Grand Duchy 110

Grand Duchy of Adventure

Session 110
January 13-30, 2017

Clearing the Vault

Loshdain, 9th of Klarmont

The final chambers of the Vault
The heavy door opens into yet another chamber. This one is similar to the others, though dry. There is much debris around the edges of this chamber. A makeshift throne sits on the far wall, opposite the door. It looks like it has been constructed from scavenged debris. Iris and Draven both agree that this may have been a private study of whoever was in charge of the Vault of Elders. From the doorway it is hard to tell, but the debris on the ground around the edges of the room appear to be wood and books and such, possibly bookshelves or tables and the like. The thin layer of dirt, grime and debris on the floor in the middle of the room is disturbed in many places, back and forth around the room, possibly the shamblings of several Mummies recently. No other doors are visible in this next chamber though there is still one door to the west in the room everyone has gathered in currently.

Griffin and Ree stand back, watching the room and the unopened door, Remar hangs back by the archway leading to the Hall of Heroes, still intrigued by the magical fire that burns but does not leave a mark. Kasiex, Iris and Draven crowd around the door leading to the next room, examining it without entering.

“I’m fully ready to go in there myself, but we might be best served if those who can read Hutakaan were to do the bulk of evaluating what we find…”

Kasiex nods. “I go. Scholar follows.  You grab if more unseen fire, pull her back out. Yes?”

While the others determine which way everyone will go, Remar looks longingly back toward the purple, fiery corridor they came from.  If ye tink dat’s interestin’, wait till someone slaps one o’ yer colleagues wit a burnin’ death spell!  What?  Why would I be interested in that?  That’s a necromantic spell, not real fire like this purple, invisibly-burning, conflagration….Right?

Clearly eager, Iris bounces on her toes and says, “Absolutely, Kasiex!  That sounds great. I’m itching to see if we can find any clues as to exactly why mummies were placed here and by whom!”  

Draven rolls his eyes and mutters to himself, “obviously, placed here by a faith that doesn’t understand that a prohibition against necromancy is the only sensible course…”

Kasiex enters the room with Iris following closely. Everyone watches intently as he enters but no flames or other dangerous events seem to happen. After a few more moments, everyone else feels it is safe to enter.

Remar follows the others and takes up a cover position at this new entrance.

Kas leads Iris cautiously, wary and alert for any traps the sentient guardian may have left.  He leverages his tracking skills, looking through the tracks for paths that appear more independent and purposeful than the obvious tracks left by what he can only assume were the lesser mummy-creatures.  Hopefully such a path will give them clues as to why the Mummy lord chose to make its lair in this room, why it wrecked the furnishings, and possibly indicate hidden passages…

As he hunts, the Hutaaka keeps a running commentary of answers to Iris’ barrage of questions.  

The only regular tracks that Kasiex can make out go from the makeshift throne to the door the group just entered through. There are plenty of other disturbances through the debris and filth on the floor, but they seem to meander all about the place and no clear path or pattern can be discerned.

Griffin does his thing, methodically evaluating the other exit from the room as well as whether there are exits or traps that might not be obvious. He apparently likes this, as he whistles as he passes his flaming sword over the walls, or inspects the doorframes.

Griffin spend a good amount of time checking out the room immediately past the dangerous Hall of Heroes for traps and secrets while the others poke around in the next room. After some time, he decides that there are no secret or hidden surprises here and moves into the chamber where the majority of his companions are. With Iris guiding them, they have sifted through and sorted what initially looked like piles of refuse but upon closer examination, appear to be torn out pages from books, scraps of parchments and fragments of scrolls and other texts. Right in the center of the room, though, rests a pile that can only be trash. The unreadable and unrecoverable information that was once housed here in the Vault. Iris, in her best scholarly voice, directs everyone to be very careful and deliberate while handling the delicate scraps of paper and parchment, trying very hard to not lose any more of the ancient information.

Going through all the debris and carefully checking the room for further secrets takes considerable time. At one point, the group stops their sorting of deteriorating paper and checks out the other door leading from the antechamber. The room beyond looks as if it may have once been a bed chamber, no doubt for the master of the Vault, but it, like many of the other chambers in the vault, everything in here has been ruined both by time and at the black clawed hands of the mummies.

Everything is searched again, just in case, and Iris carefully bundles up all the “valuables” she has found. With no further areas of the Vault to explore, the Company makes their way back to the camp room and the others. Iris is eager to share the salvaged information with Kifein and everyone else is starting to feel a little stifled and trapped in this mountain top tomb.

Iris and Kifein, with some help from Kasiex, pour over the very difficult to read old parchment scraps while everyone else rests and packs to depart the following day. It seems that the raging storms that were plaguing the area earlier in the day have subsided to just a steady torrential downpour. By late in the evening, the rain and wind have stopped and the group beds down for one final night in the Vault of Elders.

Their important work finished for the day, Kasiex cannot contain himself anymore - he displays his newly found blade to Kifein, explaining to her that it was found all untouched on a statue depicting one of his ancestors in the Hall of Heroes, and regaling Iris with the story of his illustrious great great (many times) great grandmother.

Working through Iris as a translator during their downtime, Remar first apologizes to both Kasiex and Kifein.  He’s pretty sure his attempts to communicate in Traldar during this journey have failed and actually caused multiple offenses.  Here-out, the Wizard will recommend he speak through Iris to avoid any confusion.  Remar also excitedly describes the purple fire that invisibly burned anyone except for Kasiex to see if Kifein knows anything about it that may give him some clues on maybe if and how he could acquire such a spell sometime in the future.

Cast of Characters: 

Garrett "Griffin" Constantine, a Thyatian rogue of a gambler from Penhaligon rolled by +Arne Jamtgaard 

Draven Rickart, a Thyatian Acolyte of the Church of Karameikos ministered by +Jason Packer with help from +Patrick Burke 

Remar Umerusan Alphatian battle mage that escaped forced service in the Thyatian army currently marshalled by +Patrick Kelly 

Iris Vardaa Thyatian explorer and historian searching for answers and adventure, now guided by +Stephanie Kelly 

Kasiex, a Hutaakan Wildsteward used to ranging the mountains and valleys now led down a new path by +Patrick Burke 

and +Jason Woollard as The DM


Sundered Lands 40

The Sundered Lands of Palladium

Session 40
January 16 - February 5, 2015

Redistribution of Wealth

Sunday October 29

Divide and Conquer (the Market)

The remaining loot is divided out in 5 equal shares. Seeker’s share would be determined once he brought back the sack of gold coins he took off with. The material loot is easily sold at a nearby market and the coins are changed into as many platinum and gold coins the local moneychanger could manage. After that, everyone spends the next few hours shopping and purchasing whatever gear they think is needed. Each member of the group ends up with 800 gold coins and 100 silver coins (8100$, weighs 18lbs each and the 900 coins fits nicely in one of the small sacks with a little room to spare. Fortis will definitely need help to carry this around and everyone may consider some precautions to keep people from noticing that they are carrying around 18lbs of coins…)

Silver starts off. “I do need to recharge my amulet.  Does anyone know of an alternative to Glittermane? His entranceway messes with my disguise, which would be a problem.  If not, I could use some help scouting and maybe covering when I exit again.  Fortis, could you perhaps help?”  Silver looks around “Unless there’s somewhere else?”

Fortis begins by planning out his expenditures and then spends some time creating a welcome gift for Alzel, his purple robed friend at the Witchwardens. He notes his friend’s choice of sartorial palette and decides to construct an amethyst circlet using his recently developed creation talent. Not a gold crown set with gemstones, but rather a single crystal of purple rhombohedral silicon dioxide (not that he knows the chemistry or crystallography to describe it in those terms, but that object nonetheless). The final result appears as though the stone were somehow formed into a complex knotwork pattern of thick braids of faceted crystal woven together in an infinite loop, or perhaps carved from a single massive purple amethyst. The decorative brow motif incorporates symbolic figures that match the Witchwarden’s tastes and professional idiom. Overall the circlet is weighty, a bit under three pounds.

