Sundered Lands 55

The Sundered Lands of Palladium

Session 55
June 4, 2017

Questions for a Gnome

October 31

Hi, I'm Sindri

Everyone leans over and looks down on the well dressed but filthy Gnome laying on the sand. Seeker asks, "Is he dead? If he's dead, can I eat him?" The Gnome squirms in the sand as Seeker threatens to eat him. Valinya is pretty sure the Gnome is faking it.

Seeker turns to Gorg. "Well, we've got a Gnome. Anything else in there worth another run? I could do it this time."

Gorg says "Bunch of plants and such. Looked like a gardener's room. Why would there be a gardener down here?"

Valinya says, “Mr. Gnome, we likely just saved your life. I think it's time you quit pretending to be asleep and gave us some answers.” The Gnome opens his eyes slowly and makes a cringing, pained look, most likely fake as well. Valinya chuckles, “Maybe he's a Garden Gnome,” then adds more seriously, “And maybe he has some information for us.”

The Gnome says "Ahh, yes. Hello. Thank you much for that. Saving me and all. I am Sindri. Who are you?"

Valinya answers him, “Valinya, Mage Questioner”

Sindri sits up and brushes himself off. He is quite sand covered. He looks a bit apprehensive at Valinya’s title. Silver crouches and curls her tail around her, and just watches the gnome quietly. Sindri says "You don't much look like pirates. Though I can't quite say WHAT you look like."

Seeker moves over to Erred. He whispers, "Have you seen this fellow before? Can you tell me anything about him?"

Erred whispers to Seeker in Western, "No, can't say that I've seen any Gnomes around." Seeker thanks the young Human.
Sindri sees Silver and gasps. "Ahh, Dragon too. Who are you folk?"
Moonscar states, “Ẅeŕe from the Library and we’re here to help.”

Sindri says "Are my books overdue? I meant to return those." He continues, "Help is good. Where are we, by the way?" Moonscar hands him his card. Sindri pockets the card without looking at it. He continues, "You all aren't from Llorn are ya?" and examines everyone closely for a moment.

Moonscar says, “Actually, Vanthus checked out some nautical charts a few years ago. The fines have gotten rather out of hand.” Seeker keeps a close eye on Sindri as he reacts to Moonscrar.
Sindri says "Vanthus? I've heard that name, can't say I know him though. That Captain sure was going on about him though. Talking about doing all sorts a bad stuff to him and his kin for what he did. What was that he did? Do you know? Sorta messed everything up around here it seemed." Seeker thinks that Sindri is being honest, though might be holding something back.
Arn eyes the gnome suspiciously. Pours himself a draught of ale from his cask into a metal drinking mug, just to see if the gnome notices or is thirsty.

Valinya questions the Gnome further, “Why don't you tell us how you got here and why then describe what happened to cause this mess as best you know”

Sindri sees Arn with the glass. "Um, hey there, brother Dwarf. Got a drink to spare a kindred soul?” Sindri adds, "Wait, that's water right? Anyone got a drink of water for a thirsty Gnome?" Arn grunts a bit......and then mentions to the others, give him some drink...but no more until he answers questions.

Valinya asks, “Would someone loan our thirsty rescuee some refreshing water?” and Moonscar passes him a waterskin.

Sindri says "So anyway, I was heading out of Llorn, by land. Ended up in a little port called Rockhaven near the border of the Old Kingdom there. Ever hear of it?" The Gnome takes a long pull on the waterskin and nods his thanks to Moonscar.

Valinya nods, “Please continue.”

Sindri says "So I take passage on a ship bound for Lopan City. but just before daybreak on the first day out, we were beset by pirates. Red Sails!" Silver casts a spell, hoping to find out a little about this Gnome and does not sense that he has any hostile intent toward the group. Moonscar glances at Gorg. The Pirates of the Red Sails have a very rich and dangerous legacy. They are brutal marauders that ply the Inland Sea.

Valinya asks for clarification, “That would be the pirates who were here?”

