Sundered Lands 47

The Sundered Lands of Palladium

Session 47
March 26, 2017

... Into the Maw of the Kraken

Tuesday October 31

Shark Bait is Croc Bait

Arn steps up and swings his mace at the croc again and the Huge Degenerate Croc attempts to dodge Arn's attack and fails! Arn shouts, "Take that!"

Gorg once again swings for the spine in an all out swing! The Huge Degenerate Croc attempts to dodge Gorg's attack and fails! The Croc roars in pain after the two crushing blows.

Sings to Moon lunges forward, trying to bite the wounded croc's rear leg. The Huge Degenerate Croc attempts to dodge Sings to Moon's attack and fails!

Seeker steps forward and launches a terrible blow to the croc's neck. The croc seems to be seriously impaired by its wounds so far and is unable to dodge the attack. Seekers blade cleaves halfway through the croc's neck and and the creature falls forward onto the sand, unmoving. Seeker turns to check on Sharkbait but suddenly the croc contorts and snaps one final time at Seeker. The large Wolfen jumps back but the jaws of the mutant croc rip at Seekers midsection. It then slumps back to the ground and lays there, unmoving.

Moonscar says, “Damn, remind me never to bite you dude.”

Seeker sits down, holding in his insides. Valinya rushes over to provide what magical help she can. She asks, "How bad is it?" Seeker remembers that he was injured from the previous battle as well.

Gorg pulls Shark Bait further away from the croc carcass. Shark Bait looks as if he did not survive the encounter. It doesn't really even look like Shark Bait anymore.

Seeker says, “Well, I got chewed on by those monkey things, and then this big bruiser. I ain't feeling really like tackling more without some of your healing touch.”

Silver snorts some flame, disappointed in the sudden lack of a target. The croc's body starts to fizzle and bubble in the slowly falling rain. It seems like it is starting to dissolve, like the monkeys did when they were slain. Everyone recalls that when the savage monkeys were killed, they dissolved then exploded in a shower of acid. Silver moves away from the big soon-to-be-exploding lizard. Silver says, "You may want to get away from that before it explodes like those monkeys"

While re-slinging Tempest, Gorg looks around at everyone else, "Let's move back to the boardwalk, I don't like being near this water knowing these," gesturing to the croc, "are in there..."

Arn grumbles, “Agreed...that was a rather nasty surprise.”

Valinya mutters, “Someone... with a sound constitution, should search what remains of Shark Bait for anything that might be helpful.”

Moonscar says, “Good idea Sis. By the way, do you have any theories yet about this pestilence?”

Silver lands on the ridge near the boardwalk and Seeker staggers to his feet and follows the rest of the team. Gorg helps him. Sings to Moon continues to bite at the dead crocs leg while its back tendrils continue to writhe about. Valinya follows and prepares to heal Seeker once he's settled.

Arn grumbles, “Yes, let's get Seeker fixed up and see if we can keep moving. Seeker my friend, if ye have need of it, I do have healing potions.”

Seeker says, “Much appreciated, my friend. Lets try Valinya's magics first, while we have some space. Save the potions for more dire circumstances.”

Moonscar asks, “Hey, why isn't Shark Bait dissolving too?” and then calls to Sings to Moon. The wolf retreats back to Moonscars side just as the croc explodes, sending a shower of sizzling greenish black goo all over everything within 6 feet of it!

Valinya sings a song of rest and mending and growing strength and Seeker feels MUCH better. “Thanks, sis!” he says. “Okay, Val, now, you did the scouting here. Where should we go next?” While thinking about planning, Seeker's head starts hurting really bad again.

Gorg says, "No other option but to keep heading towards the cave at this point, is there?"

Seeker winces and holds his head. "Don't get bit, guys - they have some sort of poison, too." Seekers head continues to hurt, to the point he has to sit down. Those looking at him see him panting heavily, as if he were very hot and the fur around his face is darkening in patches.

Arn grumbles, “Is that normal for you lad?”

