Sundered Lands 44

The Sundered Lands of Palladium

Session 44
February 27-March 11, 2017

Welcome to the Blood Bay

Tuesday October 31st

An Early Morning Row

The companions drop their gear and then themselves down into the sturdy rowboat launch of the Tiny Titan. The Titan is about ¼ mile or so from the rocky shore but a narrow beach can be seen behind some tall rock islands jutting out from the water. By Silver’s estimation, the walk from the beach overland to Kraken’s Cove was about a mile or so, though probably more like 3-4 miles to boat around the point and into the Blood Bay.

Seeker gives things some thought. “I think we can get there faster if we head straight to shore and use the overland route Silver found. Rowing and hiking are roughly the same speed, and going all the way around the headland adds several miles to the trip.” He pauses. “The only benefit I can think of for rowing the whole way is that if we then needed the launch, it would be there with us, and not a mile away. So, any objections to a hike?”

“I will take land over water every time if it is reasonable as far as time.  Besides, we would be easier to spot rowing in.  We can use the terrain as cover to hide our approach.”

Looking around at the group uncomfortably huddled in the launch, Gorg makes an assumption and turns towards land, rowing with a renewed vigor.  “I’ll have us there shortly guys.”

As Gorg maneuvers the small craft toward the beach, the sun slowly rises above the far horizon, sending its bright rays out across the active coastal waters. The sky above is still heavy with clouds and this may be the only moments of sunshine all day. The launch rocks and rolls in the tumultuous waves and as they get closer to the shore and the sun rises higher it becomes clear why this area is called Blood Bay. Thick red plants sway back and forth just beneath the foamy waters surface. It appears that the plants are growing everywhere in this general area. The closer the boat gets to the shore, the more trouble Gorg starts experiencing. Aggressive waves begin to pummel the craft and unseen rocks reveal themselves at the last minute.

A light rain starts to fall again as Gorg and Seeker expertly pilot the crowded launch around the dangerous rocks to the sandy shore. Seeker leaps into the cold, frothy water and pulls the boat ashore.  Several sea birds, including a familiar gull that swoops down at Moonscar, take flight loudly complaining that their rest has been disturbed. After everyone disembarks, they begin to pull the craft further up the beach to secure it near some rocks.

Suddenly, another kind of rain falls down on the party as numerous rocks fill the sky and crash down on unsuspecting heads. Loud animal screeches follow and all least 10 monkey like creatures leap up from hiding places among the rocks and advance upon the companions.

As the beasts approach, it becomes clear that these are no ordinary monkeys but horrifically deformed and mutated creatures. Each one is different but all bear large fangs and claws, bony protrusions from various body parts and sickly green and black oozing sores all over. Some have grown wicked clawed tentacles, others have additional biting mouths on their necks and sides, one has 2 extra black scaly legs and one even has an extra head growing out of its shoulder!

Gorg steps up next to Moonscar with Tempest in hand, then glances over to Seeker, "Friends of ours?"

Seeker sees the twisted creatures and gives up hope that this can be resolved peacefully. Ai, Wolvenar, they are corruption incarnate! Let us hope that we can end their tortured existences swiftly. He draws Charnag Velve and leaps to the forefront of the party, roaring and hoping to provide a distraction from the more fragile members of the team.

Arn steps up and flings his enchanted mace at one of the mutant monkeys approaching on the left. The running creature tries to dodge the incoming projectile but fails. Olum Kanat Sican crashes into its chest, sending it flying nearly 6 feet back. The mace then reverses its direction and flies back to Arn’s hand. “Take that ya nas…” Arn starts to call out but the words trail off as he realizes that the battered monkey had barely hit the ground before it continued its charge ahead.  Silver takes to the air and does a low, swooping pass over the approaching monkeys, hoping to scare them away but her flyby has little to no effect on them. Moonscar eases forward on his rocky perch, holding Sunstroke at the ready in front of him in a defensive position. Sings to Moon eases forward, a deep, low growl coming from inside her. She starts to leap forward but stays at Moonscar’s quiet word. The druid takes a moment to study the approaching animals and does not like what he sees, mostly because he has never seen anything like it before. Valinya eases back a step and begins casting a spell.

