Sundered Lands 57

The Sundered Lands of Palladium

Session 57
July 16, 2017

Rescuing Lavinia

Tuesday October 31

Back To Essanos

The group rests and recovers below decks after the crazy ordeal in Kraken's Cove. Wounds are tended to and some even find a moment to nap.
There is no sign of the two Red Sails ships that were spotted earlier headed into Kraken's Cove, which makes Captain Tahir quite happy.
Captain Alixandir Tahir says "So I'm not quite sure what to expect once we get back to Essanos, but the Titan definitely needs some repairs before she can do any more long distance sailing. Hit those rocks pretty hard earlier trying to hide from those pirate ships! "
Captain Alixandir Tahir says "You're lucky I like you lot, cause you sure seem to bring quite a bit of misery down upon my head when you're around!"
Seeker says, “And we appreciate all your efforts, Captain.”

Moonscar jokes, “I don't know where we'd be without you. Oh wait, back in Lopan City still”

Seeker turns to his Elf friend, “Now, Valinya, you mentioned teleporting to Essanos to see Lavinia. Can you still pursue that?”

Valinya says "Well, yes, I can,we're a bit far from there, but I could do it. It would tax me greatly though, to teleport all of us there."
Seeker says, “I understand that. Perhaps you could go and bring her back, this letting us talk to her sooner and keeping her safely with us? Or just use your mind-speaking, like you did with the captain, if that's easier.”
Valinya says "Do you think I should go on and go? I can send word back to let you know what I find, though after the Teleportation and Telepathy, I'll be tapped pretty low"
Valinya adds, "I could try the telepathy with her again first, to see if she's ok."

Silver seeing the discussion below, Silver climbs down out of the rigging to join in.
Seeker agrees, “Perhaps that would be a more judicious course.”
Silver asks, “What's the matter? It looks like something might be wrong?”
Valinya says "I'll try to contact her with Telepathy this time, last time I just sent her a message, this time I'll be able to talk to her."
Seeker responds, “Excellent”
Valinya sings a quick and soft song then closes her eyes as if resting.
Seeker reminds Valinya, “Warn her of the potential assassins, and that maybe she should lodge elsewhere for a while. What were those friends of hers called again?”
Silver adds, “Ask her what's up with the harbor. Is it still locked down? Will we be able to get in?”

Valinya says "I could not reach her, I think she may be asleep. Or..."
Moonscar says, “we may need to teleport in once we're close”
Valinya says "Seems a little early to be sleeping."
Arn says "But we won't arrive until close to noon tomorrow. If the lass is in trouble."
Valinya says "Ok, thats it, I will teleport into Essanos and find out whats going on."
Seeker says, “Oaky. Be careful and check in in an hour.”

Valinya says "Seeker, I will contact you in one hour, be ready for my communication, ok?"
Moonscar says, "Send up a smoke signal if there's trouble”
Seeker responds, “Yes, ma'am. That would be at nineteen hundred oh-five.”
Valinya gives Moonscar a glare.
Valinya sings another song and disappears.
Moonscar pleads, “What, I built a bonfire pile in her backyard just for that!”
After an hour, Seeker feels Valinya trying to contact him.
Valinya says "My warning was too late. It appears that her house has been overrun by, um, well, overrun by frogmen!"
Seeker says, “Frogmen? Whah?”

Valinya says "And the Half Orc pirate that Captian Javell said was her man in Essanos."
Seeker says to the group, "Val says her house is overrun with frogmen."

Seeker asks, “Can you get the city guard on it?”
Silver offers, “I could try to rush ahead, but I doubt I would get there in time.”
Moonscar asks Seeker, “Can Sis negotiate with them?”
Valinya says "I'm going to float around and try to get a better idea of whats going on first, then I will."
Moonscar says, “Once we can show them Vanthus' letters I think they'll be better disposed toward Lavinia”
Valinya 's voice becomes more frantic and upset in Seeker's head. "Oh no! They got Hrag! I think he is dead! I can't handle this! I'm going to make them pay!"
Seeker feels the mental connection with Valinya disappear.

The Tiny Titan sails on and there is no new word from Valinya for some time.
Finally after another hour or so, Seeker receives a message from her that she has saved Lavinia and driven off the frogmen, killing a few of them in the process.
Moonscar says, "How's Hrag?”
Valinya's last message was only a Mind Sending, not a two way conversation. It ended with her stating that her and Lavinia, and the servant woman Korra, were going to hide out and wait for the rest of you to return.