Seeker feels his mind racing and he is having trouble focusing his usually orderly mind. Seeker says, “Huh? What? Weren't you listening? I said it was poison!”

Moonscar says, “Crap - he's already burned his charm!”

Valinya says, “Oh no, this will not do at all.” Valinya, unsure if it is poison or not, tries singing the song to sap poisons of their power. She finishes her song but Seeker's head still hurts and he still feels strangely unfocused and scatterbrained.

Moonscar says, “Sis - do you know how you were healed?”

Seeker is beginning to pant quite a bit. HIs heart is racing. Seeker can feel his skin in various places about his body become dry and tight. Seeker feels he needs serious moisturizers.

Valinya says, “I will sing every song I know if I have to!”

Seeker can be seen itching his arms and neck. He thinks to himself, “oh no! Mange!”

Moonscar says, “I understood what the healer said enough to make the charms but that's not a lot.”

As Valinya finishes her song, another large crocodile can be seen moving about in the shallow waters of the bay. Seekers head feels better, focused again, skin feels better too. Seeker shakes his head, indicating that the spell worked and he feels better

Silver takes off to circle above the water 7 or 8 yards up

Valinya looks over Seeker, and says, “It may be that it is a disease after all. I can but try to cure it.”

Gorg takes up a defensive position between Seeker and the waters edge. Silver sees several dark shapes moving around down in the water in the nearby area. She glides back to the others on the beach. The smoke continues to pour out of the sea cave to the northwest, though not as heavily as before.

Seeker stands up, “Thank you again, Val. That was ... unpleasant. We're lucky to have you.”

Silver adds, "So... we probably don't want to stick around here, there's several more things in the water milling about"

Moonscar says, “Sis, did you see anything in the cave that we really need to check out? I'm sure Vanthus and the Shadow Pearl are both heading for the river's mouth.”

Valinya says, “It will fall to you all to protect us while I am singing. This is no brief snippet of verse, either, but an aria. We may want to move to the cave mouth before I begin”

Moonscar promises, “Nothing will touch you while you sing,” as he is twirling Sunstroke. “Either of you.”

Silver says, “Well don't stand around here, there's at least two more if those big crocs out there, maybe more” The rickety looking boardwalk leads several hundred yards to the cave opening. It sits between 3-6 feet above the water, a few places as high as 10 feet up, as it follows bits and pieces of small ledge in the cliff side.

Valinya says, “When it comes to tactics like these, I trust you all more than my own experience. Stay and sing, or go, seek a defensible spot and begin there?”

Seeker says, “Okay, let's get moving. one at a time - looks slippery.”

Gorg says, "I'd rather we get closer to the mouth to check it out"

The Boardwalk

Shark Bait had nothing of value on him. No weapons, no pouches, nothing. You notice a small cadre of deformed crabs marching up the beach, hoping to retake their dinner. Valinya floats ahead, looking for dangerous footing to report to those who must walk. As the rest of the group moves to the edge of the boardwalk, it does look to be in quite a state of disrepair. There are many loose and missing boards. Numerous support beams look to be weak, cracked or altogether missing.

Arn says "Bahh, It ain't that bad. Definitely not Dwarven construction, but it looks sturdy." He steps up and plants his booted foot on the first planks. They wobble and then fall off. He looks away, silent.

Gorg looks sceptical, "let's send the lightest across first maybe?"

Seeker says, “Okay, Arn, you first. Then Brother and Sings. Silver, I assume you'll fly?”

Silver says, “I'll stay up along the ridgeline until you guys are going into the cave, I'll meet you inside”

Seeker says, “And Val, you too?” She nods to him.

Valinya says, “I will be fine, yes, but that wood doesn't look fit to carry me at my airiest. Be careful.”

Arn turns and heads off down the boardwalk. The whole thing starts shaking up and down as he walks, in time with his heavy steps. Seeker says, “Then me, I think. And then Gorg brings up the rear.”

