Dark Paths 20

Dark Paths of Riddleport
Session 20
December 9, 2012

Delving Deeper?

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Session Summary

The battle between the Gold Goblin Crew continues to rage on. The Troglodytes have a good number of reinforcements and are even joined by a strange giant insect with some sort of fungus growth on its head and back. Aragon is taken aback and a bit startled by the appearance of such a large and icky bug,
but battles on. Aethel flings his magical lightning around the place, lighting up Trogs left and right while Guy continues to pummel them with his psionic projectiles. Bodi leads the way in flinging bad insults and copious threats to foes who undoubtedly don't even understand them, though this would never stop Bodi. Snargash maneuvers around the battlefield providing support and backup for whoever needs it, with either his spells or his staff. 

Aethel uses his magic to levitate the bug/ fungus creature and suspends it in midair in the middle of the chamber so it can't strike anyone. Snargash declares "Pinata Party!" and chases after it as Aethel magically floats it away. The Trog's are quickly routed and as the party pushes forward into their camp, a second wave of lizardfolk leap out and press the attack again. Aethel uses his magic to this time turn a large section of the floor into impassable mud, slowing and stopping several of the Troglodytes. This group is much smaller and in no time, they too are dispatched.  Several of the Trogs manage to get away from the melee and flee out of a passage on the other side of the chamber. Aragon and Bodi quickly take up the chase as everyone else finishes up after the combat. 

Continued Story Doc

Continued Story Summary

Aragon and Bodi return to the group after giving the fleeing Troglodytes a bit of a chase, but unfortunately the lizardfolk had too much of a lead and knew the terrain better and moved quicker. They they explored the immediate area, noting that it appeared to be the Trog's current lair, though nothing suggested it was permanent, the amount of trash and waste indicated it had been there for a few weeks at least. A search turned up very little in the way of value or use, though it was noted that quite a few empty wine bottles of a variety commonly used in the Gold Goblin were present in the trash heap and scattered around the camp. Upon finding these, Aragon also recalls occasionally smelling a similar musty smell down in the wine cellar. A few Healing Potions are discovered as is a small pouch with strange silver coins bearing what appears to be Elvish script, though neither Aethel or Aragon can read it.

Everyone recovers their gear after the fight and catches their breath. Snargash gives two potion vials (sleeing gas and alchemist fire) to Guy to hold, thinking that his telekinesis would probably be able to place them in more strategic locations that his Half-Orc throwing arm.

With that, the Crew heads off, following the fleeing Trogs further along the caverns, hoping to find them and learn more about where Saul had been trying to escape off to.

Cast of Characters: 

Aethelarian "Aethel" Flitterseed - Noble Elf wizard played by +Daniel White 
Aragon Whisperwind - Elven Bladedancer played by +Arne Jamtgaard 
Bodil "Bodi" Jantzen - suave and smooth swordsman played by +Mike Biancone 
Guy Greystone - Gnome telekinetic played by +Gren Drake 
Snargash Windblown - Half-Orc monk played by +Amergin O'Kai 
and +Jason Woollard as the DM

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