With blood curdling screeches, the monkeys continue their charge. Most of the ones on the left side of the field veer off toward Seeker, though the one that was struck by the mace heads in Arn’s direction. One runs forward and leaps up, trying to grab at the Dragon flying overhead and just misses Silver’s tail. The remaining four charge up from the right and leap atop a wide rock, their momentum carrying them forward to the attack.

Seeker finds himself mobbed by savage, ravaging monkey monsters. Two of them  cling to his chest while a third one fails to find purchase on his left leg. A fourth monkey is close and charging in. The two beasts grabbing Seeker use their hands, feet, and even some strange tentacle like appendages to really grab on. They are stronger and heavier than Seeker would have guess and their weight really begins to impede his movement.

Arn recovers his mace and starts forward again, lining up the charging foe and hurls his mace at the creature once more.

Arn’s mace smashed once again into the charging monkey, sending it flying back another yard. This time, the broken and battered body hits the sand. It convulses for a moment, lashing out with arms and legs but then falls still, the rain spreading the dark pool of blood forming beneath it.

Seeker ignores the foul creatures crawling over him and calls on his god. He roars “Wolvenar! Aid me!”

Gorg glances over and sees Arn and Silver within reach of Seeker.  Assuming they can aid him, and not wanting to leave Moonscar and Valinya unprotected, Gorg steps towards the line of mutant monkeys charging from his right.  As they rush towards him he waits for them to come within his extended reach, aiming for the rightmost creature with a level swing that he hopes may knock a few of the others off their stride as well.

Seeing Seeker swarmed with monkey things Valinya floats closer slowly and sings her fearful song over them trying to shoo them beasts away.

It does not seem as if Valinya’s spell has had any affect at all on the attacking troop of monkeys and they carry on with their attack.

Moonscar hops down from his rock and steps toward Valinya, urging Sings to Moon to do the same, hoping to protect the spell casting Valinya. Silver wheels around and gains some altitude so the strange monkeys lose interest in trying to grab her tail.

The two monkeys that are grappling Seeker are joined by two more trying to grab ahold of him. The first two writhe and jerk around erratically trying to bite Seeker in the face with large, black and white fangs. Fortunately only one of them even comes close. The other two monkeys try latching on to Seeker’s legs with chaotic, flailing arms and legs. One of the monkeys comes all the way around to Seeker’s backside but fails to find a good grip.

As the rest of the monkeys approach, the waiting Gorg unleashes his Tempest. The mighty maul lashes out, but the strange monkey manages to hop over the blow. Tempest’s solid head flies right past and crashes into the large rock, sending out a shower of rock shards. The monkeys continue their charge, leaping over the rock and coming right to Gorg.The tiny little creatures leap toward him, hands and feet outstretched to grapple.

A final, lone monkey charges up the middle and leaps to the prow of the boat, careful to stay out of reach of the Ogre’s massive hammer.

Seeker feels the sharp, nasty teeth of the savage monkey bite into his muzzle and tear at the flesh. The bite stings and burns, almost as if it were on fire. The monkey’s breath is horrid on top of that. He feels yellow white pus from the boils on the monkey’s face splatter on his own face, nearly getting into his eye. On the other side of the beach, Gorg finds himself also burdened by a trio of nasty, grabbing monkeys. One clings to his side and two others cling to each one of his legs.

Cast of Characters: 

+Arne Jamtgaard plays Seeker, a teenage Wolfen Warlord
+Stephen Kolmetz plays Valinya, an Elven Wildsong Mage
+Mike Biancone plays Arn, a surly Dwarven Warrior
+Amergin O'Kai plays Moonscar, the esoteric Kankoran Druid
+Daniel White plays Silver, a young and curious Dragon
+Mike Williams plays Gorgukk Torgnaz, an Ogre sailor and mauler
and +Jason GURPS as the GM


Grand Duchy 113

Grand Duchy of Adventure

Session 113
February 22, 2017

The Long Road Back to Byxata

Lunadain 11th Klarmont

Kasiex has headed off ahead of the Company to scout the path down to the valley floor. Iris has stowed away several pieces of the strange plant in her pack. A small patch of her wrist tingles a bit, though not as irritating as the greying flesh on her face and neck. Iris frowns. "Watch the sap," Iris pants as she moves along the path. "It's mildly itching, at the moment."

