed, Noble Elf wizard - played by +Daniel White
Aragon Whisperwind, Elven Bladedancer - played by +Arne Jamtgaard
Bodi Jantzen, Human swashbuckler and ladies man - played by +Mike Biancone 
Guy Greystone, Gnome telekinetic - played by +Gren Drake
Snargash Windblown, Half-Orc monk - played by +Amergin O'Kai  
and The Dungeon Master - played by +Jason Woollard

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  1. Bodies in a cart, what a good way to advertise the new management for the Golden Goblin!