Mysterious Tides #9 - Nilas

A retelling of Mysterious Tides #9 from Callast Nilas Orkan's point of view. On-going GURPS adventures set in the beautiful and evocative Bay of Spirits setting by Randy M. at Roan Studios.

GURPS: Mysterious Tides
Session 009 - Nilas

From Nilas' Point of View


Cast of Characters:

* Callast Nilas Orkan (1/2 elf) Stormpriest of Calla (Me)

* Jens Marko: Nilas's friend, captain of the Kittiwake a sloop or schooner

* Ragnar Rogan: Mountain man and Ranger, questing to find his father's murderer

* Brother Robert D'Nagien, monk of Enibria

* Carmel, cleric of Enipria (NPC)

* Liam the Oyster diver (NPC)

We last left three of our companions below ground in the underwater grotto down a blowhole of a rocky reef. Nilas, Jens and Brother Robert had found a cavern and a hidden vault or tomb. Below the area was infested with a sea hag that Nilas and his friends had scared off. They also found Liam, a young man from Piper's Quay, an oyster-diver, and one whom Nilas had heard about from a brigandier woman named Maddie. Maddie had told Nilas that Liam found some sunken treasure and was talking about putting a crew together to retrieve it. By accident Nilas and his friends found Liam clinging to life hiding up on a ledge away from the nasty sea hag.

After exploring the underground grotto, Nilas, Jens and Brother Robert managed to retrieve Liam and get him to the surface back to their other companions, Ragnar and Carmel.

Carmel used her healing talents and helped get Liam healthy. Then Liam raided the food stores on the Kittiwake. Liam seemed too smug about the situation and it bothered Nilas. Yes, they were on a mission to track down the assassins from the attack in Piper's Quay, but Nilas's curiosity got the best of him and here they are in an underwater grotto fighting a sea hag.

Nilas had filled Ragnar and Carmel in on the rest of the adventure, including scaring off the hag, and the room with the enchanted stone snake guardians that attacked them. Nilas felt that for all of their efforts, Liam should be more grateful that they saved his life and instead Liam is going on and on about how the treasure is his.

Nilas didn't think of himself as greedy or materialistic, but he does know that it takes money and treasure to get to places and get things done around in the world and it was more to his sense of adventure that he was dismayed about. Liam should be more thankful that they rescued him. So Nilas was offering to help Liam and return again to retrieve the treasure and split it evenly. Liam at first wasn't happy about it. Nilas made an empty threat to take Liam back down to the hag's grotto.He was angry and said it out of anger. Jens stepped into calm Nilas down. He must have recalled Nilas's temper.

Brother Robert then started playing diplomatic games and mentioned about getting Taber Sinann involved. Nilas and Bob went back and forth on this. Nilas even offered to have Liam come with them, but at the hint of assassins, Liam turned white and wanted nothing to do with that.

Eventually an agreement was made to come back to Piper's Quay and help Liam recover the treasure at another time. Carmel also at some point helped heal Nilas's wounds. Nilas thanked her for her assistance and he felt much better. Ragnar and Jens also helped put Nilas in check, so to speak and get him focused again on their mission. Nilas made a promise to Ragnar that they would help him find the killers of his Da. Nilas felt a little bit of guilt having gotten off course on this and felt like he may have let his friend down. Time to focus and do the right thing. During their conversations Nilas found Carmel chuckling at him. Maybe he said something funny? He dismissed it for now. Probably not that important.

The group then decided to get underway and get back onto their mission to find the assassins. Nilas said a prayer to Calla and was able to call up some extra wind to help them get underway helping direct the wind. Nilas and Bob helped with the sailing and the Kittiwake under the skilled navigation of Jens Marko made good time.

As the Kittiwake made its way through the more difficult waterways, bypassing Merchant's Gut and were looking to make their way to Larkton and then Grebeschyr the next day. The group made their way through the bay and at one point had a surprise from something rather large that dove into the water and eventually bumped the boat a few times. It could have been a wyvern or a sea serpent or something big. Jens worked to move them out of its path and Nilas and the others helped. Jens moved them through somewhere between Merchant's Gut and Wyvern's Rock. Eventually they made their way towards what appeared to be a lighthouse of some sorts, but it was a tower with a raging fire of a beacon atop it.

The companions (Fongs of Fate) found themselves off shore near a large tower with a huge beacon lit at night. It may have been a wizard's tower. Jens figured this was a good place to anchor for the night and they slept. At some point early in the evening there was a commotion and some boats had rowed out to check out the Kittiwake. Brother Robert mentioned that he called out something and the men in the boats left them alone. Nilas wasn't really sure because he slept through the entire incident.

In the morning, the companions woke to a nice clear day, but there was also no wind to get the boat underway. Nilas once again prayed to Calla and with the Lady of the sea's enchanted kiss, the breath of wind filled the sails. It wasn't a very fast wind, but it was wind none-the-less and the Kittiwake was once again underway.