Hearing Silver’s request for accompaniment and realizing the frustration that could be saved by using a simple illusion Fortis agrees. “No problem Silver, I’d be happy to help you. We’ll also need to stop by a jeweler though and  the Witchwardens . Would you mind remaining with me throughout the trip to see to our combined needs?” The Ellyl packs the circlet into one of the hats large enough to accommodate it, adds a bag of the coins he intends to dispose of and wraps the whole parcel in a satchel before summoning Gaston to carry the burden over to Glittermane’s and then the that portion of the district most likely to contain fine jewelers.

Upon completion of their errand at the fascinating tower of magical trinkets Fortis senses Silvers reluctance to continue their errands together and, taking his leave, heads towards the street of jewelers to see about commissioning some custom additions to Narcelissa’s necklace. Following the sounds of the tiniest hammer the Ellyl eventually discovers a Gnomish jeweler staring at a fine silver filigree through an almost comically large loupe. “Good morning to you, master gemologist, have you a moment to discuss a potential commission?” The wizened old jeweler peered up through his lense and, in an oddly myopic way, focused immediately on Fortis, appearing to see him more clearly than most of the big folk who have looked at him. “Why bless my stars, you are a delicate looking thing if I may be permitted to say so. What can I do for you today? You said something about a potential commission?” Fortis points to a pair of lozenge shaped emeralds, exactly matching the hue of Narcellisa’s wings catch his eye. “I'd like to have those inset around the central pendant of this extremely important necklace please. I think they would perfectly reflect my lady’s coloration when I have the opportunity to return this favor to her. Can you accomplish that detail?” The gnome swings over an even larger magnifier and lays the necklace down on a smooth piece of black silk. “This will be a challenge, I’ll have to charge you for the extra effort, but I am confident I can perform the task. It will take me three days and cost you three hundred sixty pieces of gold, or an equivalent value of silver. Agreeing to the price without even haggling, Fortis counts out two hundred silver coins and three hundred forty pieces of gold, stacking them neatly on the workbench. “I expect that will settle the bill. Will you give me a bond to reclaim my necklace or would you prefer an Oath?” After their arrangements are set the Ellyl takes his receipt and leaves with Gaston carrying the circlet and remainder of the coins to their next destination.

Fortis heads over to the Witchwardens and, greeting Alzel again, presents his friendship gift then watches as Alzels expression passes rapidly from surprise to calculation to suspicion and then on to regret for having been suspicious before settling firmly into pleased gratitude. He gingerly lifts the circlet from its odd encasement in the hat and places it upon the crown of his head, conjuring a reflective glass to capture his own image. “This is a remarkable and princely gift my friend, I’m afraid I have nothing near so grand to offer you in return, but I have just made a wonderful pot of rose hip tea from the South garden and I always find the aroma delightful. Will you join me in a cup?” Watching Fortis’s eager nod Alzel grins and busies himself with pouring the refreshment, attempting to surreptitiously catch glimpses of his new accouterment at various angles as he goes about the task. “I must say, it is remarkable that you have been able to make this, and I do find the hue quite pleasing. Thank you again so much.  Now, a few of the scrolls you requested the other day are ready for you, but most are not. Would you care to conclude that portion of the purchase today? And is there anything else my brethren or I could provide for you?”. Seeing that a series of the spells taking only a single day to create are ready Fortis purchases them, paying for the Purify Air, Test Food, Cook Food, Suspend Spell, Purify Water and Displace Spell scrolls before asking about the expected availability of Walk Through Earth, Steelwraith, Summon Earth Elemental, Control Earth Elemental, Create Water, Create Food, Create Animal, Invisibility, See Invisible, Create Fire, Shape Fire, Extinguish Fire, Fast Fire, Heat, Smoke, Cold, Summon Fire Elemental, Suspend Magic, Maintain Spell, Catch Missile, Return Missile, Catch Spell, Throw Spell, Great Haste, Vermin Control,  and a few other spells.

Fortis counts out the value in the large sack of coins Gaston places on the table. “I’d like to pay up front if you are amenable to the idea. There is no point in transporting so much coin when we both know it will eventually find its way back here in any case.”
With most of his business in the district completed Fortis sets out to conduct one final transaction, with the alchemist, and purchases two paut potions for Valinya, as a thanks for her timely healing, even though she was exhausted.  

While talking about charging the power item, Silver recalls that the Gnome Glittermane had told her that he would make arrangements for her to be able to enter discretely and without going through the No-Mana Zone at the front door.

Silver looks at her collection of coins and thinks out loud to the group.  “I usually just keep my coins in my backpack, but this much might be noticeable. Anyone have sneaky ideas for how to do that?  I’m thinking of tying a bunch of small pouches to the inner frame of the pack.  You know, keep the coins from making noise and keep the outside of the pack from looking like it has heavy stuff at the bottom.  Arn, are you on good terms with any jewellers?  It might make sense to make all this more portable.”
Arn is very pleased with their treasure haul this time around. Perhaps the largest share in coinage they have ever had. He plays with his gold coins in his chambers, counts them, lays on them in his bed, rolls around in them and counts them 3 more times.   

Arn enjoys a full night of rest and then plans to take his equipment to the armorer’s for cleaning and repair, though he didn’t take much damage in the battles. Still, he likes his equipment in top shape. He also thinks that perhaps some more healing potions would help, and maybe some form of magical protection against spell casters or something should be in order. Maybe even an enchanted axe, to back up his mace.

Arn listens to the others. He suggest that Silver look into a locked satchel like he carries, as it leaves the arms free, can carry enough stuff and still be secure. He also reminds the others that his background is in jewelry and such and knows a bit about gemstones and jewel craft.

Arn makes his way out that later afternoon and eventually finds the means to acquire a very ornate and fancy, balanced, fine throwing axe that is enchanted.   The weapon is Balanced (+1 to hit), Fine (+1 to damage, and lessens chances of breakage) with a Penetrating enchantment (magical enchantment divides target’s DR in half before applying damage).   Arn is impressed with both the quality of the weapon as well as its deadly potential.   He asks the artisan to etch a name into the handle.    He decides to call the weapon “Karrzark Cuttrumm” , which translates into the common tongue as “Thunder Cutter”.   Arn winces when it comes time to shell out all his money for both the weapon and his armor repairs, but knows this is an investment in their survival and future success in combat.

Eschewing the weighty coins Valinya shops around for jewelry, mentally picking out something that could be on her person but not overtly visible … like a necklace with a pendant that can be hidden beneath her dress.  She also prepares herself to deal with Hrag’s injury.  

Silver continues with Fortis. “I don’t mind doing the shopping together, although I don’t really want to go near the Witchwardens if I can avoid it.  If Glittermane has a surprise in his doorway, I would expect them to at least have something similar.  Maybe I could hang out somewhere nearby while you visit them.”

Turning to Arn, she asks “Locked satchel, hmm. They have those in the market, or do I need to look somewhere special for them?”

Arn informs Silver, “Mine was a custom made job, but there are enough leather smiths here in the city, and i’m sure a decent locksmith, that you can have one made for you.”    Arn thinks for a moment, and adds, “If any of ye think ye ned guarded protection,I am of course more than willing to make sure ye are all safe”

A Healing Hand

Once Hrag is down for a nap Valinya takes to the city for her shopping trip.  Unlike other females, shopping is not a fun experience … at least not when it involves spending money.  Still, the idea of buying a power item really wasn’t “spending” … at least that’s how Valinya spun it to herself.  It was a more convenient way to carry her funds and have them be useful.  Yes, that’s it.  And the fact that it would be jewelry was just … secondary.  Really.  It would help disguise the fact that it was magical.  Maybe.  Anyway … it took awhile but Valinya finally found a nice upper arm bracelet - a bracer they called it - that she could wear but not have it be obvious.  The wrought silver looked like a fancy bit of lacework so it was feminine, though hopefully no one but her would ever see it.  Once that was done she returned to the manor and seeing Hrag awake prepared to attempt her new song.  

