Dark Paths 45

Dark Paths of Riddleport
Session 45
March 16, 2014

Never Use the Front Door

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The crew retreated back to the base camp, tired and battered from a day full of warring with the Drow and being attacked by a Dragon. Once back at the camp, Eviana invites them to another war council. Kaerishiel makes a point of addressing and thanking the Crew after his wounds are healed. He is very humble and appreciative of their contribution thus far. He shakes Bodi's hand and declares him the winner of their little wager and compliments and praises the entire Crew. 

At the council, Eviana states that they are ready to assault the old Academy of Arts, which is rumored to hold some sort of Elven portal the Drow call the Armageddon Echo. She wants three teams to assault the building and attempt to capture, kill or stop the Drow leadership from whatever it is they are doing. Capturing the portal to figure out its part in the Drow plot is most important.
Eviana points out the Academy of Arts on the map

Before the sun rises, the three teams set out, ready to begin their attack with the first lights of day. Kaerishiel and his team will assault the front doors of the Academy, on the south side and Shalelu will lead a team attacking the north entrance, coming from the cover of the forest. The Crew will strike the west side, hoping to gain entrance through a wide hole in the roof of one of the domes. The Elves have provided a rope ladder with hooks on the end to facilitate ingress by members not capable of reaching the roof easily.

Upon arrival, the Crew sees several Dretch Demons and a few Drow Skirmishers on the ground near the base of the tower standing guard and one Drow Captain stationed on the roof near the opening. Taking advantage of a stealthy approach, Paal and Bodi take careful aim with their bows and fire. Bodi misses one of the demons, but Paal scores a direct hit, giving the Drow Captain a faceful of one of his arrows, causing her to lose her footing and fall to the ground below. One of the Drow calls out an alarm and points in the direction of the hidden attackers. 

The demons move to attack while the Drow set up some defenses by summoning their spheres of darkness. Aethel flies off to get an aerial view while Aragon rushes forward toward the darkness. Guy makes a slower approach and focuses on blasting the demons with continual showers of rocks and other psionically projected missiles. Snargash prepares some magic and then begins levitating up toward the top of the dome, bringing the rope ladder. Paal and Bodi continue their ranged support from the treeline.

The battle rages on with Aragon using his blindfighting ability to engage the Drow hiding in the darkness. He takes several crossbow bolts but manages to resist the poison. After a few moments, the demons are destroyed and everyone starts moving toward the tower. Paal takes a bolt out of the darkness and succumbs to the sleeping poison that coated it. 

Bodi rushes to his side as Snargash attempts to wake him by magical means but failing the first time.

Aethel rises up toward the roof as Aragon finishes off the first Drow and moves to the other side of the dome, hoping to find the other Dark Elf.

Approaching the Academy

Cast of Characters: 

Aethelarian "Aethel" Flitterseed - Noble Elf wizard played by +Daniel White 
Aragon Whisperwind - Elven Bladedancer played by +Arne Jamtgaard 
Bodil "Bodi" Jantzen - suave and smooth swordsman played by +Mike Biancone 
Guy Greystone - Gnome telekinetic played by +Gren Drake 
Paal Ulfsun - Northman Human ranger played by +Ben Zittere 
Snargash Windblown - Half-Orc monk played by +Amergin O'Kai 
and +Jason Woollard as the DM

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