Sindri nods and says "I was able to avoid capture and detection, hiding out on their ship. Sailed around for quite some time, ended up here a few days ago. Been hiding out on the ship until just a handful of hours ago when all the shit went crazy."

Seeker leans over to Gorg. "In the gardener's room, how tall were the tables or counters? Human, or Gnome-sized?"

Gorg says "Uhh, they looked short to me."

Valinya continues her interrogation of the Gnome, “So ... things got chaotic and you bailed from your hiding place on the ship?”

Sindri says "Yea, there was this whole issue with the ship burning and all." He looks down at his short, stubby legs, "I wouldn't say I'm a strong swimmer."

Seeker whispers to Silver. "Is he wearing any magic?"

Silver whispers back to Seeker "hard to tell without being rude about it"

Arn asks the Gnome directly, “So what was your initial business in Llorn?”

Sindri says "Business in Llorn, you know different things."

Arn asks for clarification, “No....I don't know.....explain in more detail.” and cracks his knuckles menacingly.

Sindri swallows hard, "I'm a merchant. I specialize in selling useful items."

Arn tries to be patient, “Such as?”

Sindri says "Well, I don't have a specific field. Whatever the market demands. "

Arn is starting to become impatient, “Give me an example”

Sindri starts looking through one of his pouches. "Can I interest you in some Beard Detangler?” Arn grumbles at this and Sindri says "Really, I'm currently between suppliers right now."
Arn snorts, “And I'm an elf!”

Valinya tries to get the conversation back on track, “Let's get back to your tale ... what happened after you jumped ship, as it were.”

Moonscar adds, “We might find one in your beard if you use the detangler” as he sucks on tail thoughtfully. Arn shoots Moonscar a false glare and Sindri looks nervously at Arn.

Valinya gives a look to Moonscar and Arn, “Sindri, please finish your tale”

Sindri says "Fine, yea, so I steal stuff. I was hightailing it out of Llorn cause some folks didn't like that I stole from them. I'm a thief. But I'm no pirate!" Arn grins wider.

Sindri says "I didn't have no hand in this! I snuck off the burning ship. Got chased by some of them crazy nightmare pirates and holed myself up in that plant room!" Valinya studies Sindri's body language and he seems tense as he retells the tale of his recent events but at the same time looks relaxed as if he were telling it truthfully. Seeker, on the other hand, feels that he is now telling a lie.

Arn relaxes a bit, “See, now that I appreciate...I care not if ye are a thief, but I do care if ye are honest or not when ye speak to me” Arn continues, “Now tell us the correct story,” and gestures to the others, "give him more water"

As Moonscar hand hims the flask, he casually flashes the old Green Daggers pin on the inside of his cloak and says, “Uncle's right, there. Even pirate's will”, the Druid shrugs. “Those who vandalize libraries however, . . .” the Druid trails off.

Sindri seems to ignore Moonscar and pays no attention to the Green Daggers pin, and says "Yea, yea. that's it. I was on a ship. Taken by pirates. Was able to stay hidden. Snuck aboard the pirate ship and hid out there until we got here. Climbed off when someone set fire to the ship."
Arn says, “So ye decided what ye could find here of use, and got blasted by the spores?”
Valinya says, “Yes, what happened to you in that room?”
Sindri says "When I realized something was going on and the ship I was on was burning, I sneaked ashore. Like I said. I got chased by some of them monster pirates and hid in the topiary." Silver starts to get restless, and looks around for something else to do here.
Arn states, “I can buy that story. Maybe this guy can be of use to us.”
Seeker looks at Arn. "How's that?"

Arn answers Seeker, “we're tracking down a thief....may need one to help us get the stone back from him.”

Sindri says "Well, yea, I have a hobbyists appreciation for botany and was poking around in there. I saw some strange bulbs in a case and as I was looking at them, they all the sudden unfurled and there was this stabbing pain in my brain. I dropped the case and it broke. Then the thing filled my face with spores. I tried getting out of the way and that’s really the last I remember."