Settling herself before Hrag, Valinya gives him a confident smile - without teeth, unsure of how that might be communicated non-verbally - and closes her eyes to focus.  Despite his good manners to date, seeing a huge mountain of hairy, spikey creature was distracting.  The smell was distracting enough as it was.  After a few moments of silence Valinya begins to sing, letting her imagination merge with her intuition and magical knowledge as she envisions her desired result.  Pulling the mana she channels it toward Hrag’s missing hand, willing it to grow.  Feeling the connection she has grown to associate with success she opens her eyes to see.  The stump looks the same, but Valinya feels confident that something positive will happen.  With another smile and a pat Valinya sings her song of Tongues so that she can talk to Hrag.  “Hrag, me us magic on arm.  Was good … new hand will grow.  May take time but it should come.  You helped me.  I help you.  Debt gone.  You can go home now if you want.”  Even as she waits for his response she starts mentally going over the new song, committing it to memory as she did the song for poisoning poisons.  Hmm … maybe she could be a real healer one day at this rate.  

Hrag nods sadly at Valinya, showing that he understands. “Not know how to get home. Far way from home here. Too cold. Much water to cross. No swim that far me.” The Grimbor furrows his brow and looks like he is thinking. “Me find way. Even one hand. Much strong. Do work. You help find work? Help make right words?” He looks pleadingly at Valinya.

Valinya nods enthusiastically.  “Me ask friend - she live here.  Definitely find work.”  Valinya furrows her brow in thought.  “We need find way you to talk with no words … hand motions. And teach you few spoken words in me tongue so you understand some.”  Giving Hrag a reassuring pat on the arm then goes to find Lavinia.  Finding her after a short search she explains the situation with Hrag, needing work to save money for a trip home but while very strong also quite limited in speech and perhaps intellect.  And if there is opportunity with her in the manor, Valinya encourages her to perhaps consider hiring him to work on the manor, even as a guard, so that his exposure to the public is limited.  

A Night On the Town

Later that evening, after the other members of the company return from their various mercantile excursions Fortis proposes the group fortify themselves with a good meal out in the city. “I’d like to carouse a bit and see a few of the more enjoyable portions of this city, after I have fully divested myself of the lingering aroma of dank, smoke and dust we all seem to have acquired.” He smiles at his companions. “Is there anyone who would be interested in joining me for an evening out on the town? I’d love to have stories start spreading about the nefarious deeds of Rowyn Kellani and the cowardly Sea Harpies. Oh, and we may want to drop in on the guard while we are out to let them know about Rosk’s corpse before the difficulty of summoning his shade for a confession grows too much from time passing after his demise, assuming that one of you hasn’t already attended to that detail of course.”

Arn takes in Fortis’s idea. He likes the idea of a good meal and night on the town, but thinks it may be too soon and too dangerous. “As much as I would like to get out Fortis, we need to consider that the Sea Harpies may want to strike back, though they were greatly cut down. We also need to consider the status of the town after this incident and the fires. For all we know, we could have been implicated in the fires or other situations. That being said, I’m still willing to go out, but have to consider our protection and personal safety as well”.  

“Some well made points, my friend. I would suggest that we may be able to influence the rumors and tales being told on the street, especially if we go tell the watch what we know and then go ‘let slip’ a bunch of exciting details about the adventure. You know the Sea Harpies set the fire, we can provide enough verifiable information for our story that it can contend with other claims. I really am concerned that we must get our information to the commander of the watch fairly quickly though.”

After some more time spent getting cleaned up and other various tasks attended to, the gathered group heads out on the town, looking for some food, drink and good places to hear and spread news and rumors. Seeker still had not returned to the manor, so was not with the gathered group. Lavinia had been asked to join, but declined to work on some other business she needed to attend to.

Moving ahead into the lead Fortis starts towards the watch post intending to take care of that part of the errand en route to a rolicking good time out in the Merchant district. “Come on guys, we don’t want to miss out on any of the fun!”
SH Shefton Rosk.jpg
Shefton Rosk
After shuffling through a few junior watchmen and a useless functionary Fortis addresses the watch commander. “The harbor master was murdered by a man named Shefton Rosk on the orders of Rowyn Kellani. This is what he looked like before he died.”   Fortis produces a small illusion of the man with apparently elven ancestry. “His corpse, gained by his treachery during an attempted parlay, is in one of the rearward passageways of the Sea Harpy tunnel network underneath the area of the recent fire. If you summon his shade it can verify this information. The Sea Harpies are either dead or dispersed and their leader, the mysterious Lady Lotus, who actually IS Rowan Kellani, has fled though we may be able to track her. The fire was, we believe, set by the Sea Harpies to cover their escape or to deter pursuit, though it could have been an accident. The caverns are reached either through the old taxidermist building, through a nearby well, or via a secret door under the dock. Inside you will find the remains of many men and their captive worg, who savaged them once he was no longer under their control, as well as some large lizard remains. There are, or were, two idle zombies created from Barmen. They probably need to be disposed of, watch out for their axes as they can incapacitate a Grimbor in a single stroke. Speaking of Grimbor, if you hear rumors of one in the area know that he is well behaved, if fierce in appearance. He is in a safe place recovering from his wounds and attempting to find a way to earn a living as a manual laborer. I think that is most of the relevant information so please excuse us as we are headed out to dinner. As you might imagine we had a trying day yesterday and could use the relaxation.”

The Guard Watch commander listens and takes some notes from Fortis, though mostly he has a bewildered look on his face as the tiny winged gentleman tells his story. He nods and occasionally asks for more details from time to time and promises that the matter will be looked into immediately. He does seem a bit concerned about the thought of a Grimbor within the city but is assured that the situation will be well taken care of.

“If you would like to discuss any of this in more detail, please send a messenger so stating to The Vanderboren Estate tomorrow and one of us will be happy to address your inquiry then. Thank you for your attention madam commander, have a pleasant evening.” Fortis bows formally and departs.

Finally arriving at their destination, a drinking establishment of mixed purpose, Fortis begins his campaign of rumor and propaganda, all based in truth of course, to malign house Kellani and its miscreant scion, Rowyn. A few rounds of drinks and many stories are delivered to the crowd around the bar. Other reports are spread to the gamblers in the card room and yet different rumors are disseminated to the working women in the parlor. The tales, while intended to be entertaining, also convey critical information, such as the fact that the Kellanis murdered the harbormaster and that Rowyn used the Sea Harpy pirates to prey upon the good folk of Essanos and then burned down a section of the city, endangering the lives of many innocent citizens, to escape justice. I do hope those patrons all converse and conclude the truth.

Arn joins Fortis in their outing to the taverns.    Arn drinks, eats, and listens in on as Fortis spins his tales about the Sea Harpies and such.    Arn tries to pick up on folks who comment or look like they may possibly know more.   Arn adds a few extra drinks in the direction of those particular folk, hoping to engage them in conversation and see if he can glean any more information about the Harpies, Lady Lotus, or Vanthus.  (use of Carousing skill).    

Fortis and Arn wage a publicity war and everyone in the establishment eats it up. By the end of the night, everyone is talking about how the Sea Harpies have been trying to dismantle Essanos’s shipping business. The information seems to have spread so far that the group even hears other folks talking about it on their way back to the manor at the end of the night. It appears that A had returned sometime earlier in the evening but had already turned in. Everyone, bellies full of good and drink, decides to turn in as well in order to rise early the next day.

