Sundered Lands 46

The Sundered Lands of Palladium

Session 46
March 16-25, 2017

The Hike to Kraken's Cove

Tuesday October 31

Hoofing It

The lay of the land

The rain still falls as the group watches the Tiny Titan slowly sailing away to the west. After Gorg tells everyone of the numerous ravaged animal carcasses nearby, the group checks their injuries, secures the boat on the beach and shoulders their gear to prepare for the hike in the rain.

Cinching his equipment up and making sure his harness is tight, Arn starts up the trail. “Enough monkeying around everyone!  We have to beat feet and get moving. Step it up and let’s double time it to make up for the delay caused by these fiends.”
Arn then starts up the trail leading the way.

Valinya freezes for a moment, staring at Arn incredulously. “Did you really just go there? ‘Monkeying around’ … I don’t know whether to be impressed or in agony. Maybe a bit of both.” Shaking her head Valinya sings her song, transforming herself into Elven vapor. Reflecting a moment  she mutters, “I’ve sung that song so much it’s a wonder I haven’t done it in my sleep.”

Seeker resheathes Charnag Velve and falls in behind Arn and the rest of the crew. Time is of the essence - we can take care of these scratches when we’ve determined the situation at Kraken Cove.

The group heads off on their short, one mile hike across the rocky headland. As they pick their way along the narrow path in the rain, they see the occasional signs of savagery that Gorg had seen back at the beach. Several times they are accosted by birds or small animals that behave as the monkeys on the beach did. Attempts to drive the creatures off are unsuccessful and they have to be killed, after which they fall into similar chaotic death throes before melting into tiny puddles of green acid. Two more of the savage monkeys attack the group as they hike, though only one at a time and they are easily dispatched. No one is injured by these attacks and no one shows any indication that they have been adversely affected like Seeker thought he was before Moonscar’s Chaperone Charm intervened.

Kraken's Cove

The path in
Finally, after the short hike, the group reaches the far side of the headland and can see the Blood Bay open up before them. The sun is now up over the horizon, or at least that is what everyone assumes, since no one can actually see it due to the thick cloud cover. The water of the Blood Bay looks almost black from this angle, the dark red grass growing beneath the surface reflecting only dark on this overcast day. A small sheltered cove lies below and just to the north of the group’s current location. The entrance to the sea cave cannot be seen from here, but the thick black smoke billowing out from near the water gives a good indication as to its specific location.

The path ahead can be seen to climb down toward the shore and Silver states that the path terminates at the edge of Kraken’s Cove and a wooden boardwalk, about 150 yards long, that hangs from the side of the cove itself that leads back into the sea cave. From this location, though, none of that can be seen due to the angle of the rocky shoreline. From what you can see though, it looks just like what Valinya described from her previous divination of what the parties next step was a few days ago.

As the group nears the cove, they take a moment to stop and take it all in.  Arn looks down the cliff with a scowl on his face. “Hrrrmmmm” he grumbles. “As much as I’d like to greet them at the front door, I wonder if we can find another way in and take them by surprise? Though they probably are not expecting us, I’d like to see if we could infiltrate their cove, or at least some of ye infiltrate and I can take Gorg and 1 or 2 others and cause a ruckus at the front door.”     

Arn stops, takes a drink from his mini-cask and wipes his drippings on his sleeve. In a nasally voice he comments again, “Of course Lefty thinks we shouldn’t split the group up….” Arn coughs, chuckles a moment and looks at his friends. Back in his normal gruff voice he comments, “So lads, what’s the plan?”

“First I want to confirm that this is indeed the place of my vision -  we are so close! As far as an entrance, I have a thought but it may be risky.  Where there is smoke there is a way in … at least for me. I can float down and use the smoke as cover, at least for a little bit, and get a look about.  Once inside hopefully I can scout some safely to seek out an alternate entrance. If it comes to it, I can also turn invisible to be sure I’m hidden.”