Arn stops, looks back sheepishly, then turns and continues, a little lighter of step. Seeker gives Arna good head start, and then makes sure to stagger his cadence so it doesn't resonate with Arn's. Seeker makes his way slowly across the bridge. Arn continues and disappears inside the Sea Cave and can no longer be seen due to the distance, light and curve of the cove. Moonscar nods and follows Arn and Seeker, giving enough room to avoid catastrophic collapse. Silver flies up along the ridge until she's pretty much in the smoke, then, circles around and down into the cave to catch up with Arn. Gorg moves very carefully, one step at a time hoping each one holds his  weight. Moonscar proceeds with Sunstroke held like a tightrope walker's balancing pole and makes it across while Gorg and Valinya are bringing up the rear.

When Gorg makes it about halfway across, his foot goes through a weak spot and he falls, causing several support beams to break. The entire section he is on drops about 2 feet, splashing into the water. Gorg is still above water, but very close to it. Floating nearby, Valinya sees a long, dark shape moving through the water quickly toward Gorg's location. Gorg attempts to pull himself back up onto the remaining boards towards the others. Seeker readies his bow. Gorg scrambles forward, more boards fall away as he moves. Slightly panicking, Gorg quickly scrambles along the deteriorating boards to get back to a solid surface. He finally manages to clamber up to a more solid part of the walkway. Valinya sees the black shape disappear deeper below the water. Gorg makes it the rest of the way safely and Valinya joins the rest of the group on the beach.

The Sea Cave

The sheltered sea cave is home to a slowly burning out inferno. Several ships, including a two-masted caravel, a sizeable frigate, a lone barge and two that might have once been schooners are all ablaze. A shiny slick on the surface is burning in places as well, creating a wall of wood and flame. The heat rises in searing sheets and the crackle of the fire and the crash of the surf masks any other sounds that might be present. A fifty foot-wide beach separates the burning waters of Kraken’s Cove from the cliff-like walls of the back of the sea cave. A ten-foot wide cave opens at the base of the wall near to where the wooden boardwalk terminates while at the far end of the beach a crude bridge spans across a tide pool to a second, small cave entrance. The swaths of blood and ragged body parts strewn across the beach testify to a terrible and recent battle upon sands here. Broken crates and bamboo cages litter the area, blood and bits of bone sprayed across bolts of silk and cracked barrels of dark liquid seeping into the coarse, rocky sand. A number of mangled corpses, each stripped nearly clean of flesh and bones cracked open, lie strewn about the beach. The casualties are staggering, with a quick count putting the dead at nearly twenty. Silver flies over the burning ships, looking for anything notable.

Valinya says, “So, you'll see I wasn't exaggerating earlier. But now, quickly, I must attend to Seeker before my last song runs to its end.”

Gorg stops to study the burning wreckage, hoping to gain some insight and sees that it looks like most of the ships are moored. The one on the beach probably burned through its anchor and drifted ashore, its listing on its side. As the group watches, one of the smaller vessel's masts crashes down, severing its mooring anchor. The ship begins to drift away from the others.

Seeker says, “Barbaric. Could Vanthus have done all this?”

Moonscar states, “I think his heart is capable of it, judging from his letters, but how did he poison or infect everyone?”

Valinya responds, “If it is a disease, and all signs are pointing in that direction, he'd not need to infect everyone, just a few and allow it to spread.”

Seeker’s head is starting to hurt again and his skin is feeling mangy again.

Gorg says, "I don't see anything unusual judging by what's left of the ships, doesn't seem like they expected anything unusual. It is nice to be out of the rain again though.”

Moonscar replies, “good point. Think it was the drugs?”

Sick Wolfen

Valinya sets to work, making sure Seeker is comfortable before she begins. Moonscar moves within staff reach toward the two. Valinya notices that Seeker is starting to hold his head again. Seeker starts panting and scratching again.  The group huddles in the corner of the cave while Valinya contemplates how to best serve Seeker and his current condition.

