Dark Paths 17

Dark Paths of Riddleport
Session 17
October 28, 2012

In the Thick of It

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Session Summary

Calling Saul out as they approach the dark and locked Gold Goblin Casino, the Crew gets no reply. They manage to get the front door unlocked and charge in, only to be met with arrows and blades. Aragon takes a shot to his shoulder, stunning him just inside the doorway. He is then set upon by Ajax, their supposed companion and another of the Gold Goblin bouncers. He is able to parry Ajax's attack but fails to defend against the bouncer's sword. Already, things are looking grim. Bodi rushes in and managed to kick Ajax in the groin, momentarily stunning him. Guy then enters the fray and, using his telekinesis, grabs a hold of the curtains hanging on the ceiling and pulls them down, trapping several bouncers beneath it.

The fray goes on for some time, with multiple defenders on the floor supported by archers in the catwalks above. Guy uses his ranged attacks to keep the archers busy while Aragon, Bodi and Snargash engage the fighters on the ground. Shayla, meanwhile, makes her way around outside to a 2nd floor opening to try to attain the higher ground. The battle rages on for some time until, in a surprise turn of events, Ajax, who had been feverishly attacking his 'friends' badly botches a defense and has his arm nearly cleaved off by one of Aragon's flashing blades. The strangely accented spear-man goes down in a bloody heap.

The battle is then joined by Old Scratch, Saul's bound Imp. The creature delights in using its invisibility to sneak up on opponents and sting them, afflicting them with its devilish poison. A brazier is knocked over and part of the floor starts burning. Several bouncers are intimidated and flee just as Aethel joins the fray, having made his way back around from the side of the building.

Snargash and Aethel use their magic to ascend up to the level of the catwalks, to finish off the stragglers there. Bodi and Aragon make their way toward the kitchen, with Guy following, looking for Saul to end this once and for all. Bodi is surprised in the kitchen as he sees Saul, with Hans and Beyar, his two bodyguards, rushing out, they nearly collide.

Continuing Story Doc

Continuing Story Summary

Saul and his bodyguards push past Bodi quickly and make their way through the door leading to the Gold Goblin's lower level. They were joined by several new thugs, entering from the back door and engaging Bodi. Beyar, one of Saul's men, shouts out, "“Bodi, this is your fucking wake-up call, man. You all crossed the line. People trusted you and they died. You gotta' go down!” Old Scratch continued to use his invisibility to sneak up and sting unsuspecting folk, which allowed Saul, and what looks like a female mage, to get down the stairs while his cronies blocked his path.

The rest of the Goblin was cleared as the battle got going in the kitchen. Eventually someone calls out that "..they went downstairs!" and Snargash gets the bright idea to just cut them off at the pass. He summons his breath and plays the tune to teleport him directly to the open space above the fighting arena on the lower levels.

Snargash managed to get the spell right, but the strange movement of both levitating and teleporting at the same time sent him into a spin once he re-materilazed, causing him to vomit, spraying his breakfast all over himself and onto the sand in the fighting pit below. While spinning, Snargash is aware that Saul and Bojask are nearby, arguing about the fact that Pigsaw, the mean boar, champion of the fighting arena, had been set loose and is running around in the arena below, currently directly beneath Snargash, rooting through the sand for his vomit.

Aragon, Guy and Bodi finally make their way downstairs in pursuit of Saul only to find their way blocked by some iron bars that had been lowered to block the path. Guy uses his psionic powers to reach through and release the catch that is locking the portcullis in place, and the chase continues. Aragon heads down a side passage that will take him to the arean floor while Guy and Bodi chase Saul into the arena viewing stands. Meanwhile, the female Mage that was accompanying Saul shots a burst of flame at Snargash, attempting to burn him to a crisp. Saul continues to yell at Bojask, telling him to get Pigsaw under control.

Session Notes

This session was interesting because I got to use a former PC turned NPC against the party. That threw them for a bit of a loop. Ajax was much more skilled than the rest of the NPCs, though he was not as many points as the PCs. Still, a weapon master with the spear and Form Mastery allowing him to parry like a staff. Could have been trouble, but nothing a critical failure won't fix. 

Players Present: 

Aethelarian "Aethel" Flitterseed, Noble Elf wizard - played by +Daniel White
Aragon Whisperwind, Elven Bladedancer - played by +Arne Jamtgaard
Bodi Jantzen, Human swashbuckler and ladies man - played by +Mike Biancone 
Guy Greystone, Gnome telekinetic - played by +Gren Drake
Snargash Windblown, Half-Orc monk - played by +Amergin O'Kai  
and The Dungeon Master - played by +Jason Woollard

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