Gorg steps back towards Valinya, tentatively reaching a huge hand towards her ghostly arm, "Won't....would the smoke like....mess with you?  I think it's pretty neat and all, but... I guess I just don't understand it. Can you teach someone else to do that? Or do it TO someone else?  Cause that would be.....pretty cool!" His eyes glaze over a bit as he imagines being able to float around, and Arn would swear he heard just a bit of a giggle.

Valinya responds, “Um, I could do it to someone else but that would probably be a fun thing to do another time, Gorg. The smoke shouldn’t be an issue unless it’s moving the air too much from the heat.  But I appreciate your concern, I really do.” To show the truth of her words she gives Gorg an airy pat on the shoulder and a ghostly smile.

The group waits for Valinya for about 15 minutes, then fearing something happened, they start to mobilize to go to her rescue. But just then, the normally cheerful Elf maiden comes floating up in a cloud of smoke. She breathes heavily, even though everyone knows that she does not need to breath while she is in her air form. “It’s a mess down there! Ships on fire, huge beasts, degenerate pirates, a wind tunnel…. It was too much to go alone.” She floats down to the ground and everyone gathers around her as she delivers her scouting report, leaving out no detail, telling the story as if she were reliving it all over again.

Valinya Heads In

As Valinya enters the smoke, it becomes much harder for her to see. Initially she starts to cough, but then reminds herself that as a Body of Air, she does not need to breathe. In order to see where she is going, Valinya skirts the edge of the smoky area. She feels that she is still quite camouflaged.

From the front, this definitely looks like the place Valinya saw in her vision. She sees that the smoke is pouring out of a wide, natural sea cave mouth. It is plenty wide and tall enough for a sailing ship to enter. Lowering herself to just beneath the level of the ceiling of the sea cave, Valinya continues to follow the smoke inside.

After about 100 yards into a slightly curving tunnel, the space opens up into a much larger area. There is a wide beach and several ships in this grotto, all of them burning.
Valinya pauses to take full stock of the scene below her.

Valinya can see the wooden boardwalk that extends from outside at the Blood Bay all the way into the beach on the left side of the chamber. She can also see two passageways that lead into the the rock wall of the grotto on the far side of the beach. One near the main part of the beach and another further back, accessible by a makeshift bridge made of a wooden ladder and some cargo netting across a narrow stretch of sea water.

Acting on a hunch Valinya moves toward the further back passageway, hugging the ceiling as best she can while watching for any activity of note below. Seeing as how her best path is to the left and would take her near the other passageway Valinya proceeds clockwise, eyes shifting sharply to figure out the scene below her.

The scene below
The ceiling of the chamber dips down quickly toward the walls of the grotto and much of that space is filled with smoke, in fact, much of the room is filled with smoke, making any details very difficult to see. As she floats along, near the ceiling, she thinks she can see much debris covering the sandy beach, but then she realizes that most of the debris is actually dead bodies, and body parts. A few times Valinya thinks she can see movement, but never gets a good enough look to confirm it.

Cautiously Valinya moves closer to the ground where the smoke seems less thick.  She continues to move toward the passages, keeping an eye out not only for movement but also tracks in the sand.

Valinya sees there are tracks all over the sand. So many that it is impossible for her to make anything out except for possibly numerous people running back and forth across the beach, possibly dancing, fighting or acting out some chaotic play. There are definitely bodies on the sand, and lots of blood. The bodies are mostly torn apart and look to be sailors, or more likely pirates, though some smaller lumps of flesh and blood are visible as well, they are too difficult to identify in passing.

Again, back toward the main part of the beach, Valinya thinks she sees some movement, but cannot pin it down. Moving toward the secondary tunnel entrance at the far end of the grotto, the Valinya sees that the sand here is less disturbed, but still is occasionally crossed by erratic footprints.

Valinya continues her circumnavigation of the cavern, her goal still being the far passage accessible by the bridge.