Moonscar mutters, "Sleep” but then adds, "Before sleeping I'll have a conversation with Rat to see how they're getting along with the crew. Moonscar finds Rat and he says they are content.

Wednesday November 1st

Lavinia is Safe

The rain stays away and the wind shifts nicely to be blowing out of the north west, helping the Titan make good time. At about 11am, the Captain announces that Essanos is near.

Moonscar's sleep is haunted by repeated encounters with pirates and monsters infected by the Savage Fever, ending with himself and Sings to Moon both being afflicted by the disease!

As the Titan gets closer to Essanos, you see more and more ships in the area.
It soon becomes clear that there is still some sort of closure in the harbor.

Sindri looks around at the others, "I'm not a great swimmer, really hoping we have a good option to get ashore"

Moonscar says jokingly, "Magic pogo sticks”

Seeker suggests, “Let's have Gorg take us in the ship's boat to shore and we can make our way from there”

Silver looks around for launches or other rowboats moving to or from the other ships.
Ered says, in broken Eastern, "I swim ok"

Moonscar says, "Think we can make landfall without getting arrested for being hairy? You know how they get here”
Close to the outer whaling harbor, there are many ships anchored. Lots of smaller craft are making their way back and forth between them here and there. Several ships flying the colors of the Essanos Harbor Patrol are moving about.
Captain Alixandir Tahir says "What shall we do? I can set you ashore but they might see you, and who knows what that might look like. "

Moonscar says, "We might get lucky - the harbor watch we met on the Nixie weren't particularly unreasonable”
Sindri asks the others, "did you get into some sort of trouble with the local constabulary?"
Gorg says "Yes, but that was before the Harbormaster was murdered and there was a huge fire in the city."
Moonscar says, "Yeah - brother and I look scarier than the law would like to allow.”
Arn boasts, “They would be fools to try and stop us.”
Looking way up at Seeker, asks, "I can see how some could think that about this walking carpet over here..."
Moonscar responds to Arn, "Uncle, they have badges. Did you hear the words you just said?”
Gorg Fools or not, I'll not risk my ship or future trade in Essanos!
Arn counters, “I may be able to pass us off as alternative military/law enforcement”

Silver adds, “They don't know about me either, and I would prefer it stayed that way.” She looks around at the group, as well as any sailors nearby that may have overheard.

Arn pleads innocently, “We didn't cause any problems”

After a few minutes, the Titan is hailed by one of the Harbor patrol ships

Sindri disappears into the background
Captain Alixandir Tahir says "Well, looks like we'll get our turn to talk to them. It looks like they are letting ships in, see there, that one is being escorted to the docks by one of the Harbor Ships. Maybe we just need to wait our turn?"
Captain Alixandir Tahir looks at the gathered group and sighs, face downturned.
Moonscar laughs softly, "Exactly. . ."
Seeker says, “One would hope so, Captain. Is there anything we can do to help the situation?”

Captain Alixandir Tahir says "Um, realistically, not be on my ship, but that's not ideal I get it. "
Arn states, “I know the law. We will set them straight. Bloody hell man, we wiped out a gang for the city!”
Moonscar scoffs, “When humans do that it's a public service. When we do it they call it savage canine murder and atrocity”
Seeker muses, “I can leave if it would help. Meet you in town?”
Silver adds, “I could swim also, in case they have a means of detecting me”
Gorg says "don't you think that will look suspicious, a wet Wolfen slinking out of the harbor while there is a blockade around the city?"
Seeker answers Gorg, “I can wait until it's dark…”

Gorg says "you'll smell wonderful by then."

Seeker laughs, “Bah, humans are noseblind. They won't notice.”
Captain Alixandir Tahir says "Just wait, we don't know how this is going to go. They aren't doing whole ship inspections it would seem. "

Moonscar mentions, “I can probably just not be noticed, but Little Sister here seems a strange ship's mascot”
Silver suggests, “We can wait below deck then perhaps”
The Harbor Patrol approaches and you immediately recognize it as the same ship you dealt with after the battle on the Nixie.
Seeker howls, "Arrr-rawr-raroo!"
The Sparrowhawk pulls up alongside the Titan.

Silver ducks below decks before the harbor patrol ship gets too close
Arn exclaims, “Bah! Ill face them man to man”
A familiar Human female voice calls over to the Titan, "Captain, may we board?"
It is Commander Diana Vilasek.