Sindri says "Stone? Maybe a pearl?"
Valinya asks. “What do you know of this stone ... pearl ... whatever?”
Sindri says "I heard the Pirate Captain of the ship I was hiding on, a lady captain, nothing wrong with that, ladies can be captains too!"

Seeker chuckles then rumbles. "Go on."
At the same time, Arn speaks, “Continue....”
Sindri says "Captain Javell said they were heading to meet up with another Captain named Kigante of the Black Eel who was bringing some pearl up from the south." The Gnome continues, "So where are we exactly? Obviously not in a city, some pirate hideout or something like that?"

Valinya agrees, “Something like that.
Seeker nods. He remembers that Shark Bait had mentioned that Vanthus was dealing with a Captain Kigante...
Thinking of the mysterious plant room protected by some sort of mental assault defenses, Valinya says, “I could cast a spell to purify the air in that room ... hopefully take care of whatever the bulbs are emitting. We'd probably want to cover them though to be sure. Thoughts?”
Arn considers Valinya’s idea, “It may be worth it....because if they are as dangerous as they seem, there could be valuables hidden inside that room”
Silver adds, a bit eagerly, “Or I could just torch the room, and the bulbs would be destroyed and stop the pain nonsense!”
Sindri says "So I really did my best to stay away from inhabited parts of the ship but when we got here, it was easier cause most of the pirates went ashore, I had more of a run of the ship, but also found myself having to hid quickly when I didn't realize somebody was around. I didn't hear much, but I heard the Captain talking to one of her mates a few times about this Vanthus. He wasn't a pirate from what I gathered, but was here to deal with them. She didn't like him and didn't trust him. She smelled a double cross. I think she planned on it and made arrangements with one of her guys as a backup if he did."
Moonscar asks, “Is that room at the center of the pain zone? And how did you get through it Sindri?”

Sindri says "Through what?"

“Hmm, would you mind stepping a few feet that way please?” Moonscar asks, pointing with nose back toward the pain zone

Sindri, looking like he doesn't have much of a choice, steps where Moonscar motions.
Sindri says "Arrrgh!"
Moonscar asks, “That didn't happen when you went to hide back there?”
Sindri puts his hands on his head and runs back to the group. "Yea, that's what I felt when the plant bloomed, or whatever it did before. Oww.” The Gnome looks woozy and weak. Arn laughs out loud.

Moonscar considers, “um, okay Sis - I guess it is the mushrooms”

Sindri says "I don't feel too good. Why did you make me do that? Not very nice."

Moonscar says sheepishly, “sorry - thought you weren't affected. . .”

Arn smiles, “To make sure you are a real being.”

Moonscar scoffs, “You would not believe the kind of creatures we meet”

Seeker and Valinya both realize that now several times, Sindri, and even Erred before, mentioned that this Pirate Captain Javell, had sworn/ threatened/ planned to get back at Vanthus... and his family… Valinya asks, “Do you know if Captain Javell survived?”

Sindri looks around, "Any of you healers? That didn't do me too good. And yes, of course I'm a real being, what else would I be? An illusion?”

Seeker says "Hey, Sindri, did the captain say how Javell was going to seek revenge on Vanthus? Did he know where he was going?"

Sindri says "I don't know. Haven't seen her. Good looking woman. Dark red hair. "

Moonscar explains, “I was thinking more like pseudo-corporeal ecto-plasmic psychomanifestation.” The Druid looks around, “What? Now you know why I just call them Smokes!”

Sindri looks to Seeker, "She said she knew his family was from Essanos. Are we near there? I've never been to Essanos.”

Arn muses, “Hmmm. I may have put an axe into her head…”

Sindri says "So I spoke, I told you what I know. Now what?"

Arn says, “Now we track down that Pearl, and you help us!”

Valinya adds, “After we clean out and check that room.”

Sindri says "Well, I don't know, that was a couple of days ago. Captain Javell was talking to one of her mates, the Half Orc i think. And told him to get into position and she would send word. I don't know that that means, you should ask her."

Moonscar thinks, “Hmm, that would take some time but I guess I could.” He ponders for a moment then continues, “Do you think it's worth spending an hour or so?”