Cast of Characters: 

+Arne Jamtgaard plays Seeker, a teenage Wolfen Warlord
+Stephen Kolmetz plays Valinya, an Elven Wildsong Mage
+Mike Biancone plays Arn, a surly Dwarven Warrior
+Amergin O'Kai plays Moonscar, the esoteric Kankoran Druid
+Daniel White plays Silver, a young and curious Dragon
+Mike Williams plays Gorgukk Torgnaz, an Ogre sailor and mauler
and +Jason GURPS as the GM


Grand Duchy 109

Grand Duchy of Adventure

Session 109
January 11, 2017

Purple Haze

Losdain 9th Klarmont

Kasiex whips his canine head around to stare at Remar, lips curled back in a snarl just as Griffin moves into the hallway with Iris. As Griffin steps in to follow Iris into the hallway, he notices that the glow in the carvings’ mouths begin to intensify. At the same instant, Ree quips up, “Um, hey, did you notice that when you and Iris stepped into the hallway, that mouth glow got a bit brighter. Maybe you should come back out here!” The glow in the mouths along the wall of the curving hallway are indeed intensifying since the moment Iris crossed the threshold, though she didn’t notice it at all, being so focused on the statues. Griffin exits stage back while Iris hurries back out of the hallway. Griffin eyes the statues to see if things calm down. Just as Griffin and Iris exit the hallway, the pulsating purple fire flashes and then shoots out of every carved mouth in the hallway, filling the entire space with wispy purple flames

Iris apologizes, "I'm, um, really, really sorry guys" The blast of heat can be felt by everyone at the doorway. She exclaims, "Wow, and it's warm; I wonder what the purple color signifies"

Draven asks, “So, how long do you think it was from entering the room to fiery blast?”

Griffin says "Kasiex, maybe they want one of your tribe to enter first. Wanna give it a try?"

Kasiex looks at the others with a questioning look in his eye then asks, in accented Traldar, “Hmm, false alarm?” After about 5 seconds or so, the flames subside and disappears. After the flames disappear, the heat is gone and the room returns immediately to its cool, damp climate. Kasiex says, in accented Traldar, “Why did you rush out of the hallway so quickly? Are we not exploring further? Did you detect danger?”

Griffin stares at the Hutaakan. "Did you not see the terrible flames?"

Iris says excitedly, "He must not have!!"

Kasiex says "Flames? No. I see the glow near their mouths. Is that what you mean?"

Griffin says, "No, we all saw flames shoot from their mouths and fill the hallway. The fact that you did not is very interesting."

Iris ponders, "Would you mind testing out our theory? Stay just inside the threshold and see if you feel the heat of the flames?"

Remar hears Kasiex talking about "pretty mouth fire"

Kasiex says "Do you see the flames now? I feel no heat."

Iris says "Not at the moment; they're back to only showing in the statue's mouths"

Kasiex says "I will go in there. I am not afraid."

Iris says, "Of course you aren't!"

Kasiex says "These are my ancestors. Heroes of my people."

Iris starts scribbling furiously as Kasiex steps into the hallway and begins examining the statues. He reads off some names of the first few. Famous artisans, warriors and sages of the Hutaaka people. Draven quietly prepares to leap after the Hutaakan but the pretty mouth fires do not intensify as he steps into the hallway. He is at about the same position Iris had moved to and still nothing is happening.

Draven suggests, "Don't go too far, but what do you see around the corner?”

Griffin says "I'm going to follow you - if I say Run, Run!"

Kasiex says "To the right is a small domed room. There is some debris in there. I see a door in the north wall of that chamber. Similar to the other doors. This archway leading to the domed chamber seems to have been damaged somehow.  And yes, I will run if you say so Griffin."

As Griffin steps into the hallway, the pretty mouth fires begin to pulsate and intensify again. Griffin shouts "Run!" and jumps back out of the hallway. Just as Griffin  exits the hallway, again it is filled with a blast of intense, purple fire.

Kasiex asks, "What happened that time?"

Griffin says "Good job. It looks like it reacts to any of us, even if you lead. Did you see anything that might deactivate the trap?"

Kasiex says "I did not have time to do a complete search. "

Draven says, "We may not want to, but we may have to send the natives scouting ahead this time.”

Remar thinks outloud, “Reacts to all but Kasiex. If he stands where we see fire, does he burn?” He stops then adds, slowly and loudly, to Kasiex, “HEY KSEX YOU SO HOT?”

Kasiex says "I see no fire still."

Griffin shakes his head. "I don't think we want to risk that yet, Remar. Let's let him poke around first. Kasiex, let's give you some more time to look around. Let us know what you see."

Remar says, “OK. I'm maintaining spells, but can drop some if you'd rather us be resisting fire.”

Draven muses, "I'm certainly not going to say we should test this on a live subject, but is it possible the fires are illusory? The water never flashes to steam, for example..."

Griffin stares at the hallway, lost in thought.

Kasiex says "Shall I look further?"

Iris answers, "Please!"

Kasiex walks back into the hallway before a reply is given.

Draven adds, "I don't think it can hurt, Kasiex. Tell us what you see."

Kasiex disappears around the corner to the right.

Griffin whispers to Ree, “Hey, Ree, can you make a little illusion? I'm wondering if Kasiex just can't see that sort of stuff.”

The Half-Elf shakes her head no, not really listening to Griffin, but intently watching the hallway for Kasiex.

Kasiex says "This domed room is impressive. I can see the ceiling but I cannot. I seems as if I can see out into the storm that is raging outside. "

Draven keeps himself between Iris and the unviewable awesomeness of the ceiling.

Remar is feeling confident in his magic

Kasiex says "This door in here is stuck. I cannot open it while the door near you is open."

Iris sighs.

Remar thinks aloud again, "I can trigger it and see if it burns my hand to see if my spell resists or if it is illusory. If it doesn't burn me, then someone else will need to volunteer without the resistance spell to see if it burns them. Then we will know.” Remar smiles

Iris nods in agreement,  "I like this plan!"

Remar remembers, "But I -did- feel the heat earlier, which is out of the norm. I could recast it at a higher level of resistance I suppose"

Iris responds, "So, should I let Kasiex know what you're planning? Do you want him to stay where he's at?" She assumes Remar is having a crazy spell and translates for Kasiex

Kasiex says "So the one with voices will trigger the invisible fire and I will stay here and see if it burns me? I can do that." Iris laughs involuntarily and coughs loudly.

Remar asks, "Is he ready?

Kasiex says to Remar in thick accented Traldar, “I am ready for you to make me hot."

Iris blushes and turns away, "oh. oh my"

Remar sets off the ‘trap.’ After a few seconds the flames fill the hallway, they stick around for a few more seconds then subside again.Remar then holds his hands closer and closer to the fire to determine if it is as hot as perhaps a Dwarven Forge. Remar thinks that if so, he may try stronger magic.

Iris laughs nervously. "Bold there, aren't you?"

Remar smirks at her, “Yeah!”

As the flame fills the hallway, Remar thrusts his hand into the fire then pulls it out quickly with a screech! Remar feels his hand burn, though when he looks at it, there is no physical damage.

Remar sighs wistfully then starts rambling to himself, “Soooo… Does he like it? Sort of get to play with fire and maybe not actually get burned?”

Kasiex calls back, "Did Remar feel hot burning sensation?"

Iris answers for the mage, "Um, I think he did,” but is quickly unsure of her answer as she is looking at Remar's unscathed hand.

Kasiex says "I am going to go see this sword."

Remar exclaims, "This, this is...fascinating!"

Iris calls to Kasiex,  "Be careful! I'm not sure about this magic. But wow, it seems like we might be able to make it.” She then thinks and asks, "Kasiex, are there any purple mouthed statues or otherwise in the domed ceiling room?"

Remar continues to marvel at the hallway trap, "It seems to somehow burn my hand. My hand is still in pain from burning. But there is and was no flame! I must learn this invisible fire magic!"

Iris seems even more confused, "Oh, you're still in pain though?

Remar answers her,  "I'd say it was only a flesh wounds but...there is nothing to show that. Just my pride apparently. But gee, pride hurts!"

Kasiex lets out a short low to high howl and spins to the party.

Iris turns back to the hallway, "uh-oh"

Draven cries, "that didn't sound good..."