Valinya makes it to the second entrance by floating across a deep pool of sloshing water between the two parts of sandy beach. The wet wooden ladder and netting seem extremely precarious and Valinya is glad she does not have to step on that to cross the water below. The cave entrance is about 8 feet high at the center and no wider than 3 or 4 feet across. Seeker and Gorg, and possibly Arn too, would have trouble traversing this passage.
As she floats and examines the cavern entrance, she hears several echoing shrieks from a distance come out of the tunnel. It is difficult to hear hear over the water below her and the ships slowly burning down to the water line behind her, but she is sure that she heard them though she has no idea what could have made them.

After casting a last glance around for any danger Valinya proceeds to the entrance, and, if clear further on, also looking for tracks in this direction.

Floating into the narrow fissure is easy enough for the airy Elf sorceress, but very quickly it becomes pitch dark as the light from the crackling fires behind her no longer shine this far in.

Hmm, well, it's not like I'm going to hurt myself much bumbling around, Valinya thinks to herself as she works up the courage to move into and down the tunnel essentially blind.

With one last deep breath she plunges forward to pinball around, hoping somewhere she can see or feel more. She decides the best tactic for now is to reach out and keep track of the walls on each side, trailing her hands to feel for openings.  

The  passageway goes on for some distance, maybe 30 yards or so before Valinya sees some faint light from up ahead. The further down the passageway she gets, the louder the sounds she hears become. The shrieks continue at random intervals. The occasional sound of metal clanging on metal. At one point, a deep rumbling roar, sounding too close for comfort blasts past her.

The passageway seems to open up just ahead of Valinya but her sight seems to be blocked by what appears to be a sheet draped across, just past the opening.

Well, that flimsy thing isn’t stopping me, Valinya convinces herself as she tries to float through a crack in the fabric enough to peer beyond.

The sheet is actually a long length of fabric, and it is not stretched directly over the mouth of the tunnel, so Valinya has no trouble floating into the room. She sees that she is in what appears to be a large chamber with a ceiling height of between 15-20 feet high. There are hooks and ropes and bars hanging everywhere in this room and what must be hundreds and hundreds of yards of fabric hanging from them haphazardly. The room is an irregular shape, probably 60 feet wide at its widest and 35 to 40 feet the other dimension. Valinya can see a few lanterns burning low along the wall, one to the left and one to the right. She assumes there are others around the room as the area is filled with a low, warm light.
Just then, something large grunts nearby, ahead of her, further in the room. She can see the fabric and lines moving up and down as something begins pushing its way through toward her.

In a bit of a panic, hoping whatever it is can’t see her even as she can’t see it, Valinya floats up to the ceiling, putting her back against it as if lying down, upside down, on the cavern roof.  Thinking maybe to catch whatever off guard she then slides and glides forward, toward the maker of sound only off to its right some, at roughly a 45 degree angle.

As Valinya floats up and over, she sees a large dark shape pushing through the hanging fabric below her. The creature is long and wide, about 15 feet from head to tail and resembles a narrow dragon, but much more muscular and with no wings or horns or any other draconic markings. The beats back is covered by slimy black tentacles though, each about 4-5 inches long, that squirm and wiggle as it moves forward. It pushes through the last fabric barrier and swings its bulky head back and forth. It snorts then raises its head and lets out an ear splitting screech.

Suddenly, Valinya sees more movement from further across the room as what she assumes is another large beast begins running across the room in her direction. The second creature calls out to the first and the first responds by roaring again. It then turns and raises its head again, sniffing at the air. It turns its head sideways and Valinya sees the light glinting off one large, reddish black eye that is looking straight at her.
Some dangerous inhabitants

Predators hunt by movement, she thinks quickly.  Valinya does her best to freeze, hoping the beast won’t really notice her.

Valinya realizes too late that these beasts must hunt based on smell as it snorts again and leaps up toward her, snapping its mighty, slime dripping fangs at her!

