Sundered Lands 50

The Sundered Lands of Palladium

Session 50
April 24-May 6, 2017

Exploring the Caves

Tuesday, October 31

Battle Aftermath

The degenerate pirates are dispatched quickly and as they fall, the caverns become eerily quiet. A stiff breeze blows through one of the passages and makes an low moaning sound. Distant sounds of water sloshing around can be heard echoing from all around. The sounds of screaming and fighting seem to have subsided again, at least for now.

In turn, each of the fallen opponents makes their final last twitch then seems to pop and dissolve into a gooey dark puddle on the sand. Everyone now quite familiar with this process, gives the downed foes space, with a little extra room given to the large muscular lizards. Flickering light from several hanging lanterns cast the room in an orange glow.

While checking himself out after being chewed on by the giant lizard, Moonscar realizes that in addition to his robe being torn up quite a bit, his Chaperone’s Charm has disintegrated as well, no doubt after warding off whatever pestilent disease these creatures give off. He gives Arn a quick look over and sees that his too has disappeared.

Sings to Moon makes a sad, mournful while as she tries to turn around and lick the long, jagged wound on her back caused by the pirates cutlass. Her pain distracts Moonscar from his own predicament. As he goes to check on his companion, he immediately feels a terrible headache coming on. He gets hot and begins to pant uncontrollably. Nearby, Arn has plopped down onto the sand and taken his helmet off. His hair and beard are plastered to his face and he is covered in sweat. “What did I drink?” he says weakly. Valinya feels her stomach sink when as she sees her friends displaying the same symptoms that Seeker had recently shown. She starts to panic when she thinks about the magical energy that will be required to treat these two and then remembers that she has two Paut potions stashed in her bag. She will only need to become solid again in order to access them.

With a breathy sigh Valinya solidifies herself and says, “I’m going to drink myself to re-energize then set about curing that vile disease from the two of you.  And I’ll even avoid my lecture on the dangers of enormous reptiles. I think that lesson has been learned.” Removing a paut potion she quaffs it, waiting to feel the effect before deciding on whether or not to take the second.

Seeker looks quizzically at Val. “Dangers of reptiles? But Val, you were the one who told us to go that way. Unless the lesson you want us to learn is not to listen to you...” He shrugs and shakes his head.

The party regroups near where they initially entered this chamber while Valinya drinks her rejuvenating potion. She smiles and looks refreshed almost immediately after drinking it. While she drinks, the others scan the area. It appears that there are several ways out of this chamber and Arn points out that he can see a closed wooden door some distance away down one of the tunnels leading off the chamber. Just then the sounds of fighting return. They are coming from either the passageway leading out to the north or from out past the doorway in the north west corner of the room. A strong, clear female voice shouts out, “Jebadiah, is that you lad? Yer not looking so good. Here let me send you on your way back to HELL!” Steel can be heard clashing against steel and then what sounds like frenzied banging on a wooden door.

In a quieter voice Valinya says, “That doesn’t sound good.  So we have a choice of ether pausing so I can cure this disease on Arn and Brother or we press on and take our chances on their ability to function.  One option for healing would be to arrange ourselves wisely and retreat back to the narrow passage. I would be between the sick kids so I can heal and rest.  That leaves one person to guard each entrance. Or we roll the dice and move on.”

Splitting Up

Seeker shakes his head. “Val, you stay here with Brother and Arn. Do what you need to do. I think Gorg, Silver and I can check out what’s ahead.” He looks at the half-Ogre and the Dragon. “Right, guys?” He sets off to investigate Jebediah’s frenemy.

Valinya quirks a dubious eyebrow at Seeker’s confidence but wisely says nothing.  Focusing on her task, she looks over the two sick puppies. Since Arn was injured first she goes to him to sing her song of healing, hoping to remove the blight from his body.  

Silver looks at Seeker and blinks a couple of times, then looks at Arn, then looks back.  “You sure you want to go contract more of that disease without Valinya close by? I suppose we could look around but I don’t think we should go far.  Especially if more of these crazies come out of a side passage behind us.”

As Valinya starts her magic, Seeker leads Gorg and Silver across the wide cavern toward one of the exits to the north. As the Elf maid begins her healing song, screaming, moaning and clanging metal sounds can be heard loudly from the passage to the northwest. Seeker and his glowing head gets farther away but the several flickering oil lanterns hanging around the room give enough light to see by.
As Valinya starts her magic, Seeker leads Gorg and Silver across the wide cavern toward one of the exits to the north. As the Elf maid begins her healing song, screaming, moaning and clanging metal sounds can be heard loudly from the passage to the northwest.

As the group moves across the chamber, Seeker starts picking up some interesting smells, though the strange cavern breezes swirl them around quite a bit. As the group approaches the passageway leading to the north, he can smell some sort of animal den and what he has begun to equate as the “savage disease” smell, though that smell seems to permeate everything around here. A faint breeze from the north-west brings the strong and unmistakable smell of people excrement and filth.

Looking over at Seeker as the presumed leader of the trio, Gorg asks “Do we just wanna take a quick peek down each of these corridors before deciding which way to go?”

Seeker shrugs. “Gonna go with my ears and nose. Sounds like someone not crazy is down that way to the north. Let’s see if we can help them out.” He turns to the others. “Val, we can hear the person we’re going to find. Stands to reason we’ll be able to hear you. If there’s any trouble, give a yell. Or better yet, Arn give a yell.” He smiles. He readies a throwing axe and starts towards the tunnel to the north. “Shall we?”