Arn adds meekly, “Okay ....man to woman”
Captain Alixandir Tahir calls her aboard.

Seeker stands behind and to one side of the captain as he greets Vilasek

Silver finds a bunk in one of the cabins below, cracks open the porthole and attempts to listen in on the conversation on deck
The Commander eyes up Seeker and the others still on the deck and tells the Captain that he will be allowed to dock but has to wait his turn and it probably won't be until the next day.
Seeker says "Commander, we have reason to be concerned for our employer, Lavinia Vanderboren. One of our number says her home has been attacked by er, frogmen. Might we take the ship's boat ashore so we can make sure things are all right?"
Seeker says this diplomatically
Commander Vilasek, "I remember you all, from that disturbance in the harbor the other night." She looks hard at Seeker, then at Arn, then at Moonscar.
Arn brags, “Yeah. We tend to be rather popular that way”
Commander Vilasek says "Frogmen? You mean like Boggards? In the city?"

Moonscar explains, “That would be them - working for the Red Sails”
Commander Vilasek asks "Red Sails?"
Moonscar continues, “Who appear to be extremely angry with her brother”
Commander Vilasek says "Here in Essanos? That is terrible"
Moonscar finishes, “Along with a lot of other people. They don't know that Lavinia is also at great odds with him and seem to be targeting her in retaliation for his recent actions.”
Commander Vilasek says "Well, the docking order is set by the order in which ships come in and can be properly checked out. There are crazy things going on in the city at this time. What with the Harbormaster being murdered and that big fire the other night. "
Commander Vilasek looks at Moonscar, then back at Arn and then once again to Seeker.
I can take you ashore in the Arrowhawk, if you like, I cant' take this ship out of order, it will cause a problem with the other captains I would think.

Seeker says, "That is most acceptable, Commander."
Silver sighs, “ah”
Arn says, “We would greatly appreciate it, and can possibly assist you with the Red Sails problem
We specialize in troubleshooting.”
Commander Vilasek says "Assist us with the Red Sails problem? Just keep them away from Essanos. They are devil pirates, dangerous murderers!"
Seeker calls below decks for the rest of the team. "Ered, Sindri? THis is not your fight, bt we could use any help we can get. Are you in?"

Ered comes back on deck and nods at Seeker.

Sindri steps out of the shadows near the group, "You bet, I'm in!"
Seeker informs the Commander, “Commander Vilasek, we are ready when you are"
Everyone but Silver boards the Arrowhawk and Commander Vilasek takes them to shore. Gorg remains on the ship with Captain Tahir and the rest of the crew. He waves goodbye as the Arrowhawk cuts through the water toward the docks.
Commander Vilasek says "There have been rumors about the city of a Dwarf and Wolfen causing some of this recent chaos. You haven't seen anyone around that fits that description, have you?"
Commander Vilasek winks at the group then heads back aboard the Arrowhawk.

Arn states, “Nope. Causing you say? Nope. Countering it, possibly may have heard a rumor or two”
Moonscar jokes, “Nobody here but us librarians”

Silver waits until the harbor watch ship is well underway again, and comes out onto the deck to look around. She says quietly to herself, "It seems they got a ride. I guess I'll swim then."
Gorg says "Um, the rest of them went ashore, Silver. What are you still doing here?"
Silver says, "I don't entirely trust the mages that the harbor watch employs. I'd rather avoid them."

The Dragon in Elf form casts Hold Breath on herself and says "I'll catch up to them in a bit."

Silver nods to the Captain and Gorg, then takes a deep breath and dives into the water on the far side of the Titan from shore. She swims straight down a ways, then shifts back into her natural form so she can see and swim better.

Silver eventually swims her way into the harbor, staying quite far down. She skips past the docks, and into the murky channels to find the inlet into Lavinia's mansion.

The sun is somewhere overhead, though it cannot be seen through the thick blanket of low, heavy clouds. The normally busy whaling docks on the outside of Essanos are strangely quiet and calm.

Moonscar says absent-mindedly, "Anybody else have thing to pick up from the enchanters on the way in?”

Everyone else stands on the quiet docks.
Arn thinks out loud, “Nope. But may armor could use repair”

Seeker shakes his head. "But finding Val and Lavinia should be our top priority. Let's head to Vanderboren Manor ASAP."