Almost without thinking Valinya sings a spell she has rarely used but apparently some part of her brain thought this was an excellent opportunity to use it!

Valinya blinks away from the biting creature, keeping distance with the other charging one as well. As she re-materializes, she feels a moment of disorientation, but then quickly finds her bearings.

After a quick glance of the scene below Valinya thinks maybe she could make the narrow passage and find relative safety … for the moment.  Seizing her opportunity she zips in that direction.

The beast slams its head into the entrance of the narrow passage and growls and roars, desperately trying to bite at Valinya, but its wide head and shoulders don’t permit it far enough into the passage to get her.

Valinya glares at the beast then speaks to it.  “I’m very tempted to put you in your place, you overgrown lizard, but I’ll save you for later.  I have friends who can take you down a notch. Or ten.” Sticking her tongue out at the beast - hey, no one is around to see her indulge some well-deserved childish behavior - Valinya turns to retrace her steps, intent on exploring the other passage.

Making her way back across the beach toward the first entrance, Valinya spots what she thought she saw moving earlier. Two humanoid forms, crouched low to the ground circle what looks to be a thoroughly ravaged body of a pirate. The are tearing and clawing at the carcass and pay no mind to Valinya passing quietly behind them.

Ugh, she thinks as she floats on.  More clean up for later. The boys will be so pleased.

Passing them by, Valinya continues to the larger, main entrances she passed by earlier. As she approaches, she realizes that she hears quite a bit of wind escaping from this passage and wonders how this will affect her flight speed. She nears the opening and can feel the strong, moist wind blowing out of the cave. It is strong but not enough to stop her from flying in, and, she thinks to herself, it will make escaping all that much faster.

Upon entering this taller, wider cavern, Valinya can hear nothing but the roaring wind rushing past her airy ears. The passage is about 15 feet wide and tall and heads straight back into the earth. She fights her way in about 40 feet or so when it opens into an intersection in the side of a larger room.

Degenerate pirates
This cavern must have served as a mess hall, yet now the large tables lie in ruins. Ahead, against the far wall, dozens of barrels that once contained fresh water and food stores have been smashed to splinters. Bodies lie throughout the cave in various stages of dismemberment and consumption - it’s hard to count the total dead due to the state of the corpses, but at least six people recently met a gory end in this cave.

In the far corner, one bent over figure hacks berserkly at something on a box in front of him while two other figures sit around another crate as if waiting to be served a meal. They all growl, chitter and squeak strangely, but do not notice Valinya, who has slipped out of the main stream of air and rests against the rock wall.

Two other passages lead out of this room, one heads immediately to the right, potentially back toward where she recently met the large toothed beasts and the other across the room, which is where the air seems to be coming from. A sudden roar and grunt can be heard echoing through the chamber. At this sound, the two badly deformed and mutated pirates turn and see Valinya floating there. They cackle, raise bloody cutlasses and lurch to their feet in a chaotic charge.

I don’t think so, Valinya mentally yells as she quickly turns and hurls herself into the jetstream of the tunnel, deeply thankful for the tailwind to hasten her retreat.

The wind tunnel pushes her out quickly back to the beach with the burning boats. As fast as she can, she flies up and out of the sea caves, to find her friends waiting impatiently for her at the top of the hill.

Valinya concludes her report, “So there you have it. I’m sure you boys could have handled those things quite easily but at least we have a general idea. Whatever the source of this odd corruption that seems to have infected so much of the wildlife here, it has corrupted things there as well. I couldn’t tell from the chaos who burned the ships, if they were all pirates or different groups. I would suppose this was some sort of pirate base and something brought in is the source of this corruption. Perhaps it affected those in the base and when ships returned the corrupted pirates attacked their fellows. But that is just my speculation. The lizard-dragon things noticed me quickly and by their snuffing I presume they hunt by smell. We could enter the same way I did with magic, levitating our group down. Or there may be another way. But that’s the strategy part I’ll leave to better trained minds. So … what do you think?”