Silver nods.  “We should peek down the side passages, but otherwise I think the door is going to lead to the most interesting place.  If we have enough time before a fight breaks out I’ll try and put some flame resistance on you guys, should make it easier for me to blast everything then.”

sl50b.pngAs the three companions approach the cavern opening, the light on Seeker’s head reveals what appears to be a short tunnel leading to a small cavern beyond. The light from Seeker’s glowing head reveals the bodies of three strange creatures in a mangled heap in the center of this cave, their bodies torn apart and gnawed down to the bone. It’s difficult to tell what manner of wolf or hyena-like creatures they once were. Spiked collars lie empty beside their decapitated bodies, chains running from each out of sight to other places not visible from here. Seeker smells and hears something breathing heavily inside the cavern, more than likely trying to be quiet. The stench of the recently dead carcasses fills his sensitive nostrils as does the smell of the “savage pestilence” that seems to be everywhere now.

Silver pokes Seeker well? What’s in there?  If you’re not going in, can I?

Gorg frowns a bit, still turning his head towards the door a bit with each new moan and scream, “Silver, if whatever is down there isn’t actually looking for a fight, then let’s move on.  If it was diseased, it would have come out after us already, they aren’t sneaky or smart.”

Silver shakes her head. “Not so sure.  Looks like there’s been a bit of a fight in there. If something is moaning and groaning, it’s probably because it’s suffering from that disease and changing into something uglier.  Might be better to put it out of its misery before it becomes dangerous later.”

As the three ponder their decision, a loud crashing and cracking sound can be heard from back behind them echoing through the chamber and seeming to emanate from the southern passages leading into the caverns. This bedlam is followed by a rising swooshing sound that goes from a low roar to a high pitched whistle, possibly just air passing through the caverns but possibly something else entirely. An inhuman scream that turns into insane cackling immediately follows, seeming to come from all directions at once.

Looking back, they see Arn, Moonscar and Sings to Moon all tense and ready while Valinya continues to sing her long song of healing, completely oblivious to the chaotic sounds around her. Almost as one, Seeker, Silver and Gorg decide to return to their companions and wait for Valinya to finish her magic before pressing forward, splitting the group and potentially leaving half of the party exposed to dangers.

Silver turns about as she hears the cackling.  “Yeah, it seems like a bad idea to leave the others when these sorts of things are going on.”  She heads back to Valinya and the others, expecting the big guys to follow.

Feeling Better

As the three explorers return to the others, Valinya finishes her first castings, a Body Reading on both Arn and Moonscar. She explains that while they are both infected with this Savage Fever, the chaotic disease seems to manifest each time differently in each individual. She is glad she performed the Body Reading spells first, as it gives her a much needed insight as to how to focus her songs intended to purge the fever from her friends bodies. Knowing how to combat the dangerous disease, she begins her song of healing on Arn with the comfort that all of her friends are here close by and out of danger.

Arn just sits there blinking in disbelief. Between the beating he took at the hands, or mouth rather, of the Giant Lizard as well as the diseased after effects, he hasn’t felt this bad since he took on a Tusker years ago when the group first formed.    “Belimar’s Beard! I haven’t felt like this since that Tusker ran me over….” His voice drops off as he twitches at times and others just stares off. “Good on ya lass, I fouled that one up and should have waited to see if we could have just crossed the passage first before trying to fight that thing.   It’s been awhile since I’ve lost a fight.” Arn sits back and closes his eyes, as Valinya’s magics start to take effect.

Valinya smiles warmly … “I remember that Tusker battle. T’was fine and well done indeed.”  Then she moves over to repeat her songs for Bother.
As Valinya finished up on Arn, Moonscar doubles over and holds his head with his hands. The dark spots in his fur begin to ooze and small bony protrusions begin to sprout under his fur. The Kankoran Druid’s mind races and he struggles with concentrating on any single thought. Sings to Moon begins to whimper and pace around, watching her companion but not approaching him. She snorts and bares her teeth a few times as well. Valinya quickly launches into another round of magical healing.

After another 5 minutes of singing, Valinya is confident that the disease has been removed from both of her friends. The loud and random sounds coming from the caverns all around the group have stopped and it is once again eerily quiet. The little bony protrusions that had appeared on Moonscar become flaky and brittle and begin falling off at the slightest touch or movement, though there are still some areas of dark, sticky fur from the oozing earlier.

Arn thanks Valinya for her powerful healing abilities. “My lady, once again, you not only prove your worth in any venture, but I again am indebted to you with my life.” Arn takes the time to stretch out his arms, look over his armor to see what will need repair. He’s not happy about the bite marks and some crushing damage on  his armor, but this is why he wears it. Arn recovers his throwing axe and awaits for his companions to reassemble for further exploration and battle.

“Whew!  OK, from this point forward no one is allowed to be bitten by these creatures … zombies … whatever.  So ranged attacks as much as possible. I don’t think weapons will be an issue … I hope … but creatures most definitely we should avoid engaging closely.  And now I’ll try to rest … until the next unwanted visitor comes.”