The wind can be heard blowing through the rocks above, but none currently is blowing along the rocky path. The sun is beating down like the hottest of summer days and there is very little shade in sight. Iris makes her way down the path and tries to keep an eye on the mounts while she does. Draven keeps looking at Iris's growing Mummy Rot and acts as if he is going to say something, then turns away, a defeated look on his face. For her part, Iris pretends not to notice.
After some time has passed, Iris stops and says, "Does anyone mind if I sling my pack on their mount?"

Griffin offers, “Of course not.” Iris smiles and hefts her bag onto the creature's back

There has been no sign of Kasiex for some time and the path is about ready to become exposed as it makes its final descent down to the valley floor. Griffin scans the trail for and tracks of their scout and he sees quite a few signs that Kasiex no doubt left behind, as well as some that he assumes the Wildsteward left behind unintentionally.

Griffin says, "We should approach the valley floor slowly. Keep watch for Kasiex"
Iris nods. She is feeling the heat of the day coupled with the exhaustion of being in the mountains for several days, not to mention the Mummy Rot she is carrying as well...

Remar is also struggling to remain cool today. His robe is heavy with sweat and continues bunching up between his knees. There is some general heavy breathing, sighing, complaining coming from many members of the expedition. This is the hottest day anyone has experienced so far this year, and for being up in the mountains, it must be REALLY hot elsewhere. Everyone else seems to be suffering from the heat.

Iris stumbles and softly curses, then drops to a crouch. Griffin remarks sarcastically to himself as he wipes the sweat from his face, “Yea, but it's a dry heat.”

Remar decides he has had enough of the heat and casts a spell making him magically immune to the heat of the day. He then looks to see if anyone appears fairly hampered by the heat and decides they are doing ok for the moment. Remar whistles a bright and happily uplifting tune, his long hair flowing behind as he rides astride his lizard mount.

As the Company moves out along the trail that is more exposed, they hear what sounds suspiciously like a Hutaakan trying to whistle like a bird from down below. Iris looks for Kifein, who was standing right behind her the whole time, trying to hide in her shadow, looks at her. Iris looks startled and asks, "Is that Kasiex calling to us?"

Draven points down the slope to the edge of the woods, "There he is, signaling from behind that brush there. See him?" Iris peers in the direction Draven is pointing. Everyone easily sees Kasiex, though Iris keeps getting sweat in her eye and cannot spot the Hutaakan. She scrubs at her face.

The central part of the valley is visible from this location, though quite hazy in the distance due to the heat. The archway campsite can be seen clearly, and no movement can be seen there. Smoke tendrils can be seen to the north and west over the tops of the forest indicating the Traldar and their settlement. Kasiex steps out and motions all clear and for the others to come down. Iris sees Kasiex now and says, "Ah, there he is." Iris begins picking her way down the path.

Once the group has rejoined with Kasiex, he says that in order to make it back to Byxata on this day, in this heat, the group should stick to the stream so water will not be a problem or extra weight for hiking. He suggests following it to the edge of the forest and then skirting around to the south, then along the shores of the lake and north toward Byxata. It will take a bit longer but being close to water will be extra important.

Iris says, "Mmmm, water sounds lovely"

Griffin thinks this plan makes the best sense. It is a bit longer of a trek but it will be important to keep near the water to fight off the effects of the heat. He says, "An excellent, plan, Kasiex. I was hoping our path would keep us close to the water."

Kasiex says in broken Thyatian, “Probably not make back to Byxata by after midnight. Might have trouble at gates, but can camp outside walls until morning light if must.”

Iris sighs and nods again.

Kasiex continues, “Even going straight there, not make it back before nightfall. Just too far.”

Iris says, "Well, is there a fortified spot you know of that we can reach before nightfall?"

Kasiex answers, “Archway camp, you fortify somewhat. Some broken temples, but walking dead too dangerous. Running out of food. Might hunt in woods.”

Iris says, "I trust your judgement, Kasiex. Remar knows of some good spells to hide us. I can translate, if you like"

Griffin says, "Let's keep track of defensible positions, but I 'd really like to get back tonight."