Gorg looks around at the circle of faces crowded around Valinya, "Well let's go crush those things and see if they're all goopy and weird like those monkeys, right?"

Gorg leads the way down the rocky path toward the shoreline and the beginning of the long, wooden boardwalk that leads into the burning pirate haven known as Kraken’s Cove. Seeker, Arn, Moonscar and the wolf Sings to Moon follow on foot while Valinya floats along side. Silver takes to the rain filled sky and does some low circles around the group as they descend.
On the shore of the Blood Bay
At the bottom of the trail, along the rocky shores of the Blood Bay, the group comes across the body of a pirate, not completely ravaged, but definitely in bad shape, laying face down on the ground. A handful of small dark colored crustaceans are tearing at its back with deformed,oozing pincers. One of the small animals turns and waves its arms and several small tentacles in the party’s direction then starts scurrying forward, a tinny, bubbly, squeal coming from somewhere inside of it. As Arn kicks the thing away, out toward the water, the prone figure moans and moves, prompting the remaining crabs to renew their feast with vigor on its back and sides. The boardwalk leading into the smoking sea cave some distance away can be seen off to the left, hanging from the sheer side of the lagoon leading into Kraken’s Cove.

As the group nears the end of the boardwalk, Gorg glances over at Seeker and Arn, "How do you want to approach this?"

Sings To Moon is not comfortable with this
The mangled body lying on the beach moans again and shifts, as if trying to get up. It extends one ravaged and bloody arm out in front of it and begins to push itself up. With a cry of pain, the body collapses back onto the rocky ground. The tiny monstrous crabs continue their feast upon its bloody back, ripping through the water and blood soaked jacket to get to the soft flesh beneath. Sings to Moon, hackles up, moves forward, head down, growling deeply at the scurrying crabs. One of them waves a nasty looking claw toward her nose and Moonscar quickly moves forward, putting his small hand on her flank and whispering something quietly to her. The wolf, still tense, eases back from the grisly scene and stands behind her Kankoran companion.

Shark Bait

“We’re not going to just leave him here.  Someone clear off those crab things and turn him over.  We can pull him further ashore and I’ll heal him. If nothing else, maybe we can learn the tale of what happened inside.”  She pauses, looking at blank faces. “Or I can do it myself if you are frightened …” She leaves the bravery challenge to hang.  

Seeker was already moving. He uses one of his throwing axes to scrape the mutant crabs off the pirate with one hand as he grabs the bloody arm with the other and drags him further up onto the shore. His stomach turned as he saw up close the twisted forms of the crabs and the Human. “Here you go, Val. Help him if you can. If not…” He let the possibility hang in the air between them.

The mutilated body is that of a Human male. Still alive, though covered with wounds too numerous to count. The man is coughing up blood and shaking a bit, though whether that is due to his injuries or because he is soaked by the lightly falling rain is unclear. The man’s face, chest and arms are covered in huge areas of what looks to be a black rash with tiny little white bumps spaced over them. He opens his eyes and stares wildly around, not seeming to be able to focus on anything. He mumbles something that is completely incomprehensible, then spits up a mouthful of liquid that looks to be blood, but is way too black. His head rolls to his shoulder and his eyes close again.

“Poor fellow.  Of course I say that and it may be he’s really a cold-blooded murdering pirate who’d cut my throat in a heartbeat but until proven otherwise … “ Valinya mutters.  After a pause she sings a song of strong healing, her airy hand hovering on his chest.

