Mysteries of Mystara 012

After finishing up with the Twilight Grove, the group heads back to the surface and deals with the fairies and soldier/geese. Finally, they get on their way back to Novaci and eventually arrive at their destination, the Keep. The on-going GURPS saga of five unlikely companions attempting to unravel the mysteries of Mystara.

Mysteries of Mystara
Session 012

On to the Keep

With the dark druid and his minions gone and scattered, the question of the vampiric tree is dealt with. While the tree is a source of great evil, it is not animated, nor does it defend itself when it is set to the torch. Utilizing numerous dry brambles and Twig Blight kindling, flammable Goblin Brew is added then the entire thing set ablaze. 

The group then moves back through the structure, gathering up the various bits of loot that had been hidden. A few moments are spent in the Dragon Altar room to deal with some dangerous Shadows that lurk there, but finally the party is ready to ascend back to the Sunken Citadel. Sadly, the climb up presents some challenges. Lucky and Malachai both fall and sustain some minor injuries. Stephen of Asterius falls from near the top and does not survive the fall. His body is raised and carried out to be given an honorable burial back at Novaci. 

As the group made their way through the upper level of the Sunken Citadel, they found that the Kobolds were newly empowered by the departure of the Goblins and demanded a toll to pass through their territory. Initially Talyn balks at this and gears up to battle, but cooler heads prevail and some minor treasures are imparted to them for passage. 

Once back on the surface, the group heads out to track down the cursed geese and the Pixies in hopes they will reverse their magic and turn the fowl back into Karameikan Guards. After some searching and conversation, the playful fairies agree to the terms and the geese are transformed back into the Human soldiers they were initially were. The soldiers are thankful and depart, continuing their patrol, promising to be careful to not disturb any more fairy circles. 

On the way back to Novaci, the group stumbles upon an abandoned village. Everyone swears that the village was not there the first time they passed through. Some explorations of the creepy place are made, but no really information is discovered.

When they finally reach the highland village, they find that the fallen priest Stephen is actually the nephew of Admiral Hyraksos, one of the highest ranking military figures in the Grand Duchy. The locals take the body and make arrangements for him, including informing the Admiral and his family. Plans are made to finally return the Mace of St. Yuric to the monastery in the mountains. The group rests and recovers and finds that the main road has finally been repaired enough for the caravan to pass. 

The next day sees the group and caravan saying goodbye to Novaci. Eerky Timbers, the strange Gnome cleric, had decided to join the party for the time being. After some more uneventful travel, the caravan finally arrives at Kendall Keep. It is perched high upon a rocky promontory overlooking the road and wide mountain valley that stretches northeast and northwest. Everyone is allowed entrance to the Keep and warned not to start any trouble while within the walls. The group parts ways with Tsorvano and the caravan and heads off to find an Inn. Malachai vows to not sleep within the confines of the Keep, stating it is too cramped and smelly for him.

Session Notes

The group finally made it to Kendall Keep. They have been trying to get here since session 1 hoping to find their friend, Fergus Proudsun, the Halfling (Hin) scoundrel they all know and love.

Cast of Characters:

Malachai, Feytouched, Wilderness Defender - played by JeCorey H
Talyn Dilectus Vanyilam, teenage Celestial warrior on the run - played by Don K
Panya Masika, a Nithian monk stranded out of time - played by Carol C
Vlajic Savago, the Lucky Savage, a Traladaran bard - played by Dan E

and GMJasonGURPS as the DM

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