Wandered Roads 5

Wandered Roads of Varisia
Session 5
December 17, 2011
Campaign Timeline

Foiled by the Tiny Dancer

Session Summary

The Heroes of Sandpoint, as they were now known around town, rose bright and early and headed back to the ancient catacombs below the streets of the quiet Varisian town. Slowly and surely, though not always quietly, they explored further and further into the tunnels and chambers. They discovered an ancient torture chamber, fought a mutated Goblin wielding a magical sword and spewing acidic, bloody spit.
Mutated, acid blood spitting, Goblin.

Zursat managed to fall into a pit inhabited by a zombie. He narrowly survived nearly breaking his neck and being eaten by the undead, thanks in part to the brave heroics of Ehlyna and Ellie, who both leapt into the pit to save him. 

The group then encountered a strange spherical room with metal walls that sparked with black energy. What was strange about this room though, was the lack of gravity. Anyone who went into the room merely floated around, as if in water. Several items of interest were retrieved from the weightless room.

The Tiny Dancer

The party was then ambushed by a strange and small creature who somehow magically shattered Zurzats sword right out of his hand. The party pursued her but quickly lost the tiny flier, so they continued their exploration. They found a circular room with a bloated, shrieking and tentacled head that Dwarven axes made quick work of. 

Tentacled Shrieking Head

They were then ambushed again by the tiny creature. This time, Daellin was targeted and brought to the brink of death by her foul magics.

The group made as hasty a retreat as they could with Daellin nearly dead and Kallin exhausted from casting his healing magics. Zursat claimed the magical sword that was recovered to replace his own blade that had been destroyed.

Dwarven made enchanted blade 
Kh'a Thkaan (True Steel)

Continuing Stories

After returning to the surface, the heroes once again seek the healing aid of Father Zantus. They are also greeted by the Mayor, who informs them of her concern about the Goblins of Thistletop and Tsuto's journal showing plans of another imminent attack on Sandpoint. She gives them all a pouch of gold coins and a Potion of Healing as 'pay' for helping police the town while the Sheriff is gone. She then implores them to head to Thistletop as soon as possible to at least assess, if not stop, the threat that looms over the town. The party agrees and plans to meet early the next morning to go over their plans.

The rest of the afternoon, Calina and Kallin spend out of town, ranging about the hinterlands. In their journeys, they come across a wounded pair of merchants and help them return to Sandpoint. They also discover that a tribe of Varisians, the Ot'Betot, have come to Sandpoint and set up camp just outside its walls. Calina and Kallin both spend the evening helping and socializing with them and end up camping out with them as well. 

Calina and Kallin's Continuing Story

Daellin spends some time wandering the town, making his presence known while visiting the Turandarok Academy in hopes to make a contact with the Master of the school, Ilsoari Gandethus, for possible magical instruction. He also visits the local bakery and samples some tasty treats. He spends the rest of the evening at the Rusty Dragon listening to Zursat and Ameiko entertain the crowd. 
Daellin's Continuing Story

Ehlyna has a bit too much to drink then takes a walk where she meets someone from the Sandpoint Mercantile League and then runs into one of Sandpoints beautiful ladies of the night, who in turn mistakes Ehlyna for a male and attempts to seduce her. She spends the rest of the evening at the Rusty Dragon listening to Zursat and Ameiko entertain the crowd.
Ehylna's Continuing Story

Zursat has another encounter with his friend Shayliss, but then ends up breaking her hears. He then has a run in with some low-life Varisians and gets into a bit of a scuffle. He meets some appreciative townsfolk and then returns to the Rusty Dragon, performing with Ameiko and entertaining the crowd. 
Zursat's Continuing Story

Ellie spends the day wandering the streets and alleys of Sandpoint until she runs across a group of children playing a game of hide and seek, which she joins and finds that she is pretty good at. She spends the rest of the evening at the Rusty Dragon listening to Zursat and Ameiko entertain the crowd.

Players Present:

+Daniel Ernst as Kallin Hawkril - Half-Orc Shaman
+Carol Coburn as Calina - Varisian Human archer and scout
+Ben Lipe as Daellin Silvanthalas - Elven Farstrider Ranger
+Greg Grady as Zursat - Varisian Human professional adventurer
+Jodi H as Ehlyna Fuzziface - Dwarven warrior
+Megan McCarron as Ellie - Halfling finder of things not necessarily lost
+Jason Woollard as the DM

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