The group decides to rest for another short period to allow Valinya to recover her fatigue in case any further spell casting is necessary. During the rest period, no other diseased attackers appear, though the occasional scream and cry can be heard echoing through the chamber. Occasionally the sound of metal clanging against metal rings out or the sound of something wooden being smashed, but nothing close and nothing sustained, just random sounds here and there. Finally, after everyone has rested enough to be back at full endurance, a quiet seems to have taken over the caverns. Only the occasional whistling wind or crashing surf can be heard.

Cast of Characters: 

+Arne Jamtgaard plays Seeker, a teenage Wolfen Warlord
+Stephen Kolmetz plays Valinya, an Elven Wildsong Mage
+Mike Biancone plays Arn, a surly Dwarven Warrior
+Amergin O'Kai plays Moonscar, the esoteric Kankoran Druid
+Daniel White plays Silver, a young and curious Dragon
+Mike Williams plays Gorgukk Torgnaz, an Ogre sailor and mauler
and +Jason GURPS as the GM


Wandered Roads 49

Wandered Roads of Varisia
Session 49
May 19, 2018

Campaign Timeline

Out of the Swamp

Moonday 15th Neth

Image result for grey maidens
After three days (Neth 12-14th) of rest, recover and truce-making with the remaining Grey Maidens, the group is ready to make their way out of the Lady’s Light and back to Magnimar. It takes nearly a whole day to trace their steps back out of the immense magical structure, taking time to gather up several stashes of loot that had been hidden along the way. The Grey Maidens have agreed to help carry all the amassed treasure out for a share of it. Orianna has stated that she plans to recommit the Grey Maidens to working for good and abandoning their misplaced goal of retaking the city of Korvosa.

Finally, late in the day, the group makes their way back to to the tunnel in the back of the hydra’s lair. To their dismay, they see that the many-headed dragon snake creature has returned and appears to have regenerated from it’s many wounds. Realizing that there will be no way to sneak everyone past the beast with all the treasure in tow, a plan is quickly put together to either kill or drive the beast off once again. 

The battle with the hydra, even with the additional help from Oriana and some of the Grey Maidens, is difficult and several come near to death, but in the end, the multi-headed monstrosity, Gegganallag, is killed as it attempts to escape once again into the swampy lake nearby. Exhausted and sore, the troop decides to camp once again in the Cavern of Many Mouths, feeling that no one would bother them in a place with such a dangerous reputation. 
Image result for swamp
The group plans for their extraction from the swamp and Daellin comes across an interesting idea, realizing that they have another source of treasure laying on the marshy ground outside the cave. The Elf proposes that he uses his magic to quickly transport himself back to Magnimar to contract with company to come retrieve the hydra’s body and provide safe passage back to the city because it would take their group far too long to trudge through the Mushfens with all the loot they are carrying. 

This plan seems sound and Daellin leaps far into the air and seems to bounce from cloud to cloud, quickly disappearing in the overcast sky. The rest of the group works on digging up the buried treasure that was left here at the hydra’s lair after their first encounter with the beast. Initially they had planned on heading to the coast and waiting on Daellin and his ship to return, but it started raining and everyone agreed that waiting in the cave near the hydra was best since nothing would be done without retrieving that.

Toilday 16th of Neth

Image result for cloud hoppingDaellin finds himself back in Magnimar within moments, thanks to his Cloud Hopping spell and quickly makes his way to the Pathfinder Manor in hopes that Sheila Heidmarch can help him locate the people that might be interested in recovering an entire hydra corpse. She does lead him to the right people and within the next few days, they are sailing south to the Lady’s Cape.

Fireday 19th of Neth

The hydra retrieval crew finally arrives and they quickly and efficiently make it ready to travel. The beast and the group is loaded onto their ship and they make their way back to Magnimar.

Starday 20th of Neth

Back in Magnimar, the group make quick work dividing and selling the loot and make their way to Heidmarch Manor to speak to the Pathfinders about their recent exploits. Sheila suggests that Kallin call upon the power of the Shard to help locate the next one. He does so and finds that the next Shard is located somewhere within the City of Strangers, also known as Kaer Maga, some 600 miles to the east on the edge of the Storval Plateau. She tells the group she can help arrange passage to the City of Strangers if they can keep bringing her reports and info on the Shards and where they were located. She tells them she has a riverboat pilot that can make the trip in 2 week as opposed to closer to 2 months on foot or likewise. She sends them on their way and tells them to meet her in the upcoming week for more details.
Related image

Session Notes

A good wrap up session, getting us from one major campaign arc and on to the next one!

Characters Present:

Kallin Hawkril, Half-Orc shaman and budding Priest of Pharasma - played by +Daniel Ernst
Calina - Varisian Human archer and scout - played by +Carol Coburn
Daellin Silvanthalas, Elven Farstrider Ranger - played by +Ben Lipe
Samad Aldhul, Human ex-mercenary - played by +JeCorey Holder
Alistar Gavin Lourdis, Human Mageknight- played by Don K
Ehlyna Fuzziface - Dwarven Warrior - currently played by Malcolm G

and +Jason Woollard as the DM


Sundered Lands 49

The Sundered Lands of Palladium

Session 49
April 23, 2017

Playtime With Barney and Friends

Tuesday, October 31

Narrow Passages, Thunder Lizards, Chew Toys

Valinya has described a large, deformed lizard just inside the chamber to the right. It had been sleeping but seems to be waking up.

Seeker readies a throwing axe as Arn moves through the tight passage, axe ready to throw. The Dwarf rounds the corner and comes face to face with a tentacle and slime colored lizard easily 3 times as big as Silver, but wingless. When Arn sees the giant lizard, he hurls Thunder Cutter at it.