Iris calls out,  "Quick! Make room! And I'll get ready to open another door if we need to shut this one"

Kasiex says "This ancestor is Chaphorteq. He is my direct ancestor. This is his blade." He unhooks the sword from the carving and holds it up. It shines brightly.

Draven asks, "Well, bring it forth that we might see it..."

Iris blushes. So, so much.

Remar looks confused again, "What is he saying? What is he bringing forth"?

Iris gives the mage a look, "The, erm, sword of his ancestor"

Remar asks excitedly, "And is it wreathed in invisible fire as well? I know, I know. I do not know why I'm even talking to you"

Iris looks concerned for Remar.

Kasiex comes loping up, smiling wide and holding out the sword of his ancestor

Iris states, "If I offend with my translations, you don't have to ask for them."

Kasiex says "Is there more fire?"

Remar asks eagerly, "Did he say he wants more fire?"

Iris says adamantly, “no!”

Kasiex says "I did not feel fire when he thrusts hand into hallway. I see him do it. I feel no flame."

Remar looks disappointed

Draven considers, "It seems not to touch upon your people. A subtle protective magic."

Kasiex replies "This is the place of my people," then continues, "Hallway continues further around, curved end. I think I saw archway."

Iris looks warily at Remar and translates, "He didn't feel any heat or flames when you triggered the trap, Remar"

Draven asks, "I know that you were... focused on the blade in your hand, but did you see what else lies beyond the leftward bend?

Kasiex repeats, "Hallway continues further around, curved end. I think I saw archway."

Iris looks Kasiex over; wonders if by carrying his small totem of Pflarr, that he is safe

Remar uses his healing magic to heal the invisible wounds he received from the invisible fire. He  feels no pain.

Iris suggests,  "Maybe your people are protected, but maybe it's because you carrying items that revere Pflarr? Or that mummy's headdress?"

Kasiex shrugs and says, "I will follow the hallway around to the end."

Remar says, "Well. I have healed myself. Apparently the invisible burns can be healed"

Kasiex returns a few minutes later. "The hallway is only 13 paces long. It curves around and ends in an archway leading to another room. There is a leak in the ceiling. That room has 2 doors. I could not open them. Nothing much in those rooms.

Remar studies the flaming statues further, from the safety of the room behind the archway.

Draven remembers, "I fear the only way we'll get those doors open is to close these."

Kasiex says, in Thyatian, "I shut you out? No burning?"

Remar says, “Well of course I just tested the other theory. Where have you been?” Remar continues, seemingly to himself, “Both. Well sort of, I mean, you know...you have to know your trajectories and volumes. It's one of the first principles and concepts they teach you as a Battlemage”

Kasiex says, in Traldar, “Hallway not long. You run. No slip in wet though."

Remar carries on, “Can't go about scorching the allies you are supposed to be supporting
Unless you've protected them from fire. Then scorch away!”

Iris suggests, "Let's look at the side room first. At the very least, I'm nearly salivating at the opportunity to see the magical ceiling---AND during a thunderstorm!"

Remar thinks to himself that this would make an awesome bath feature.

Kasiex looks at Remar then at the domed room, "You come inside now with Kasiex?"

Iris looks at Griffin,  "rock, parchment, dagger?"

Griffin agrees, “okay”

Iris throws a rock and Griffin throws parchment. He gently covers her hand with his. She whispers, "damn"

Griffin says "Okay, no time like the present. Off I go!" and he charges through into the room on the right with Kasiex

Griffin speeds through the hallway to the next room. A few seconds later the flame fills the hall again. Griffin is happy to see that the side room does NOT fill with flame.

Griffin shouts back, "I'm okay!"

Iris asks, "Remar do you want to do this from the next room?"

Griffin says "Kasiex, once they all get in here, can you go close the door so we can open this one?"

Ree waits for the trap to reset then rushes through to join them.

While everyone is running through, Remar uses the opportunity to give himself a teeny tiny burn then tries his little forgetful flame experiment. Iris watches intently as Remar is once again invisibly burned then casts Forgetfulness on himself to make himself forget being burned. Remar is confused and still hurt. Iris looks unsurprised, "Ok, well that answers that" She then checks the hallway for flames and runs to the next room.

The group gathers in the domed chamber with the invisible ceiling. The view above is spectacular, like it was a glass dome, though logic would have it that your current location is considerably inside the mountainside. Iris marvels at the sight, "hmmmm" Lightning plays across the sky occasionally and the rain comes down in sheets. Kasiex goes back and closes the door.

Iris says,  "I really, really want to touch it. I'm going to look around the room first. Perhaps the room is labelled." Iris chatters as she searches. "I suppose priests and priestesses might miss the sky, being stuck inside the mountain for a time. Draven, does Pflarr have a particular affinity for weather, sun, or sky, do you know?" In her search for any writing or designs in the room, Iris discovers that the floor is actually marked with what look like astronomical drawings underneath a thick layer of dust and debris. They center directly under the center of the dome above. Iris calls out, "oooh, gents! Look at this!!!" "Does anyone study star charts?"

Draven looks at Iris like she asked if he knew that dogs liked pancakes. "Pflarr is..." he bites off his retort. "Pflarr is not of my faith. I'm afraid I can't speak for his... her... their predilections."

Iris seems too busy dusting off the floor to notice Draven's discomfort. "Ah, I'll just ask Kasiex when he gets back"

Griffin shrugs. "Just for navigation"

Iris says, "Great! Do these mean anything to you, Griffin?" Griffin studies them for a moment and decides these designs on the floor do not look like they would be of much use in navigation. Iris looks up at Griffin as he pauses, then notices Kasiex. "Oh! Good---does Pflarr encourage worship and/or study of the sky and possibly celestial bodies?"

Kasiex says "Pflarr is the God of Craft and Art. Of course, all of outside is his beautiful artful craft. "

Iris states, "Ah, I see!"

Remar thinks for a moment. 

Iris asks, "Are these constellations of particular interest?"

Kasiex says "I am not well versed in the stars above."

Remar asks in broken Traldar, “ WHY MUMMY USE EARTH AND NOT THROW PAINTINGS?”

Iris laughs, then pauses, “oh wait. A painting is...derived from imagination, yes? Like an illusion?"

Remar questions, "They are?"

Iris answers, "...like illusory fire?"

Remar remarks,  "Oh no. I'm pretty sure that is real invisible fire."

Iris states, "You don't appear harmed. I understand that you feel it, but your skin looks unblemished"

Kasiex says "I smell nothing burnt."

Remar says, "I burned myself again before heading down here. Then I cast a Forgetfulness spell to forget my hand hurt. Next thing I know, my hand really hurts!"

Iris laughs "I think your Thyatian could use some work. That fire is clearly visible"

Griffin rolls his eyes and Remar sighs then explains, "The invisible...burns then, whatever. Unless when you look at my hands you see them burnt to a crisp”

Ignoring Remar, Iris sketches the constellations mapped across the floor

Remar pesters her, “If so, please tell em”

Iris looks annoyed, "what, tell your hands?" She says as she works.

Remar answers sheepishly, "Um...er...no. Not him. I meant to say me."

Iris pauses, then looks worriedly at Remar. “Well…?”

Remar answers, "Deep subject"

Iris states plainly, “Your hands don't look burnt to me,” and smirks at the young mage. 

Remar shurgs, "I know, right?"

Iris says, "I'm almost done here, do we want to check out where this door leads?”

Almost before she even has the words out of her mouth, Griffin answers, "Yes, yes I do."

Griffin says "Kasiex, could you go close the other door?"

Kasiex nods and closes the door as Griffin opens the new door.

The next chamber is small and low. There is some debris around the edges of the room. The carcass of what might be a dead rat or something similar lays in the middle of the floor and covered in little black bugs that skitter away when the light enters the room.

Iris looks at the bugs with a tinge of disgust and suggests,  "there must be more openings in here"

Griffin assesses what he can from the doorway and thinks that there isn't much in here.