Shark Bait
Valinya’s magic passes into the wounded man, and for a brief moment, a peaceful calm passes over his pained face. He winces again, then grunts loudly before opening his eyes again. This time they focus on the gathered faces around him. “Aye, what? Who’n da hells be you lot? Where’d ya come from?” He squints as the rainfall splashes into his eyes and he looks around, gathering his bearings. “Where’n da hells am I? Wot’em I doing outside? This still Kraken’s Cove? Arrrgh, oww, wat happen’d ta me, mates? You do this?”
“We were hoping you could tell us what was going on,” Valinya said.  “Especially seeing as how I just saved your life. The crabs were eating you alive and I healed you.  So as an expression of your gratitude why don’t you tell us who you are, what this place is and how you came to be here?  We would be most grateful …” Valinya pauses and waves her arm towards Seeker and Gorg “ … and it would be most unfortunate for you to anger or disappoint my rather large and volatile friends here.  They are prone to sudden violence”

The still considerably wounded pirate shakes his head and looks around, “Yea, thank ye for that, Elf. Much obliged. Ye can call me Shark Bait, if ya need ta.” He glares up at Seeker and Gorg who are looming over him, “Yea, don’t seem to be much use fer fighting now. Can’t barely feel me arms or legs. We was having a riotous good time last night, lots o’ drinking and whatnot. The Black Eel arrived bout 10 er so last night. They was bringing in some special cargo twas headed fer ports further east, but they also had come across a huge shipment ah wine and liquor an their captain, Kigante, said they was to be making so much off their other cargo they din even need ta worry bout selling the libations, we we had a party! An that scoundrel from Essanos, the Sea Harpy Vanthus, had brought some other stuff, Pesh and Flayleaf, so we was already in tha mood to party, ya know? But then late in the night, somtin happened. Bells started goin off, folks yellin. I guess I was sleepin it off. Next thing I know Cap’n Javell be kicking me in da ass, tellin me that the boats was burning and someone was trying to make off with the Eel.” He shakes his head and puts his hand on his face, clearly still in pain. “Then, I can’t right make out what happened next. There was this noise, but it was like so loud it was quiet, you know what I mean? Like I could hear the sounds goin on but I couldn at the same time. Then ere’thing went red, not like I was gettin mad er nothin, but fer real, ere’thin turned red, like sumbody covered ere’thin with thin red silk er somethin like that. Knocked me down, threw us all to the ground.” He stops and stares back over his shoulder, back toward where the smoke is still pouring out of Kraken’s Cove. He coughs and spits out another mouthful of very black blood. He winces and closes his eyes again. He shakes his head, then shakes it a bit more violently and lets out a cackle-ish sound. He goes still and breathes heavy for a moment, holding the sides of his head with his bloody hands. Arn chokes up on the handle of his mace, ready to use it in close quarters. Shark Bait then opens his eyes and looks around again, this time he looks terrified out of his mind. He starts shaking again a bit as he speaks, “Like ah said, that red, it knocked us down, all of us, but when we got up, they was not the same. They was like horrors from muh worstest nightmares, worse’en that even. They had claws and teeth an tentacles and they was crazy, went all ferocious and started tearing into me. I recall fightin em off for a minute, saw a few others oh me mates doing the same, but then don’t recall much til you sat me up just now,” his gaze wanders off to stare out over the Blood Bay and Shark Bait begins crying, at first a low sob, then within moments a full on blubbering wail.
Valinya gives a soft sigh.  She tries to give Shark Bait a comforting pat but her hand just breezes against his skin.  “Take a moment, collect yourself. It was hard but it’s over now. Well, for you. We have to go in there and clean up the mess.  I’ve scouted the area and … not much alive. Well, not much that’s human anymore.” Turning to her comrades she said, “In my vision I saw a black eel swimming towards the cove … not exactly a ship but a remarkable coincidence.  We’re on the right track.” Looking back at the sailor … well, pirate, Valinya said, “Take a moment to pull yourself together man. You’re safe now but we’re not. We need to know more about what was going on. Tell us more about Vanthus.  