Iris says, "Oh...sure. No problem."

Remar says, "Would you all rather I resist you from this heat? So you are more fortified should danger arise on the way, as it has nearly multiple times each day?"

Iris says, "If it, If it wouldn't be too much of a strain, that'd be great, Remar"

Griffin says, "That sounds great!"

Remar casts Resist Fire on several members of the Company while Kasiex pants in the heat.

Remar asks, “Iris?”
Iris answers, “Yes?” She immediately feels cooler, as if the sun beating down no longer shines on her and visibly relaxes. "Thank you, ahhh, that's so much nicer," she says.

Griffin says, "Thanks, mate!"

Remar remarks in an ancient and mystical tongue, “C'est la vie!”

Half of the group now feels much more comfortable in the heat of the day. Marcel, Ree and Stephen look on in jealousy. Remar looks at Kifein and Kifein looks back at Remar with those puppy dog eyes...

Kifein says "Magical one, save your..." then stops when she realizes Remar has already cast his spell. "As I was saying.. save your energy. You may need it soon! I might be covered in fur, but I'm no bitch." She smiles then adds, "You shouldn't have. Thank you."

Kasiex cocks an eye in her direction and mouths, "yea she is" to the others..

Remar Hunts with Bolts from Lizard-back as mounted practice because...well, when else do you learn how to do cool shit like this while Kasiex leads the Company out into the valley, across a grassy plain to the banks of the shallow stream. Everyone drinks deeply of the flowing mountain stream, even the lizards who do not ever seem to drink much, dip their forked tongues into the cool water. Kasiex says they should pass the archway in less than 30 minutes

A few hours of travel, or of travel and extended rest for those not under the magic spells of Remar, brings the Company to the edge of the wood in the middle of the valley. The shade from the tall pines is welcome even to those protected from the heat, as the sun is bright and seems to shine off of anything and reflect right into peering eyes. Iris moves toward a pine and sits down, resting her back against its rough bark. She comments, "This is nice." She rests but keeps her eyes open for signs of game, just in case.

Just as the group prepares to move out again from their most recent rest, Griffin,
Remar and Iris all simultaneously notice a dark plume of smoke rising in the east.
Griffin says, "Oh, great."

Iris says, "Huh. Grass fire, maybe? Or camp fire? Looks like a large campfire possibly, it's thin.” She pauses then says, "I don't understand why anyone’d want to cook in this heat" The smoke looks like it might be coming from just past the far edge of the large lake in the center of the valley.

Griffin says, "Kasiex, can you scout ahead as we follow? We'll stay under the edge of the trees and hope to avoid detection."

Kifein is worried about it. That is much too far to the east to be the  Traldar and Hu'taka would never reveal themselves like that in the open. Kasiex thinks that the smoke is probably about as far from this side of the lake as the Company.

Realizing the implications of Kifein’s assessment, Griffin says, "Crap. I was wondering when he would show up." He ponders for a moment then adds, "Kasiex, how bad would it be if we went around the north side of the woods? Would we still make it to Bytaxa tonight?" He had hoped they had more time before Golthar and his cadre arrived in the valley.

Remar asks, “Do you think it is them, found a way through and caught up?”

Kasiex says "Should we go that way? Toward the foes you told us about? We can go around the forest here, we will just be further away from the water."

Griffin says, "Yea, Remar, I do. Who else could it be? You heard Kifein."

Iris says, "Maybe...today isn't a good day for a fight. Kasiex, can you obscure signs of our passing? Just in case?"

Kasiex nods to Griffin, "Yes, we could make it back tonight still," then nods to Iris, "I can do that as well."

Griffin says, "Okay, let's get a move on."

Remar says, "He and his ilk may be tired as well. I wonder where they are heading? If encountering them is unavoidable and we must face them, I'll likely need to drop the heat protections if you want anything more than bolts from me."