Griffin shuts the door. "Okay, let's see what else we can find. Is there something around that other corner, Kasiex?"

Kasiex says "Yes, hallway ends in archway to another room. Two doors in there. Could not open them."

Griffin thinks to himself, ‘We would be having a much tougher time here if we didn't have Kasiex’

Kasiex says "The floor is wet. Be careful not to fall if you run to next room."

Iris again marvels at the domed ceiling, "Such a lovely use of magic," Iris says, gazing once more at the ceiling.

Griffin says "Okay, let's see if we can get to those other doors safely. One at a time, okay?" And Griffin makes a dash towards around the corner that Kasiex indicated.

Griffin moves off around the corner. The flames explode in the hallway again, filling the space with very visible purple flames.

Remar answers Griffin as he runs off and sets the trap off,"Totally" he  says staring at the flames

Kasiex says "There flames now?"

Griffin screams "Yes!"

Kasiex gingerly reaches his hand out into the hallway then holds it there, waves it around in the flame and then pulls it back, seemingly unhurt and unburnt by visible or invisible fire. He says "no hurt. only invisible fire hurt you,” pointing at Remar.

Taking turns, the rest of the group follows Griffin to the next chamber, which is also not filled with fire. Remar looks around, "Oh yes. Yes there are"

A steady stream of water leaks down from a crack in the ceiling. Griffin opens the door in front of him. Remar thinks to himself that if this room proves uneventful as well, he'll try heading back to the purple fire that causes invisible burns to him, but not Kasiex, forget resist fire, then recast it at its highest level, and then see if it burns him 1 more time. Just hoping to figure something here out!

Cast of Characters: 

Garrett "Griffin" Constantine, a Thyatian rogue of a gambler from Penhaligon rolled by +Arne Jamtgaard 

Draven Rickart, a Thyatian Acolyte of the Church of Karameikos ministered by +Jason Packer with help from +Patrick Burke 

Remar Umerusan Alphatian battle mage that escaped forced service in the Thyatian army currently marshalled by +Patrick Kelly 

Iris Vardaa Thyatian explorer and historian searching for answers and adventure, now guided by +Stephanie Kelly 

Kasiex, a Hutaakan Wildsteward used to ranging the mountains and valleys now led down a new path by +Patrick Burke 

and +Jason Woollard as The DM


Sundered Lands 39

The Sundered Lands of Palladium

Session 39
January 15, 2017

Lookit All The Gold!

Saturday October 29

It is late in the day, several hours after noon, that people start rising from their sleep. Arn can still be heard snoring from a comfy loveseat near a window and Hrag has not emerged from the dark closet Valinya found for him. The lithe Elf maid is still sitting serenely, eyes closed, meditating outside the closet.

The wind can be heard blowing fiercely outside and there is a chill in the air. It is considerably colder than it was at this time yesterday.

Some sounds of construction can be heard from the other side of the house but no one has bothered you here. There is basket of bread, bowl of fresh fruit and some cold cooked fish on a sideboard table nearby and a low fire burning in the large central area hearth.

Once the last of the gang rises and joins the remainder of the group Fortis describes the results of his magical analyses.

Valinya wakes from her vigil, looks in on Hrag, sees him still sleeping, and then joins the others.

Fortis asks, “Well Val, any ideas on what to do for Hrag?”

Seeker pulls out a sheet of parchment with Wolfen calculations written all over it and reads the inventory of coins and other valuables found in the 2 chests.
Valinya says, "I was hoping to create a spell to restore his hand if I can. After that ... I don't know. I'm sure he'd like to return to his family but I'm not sure how that can happen.”

Moonscar asks, “Any idea where he's from? Is he even native to this world or plane or whatever?”

Seeker replies, “Grimbor come from the Yin-Sloth jungles. It's southwest from here across the sea. We saw the image of a Grimbor before in the vanderboren vault.”

Chest 1 contains 11 small velvet sacks filled with coins. Each sack is marked with the crest of the Vanderboren household.

Moonscar says, "Well, that's at least easier to get to probably”

Valinya says, "I'll have to ask him how he got here. Poor thing!”

Moonscar says, "probably by Blue Nixie”

Seeker says, "We should let Lavinia know we found her stuff.”

Silver finishes her morning stretches while listening to the tallies, then does her morning transformation back to elven form to take a closer look without taking up as much space.

Sacks #1-7 has 1000 silver coins (1000$, 21.5lbs each; 7000$, 150.5lbs total)
Sacks #8-10 has 1000 copper coins (100$, 21.5lbs each; 300$, 64.5lbs total)
Sack #11 has 1000 gold coins (10,000$, 21.5lbs)

there were also 3 small pouches as well.
1 small pouch filled with 100 platinum coins (10,000$, 2.3lbs)
1 small pouch filled with gemstones (Arn estimates near 10,000$, .5lbs)
1 small pouch with a magical ring and magical brooch

Chest 1 Total value (not counting containers or magic items) 37,300$

The Brooch is a Broach of Shielding
When worn, this brooch absorbs half damage (round up) from all types of missile spells and energy attacks (except earth and stone attacks) Requires a command word, “Aleagis,” to work. This brooch will absorb up to 21 points of damage. Takes 3 castings to identify says, "name, power and command word.

the ring is a Ring of Jumping
When worn, gives +2 to Acrobatics and Jumping skill. Allows user to safely land a fall from any height, but Fortis found a mental block when trying to discern the command word.

The Crystal Ball that was on the bookshelf is basically a fancy night light that swirls with a glowing color cloud inside. It changes color when someone puts 2 hands on it and thinks of a color.

The brooch is a Brooch of Shielding, which protects the wearer from some missile and energy attacks. The ring is a Ring of Jumping which enables the wearer to move and jump more nimbly. The Crystal Ball that was on the bookshelf is basically a fancy night light that swirls with a glowing color cloud inside. It changes color when someone puts their hands on it and thinks of a color.

Seeker leaves to get Lavinia

Fortis says, "Well, We have done a good job recovering her treasure. What else was in those chests?”

Chest 2 contains 15 small sacks with no distinguishing markings on them

#1-7 has 1000 copper coins (100$, 21.5lb each. 700$, 150.5lbs total)
#8-13 has 1000 silver coins (1000$, 21.5lb each. 6000$, 129lbs total)
#14-15 has 1000 gold coins (10,000$, 21.5lb each. 20,000$, 43lb total)
2 small pouches
1 small pouch filled with 50 platinum coins (5,000$, 1.3lbs)
1 small pouch filled with jewelry (Arn estimates at about 8,000$, 3lbs)

Chest 2 Total value (not including containers) 39,700$

There were also 20 books, a handful of stuffed animals (real creatures, not toys), 1 crate filled with nice hats (about 200 hats), 3 spice boxes. Seeker had stowed 20 perfume vials, some brushes, combs, hair pins and a hand mirror were also recovered from her bedroom.

Finally there were 10 bolts of fabric with considerable mildew and 3 small statues.

Silver says, "I wonder if there's anything in those statues - like smash them to get something out sort of thing”

Fortis says, "Seems like a waste of a lot of effort to put so much work into a statue that would have to be destroyed to get out something valuable that you hid inside. But some of the big folk are crazy, so who knows.”

Silver says, "So are we going after the scumbag yet?”

When Seeker returns Fortis starts a discussion on liquidation and disbursement

Moonscar continues to try on various hats, intrigued by crazy variety of this particular piece of furless clothing

Seeker enters with Lavinia. "Hey, Fortis, your slave is outside. He's asking for Arn to report in."

Fortis replies curtly, "Thank you Seeker, but you must be mistaken. I don't own any slaves."

Seeker nearly shouts, "Fine, play stupid. Fedik, who is under your mind control, is outside. Arn, he wants to talk to you."

Arn snores from the loveseat, now flopped over, face down, his booted feet hanging over the edge

Forti quips back, says, ""Precision of speech isn't stupid, but insulting your friends might be."

