Simple Tricks VII

Simple Tricks and Nonsense
Episode VII
November 12, 2016

From Leritor to Lameredd

The showdown on Leritor continues. The slaver's transport spins around, knocking both remaining fighters off the ledge, one with Rook inside. It then turns back and trains its guns on the ship Dex is sitting in. Before it can fire though, the Painted S'kytri, with Doc Aidn and Xetsu, recently retrieved from the Settler hub, comes to the rescue. The transport blasts off and disappears in the night sky, unable to follow due to lack of ace pilots on board, the S'kytri sets down and the Doc and Xetsu get to work rounding up the wounded, helping free the slaves and take the slavers prisoner. The seriously injured Varko was taken back aboard the ship and given immediate care by the Doctor.

It was determined that the pilot of the transport, who was known as some sort of archeologist and only addressed as "The Professor" was in charge of the operation and the guards only knew that they were to keep the slaves digging in specific areas and patterns. Whatever they were trying to dig out was old and improper digging techniques could result in disaster.

Uninterested in "being careful," the Crew appropriated some explosives from a supply shed and set them near what looked to be some sort of access port into the old vehicle/machine/building that was only partially unearthed.

After the explosion, Lofchiir leads a small group into the structure, which turns out to be some sort of ancient spacecruiser apparently crashed and buried on the side of this mountain. The interior of the craft is badly damaged and quite dangerous. Several passageway collapses, multiple falling items and a couple feet through floor panels convinced the team to head back out.
Inside the buried spacecraft

Once outside, the excavation was blasted with the remaining, but damaged starfighter and a considerable amount of the mountain above was caved in on it. Anyone wanting to dig out whatever was in there would have a little extra to do now.

It was decided that the freed prisoners would be returned to their respective people and the slavers were ejected out of the airlock while flying at high speeds. Both the Sauvax and the Human settlers were happy to have their own returned and thanked the crew greatly. The peace was kept between the two peaceful groups and the S'kytri exited the system with a full load of food, and some weapons and excavating equipment salvaged from the slavers.

The waterworld of Lamaredd

The trip to the Lamero system would take just over two weeks time as it was actually out past the Outer Rim, located on the edges of Wild Space. Varko made a full recovery at the hands of the doctor and everyone else was doing just fine. Upon arrival at the Lamero system, Xetsu had to help Dex navigate past a handful of nav-beacons deployed to lead ships in through the Reef, a dangerous dust cloud inhabiting nearby space.

Once the ship was cleared for landing in the hollowed out engine compartment of an ancient, decommissioned Trade Federation capital ship, the Crew had to deal with pushy yet efficient ORO spaceport customs crew. Arrangements were made for the unloading of the ship and the Crew was steered toward lodgings and other amenities in the center of the seaside town named Bartyn's Landing, or just The Landing to most locals.

Bartyn's Landing
On the way to the center of The Landing, a short, hooded Human abrputly pushed past the crew and challenged one, then all of them, to a duel. Not wanting to get involved in a shootout immediately upon arrival to a new town, the Crew tired to back down and negotiate but before they even knew what was happening, the old man had whipped out a slugthrower and began firing away, hitting several of the Crew. Everyone quickly scrambled, trying to draw weapons, talk their way out of it or engage him at close quarters and disarm him.
Shoot-out with an old-timer

The old hooded man turned out to be much more formidable than initially believed. He fired off round after round and managed to drop several crew members and avoid multiple attacks before being stunned by a close range blaster shot. First aid was applied to several of the Crew, some of which had actual life-threatening wounds and the old man was disarmed. When he came through, he began yelling and screaming incoherently, though he did mention someone named "Lidell" and claimed that this person "owed him a death!" Much confusion was present, the old man began laughing and crying and finally the local sheriff showed up, an older Mon Cal by the name of Mix Lidell. He seems surprised at the identity of the mysterious lunatic and asks the Crew to come back to "the station" with him so he can clear it all up.

Chief Mix Lidell
A bit apprehensive to go with the local law enforcement, he convinces them that they are not in trouble at all but just doesn't want to discuss it out in the street. The Crew agrees, though Lofchiir continues to log his complaints. Back at the "station," Chief Lidell offers medical attention from a hovering MD droid and explains that this old man is known as "The Padawan," a very old adversary of his, returned after several decades.

The Crew listens as he tells the tale of "The Padawan" and his gang of bandits and how they were captured and brought to justice. The Padawan then escaped and disappeared. The old man then wakes up and yells at Lidell, calling him a coward and telling another story of how he was captured by the Menuhaan, the original inhabitants of this world thought to be long extinct. He laughs and goes back into unconsciousness.

The sheriff asks the Crew if they will help him with this and some other issues that have been plaguing the town as he is understaffed and cannot keep up with it all. The Crew politely declines and heads to their hotel, ready to complete their cargo transfer and be done with this backwater world.

Session Notes

The whole crew was finally back together for tonight's session! It would also turn out to be the LAST Star Wars GURPS session. In fact, it will be my final night as GM for some time. The group is going to try out some 7th Seas hosted by +Jodi H once the new year comes around (we have a special guest GM coming in for our December game night.) While I will miss the GURPS gaming, I am ok with trying a new game (sailing, pirates, undead and magic!) and letting someone else take the wheel for a while. I've been busy and have not had the time I would like for my monthly tabletop sessions. Looking forward to some piracy in 2017!

Characters Present:

Dexen Halcyon, the cocky pilot from Ord Mantell played by +Daniel Ernst
Jetha "Rook" Rue'kri, the greedy Corellian smuggler played by +Carol Coburn
Varko Prumen, the selfless Mol Calamari scoundrel played by +Ben Lipe
Lofchirr, the charismatic, ex-pirate Wookie played by Don K
Xetsu'ae, the grizzled veteran Twi'lek former slave turned mechanic played by +Jodi H
Alita, the eagle eyed Socorran scout played by +JeCorey Holder
and +Jason Woollard as the GM


  1. I will miss reading your GURPS games.

    1. This was just the final session of the face to face group. Still have the two online games and I will continue posting those sessions (still backlogged!) and eventually, the face to face group will come back to me running our old GURPS Varisia campaign anyway. No worries, Bryan, I won't let ya down!