Silver loops around the burning ships looking to see if any of them might still be still sturdy enough to land on. Silver sees some spots on the two larger ships that she thinks she could land on, the fire shouldn't hurt her. Silver wonders and looks around for any spots that would let her peek in the hold of one of the bigger ships while trying to keep in mind that the deck may not be stable. She sees into one of the holds of the larger ships and all she can see is burning wood.

Arn grumbles, “What's with all of this infection, disease and crud? This is truly a cursed place.” Arn assumes that whatever has afflicted the monkeys and the crocodile has infected Seeker. “Maybe we can wrap this up and get Seeker back into town to find proper help in time.”

Valinya has no idea what is afflicting Seeker, besides that it could be the same thing that afflicted the crocodile, monkeys and possibly Shark Bait. Seeker says, “Maybe we should wait until we have more info,’ as he scratches himself vigorously. He feels dizzy and is having trouble remembering all the things he should be remembering. His brain feels like it is in backward.

Valinya whispers to herself, “Let's try the relieve sickness for now then” Seeker scratches at a dark spot on his face and the skin rips back, revealing hard white dots. Valinya asks, “A moment Seeker.”

The giant Wolfen thinks to himself, “Seeker iz dum.” Valinya leans in closer to examine the dots and he says, “No! Make Seeker fix now!” The dots look like tiny little spikes growing out of his mangy rash on the side of his face. Vaslinya casts her spell and Seeker’s head stops hurting and the ugly spot on his face seems to scab over. His head straightens out too and he seems back to normal again.

Valinya exclaims, “Whew! That should buy us a little time.”

Seeker shakes his head. "That's better. But how long can you keep doing that, Val?"

Valinya says, “Not much longer I'm afraid. But I have another idea ... I think.”

The smaller burning ship that had broken free of its anchor has drifted, being pushed by the rocking motion of the waves, toward the boardwalk. It smashes into a section of the walkway and tears it completely out! Gorg scowls, "guess we're not leaving that way..."

Arn sighs, “great.” The ship then founders and falls over, slowly sinking right in the entrance to the sea cave. It submerges nearly completely, just a few burning boards stick out of the water.

Silver says, "What, you don't want to swim it?"

Arn grumbles, “um. Not with 30 foot crocodiles in the water.”

Valinya says, “Come here Seeker. I have no idea what to do so ... I'm going to wing it and try something.”

Seeker says, “I trust you, Val.Let's do this.” Valinya reaches out tilt Seekers down so she can see his eyes then she grabs and holds Seekers hands in hers. Staring into his eyes she starts to sing. As Valinya sings this entirely new song, she sees into Seeker's insides. She can tell that he has been infected with some sort of savage fever disease and it will slowly destroy his mind and body until it leaves him like the monkeys and crocodiles, a savage mockery of his original self with tiny spikes, oozing sores, tentacles, extra arms, legs and maybe even head.

A look of insight crosses Valinya’s face then she slumps her airy form down to the ground in exhaustion. Valinya lies there resting but does say, "I'm not dead ... yet. Just resting a moment."

Seeker says, “Okay, good, I was about to ask.”

Valinya says, “Seeker, give me a few minutes to recover some strength then I'm pretty sure I can cure you before the other spell wears off.”

Seeker says, “Sounds great, Val. Those headaches are nasty!”

Arn walks up to Valinya as she sits on the beach. He puts his right hand on her shoulder, standing behind her.

Arn whispers to her, "Lass, without yer courage, skill and kindness, we would all be lost." He then kisses her on her forehead. His beard blows in his face as he tries kissing the airy form of Valinya. It feels funny, but somehow right. He smiles and walks back to guard duty.

Valinya mumbles to herself, "I must be hallucinating ... or ... wait" she sniffs the air. "Hm. Sober. Well what do you know, Iron fist but soft heart."

The temptation finally gets the better of Gorg, he wanders over and peeks down the closest corridor. He makes his way around to the corridor and as he gets closer, he hears a cacophony of sounds coming from within. Shrieks, yells, occasional sounds of fighting. He turns the corner and runs into 3 mutated pirates coming out of the cavern!