Seeker snarls, "Whatever." Seeker goes and rouses Arn. "Go outside and let the wretch tell you what he knows." He turns back to Fortis. "He is under your mind control. Do you have the capability to remove it? And if you do, will you?"

Valinya says, "Not a bad idea, really”

Fortis says "I might. Do you think it would be better either for him or for us if I did so? Is his drug addicted thievery in some way superior to his current role of recovery and service?"

Moonscar says, "He's not recovering”

Seeker growls, "I will take that for a 'No.'" Seeker goes and takes pouch # 14. "I'll be back later," and he leaves.

Moonscar says, "He can't until he does it because he wants to. Under mind control he can't recover. Best you can hope for is that he'll feel better after the mind control goes away to decide he wants to stay that way he might like how he feels without them better than how he does with them. Don't hold your breath on that one though.”

Fortis says, "Physical addictions can pass during forced withdraw.”

Valinya looks at the gathered wealth around the room.

Fortis says, "Nothing is perfect, but if he stays off the drug long enough the addiction can break, don't you think?”

Lavinia says "Oh my, you have recovered my family wealth?"

Moonscar shrugs, “He has a slight chance”

Fortis turns to Lavinya "Yes my lady, we have"

Moonscar says, "but he's got to want to stay that way”

Fortis says, "what better path do you propose?”

Silver says, "I suppose this is it, whatever they didn't already spend”

Valinya says, "Hopefully you will find this helpful”

Moonscar says, "I wish I had a good answer to that Cousin”

Fortis says, "So do I. If you discover one, please let me now. But for now this is the best solution I have identified.”

Moonscar says, "My best suggestion is if he finds something he likes better and wants more - that he can't have along with his drugs”

Fortis says, "Sounds like a good plan. Any idea about how to enact it? Seeker seems to be antsy about the situation.”

Lavinia says "This is amazing. This will allow me to really finish the work on the house and take care of the boat and start getting some of our old business going again. I can restore the family name. "

Fortis replies, "I am pleased you are satisfied, Lavinya"

Moonscar says, "I think it would require getting to know him a lot better - and a bit of luck”

Lavinia says "What about this other stuff? These hats and such? Those aren't mine, are they?"

Fortis asks, "Would you like them to be?"

Lavinia says "Well, I don't know. They have to belong to someone, don't they? Though that one there is nice."

Fortis explains, "They were recovered from the boudoir of Rowyn, who has since fled."

Valinya says, "I'm not a hat person really but they are ... diverse and interesting after all.”

Fortis announces, "Rowyn Kellani. She had taken control of the Sea Harpies and was running a large gang of pirates out of some catacombs.” In regards to Valinya’s choice of hats,  "Quite fancy, I'm sure it will attract many compliments"

Lavinia says "Yes, Seeker told me some of this on the way over. Where did he go, after all?" She pauses then continues, "Well this is an interesting situation. But I would feel improper taking someone else's property without even trying to at least find out whose it was first."

Fortis says, "Sometimes our discussions wear on him and he seeks refuge in solace. He is quite capable of taking care of himself, I shouldn't worry."

Arn continues snoring by the window.

Fortis continues,  "As I said, the hats belonged to Rowyn Kelani, scion of the house foreseen to oppose yours."

Lavinia says "well yes, but for sure they were stolen. Not hers honestly or originally. And where is she again? Seeker said she "got away""

Fortis says, "I'm sorry I cannot say. We do not know her location. As to the provenance of the hats, you are likely correct, but I do not know how to restore them to their former owners. Anyone could claim them. "If you auctioned them off at a social event and donated the proceeds to some worthy cause it might provide some measure of happiness to their former owners."

Silver says, "If you can think of a way to figure out who owns them and return them without being branded a thief then great. Can we talk about your brother now? He's supposed to be up the coast doing something nefarious.”

Lavinia says "I will look into it. Have you a list of what you have recovered?"

Fortis says,  "I only know a bit about the ring and the broach. Arn and Seeker were counting the coin."

Lavinia says "My brother? You learned more of Vanthus? I suppose I thought he would be in that den of thieves and you had, um, well, dispatched him."

Fortis explains, "No, my lady, he was not present. Though it appears he had been."

Lavinia says "What do you know, where is he?"

Arn Ironfist suddenly starts, mid-snore. "Wha? Where? Oh, right. Good morning, Miss Lavinia. Er, I mean, maybe, good afternoon?" Arn looks out the window and sees a few scattered snowflakes drifting lazily down from the sky. He is worried he slept longer than he intended...

Valinya gives Arn a scolding, motherly look. The Dwarf rubs his hands together as he looks at the chests and goods strewn about. "Quite the haul, eh?"

Fortis carries on,  "Yes, it is. We were just discussing the particulars. Do you have a total of Lady Vanderboren's recovered coin?"

Arn harrumphs. "Yes, of course." He rattles it off. Separated out by what was in her bags, and what wasn't.

Lavinia says "That is a good sum of money, though Vanthus and these Sea Harpies definitely spent some of the family fortune. No worries, it is more than I had before and more than I need, I would imagine."

Arn looks around, then sees his gear. He takes out a tankard and fills it. Soon his beard is flecked with foam. He says,  "Glad to hear it, ma'am"

Fortis says,  "Well, should we discuss liquidation and disbursement? Is there anything we thing we want to purchase as a group? I know I wouldn't mind sharing the cost of hiring those gondoliers, and I suspect Seeker gave them something of value as well. He should be reimbursed."

Lavinia says "But this money doesn't belong to you, to us...""

Fortis asks, "To whom does it belong?"

Arn Ironfist scowls. "It came from thieves, and we put them to flight. To the victor goes the spoils."

Lavinia says "To the victims of the Sea Harpy crimes, of course. This here, in these bags is clearly Vanderboren money, but this other was someone else's hard earned pay. It just doesn't seem right. I would like to find who it belongs to. Of course, I will reward you from my share."

Moonscar says, "I could certainly use a few arrows that are particularly deadly to demons.”

Arn shakes his head. "And how would you be determining whose is whats? For all we know, this loot came from piracy."

Moonscar says, “oh, speaking of arrows -”

Arn Ironfist continues, "Or smuggling."

Lavinia says "Well, then it still came from someone. Unless you all are pirates as well? But I don't think so."

Moonscar grabs his quiver and pulls out a roll of maps from the Harpy planning room

Fortis holds his tongue for the moment to see how this argument will play out, making a point only if needed.

Arn Ironfist says, "Do you know of any victims of the Sea Harpies?"

Moonscar says, "I don't know if any of these will offer clues about the origins of the stuff
more about the intended use I think”

Lavinia says "I would like to try first to find out."

Moonscar says, "Ma'am,”

Arn Ironfist nods. "And how much time would that take? We should probably be preparing to pursue Vanthus with all haste."

Moonscar says, "I don't really grasp much about how you people view "wealth" - but I have figured out  that all that shiny metal can be traded for some things we actually need and, while most people will never be aware of it, I can assure you everyone in this city right now desperately, desperately wants us to be able to meet those needs, Because if we can't - well, there won't be an Essanos”

Lavinia watches as Moonscar unrolls the large map he took off the tactical room in the Sea Harpy lair. There are numerous little colored flags mark the map, pinned by little tacks to the heavy fabric. Blue, red and gold.

Moonscar says, "Silver says, "I'd like to have healing potions again. Those things are useful”

Lavinia says "I understand"

Moonscar looks directly at her.

Fortis says, "A few more spells could mean the difference between success and failure"

Moonscar says, "I said when we met, we're here to help. Once we're done, I at least don't care about the monies. Uncle Ironfist might argue the point though. . .”

Lavinia looks from Moonscar to Arn and smiles sheepishly.

Arn Ironfist chuckles

Moonscar says, “I still don't really get the whole point of them,” and grins a little awkwardly.

Lavinia says "What if I could turn the goods and say, half the other money over to the city, and you keep the rest for your needs?"