The giant lizard thunders out an ear splitting roar and now definitely notices Arn. The black tendrils on its back stand up and quiver in the air. Gorg pushes and shoves, trying to get through the tunnel and out to the fight!
Soon everyone squeezes into the large chamber and a difficult battle with not one but two deformed giant lizards ensues. Both Arn and Moonscar find themselves snatched up by the creatures powerful maws and chewed upon for a moment but are able to work themselves free. One of the beasts is put down and the other is enthralled by Valinya, only to have the spell broken in an attempt to end the battle early. More difficult battling ends with the second beast dispatched as well.

Moonscar finds himself quite wounded and Sings to Moon comes toward him, then stops and turns, facing down one of the narrow passages entering the chamber. She starts to growl loudly. Several shouts and shrieks come from that direction.

Moonscar looks at Arn and jests, “Thats the last time I follow your example Uncle!”

Gorg rushes back to retrieve his maul that had been accidentally flung away during the fight.
Arn runs to the K ankoran's side and shouts, “You brave and foolish little guy.....let’s get you to a healer!” Moonscar nods as he chugs a minor Healing potion

Seeker checks the perimeter while others tend to Moonscar and Silver sees movement in the passageway that Sings is growling at

Arn starts to perform first aid on the wounded Druid, but Valinya steps in and uses her magic to expedite the process.  Moonscar muses, “Sis, that's my favorite song!” As Arn and Valinya wrap up with Moonscar, a handful of savage pirates burst from the passageway!

Grabby Pirate Party

Moonscar hurls the tanglefoot bag in my other hand down the hallway and Seeker hears a mournful howl from behind him, prompting him to charge over to where the pirates are coming from. He calls out, "Hold! Or we will dispatch you as easily as we did these brutes!"

The pirates continue to lurch forward and Arn turns to Valinya, “If ye have it in ya lass, O could use a healing boost too”

Silver sees quite a few savage pirates charging down the passage and raises up and blasts flame over the wolf at them and the whole area erupts into a chaotic melee of blades, tentacles, grappling and dragon fire.
Two mutant pirates attempt to grab Sings to Moon, but the wily wolf manages to avoid capture and backs up!

Seeker steps forward, then slashes quickly to defend Sings to Moon with slashes to the pirate's neck twice!

Moonscar plants Sunstroke into the sand an execute a quick flip over the the pile of naughty tentacle wrestlers to reach Sings to Moon.

The degenerate pirates are dispatched quickly and as they fall, the caverns become eerily quiet. A stiff breeze blows through one of the passages and makes an low moaning sound. Distant sounds of water sloshing around can be heard echoing from all around. The sounds of screaming and fighting seem to have subsided again, at least for now.

Cast of Characters: 

+Arne Jamtgaard plays Seeker, a teenage Wolfen Warlord
+Stephen Kolmetz plays Valinya, an Elven Wildsong Mage
+Mike Biancone plays Arn, a surly Dwarven Warrior
+Amergin O'Kai plays Moonscar, the esoteric Kankoran Druid
+Daniel White plays Silver, a young and curious Dragon
+Mike Williams plays Gorgukk Torgnaz, an Ogre sailor and mauler
and +Jason GURPS as the GM


Wandered Roads 48.5

Wandered Roads of Varisia
Session 48.5
April 8-May 1, 2018

Campaign Timeline

What's This?

Oathday 11th Neth

The Heroes of Sandpoint, exhausted and battered, head up to the strange sanctuary through the teleporter. They are greeted there by the strange sound of breathing or wind. After a few moments, the sound is not even noticed anymore by the tired group. Alistar sets himself up near the three leather bound books and starts to analyze them magically, careful not to touch them while the rest of the group tries to make themselves comfortable.

Everyone notices Kallin eyeing them uncomfortably and on several occasions he seems as if he is going to say something, but the Half Orc manages to hold his tongue. Several times he approaches the unconscious Grey Maiden, who Oriana carried up here so she could watch over her. Oriana lets Kallin know in no uncertain terms that he is to keep his distance from the sleeping woman or else there will be trouble. Kallin starts to argue but is shooed off to the far side of the room where he watches everyone while stroking his newly acquired Sin Shard in a very provocative manner.
Daellin and Ehlyna begin going through the sacks and pouches that were found up here earlier by Ehlyna. In one of the very first pouches, Daellin uncovers a small pink and green stone marble that he immediately recognizes as the Ioun Stone needed to activate the Shard of Lust. Wasting no time, the Elf rushes it over to Kallin, who misinterprets his approach as something more and begins disrobing. Daellin stops him quickly and inserts the Ioun Stone into the round depression at the base of the Shard. Kallin quickly blushes and begins lacing his shirt back up. Daellin snorts and walks back to the treasure sorting, sure he hears a “nice ass” comment from the Half-Orc.

Daellin pauses and looks back over his shoulder. To himself he thinks, “It’s been a long time since I’ve had a good time ... “ looking Kallin up and down as if for the first time he smirks, “Not nearly long enough though, we will be back in Magnamar before I get that desperate.”
Daellin and Ehlyna find quite a haul in the assorted sacks and pouches. One silk pouch holds 12 tourmanlines, 6 black pearls, and 2 sapphires. Daellin thinks they are worth around 3000$ total. They place the goggles, which are definitely magical, and the strange Thassalonian coin, which is also magical, next to the fashionable red boots, which also radiate as magical.