Silver gives up on the burning ships after a while and circles the inside of the cave in the air, looking for anything else interesting.

Mutant Pirate Attack!

Gorg, calling back to the others, "Hey guys, we've got company!"

Moonscar says, “Gorg - fall back where I can ward you.”

Arn takes off at full speed and hurls his mace at the closest creature.

Moonscar says, “Uncle - if you can stay within reach I can parry while you focus on taking them down. My staff is not that long Uncle. No really - it's only about 6 feet or so!” Moonscar sighs as Arn flings his enchanted mace, Olum Kanat Sican, at his foe's torso.

The Deformed Pirate attempts to dodge Arn's attack but fails and is thrown back by the blow!

Sings starts barking and looks as if she wants to charge forward and fight! Moonscar soothes Sings to Moon, “easy Little Sister,” as Sings to Moon charges in past Moonscar!

A Bestial Pirate lurches forward and calls to Gorg from the small head growing out of his shoulder "I eat you now! It swings chaotically at Gorg's torso with its sword. The strike initially looks true but then the pirate drops his blade! A 2nd pirate charges past Gorg while the one Arn downed with his mace leaps back to his feet!

Valinya gives a heavy sigh and she floats up and forward and up 3 yards and Silver flies to intercept the "monstrous" pirate.

Gorg takes a step back and swings Tempest at the closest pirate and hits. The pirate is thrown back by the force of the blow.

Seeker readies Charnag Velve and charges forward to help Arn and Gorg.

Arn catches his flying mace and steps up to engage the monstrous pirate with a mace shot to his head and the Pirate squeals when Arn misses then lunges forward and grabs at the Dwarf. The pirate wraps arms and short, oozing tentacles around the Dwarf! Arn attempts to parry the attack but despite his best efforts, the tentacle makes its way over and around Arn's shield.

Valinya sees Arn's predicament and sings softly to the distorted pirate, hoping to confuse his diseased mind but the pirate does not seem affected by the spell. Frustrated, Valinya cries out, “Hmph!”

Silver says, “OK, looks like this one is handled, let me get one of those,” and flits around to beside Gorg. She breathes deep, and blasts out with a cone of fire! The pirate attempts to avoid being burned then Gorg steps up and slams down the finishing blow on the prone pirate.

The Bestial Pirate attempts to dodge Gorg's attack, fails, and is smashed into the sand.

Seeker steps forward and attempts to behead the pirate attacking Arn. The pirate tries to dodge but fails and Seekers blade cuts through the neck of the pirate and hits off of Arn’s faceplate. As it falls to the ground, it lashes out and claws at Sings to Moon! But misses. Moonscar moves forward to guard the other two and get away fro the one that will soon explode. Arn no longer has a pirate hanging on him.

One of the Deformed Pirate cries out, "I'll get you my pretty!" as he slashes at Gorg's face with a claws and fails!

Arn advances while Valinya sees things are likely well under control so she drops to the ground gently to continue recovering her energy for her healing spell on Seeker. Nearby, Silver snaps her jaws at her opponent.

Dropping a hand from his maul, Gorg punches the pirate away from him, causing it to  stumble back.

Seeker drops Charnag Velve and readies a throwing axe but the remaining pirate is finally dispatched and everyone makes sure they step back from all of them before they explode and dissolve into greenish black spots on the sand.

Cast of Characters: 

+Arne Jamtgaard plays Seeker, a teenage Wolfen Warlord
+Stephen Kolmetz plays Valinya, an Elven Wildsong Mage
+Mike Biancone plays Arn, a surly Dwarven Warrior
+Amergin O'Kai plays Moonscar, the esoteric Kankoran Druid
+Daniel White plays Silver, a young and curious Dragon
+Mike Williams plays Gorgukk Torgnaz, an Ogre sailor and mauler
and +Jason GURPS as the GM

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