Moonscar holds up a gold coin and asks incredulously, “This is 50 barrels of fish???? Really??? that still just. . . . t,” the tapers of into silence, shaking his head.

Arn Ironfist laughs and nods, grudgingly. "Er, I guess that seems fair. What do the rest of you think?"

Moonscar says, "anyway, we found a bunch of maps, plans and letters that might tell us a little more”

Fortis adds, "Hypothetically, it might be better to invest the balance and continuously donate the proceeds. That way if we need to use the remainder for something unforeseen it is available and it provides continuing benefit to the city."

Moonscar says, "I don't know if any of the books matter.” Then he
spreads out papers and holds up a roll in a red ribbon, “I haven't looked into these yet.” He waves the pack of letters found stuffed down into Kellani's bed. Valinya watches the interchange with an amused look.

Fortis continues studying the maps and looks up when Moonscar mentions the letters

Arn Ironfist growls, "What scum."

Fortis muses, "hmmm.. that is... depressing. I'm so sorry Lavinya."

Moonscar says, "Well, it does make our future choices a little easier to make.”

Lavinia looks at the letters and looks as if she is about to break down and cry.

Valinya says, "Indeed. Very sad. We're sorry for your pain.”

Lavinia says "I, I, I can't believe he could sink so low."

Arn Ironfist looks distinctly uncomfortable. He crushes his new hat in his hands.

Lavinia says "When you find him, send him to hell so he can be judged properly for his sins."

Lavinia says "Do what you want with all this other, I assume I am free to deal with this?"
She indicates the Vanderboren portion of the loot.

Arn Ironfist nods, "Of course, ma'am"

Lavinia she stops and sniffs the air for a moment.

Lavinia says "What is that smell? It smells like a wild animal in here. No offense to you two, or your dog. Not that. Something, um, stronger."

Arn Ironfist looks to Valinya.

Fortis looks a bit worried, "Umm, did Seeker happen to mention Val's new friend to you?"

Silver says, "That's probably the.... uh don't scream, he probably might not like that.”

Moonscar barks to Sings in the Wolfen language, “She didn't mean to call you that”

Lavinia says "What?"

The Kankoran speaks to Valinya, “Um, Sis? You're up next,” then in Eastern, “We rescued someone”

Fortis says "There we some beings held captive there. One of them needed our help to escape."

Lavinia says "What wonderful thing to do!"

Fortis tries to explain, "Hrag looks a bit fierce, but is quite gentle"

Arn Ironfist chuckles, "And he's not the sweetest smelling type."

Moonscar says, "who has been hygienically abused”

Fortis seems amused at Arn and Moonscar’s comments,  "Pots accusing a kettle?"

Moonscar says, "to say the very least. I'm sure he would relish the opportunity to clean up.”

Arn Ironfist grins, "Takes one to know one."

Fortis continues, "In any case, the poor grimbor lost a hand, and needed our help."

Lavinia says "Hrag, thats an interesting name. Where does he hail from? No hand you say. How sad."

Lavinia says "Grimbor, grimbor? I know I've heard that word before. Hmm."

Moonscar says, "The southern jungles.”

Valinya clears her throat then clears her throat again. “Um, yes. He's in a bit of a spot at the moment and we're trying to help.”

Lavinia seeming to soften again, forgetting the betrayal and murder by her brother. She says "You all are such sweethearts. Aww. When can I meet this Hrag?"

Valinya says, "He's rather nice really but does appear fierce. He lost a hand helping defend me. Saved my life perhaps.”

Lavinia says "Sounds like a wonderful soul, like yourselves"

Valinya says, "He's resting at the moment but when he wakes we can introduce you.”

A thump and deep groaning growl can be heard from the closet nearby…

Valinya says, "In fact, I will have to speak to him but he might be looking for work ... to save money to get a ship back home.” And right on queue …she goes to open the door for Hrag.

Lavinia steps up and meet this Hrag, sees the ginormous spiked, one handed ape, swoons and then falls over.

Valinya says, "Well ... that could have gone better.”

Fortis catches Lavinia with an apportation spell before she hits the ground. Lavinia magically slows before hitting the floor

Valinya says, "Perhaps more forewarning would have been in order,” then adds, “Nice catch Fortis”

Moonscar dives and rolls and comes up under her just as she floats into his hands. “Wow - I think she should eat more.”

Silver says, "We really need to condition her more to this sort of thing. Maybe I should spend less time in this form?”

Fortis accepts the compliment to him. "Why, thank you." Fortis floats Lavinia's insensate form out of Moonscar’s arms and over to the nearest comfortable spot.

Moonscar says, "she's light as a feather.”

Arn Ironfist shakes his head, "Naw, your dragon form is pretty. I think it's just his extreme ugliness what made her swoon." He looks at Hrag. "No offense."

Valinya says, "Lighter, actually.” The Elf turns to Arn, “He's not ugly! He's just different!”

Hrag actually seems almost pleasant as he comes out of the closet. Valinya goes to give him a comforting pat on the arm and a smile

Moonscar says, "He probably hasn't had a decent meal in a very long time.”

Valinya says, "I'm not really sure what he eats either.”

Fortis comments, "perhaps you should ask him."

He eats all the remaining food, much to Valinya's chagrin.

Fortis says, ""Or, you could save your spell."

Hrag looks around hungrily for more food but only smiles at everyone else. He seems to smile mostly at Moonscar and Valinya. Valinya tries to smile back while hiding her disappointment at the loss of vittles. After a few moments, Lavinia wakes up and calmly tries to accept the fact that there is a 10' tall spiky ape in the chamber.

Fortis suggests, "When you look at it from a different perspective, Lavinya, size takes on a new meaning. How do you think folk of your appear to me?"

Moonscar says, "Splotchy, and with big wiry hairs growing out of bumps”

Lavinia says "Yes, yes, I am beginning to understand more and more about this wide world of ours."

Fortis says,  "Well, are we intending to pursue Vanthus, and potentially Rowyn?"

Moonscar says, "I think we must. But we'll need a proper boat for it.

Lavinia spends some time doing an inventory of the contents of the chest with her money in it. "I should be able to get the Blue Nixie out of the impound in a day or so, that's what the Captain said I believe."

Moonscar says, "Ma'am - is she a fast ship and can you risk losing her? Given time in advance I may be able to at least get the weather to favor us a little.”

Lavinia says she does not want to lose the blue nixie so quickly after recovering her.

Arn Ironfist harrumphs. "Good. Last thing we want is a storm at sea."

Fortis looks at the map closer and tries to do some analyzing of the locations of the flags. Some of the identified locations on the map that bear flags are Vanderboren Manor, which has a Gold flag. Islaran Estate, the former harbormaster, has a red flag. A manor house that Lavinia identifies as Heldrath Kellani’s family estate is marked with blue. A handful of city garrisons are marked with both blue and gold. Castle Teraknian is marked with a red flag as are a few other places. Fortis believes that blue marks allies, red marks enemies and gold marks locations of money. quite a few of the little flags had fallen off in the rolling up and transport of the map, sadly.

Fortis considers, "Perhaps if we inform the houses under the red flags of what happened we could gain allies in this upcoming fight."

Some arrangements are made for the hats and spices and books and statues to be sold off. While this is going on, it becomes evident that Seeker had grabbed one of the sacks of gold coins when he walked out earlier.

Silver says, "If I can afford it, I need to buy some healing potions and recharge my amulet.”

Cast of Characters: 

+Arne Jamtgaard plays Seeker, a teenage Wolfen Warlord
+Stephen Kolmetz plays Valinya, an Elven Wildsong Mage
+Mike Biancone plays Arn, a surly Dwarven Warrior
+Amergin O'Kai plays Moonscar, the esoteric Kankoran Druid
+Daniel White plays Silver, a young and curious Dragon
+Mike Williams plays Gorgukk Torgnaz, an Ogre sailor and mauler
and +Jason GURPS as the GM