Ehlyna then grabs a small sack that has some weight and appears to be full of some bulky items, but she is surprised to find some unusual items inside. First she pulls out a medium weight steel breastplate that does not even seem to fit inside the small sack. Daellin takes an interest and sees that the armor is enchanted, as is the sack itself. Ehlyna next pulls out what appears to be a hollow glass sphere, about the size of a Halflings head. The glass is clear, but tinted pink, making it hard to see through. This is also magical. Next Ehlyna pulls out a short silver rod, about 10 inches long and less than an inch in diameter, also magical. Next comes a small gold ring with a stylized lightning bolt on it. Daellin nods to indicate that it too is magical. Finally she pulls out 4 small spidersilk drawstring pouches that seem to be filled with dirt or dust. Daellin comments that they too are magical.

With the impressive array of loot spread out before him Daellin arranges his backpack against the wall.  He sits down gracefully on the floor reclining against his pack as a makeshift chair. Idly he examines each of the items individually hoping to spark some memory of what they could be.  He realizes Alistar will be occupied for a significant time identifying the spellbooks. After several minutes trying to get comfortable he jumps up and quickly walks over to the seal on the floor. Confidently he steps on the seal and disappears.

After a few minutes he reappears although it’s hard to recognize him for the large armload of pillows and pelts he’s carrying.  Unceremoniously he dumps the items on the ground. In no time he has arranged the linens into a comfortable mat. Satisfied with his industry he settles in.  Smiling contedly he continues to study the magic items. He ignores the the under breath muttering from the dwarf, something about a “pansy elf,” he’s pretty sure, and enjoys his comfy mat.

Wearily, Calina sat on the floor to rest against her backpack. She took off her cloak, loosened her armour and took off her boots. She stretched and wiggled her toes. She sighed heavily. When was the last time she had walked barefoot through the grass? She couldn't recall. The recent battles had been difficult and she still felt ache from her wounds even though she had been healed. Her bond with Paka gave her a sense of contentment knowing he was safe and wandering through a wooded area somewhere near the swamp. After a while she felt hunger and realized no one had eaten for quite a while.  Calina spent time trying to make a meal for the group out of what meager rations are left. Surprisingly, the results were too bad. She hands everyone a portion and apologizes for the lean servings.

Calina sat against the wall to eat her food but her eyes were staring at the strangely decorated boots. What was the fascination?  She tore her eyes away and tried to finish her meal. Abruptly she stuffed the rest into her mouth and stood up quickly. She moved across the room and grabbed one of the boots. She held it close to her face and examined the markings. The color of the boots hurt her eyes but yet she could not stop staring. She blinked several times, sat down with a grunt, then slipped her feet into the boots.
Calina slides the boots on, finding that they fit her quite comfortably. The bright red boots feel supportive and comfortable. They are definitely a different look from her sturdy and worn Boots of Endurance, though they feel as if they would provide at least a similar amount of protection to her feet if worn. She begins to wonder what the enchantment on them is.

Eventually, Alistar is able to cast Analyze Magic on each of the three spellbooks. He says that it appears that the only enchantment on the books is Resist Magic and that any trap that had been on them has been triggered and rendered useless now. He tests this hypothesis out by touching the book from a distance with an object, then with his hand. Fortunately, nothing happens this time. He sees that the books are very old, but well preserved. Each of them is highly decorated with Thassalonian runes, gemstones and engraved precious metal strips. The books are also locked and held closed by numerous metal straps connected by one lock. Still exhausted by the events from earlier in the day, Alistar sits down heavily on one of the pillows to rest.

Session Notes

A Continuing Story between two sessions.

Characters Present:

Kallin Hawkril, Half-Orc shaman and budding Priest of Pharasma - played by +Daniel Ernst
Calina - Varisian Human archer and scout - played by +Carol Coburn
Daellin Silvanthalas, Elven Farstrider Ranger - played by +Ben Lipe
Samad Aldhul, Human ex-mercenary - played by +JeCorey Holder
Alistar Gavin Lourdis, Human Mageknight- played by Don K
Ehlyna Fuzziface - Dwarven Warrior - currently played by Malcolm G

and +Jason Woollard as the DM


Sundered Lands 48

The Sundered Lands of Palladium

Session 48
March 27-April 21, 2017

Kraken's Cove

Tuesday, October 31

Beach Party

The Guardians all come back together in their little alcove on the sandy beach of Kraken’s Cove. Valinya sits down and asks the rest to stay close for at least 5 minutes while she uses her magic to cure Seeker of this savage fever that is trying to destroy his mind and cause a black, spikey mange on his skin. The ships continue burning but nothing else bothers the crew for the 5 minutes it takes the Elf to sing her song of healing. Seeker smiles and stretches, feeling much better.

sl48a.png“There, Seeker.  Now if we could all avoid getting this foul disease moving forward it would be most appreciated. Not, of course, that that is at all part of the plan.  Speaking of which … we have two choices of paths. I’m not the military strategist, but I think I’d prefer going to the cavern with the huge lizard beasts. For some reason they scare me more than diseased pirates. Plus the narrow entrance that they can’t exit through provides a distinct advantage.  Perhaps we could station ourselves there and call them to us. Then we could attack them from range and … well, or … hit them from close up near the entrance so we control their movement. Regardless, I feel they are the greater danger and honestly I’d rather not go the other route and have them crash our party from the side.” Lying down she continues. “I’m going to rest some more but I can listen to your discussion while I meditate.”

