Dark Paths 13

Dark Paths of Riddleport
Session 13
September 2, 2012

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Session Summary

 The Gold Goblin Crew wants to mount an immediate attack on Zincher and Croat's teams, but Saul convinces them otherwise. He agrees that something must be done, but he cautions the crew to bide their time and make sure its done the right way. He thinks that they should capitalize on the fact that they scored a major victory this evening. He reminds the group that they beat off a much larger force, and that would carry a lot of weight in Riddleport. Playing this up and banking on it will actually raise their reputations and standing in the city. It will seriously crush the spirits of the two Crimelords empires. Saul assumes that it will take time before anyone will threaten the Goblin again. 

Snargash questions one of the captured thugs, Daavis, and tries to get information out of him. Initially, he does not get anything from the thug, but eventually he finds the connection to Zincher. 

Eventually the Riddleport Genedarmes show up, though they take very little interest in the events that transpired. They do however agree to take the prisoners and bodies off the premises. Saul spits as they leave and hints that they were somehow involved in the action.
Saul Vancaskerkin

The next morning, everyone gets to work cleaning up the mess. Saul says there is no way the Goblin will be able to open that day, but possibly the next. He also shares that he has already gotten some info on the previous nights raid. Apparently the word on the streets is that the Gold Goblin Crew is bad ass and that they handily took care of a much larger raiding party. The stories also implicate Boss Croat heavily and verify that one of his highest capps, a Jasker Gant, was killed in the raid. There were also rumors that the Genedarmes were involved as well, some stories even indicated that they were disguised and actually took part in the raid. That might explain the Humans in the mix. So apparently this rumor sparks off a firestorm down at the Cypherlodge and Elias Tammerhawk, their leader comes out and publicly denounces Overlord Cromarcky for his part in the raid. Now I've never had not particular love for them Cyphermages, but hey, I'm not complaining he did that! Cormarcky then had to make a public statement that neither he nor the Genedarmed were involved in any way. Saul then stresses that of course, all this is just rumors and hearsay, but in Riddleport, thats nearly as reliable as gold!

Aragon decides he is going down to the Arena to speak to Clegg Zincher himself. Snargash decides to take to the streets to do a little public relations work. Shayla goes with him for backup. Aethel needs to find an enchanter to recharge his ring and Bodi needs to run a 'personal' errand, which most assume is a booty call of some sort. 

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Continuing Story Summary

Everyone heads out to take care of their intended tasks. Aragon makes his way down to the Arena and looks for an audience with Zincher, a risky move, but Aragon has always been a bit headstrong and overconfident. At the arena, he runs into one of the fighters he had faced off against in some recent tournament. The two exchange greetings and the fighter directs Aragon to Zinchers office. He meets a crass Dwarf armorer named Arn Ironfist, then tries to seduce a young Human secretary. In the end, it turns out Zincher is not there and Aragon leaves empty handed, though he may have a date for later. 
Aragon Looks for Zincher Continuing Story

Bodi heads off to St. Casperian's Salvation, a local mission and orphanage that has a special place in Bodi's heart. He often takes excess gambling winnings or other ill gotten coin and donates to the good people at the mission.
Bodi Helps the Kids Continuing Story

Players Present: 

+Amergin O'Kai as Snargash Windblown - Half-Orc monk
+Arne Jamtgaard as Aragon Whisperwind - Elven Bladedancer
+Daniel White as Aethelarian "Aethel" Flitterseed - Noble Elf wizard
+Gren Drake as Guy Greystone - Gnome telekinetic
+Stephen Kolmetz as "Shayla" - Tiefling archer
+Jason Woollard as the DM


  1. The Gold Goblin should apply for its own reality TV show!

    1. No kidding, it was an up, down and all around ride!