Moonscar says, "Did Sis say where they went to ground?
The main group heads off toward Vanderboren Manor. The streets are only sparsley populated today. The group gets many stares and second glances.
Arn says, “Agreed Seeker. Let's find our Ladies”

Sindri follows along behind the others, casually checking out the various shops as they pass by
As you arrive in the Merchant District and make your way to the Manor, Valinya hails you down from a nearby alleyway.
She has Lavinia and Korra with her.
Seeker greets them, "Ladies", Seeker bows.
Valinya says "We stayed in an inn last night, under assumed names."

Arn greets the ladies formally
Valinya has kept an eye on the manor house off and on and it appears that the Boggards have not returned.
Moonscar says, "Well, I know what assume means. So you were the Donkey twins, Ima and Ura?”
Seeker suggests, “Maybe we can track them”
Valinya says "Poor brave Hrag didn't make it. He was killed. As were Red and her work crew."
Arn cries out, “Those bastards!”

Moonscar lets loose with a string of Danzi profanity.
Valinya seems to ignore Moonscars comment though Lavinia coughs and blushes.
Valinya says "Let's get off the street. I think the manor is safe again. "
Moonscar says, "Yeah, we can track them”
Valinya says "There may be some dead frogmen around the place. I didn't have time to clean up much."
Arn laments, “Red reminded me of my Aunt Herra”
Everyone makes their way back to the manor and after a short time, Silver meets them there.

Seeker raises an eyebrow.

Lavinia says "Did you find my brother at that Kraken's Cove place? what did you learn?"

Seeker leads the way to the manor
Moonscar says, "Let's try to pick up the half-orc lieutenant's scent”

Seeker says "He was there, but left before we arrived. We are unclear where he has gone."
Valinya says "The half orc is dead too. Most of the boggards fled through the water. It looks like they came in similar to how Silver just arrived. There is apparently a sewer line that diverts into the basement or something . they came in that way."
Silver says, "Yeah, it's not pleasant down there. Didn't see any of them on my way in though," and then shivers a bit
Lavinia says "Hmm. Well, you know what, I'm done worrying about him. I thought I could save him. I thought that mattered, I dont think it does anymore. He is a lost soul. He will meet his end and I wont have anything to do with it. Let that coward run!"

Making New Plans

Lavinia says "But, you may be interested to know what I've learned over the last day or so. Ive been reading through my mothers old journals, some of the documetns you helped me recover from the vault. I've found where a bit portion of our family money went. It was invested. In the south. In the jungle!"

Seeker and Val exchange a knowing glance.
Seeker asks, "South, you say? Where would that be?"
Lavinia giggles and looks at Seeker. "Opposite of north?"
Arn sighs, “Finally some good news”
Silver looks perplexed, "Invested in a jungle? Invested how?
Lavinia says "Seriously though, about 15 y ears ago, they founded a colony along the shores of the Yin-Sloth Jungles, far to the south. When we were in hiding several years ago, I believe they were still in contact with the colony, making arrangements to send supplies and receive shipments of materials from there. "
Lavinia says "And now, with a new and closer water route to the Sea of Scarlet Waters, I think I could re-establish contact with the colony. It would save my family's name and legacy. "
Arn shouts, “Huzzah!”

Seeker nods "That is excellent news for you indeed."
Lavinia says "With the Blue Nixie back at my disposal, I can use that, though I will need another ship."

Lavinia smiles at Seeker. "Thank you!"

Valinya says "South you say? Hmm. South."
Seeker remembers Valinya's last vision showed her Essanos then Lavinia and following Lavinia to the south. All of the past visions have shown Lavinia being the key to stopping the pearls.
Moonscar says, "Never would have guessed”
Sindri is quiet, listening to the conversation and trying to follow along. At the mention of the jungle he shudders a bit, "Ugh, the jungle, that doesn't sound like much fun."

Moonscar says, "Okay, Sis, if we ignore the broken arrow for the time being, how fast do you think its effect will spread - it's very contagious - and who should we warn? you saw the monkeys”
Valinya says "What?"
Valinya says "Oh, you mean the disease released by the Pearl at Kraken's Cove?"
Moonscar says, "mmmhhhhmmm”
Valinya says "Well, assuming that we're not all carrying the contagion here to Essanos.. oh, oh my, what if we've carried it here without knowing it?"