Seeker shudders as he feels the corruption forced out of his body by Valinya’s magics. “Thanks, sis. That’s some nasty stuff.” He ponders her suggestion about a tactical next step and nods. He hears Arn speak up and knows that they are all on the same page.

Arn nods in agreement with Valinya.“Aye lass, ye have the right idea. And we need to get moving on it, as all of these extra encounters have done nothing but slow us up. So let’s try take out any resistance and such as quickly as possible and get moving before we lose our trail and element of surprise.If we end up out here again, then we will take too locations of cover and concealment and allow ourselves a chance to unleash hell on them.”  

The group huddles in the corner of the warm and damp underground beach and rests for about 10 minutes, but that is as long as Arn will let them rest. Shouts and yells and screams can be heard echoing out of the entrance the the pirates hideout some 10 yards away. The occasional deep rumbling roar also pierces the air. No one knows for sure what will be found inside the pirate caves but the hope is that at least some information can be learned here before moving on.

Rising up … well, floating slowly from the horizontal to the vertical position in something of a freaky looking movement, Valinya rises and rubs her hands together saying, “Well, I think that will have to do for now. This place seems too active to sit and wait for more roamers to come looking for a meal. Let’s head out. That is the way,” she says, pointing toward the far entrance over the bridge. “I should warn you, though, that the bridge or walkway didn’t look all that safe for someone who couldn’t fly.”

Moving Out

Valinya leads the way down the beach, past the first opening all the way to the far end. Everyone is careful to step over and around the debris and mangled bodies that dot the beach until they arrive at the rickety ladder leading over a sloshing tidepool connected to the main lagoon. Past it a small beach lies with a narrow crevice leading into the rock wall.
Arn motions to Valinya to let him up near her. Knowing that in her airy-form, she is pretty much impossible to harm and difficult to see, Arn wants to make sure he is up front as he is perhaps the healthiest of the warriors of the group at this point. Still keeping his grip on his enchanted mace, Olum Kanat Sican, he also has his new enchanted Axe, “Thunder cutter” by his side to throw if a suitable target makes its presence known. The eager dwarf trudges on, his companions not far behind him.

Leading the way, Valinya keeps a sharp eye out in the tide pool.  Her curiosity is stirred, wondering if the bridge over the pool is just to keep one dry or if there is a more ominous reason for its existence.  She also keeps an eye out for any obvious broken boards, pointing them out to Arn as they slowly make the crossing. “Best keep ten or so feet between yourselves to avoid overloading this poor excuse for a bridge too much … and in case it starts to collapse.”

While rickety looking, Valinya thinks that the cargo netting there is designed to hold the thing together. Moonscar should be able to cross with no problems. Arn might stretch its limits and Seeker and Gorg would definitely give it a run for it’s money. She knew she would have no problem crossing. And Silver could also just fly across.

Moonscar steps up, kneels at the edge of the tidepool and watches the water sloshing around, back and forth. He follows the flow of the water for a moment, studying it. “There, over there, right where this area meets the larger lagoon, there should be an underwater seaway connecting it with some other areas further in. You can tell by the way the waves interact.” He nods and turns to examine the wood and rope bridge.

Silver looks at the sorry excuse for a bridge with obvious doubt.  “If you want, I could always fly over and have some lunatic bad guys chase me back over this.  If it’s gonna break, it would at least be them getting dumped in the water. Either way, I’m thinking we should figure out what happened here quickly.” Silver flies to the other side, and looks at the passage beyond, trying to determine if she should land and walk, or if she might be able to fly down the passage.

Valinya hovers mid-bridge to urge everyone along.  “Come on, careful but steady. You can do it.”

Not at all happy with the sturdiness of the bridge, Arn secures his shield over his back and his weapons back in their harnesses. If this thing breaks, he figures he can at least hold his breath long enough for his friends to retrieve him.   

Thinking about that, Arn produces a coil of improved rope. He ties a bowline knot and hooks it around his shoulder. He leaves the coil of rope out to Gorg and Seeker. “Take this guys, if I fall, pull me out. If I make it across, I will anchor my point and you then tie it around yerself. This way if ye fall in, I can pull you out as well.”

With that, Arn lets out a quiet prayer to Belimar, father of the Dwarves, and makes his way across the bridge.

Getting Over

Immediately, Arn feels that his weight, or more likely the weight of him plus all of his gear, may be too much for the rickety ladder and net combination. He moves out onto the span and feels the whole thing bend under his weight. He does not hear any cracks though, so that might be good. He takes another step and he sees a support board pop out of place, splashing to the water below. The entire bridge then drops another few feet, bending at an angle right where Arn is, dropping him to his hands and knees. Realizing that it will be too difficult to turn around and backing up the ladder will be next to impossible, the sturdy Dwarf scrambles forward up the now broken bridge and onto the damp, sandy ledge near the very skinny entrance Valinya has led them to. The bridge has not been destroyed or tumbled into the water, but it is clear that there is no way that Seeker or Gorg could make it across. Moonscar looks at it and shrugs, knowing that he could still quite easily cross the span, though he is unsure how Sings would fare. The gap here between the two sandy parts of the beach is only about 10 or 11 feet wide, though the landing space isn’t very big at all.

