GURPS 101 - ST and HP

This is not a typical post for this blog, as all the other posts are campaign and session reports.

This is merely a signpost directing all readers, especially GURPS gamers to go check out the GURPS 101 going on over on a few other great blogs.

Several blogs have gotten together today, Thursday, aka GURPSday, and put together a series of essays on Strength and Hit Points. Go read them now.

+Douglas Cole gives us ST and HP over at Gaming Ballistic

+Peter V. Dell'Orto gives us Strength and Hit Points over at Dungeon Fantastic

+Jason Packer provides An Overview of Strength at RPGSnob

and +Christopher R. Rice tells us What  ST/HP Means to my Players over on his blog Ravens N' Pennies

This has been a public service announcement for the GURPS.

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