Moonscar winces visibly as he says, "I should have considered that. We were so anxious to make sure that Lavinia was safe I overlooked the obvious.”
Valinya immediately sings a song and looks closely at Mooonscar. "Ok, good you're clean. I'm going to do a body reading on everyone, just in case!"”
Moonscar says softly, "Gorg is still back on the Titan
Seeker exclaims, “ig no! as we all know, plague is carried by fleas!” seeker hates fleas.
After a few moments, Valinya sighs. "None of us appear to be carrying the disease. I assume that it won't spread too far. There weren't a lot of creatures left with the sickness. I have no idea how long the lifespan is of one with the disease. Though there were those savage prisoners that we left in those cages.. and then the two ships of pirates that arrived as we left. Well, I suppose it could spread.
Valinya puts her hands to her face, looking paler than before. "What should we do? ""
Moonscar agrees, "Shhheeeiiiiii. . . yeah, I think we have to warn someone.”
Lavinia says "Maybe one of the temples? I can go to the Dawn Council and tell them. We don't have the resources to contain something as widespread and vile as that. Do we?"

Valinya says "I can send word to the Witchwardens, I am sure they can do something about it."
Silver reminds everyone, “The animals in the area were infected and roaming freely. I doubt we would be containing it ourselves.”
Moonscar agrees, “That's my worry - a troop of infected monkeys could spread it pretty rapidly”
Valinya says "What if that Shadow Pearl had been triggered here, in Essanos? Or in a bigger city, like Llorn? Can you imagine the amount of chaos that would be sown?"
Moonscar says, "Exactly - I think that was the intent. Like the first, partial failure.”
Valinya says "And now I'm curious. When we were first tapped for this mission, Colwyn Dray" her eyes darken and she looks down for a moment, pausing, "he told us that the destruction at Shinkasa was an earth shaking explosion that killed millions, but this time the pearl did something different. I'm throughly confused. And I dont like being confused."
Moonscar says, "The flip side though is that a city would be a somewhat enclosed environment - and more readily observed”
Silver says, “Although it seems like this one was kind of a dud compared to the ones that tore continents apart”
Moonscar says, "In the wild, it could spread for quite some time before it's noticed”
Silver muses, “hmm good point.”
Moonscar says, "In the long run, this could be worse”
Valinya says "Who are we fighting? The Chaos Lords, not the Destruction Lords or the Explosion Lords or the Murder Lords, though all of those things ALSO cause chaos. And if there are more of these Pearls, they have to be stopped. "
Moonscar says, "Okay, Miss Lavinia - how long before you want to sail? I have a lot of Dreamwalking to do between now and then”
Lavinia says "Oh, yes, well, I will need some time to plan. This is not a short trip. I will need to call in as many markers as I can, get some investors in on this, I dont think I can fund this trip on my own. I think it will need another ship. We will need to hire someone we can trust."
Lavinia says "So you'll come with me?" Her face lights up, "I was hoping I could convince you to come along!""
Seeker offers, “We might secure the Tiny Titan. We have traveled with them before.”
Lavinia says "Yes, your friend Gorg? The Ogre."
Lavinia says "You all are a strange lot, with stranger friends. "
Moonscar says, "Okay - Sis, leave warning the "civilized" healers to you. There have to be other druids and shamans in all this coastal wilderness. I'll work on finding them.” He shrugs and adds, “Don't know what else we can do. . .”
Seeker adds, “Sounds like a good start at least”
Lavinia says "Yes, we can alert all the powers that be about this threat. I will need to do a lot of planning and work to get this voyage put togethetr. We will be sailing through some dangerous areas, past the Western Empire and into even more dangerous areas! Scary. Is this what you all do every day?"
Moonscar says, "I have to wonder - Vanthus was heading toward the swamp and it appears that the Red Sails have some sort of arrangement with its denizens.”

Seeker shrugs. "Pretty much"
Lavinia listens to what Moonscar has to say.
Moonscar grins wickedly and says, "That may have been a very bad choice on his part”
Silver looks excited, "Sailing to the jungle sounds like fun. I don't think I've been there yet!"
Lavinia says "Well, Vanthus is going to have to figure that on on his own. Im no longer interested in worrying about it. I just cant."
Moonscar says, "Hmm, wonder if he can squeal like a pig. . .”
Arn laughs, ”I bet that i could make him…”

Cast of Characters: 

Arne J plays Seeker, a teenage Wolfen Warlord
Stephen K plays Valinya, an Elven Wildsong Mage
Mike B plays Arn, a surly Dwarven Warrior
Amergin O'K plays Moonscar, the esoteric Kankoran Druid
Daniel W plays Silver, a young and curious Dragon
Mike W plays Gorgukk Torgnaz, an Ogre sailor and mauler
and Jason GURPS as the GM

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