“Well, this is where I wish I had one of Fortis’ spells of creation. I could make something for you to walk on to cross. What if we used a rope and Arn could quickly pull you “big boys” across one at a time. And if Brother could skip across the bridge first he could help with the towing. Hopefully you can tread water enough to not drown in the process. And if there is some hungry something lurking in the water you may get across fast enough to avoid becoming a snack. Perhaps Sings could be coaxed to dance along the bridge after you, Brother.  Unless someone as a better idea? Oh, I could make you into air to float across but I’d rather use the time to rest if I can. Just let me know.” Having said her piece Valinya reclines softly on the sand to meditate and recover her energy, trusting that if she is needed the yells and screams will alert her.

Frustrated, the dwarf calls out, “This is stupid. We are doing this all wrong.” Arn looks back into the cove at the ships in the water and the ones that had burned out. “I think we would be better off if we could secure a couple of longer boards or beams from one of the ships still wreck in the harbor. We could use the long beams to make a bridge to span across the gap.

More work, more time, drier, Valinya thinks to herself. But she does lift a hand and wiggle her fingers in a “make is so” gesture. They’ll figure something out, she thinks as she refocus on meditating and renewing herself.

Gorg takes Arn's suggestion and walk back towards the burnt/burning ships, searching for any wood sturdy enough to help them get across.

Seeker follows after Gorg. I could probably jump that, but I doubt Arn and Gorg can. Best to make an arrangement for the whole team.He starts looking around for material to construct a sturdier bridge.
Lending his sharp eyes to the cause, Arn helps the others look for pieces of timber and such that will suffice to make a bridge long enough to cover the gap from his current perch on the other side of the water.

A dulcet voice floats along in the cavernous cavern … “OK boys, let’s move this along.  Don’t spin your wheels trying to figure out the best combination of things to build the best bridge.  We’re just crossing, not moving in.” Even though her eyes have remained closed Valinya knew the guys … and snickered.  

Silver looks at the larger members of the group going the other direction from the inner cave.  “Uh, isn’t that the wrong way? If you like I can see what’s under the water here. Can’t you guys just jump?  Or maybe swing, if I can find a spot above us to tie a rope to...” Silver looks up, and searches for something she might tie a rope to up above.

The reposing elf breathily snickers even louder.

Silver looks around up above for a good spot to tie a rope to and finds several spots, but upon further investigation, realizes that none of them will be strong enough to support her heavy Wolfen or Ogre companion.

After just a few minutes, during which occasional screams, roars and sounds of battle echo out of the narrow passage, Seeker and Gorg drag back several pieces of unburnt lumber that look like they will make the crossing a little safer for their large bulk. Silver watches over the area from a narrow rocky perch above the little strip of land Arn is currently occupying alone.

After a few moments of careful planning, the longest span of wood is dropped across, just barely long enough. It is definitely not strong enough to support anyone’s weight alone, but with a few other boards wedged into the previous bridge, the thought is that one could put their weight on it and hold on to it like a rail before crossing. The cacophony of sounds coming from the tunnel near Arn suddenly go eerily quiet. The only sounds to be heard are the sloshing water below and the occasional crackle of the dwindling fire out on the water.

Seeker eyes the ramshackle construction. It will probably hold one of us. But mayyybe not another. With a deep breath, he takes a few steps backwards, then gives Gorg a shrug and launches himself at the gap. At the last second, powerful legs bunch under him and he pushes off, flying through the air.

He lands and rolls, coming up next to Arn with an exhilarated grin. “C’mon, guys, let’s keep moving!”

Gorg breathes a sigh of relief when Seeker manages the leap.  Still eyeing the distance warily, Gorg whispers to himself, “If he can do it, so can I…” and throws himself across…

The massive Ogre flies through the air and slams into the sand and rocks at the far side, easily pulling himself up and dusting himself off. Gorg realizes that this jump was right at the maximum distance he could have leaped and if it had been much farther, he would have ended up in the water, or at best, smashed into the rocky side before falling into the water!

After watching Seeker and then Gorg rush about, carefully drop planks on the bridge, and then just jump over, she almost forgets to flap her wings for a moment as she hovers above the spectacle.  “Really? After all that, you just… jump over? What’s the bridge for? Oh whatever, let’s go see why it got quiet!”

Seeker points to Moonscar and Sings to Moon. “Probably too far for Sings to jump, and I didn’t want to risk destroying the bridge for her.” He shrugs, then grins. “Probably should have let her go first, then, huh?”

Valinya bestirs herself from her restorative meditations and smiles.  “All in all it was really quite entertaining. Although I could have easily floated Sings across.  Let’s wrap this up and move along. The sudden cessation of noise in ...disturbing.”

Going In

Arn comments in agreement with Valinya. “Yes, let’s get moving, we wasted too much time already. Any more delays and we may have just ruined our opportunity.” With that, Arn takes up his shield and starts off down the next passageway.

Valinya nods in agreement as she floats along behind at a safe distance, head swiveling as she keeps a sharp Elven eye out for danger.

Moonscar manages to coax his wolf companion across the rickety bridge safely and now all the members of the guardians are on the small spot of land before the narrow crack in the wall that Valinya says leads directly to a chamber with two large, mutated reptilian beasts. Arn has already begun squeezing himself through the narrow passage. Watching the Dwarf lead, it is obvious that the passage is very dark and a source of light will be needed.