The morning was crisp and clear, and a little film of frost covered the vessel, but the wind was nonexistent. Nilas again did his morning rituals and then prayed to Calla to breathe her wind into the sails of the Kittiwake and once again they made off on their journey. The going was slow but steady and that was good for a day with zero wind. The Kittiwake made its way closer to Larkton. They passed by many small ships and fishing craft. Folks looked on in surprise to see the Kittiwake make her way with sails full of wind when their ships had none.

NIlas was proud. This was a great part about being a Callst; sailing, wind powering ships that needed it and on a beautiful calm day. He was enjoying it and singing songs on their journey. As they neared Larkton a small cutter came out of a hidden alcove. The ship was sporting the colors of Starling Lords. They called out "ahoy" and signaled for the Kittiwake to stop. Nilas looked at Jens and Jens gave Nilas a nod to stop the wind. Nilas ended the wind spell and took up a position as they talked to the leader from the cutter.

The man waved for the Kittiwake to stop and then the crew threw ropes over to tie into the Kittiwake and board it. Jens complied, Nilas and the others assisted. The man introduced himself as Villip Astelin of the 'Osprey', his ship and that he was in service to the Starling Lords. Villip asked Jens all manner of questions as to where they were from, where they were going, what they were doing. Jens tried to tell him that they were going to Grebechyr and were chasing criminals. Villip informed Jens and the others that Grebechyr was off limits and under quarantine due to disease and illness and a blight on the crops. Villip went into some detail about it. Nilas asked if there was anything similar to the undead issue that they experienced in Piper's Quay, but Villip informed him that there was not. Nilas and his friends asked if they had seen anyone meeting the description of the assailants they were tracking. Villip said that they had not. As the parties were bidding farewell, Brother Robert mentioned about anyone wearing red cloaks. This caused Villip to pause and and quietly said to Jens, "Invite me onto your ship".

Jens complied and Villip proceeded to do a fake inspection of the Kittiwake. Going inside into the cabin, Villip divulged some information. Villip mentioned a place called the "Sinker", a hidden bay about a mile on from here towards Grebeschyr, on the right. It is a place for nefarious individuals, a tavern or halfway house along a quiet road that is something of a private club and den of thieves. a man Huck Lynan runs it and has his tentacles involved in politics, ports, crime and more. The Sinker is a place where illicit activity happens and our quarry may be found around there.

Just as Villip was leaving, Brother Robert asked about the crest they found on the coin, the eagle on the field of red. Villip stopped in his tracks and was clearly alarmed. He mentioned the Crimson Talons. An assassin's guild. He warned Nilas and his friends of that and how dangerous they are. Villip continued on to say that they are mainly to the south and that there may have been some cells operating out of Hawkstone, the capital. When Brother Bob mentioned about Rogan Naaj, the one that was murdered, the cooper from Grebeschyr, Villip said that he knew the man. This now started to make sense. Rogan from Grebeschyr, found the coin at his place, Assassins guild. It was all connected. Nilas was thinking that Ragnar's father was simply a murder of the wrong identity. Regardless of who or how, it still needed vengeance and Nilas and his friends agreed to help Ragnar.

Villip also said that the Crimson Talons are mercenaries and were probably hired. But why go so far to go after the coin? Clearly they were looking for it and there is something more to this part of the story, Nilas thought. Villip was clearly upset at the death of Rogan Naaj. He said that he would like to talk more with the companions and then invited Nilas and his friends to join them in the camp for the night. Villip did warn not to mention the "Sinker" in the presence of the others, because any one of them could be on the payroll of Lynan Huck. Villip also did not seem to like many of the wellborn nobles. This may be a good opening for Brother Robert to step in an work that angle of conversation.

Perhaps a Callast and two clergy of Enibria may help to gain more information and information from this group? Jens Marko accepted the invitation and the crew began to prepare to make camp with Villip and the crew of the Osprey. Villip also recommended that the group not to mention Laird Sinaan around here, as they are now in Starling Lords territory.

As they made their way to the shore, Villip and some crew helped the companions settle in and join their camp for the evening. Nilas was happy to have a safe place to rest and recover after their mess in the grotto. The Starling folks were quiet but nice. Nilas hoped that maybe as they had a fire going and some beverages going around he could help break some ice with a song or two.

Session Notes

Here is an in-character retelling of the events from our 9th session of the campaign. I offer players bonus points for writing up in-character session logs and Nilas' player, Mike, takes advantage of this. I definitely enjoy the retelling from the point of view of the players! Thanks Mike!

Cast of Characters:

Brother Robert (Bro Bob) D'Nagien, a young Enibrian monk and archer - played by Amergin K
Jens Marko, a young Captain sailing his dory all over the bay - played by Arne J
Callast Nilas Orkan, a young priest of Calla the Storm Goddess - played by Mike B
Ragnar Rocht, avenging ranger - played by Stephen K

and GMJasonGURPS as the DM

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