Shark Bait stops his crying and spasms in pain. He holds the sides of his head and cries out, “Ahh, yea, Vanthus. He be a slick lubber, him. Din like em much, but he was fun ta hang out with. Was here when we dropped anchor a few days ago. Word was dat him and his woman, Brissa, tink dat was her name, was ere ta deal with Cap’n Kigante but I dun know bout what really, so theys just kinda hanging around for a bit, talking us up, buyin drinks and passing out their stuff lil bit here and there.” He tenses up again in some sort of spasm, then relaxes and lets out a sigh. “Like I said, din truss the man one knot, just sometin bout im that din float right. You cud tell he love himself too much. Too much swagger, an thats sayin somtin fer a bunch ah pirates and reavers like us, ya know. I think…”

Croc Bait

Shark Bait is interrupted by an explosion of water and dark scales a handful of yards away at the water's edge as a huge dark shape emerges rapidly from the water and heads straight toward the group. A giant crocodile, at least 20 feet long clambers over rock and sand faster than one might think possible for a creature that weighs several thousand pounds. This amphibious beast has strange bony protrusions and what looks to be two extra tooth filled mouths protruding from behind each of its shoulders. Black oozing patches can be seen in various places on its thick, dark scales. It bats through the crowd, knocking both Seeker and Gorg out of the way before clamping its teeth firmly down around Shark Bait and whipping around to head back to the water. Arn is nearly knocked off his feet by the crocs powerful tail as it slams into him while the beast turns.

Croc attack
Arn was caught off guard by the size and speed of the Croc.  Still it is an opportunity to engage. Arn takes god aim with his enchanted mace as the creature turns and exposes it flanks...aiming for an area that may contain lungs or some other vital organ.   
Somehow the enormous creature manages to avoid the strike to its flank.
Gorg steps forward swinging Tempest in an arcing overhead shot, looking to bring the shot down onto the creature's spine.  
Seeker sees the croc grab the pirate and head for the water. Excuse me, I don’t think we were done talking to him yet. He sets out to cripple the croc so it can’t escape.
The massive croc manages to twist and shift just so to avoid Gorg’s crushing blow. It also manages to avoid being struck by Seeker’s first rapid strike. Seeker’s second slash, however, finds its mark and Charnag Velve bites deep into the dark scales of the great beast’s front leg. Seeker feels the blade bite into the croc’s bone before it slides back out. The creature lets out a terrifying roar as it turns to look in Seeker’s direction. Shark Bait’s limp body falls from the gaping maw of the monster.
Moonscar’s wolf companion, Sings to Moon growls and leaps forward toward the crocodile scrambling over the rocky beach, but Moonscar stops her quickly, realizing that Sings is just the right size for a crocodile snack!
Seeing that Shark Bait, that had to be a name given to him not one he picked for himself, right?,  was safely out of the mouth for the moment, Valinya felt free to let go. Singing and summoning the power of the storm she flings her electrical energy at the large beast.  
Silver blinks for a moment. Where the heck did THAT come from?  Just as well I wasn’t swimming around here…  She takes off to get above the large lizard in order to cook it from above.
As Silver flaps her wings to gain some altitude, Valinya lets fly her bolt of lightning at the monstrous amphibian before her. With the crocodile preoccupied with several others trying to bang on it and her position nearly directly behind the beast, her attack makes a direct hit with no chance of the degenerate reptile avoiding it. Sparks fly and arcs of electricity move up and down the scales and spikes protruding from its back. The enormous beast shakes for a moment and is clearly stunned by the electrical blast. It just stands there for a moment, then shakes violently and roars, ready for more!
Shock the crock

Cast of Characters: 

+Arne Jamtgaard plays Seeker, a teenage Wolfen Warlord
+Stephen Kolmetz plays Valinya, an Elven Wildsong Mage
+Mike Biancone plays Arn, a surly Dwarven Warrior
+Amergin O'Kai plays Moonscar, the esoteric Kankoran Druid
+Daniel White plays Silver, a young and curious Dragon
+Mike Williams plays Gorgukk Torgnaz, an Ogre sailor and mauler
and +Jason GURPS as the GM

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