Seeker looks around, then shrugs and turns into the passageway. Got your back, Arn. The light of the beach does not penetrate very far. “Val, since you can float above, can you be our light source? It gets dark quick in here.”

As Arn and Seeker make their way into the passage and the others decide on who is going next and how to light the way, a loud screeching roar pierces the air and echoes loudly through the passageway.

“Certainly,” Valinya says as she sings light into being, centring it on the tip top of Seeker’s head with a bit of a snicker.  “There, you have a holy nimbus, Mighty Seeker.” Doing her ‘flying bird’ imitation she floats horizontally along the ceiling line behind Arn.  She would float above Seeker were the Wolfen not so tall.

Arn steps through the tight opening and reaches to get a handle on Karrzark Cuttram, (Dwarven for Thunder Cutter), his enchanted throwing axe.   Arn has wanted to test this new toy out and figured that the armored hide of the lizards would prove a good test to see how the cutting enchantments on his new weapon will work out. Stepping through, axe drawn, shield up, the burly dwarf looks to the source of the roaring cry he hears, ready to engage into battle.

Unable to wait any longer, Silver follows Seeker cramming herself through the narrow passage.  Seeker hears some distinct grumbling from behind him that he recognizes as Draconic swearing.

Gorg takes a firm grip of Tempest and squeezes himself into the passage behind Silver.

Moonscar shoos Sings to Moon in after Gorg and then follows, keeping a careful eye to the back as well as watching up above them in the narrow crack of a tunnel.

The passage proves to be a tight fit for nearly everyone in different places and traversing the tunnel takes considerably longer than it did the first time Valinya floated through the area. The light from Seeker’s head manages to give everyone enough light to see by, though that does not help them from getting stuck from time to time. Several times while the group is making their way through the passage they hear a roar or loud growl from up ahead, sometimes accompanied by loud, wet breathing. The occasional scream and sound of things being broken can also be heard, but from a much more distant origin.

Finally, Arn calls back that he is almost to the end of the passage. He sees that the narrow crevice opens up into a larger room, but the entrance is covered by some sort of curtain or fabric. Everyone else continues to make their way forward through the passage. Loud, strained, heavy breathing can be heard on the other side of the drapery, but the Dwarf cannot see past it. He also realizes that he is mostly sideways, with his axe hand forward and shield hand behind. There is not enough room to bring his shield to bear in front of him and he assumes he will have difficulty throwing the axe from this compromised position.

“I think perhaps it is best if I take a peek to get the lay of the land, as it were, beyond yon curtain.”  Floating forward Valinya approaches the curtain carefully to peek into the cavern beyond.

“Gah!, i like this not!” grumbles the burly dwarf as he tries to fit himself through the tight passage. “Val, try to distract whatever is in there and give me a second or two to get through here and ready for a fight.” And, remembering his manners, winks at her,
“If ye don’t mind, lass”

Valinya nods slowly but still peeks through first, unwilling to become a vaporous snack.

Valinya floats up and above the flimsy curtain and into the room, wary of the two monstrous beasts she encountered there previously. Several of the lines holding the silken fabric that had been strung across the middle of the room has fallen now and lies trampled on the floor though the curtains ringing the room are still mostly intact. At first she does not see either of the two large creatures, only the deep gouges and scratches in the floor to show that they were previously there, but then a loud, wet snort catches her attention to the right, around an outcropping very near to where she entered the room. She floats forward and peers around the rock spying one of the beasts. It is laying on the sandy floor in a rather uncomfortable looking position, with its short arms splayed out beneath it and its strong back legs stretched out behind. The beast appears to be sleeping, though the mass of slimy black tentacles on it’s back writhe and pulsate constantly. The giant lizard shudders and shakes as it breathes irregularly, frequently snorting and sending tendrils of green ooze from its nose and mouth. Even floating there silently, Valinya feels that the creature can somehow sense her and if she makes even the slightest movement, it will leap up and assault her again! As she considers her next move, one of the monsters eyes flutters as if it is going to open.
Floating slowly backwards, Valinya retraces her route to rejoin her comrades.  In a hushed voice she describes what she saw. “Don’t forget,” she whispers, “they seem to hunt by scent.  Now that I think about it, I could create a cloud of stench around the head for temporary confusion. But the eyes work too so … that probably won’t help.  Remember there are two, though, so if we can keep the noise down and not shout or grunt too loud that might help keep the other lizard thing unaware long enough for us to dispatch this one first.”

Arn nods as Valinya quietly explains what she sees.   The dwarf figures he will be the first to make his way through and hopes to get a solid shot off with his axe.   Not knowing entirely what lays beyond he contemplates a strategy and tells Gorg and Seeker, “Let’s take out their legs, and topple them over.   Be easier to finish them off that way I think”. Arn grits his teeth, and prepares himself for battle once more.

Cast of Characters: 

+Arne Jamtgaard plays Seeker, a teenage Wolfen Warlord
+Stephen Kolmetz plays Valinya, an Elven Wildsong Mage
+Mike Biancone plays Arn, a surly Dwarven Warrior
+Amergin O'Kai plays Moonscar, the esoteric Kankoran Druid
+Daniel White plays Silver, a young and curious Dragon
+Mike Williams plays Gorgukk Torgnaz, an Ogre sailor and mauler
and +Jason GURPS as the GM