Simple Tricks V

Simple Tricks and Nonsense
Episode V
May 14, 2016

A Rock and a Cold Place

the frozen canyon

The Crew of the Painted S'kytri find themselves in a not so perfect situation. In their attempts to track down the missing Ree Bolanka they ended up in a frozen canyon during a snowstorm with natives trying to kill them. Varko is down and out, unconscious in the snow halfway down the canyon after being blasted during a charge. Xet carefully moves up to administer much needed medical attention.

Ree Bolanka
After a few more moments of blaster-fighting, the Tallids are subdued by Rook, Dex and Lofchiir. Xet and Varko approach Ree but are quickly turned on by the young Nemoidian. Ree seems considrably confused when told they had been sent by his parents to find him as he says he does not have any parents. He curses the Crew for possibly leading others to his location. With a sudden fear, Ree gathers up his belongings, hops in his speeder and takes off out of the other end of the valley, leaving the Crew alone.

armed speeder
As they regroup and decide upon their next course of action, the sound of approaching vehicles can be heard from the direction they originally came from. Not wanting to be mistaken for foes, the Crew takes up hidden positions. As the speeders get closer, they hear blaster fire and an explosion from the direction of their parked/crashed loaner speeder.

Several fast, armed speeders fly through the canyon at high speed and exit out the other end, in the direction that Ree headed. After a short while, the Crew comes out of their hiding spots and goes to check on their speeder, only to find their suspicions confirmed. It had been destroyed. With no way back to Elesa, the Crew begins a search of the valley to see if they could possibly find anything useful and pinpoint what Ree had been searching for.

While they find nothing of value in the canyon itself besides destroyed pod racers, they do find a shallow camouflaged cave with 6 Tantas, cold weather beasts of burden similar to Banthas and Tantuans. There is also a pile of relatively undamaged pod racer components. This cache is believed to belong to the Tallids that the Crew recently vanquished.
pile of salvage
With no other prospects and no way of surviving a several hundred km trek through a snowstorm, the Crew hunkers down for the night in the cave with the Tantas. In the morning, the storm has abated but a new cadre of Tallids have arrived. Through some strained negotiations and trading, the Crew and the Tallids come to an agreement that the Tallids can have all the salvage but one component that Xet things might be what Ree was looking for in exchange for transportation back to Elesa.

The journey back across the snow fields takes 3 difficult days of Tanta riding. Lofchiir proves to NOT be the animal riding type and has trouble nearly the entire time. When the Crew finally make it back to Elesa, they find that some nonsense has occured. Geon Jesic, the head of the Mining Guild has disappeared and his office had been broken into shortly after the Crew visited him. Ree had not been seen since still and a handful of tough, dangerous types had been asking around for the Crew.

Without wasting anymore time, the Crew boards their ship and blasts off, leaving the frozen world of Ando Prime behind.

Session Pics

a little abstract placement for a large-area battle

Session Notes

Down 3 players tonight but we forged on and completed the scenario!

Characters Present:

Dexen Halcyon, the cocky pilot from Ord Mantell played by +Daniel Ernst
Jetha "Rook" Rue'kri, the greedy Corellian smuggler played by +Carol Coburn
Varko Prumen, the selfless Mol Calamari scoundrel played by +Ben Lipe
Lofchirr, the charismatic, ex-pirate Wookie played by Don K
Xetsu'ae, the grizzled veteran Twi'lek former slave turned mechanic played by +Jodi H
Alita, the eagle eyed Socorran scout played by +JeCorey Holder
and +Jason Woollard as the GM

the frozen canyon

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