Sindri looks around to the others, "You're not asking ME are you?”

Moonscar replies, “Uh, no - the others” as he looks around

Seeker nods his head. "Yes, I think you should. The rest of us can do other things while you check that out. Maybe she might know where Vanthus went, too?"

Arn adds, “We need the information”
Moonscar adds, “It hasn't been long and it sounds like she'd be motivated. . .”

Seeker turns to Sindri. "We're going to be here for a little bit longer. Why don't you go sit with the boy. We will give you transport back to civilization as we can.”

Sindri says "Yea. Nice. Thanks. Any of you happen to have any healing potions? I'm feeling pretty weak still."

Arn looks at Sindri through narrow eyes, “No. Our healer will tend to you as she can. Our potions are for our fighters.”

Valinya says, “Maybe I can blow a breeze through there to clear the mess”

Seeker says "Hey, let's a few of us go check this place out while Moonscar does his thing."

Moonscar asks, “Anyone want to watch my back while I Sing?”

Gorg says "I'll watch over you while you sing. I like singing"

Arn also volunteers, “I'll cover you little one”

Seeker says "Thanks, Gorg. And Arn"

Moonscar nods, “Thanks. Okay, show me the body”

Silver says, “There was a room near that last stand that we hadn't searched yet, right?”

Seeker answers her, “Yea, I think you're right.”

Arn agrees, “Yes”

Gorg looks confused, then says"I’ll stay here with Valinya. Ok? I like her singing too."
Moonscar, Sings to Moon and Arn head to the final resting place of Captain Javell. Seeker, Silver and Erred go to check out the room of the skinned man. Gorg, Valinya and Sindri remain in the large cavern to clean out the nasty. Arn keeps watch while Moonscar starts setting up for his ritual.

Seeker searches the room, carefully and slowly. Valinya positions herself strategically and sings a whistling tune. Moonscar quickly sets up his tent near the body and arranges his drum and paint pots. He then proceed with drawing symbols in the sand and on the corpse. Silver pokes about the room as well, although perhaps not as methodically as Seeker. The walls of this small chamber are lined with several well done paintings, though many of them have been damaged or splattered with black gunk. The corpse of a man lies on the floor next to a broken bed. He is half eaten and all the skin has been peeled from his body.

Seeker spots a glimmer from one of his gnawed upon fingers. A gold ring with several aquamarine stones set into it. Silver also discovers a well made sword under the bed. A thick, curved bladed weapon with a bronze hilt in the shape of a griffon.

Silver sees that this sword is magical and says excitedly, “The fancy sword here is magic”

There is a small desk in the room as well. A search of the desk reveals 3 bars of silver and a crystal vial of ink. There was some parchment but they have fallen to the floor and have been destroyed.

Seeker says "Interesting. I found this ring." which he shows to Silver. Seeker scoops up the silver and ink into his backpack. He expresses disappointment that the documents have been destroyed.

Silver sniffs at the ring and tries to sense if it has magic to it but does not detect any magic in the ring and says, a bit forlornly, “Nope, just a ring.” Seeker puts it in his satchel

Back in the main chamber. Gorg watches over Valinya as she siphons air through her magical spell into the room containing the suspected source of the mental attacks. Valinya blows her gust of wind down into the room, dust and sand blow out for nearly a minute, then the spell expires. Valinya asks, “Now ... Gorg, do you want to do the honors and test my work?”
Gorg gingerly steps across the line in the sand and quickly pulls back. "Nope, still hurts," the Ogre says. Valinya slumps, looking defeated.

Cast of Characters: 

Arne J plays Seeker, a teenage Wolfen Warlord
Stephen K plays Valinya, an Elven Wildsong Mage
Mike B plays Arn, a surly Dwarven Warrior
Amergin O'K plays Moonscar, the esoteric Kankoran Druid
Daniel W plays Silver, a young and curious Dragon
Mike W plays Sindri Fetzil, a Gnome thief and alchemist
and Jason GURPS as the GM

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