Æsbiorn Ljotsson

As part of the 2024 Character Creation Challenge, I present my second GURPS character of this month.

This character is the GURPS version of a pre-gen character for a Viking-themed one-shot I'm planning on running soon. He was first created as an OSE character, now he is GURPSified!

Æsbiorn Ljotsson, the Bear, is a drunk, wildman who often finds himself in trouble and Drængr Thar always gets him out.

"You grew up with Drængr Thar and he always called you friend, no matter what trouble you found yourself in. He was ready to bail you out, stand by your side, and now that he is in trouble, you know that you must finally repay your debt and bring him back home."


This is where I found out about this challenge:


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