The Grey Company makes some changes to their travel plan and skirt around the north edge of the woods. Remar gets some target practice at some squirrels and birds and finds that it is much more difficult hitting targets from lizardback than he imagined but he does manage to bring down a few tasty morsels, though his lizard mount pounces on the first two takes before Remar can even get them. Iris beams at Remar when she sees he remembered to feed New Boots. Eventually, night falls, though that only provides minimal relief from the days heat. The travel becomes slower in the dark and much of the trip keeps Kasiex away from the party as he does his best to hide their tracks. Finally, sometime around 10pm, the lights on the walls of Byxata are seen!

Iris looks worriedly behind them. "I don't feel right, going in without Kasiex." She looks over at Griffin to see what his reaction is.

Griffin prepares to go out again to search for Kasiex but Kifein stops him. "The Wildsteward is fine, It is what he does. What he lives for. He shall return." Griffin frowns, but concedes.

After some shouting, Kifein convinces them to open the gates. Kforedz meets them inside the walls with a group of soldiers. Kasiex still has not returned to the group.

Kforedz says "Welcome back. Did you recover what you went for? Iris smiles at Kifein and nods. Kforedz is overcome with joy to see the Knowledge of Elders and the other items recovered from the Vault. She has some servants show you to your chambers, telling others to bring food and drink as necessary.

Griffin says wearily, “Ok folks, let’s get some rest!”

"First things first. Iris and Kasiex require...special attention." Remar says and he and Draven explain the Mummy Rot to Kforedz.

Kforedz looks at Iris. "That is nasty. We can take care of that, I hope.”

"I do too," Iris whispers.

Kforedz says "It requires two kinds of magic? I fear that I can only perform the spells to remove the disease. Can you break the curse Remar? We shall deal with brave Iris now, and stalwart Kasiex when he returns."

Iris looks hopefully at Remar.

Draven shrugs and says "I can do both, but unfortunately I have spread my faith too thinly of late and I dare not risk calling down a worse fate in my attempt." He retires to the sleeping area to rest and meditate. Marcel, Stephen and Ree all follow closely behind.

Remar lets his other spells expire then gets down to casting the powerful Remove Curse spell to try and get rid of Iris’s Mummy Rot. Griffin looks on helplessly andIris sits for the spell. Remar pants and wheezes and says, "...and with this cleansing power finally channeled through these arcane hands, I break the vile taint that threatens to consume my friend!"

Kforedz follows Remar's spell up with one of her own, fully removing the undead taint that has been plaguing her. The color slowly returns to Iris's face, though the skin still looks stretched and wrinkled. Iris' eyes are bright with unshed tears as she thanks Kforedz profusely in broken Hutaak'a then turns to Remar and hugs him tightly, then steps back awkwardly and says, "thanks."

Kforedz says, “You should rest child. I can place a spell on you that will heal the damage caused by the foul sickness while you sleep. Come.” Still grinning, Iris follows Kforedz and waves to Remar and Griffin on her way out. As Iris leaves, the others decide to turn in too. Griffin thanks Kforedz, then eagerly seeks out his bedroll. Remar collapses as soon as Iris leaves. The next morning comes before anyone can even realize it!

Gromdain 12th of Klarmont

Remar starts to come awake saying, "...I...I did it...did you see? I can do it…” He realizes that hie is still fatigued from all the recent adventuring and plans to rest for the entire day.

Word is brought round that Kasiex reported in early that morning but did not stay. Griffin says, "Man, wildstewarding keeps him busy..."

Iris says, "No doubt." She then turns her head left, then right. "See?! It's gone!" Iris looks good as new.

Griffin says, "Lovelier than ever." Iris blushes furiously and smiles, tucking her chin as she does so.

Remar says, “Aye.”
Kifein and Kforedz, along with some other wise and clerical Hutaakan sequester themselves away with the Knowledge of Elders but leave word to rest and recuperate. This day is not as hot as the previous day and everyone is given light, well made and clean garments to wear. Offers are made to maintain armor and weapons for the party, if they so wish. Many services are available, though none of the Hutaakan seem to happy or talkative with the Company members. Ree, Marcel and Stephen spend the day sleeping and eating. Draven spends it in meditation.

Griffin checks in on the lizards, making sure they are being well-taken care of. He happily offers his armor and sword to be cleaned. He'll check in with the team to see if there is anything they need. Remar is resting and doing some light Grimoire reading throughout the day.

Iris says, "My saber could use the attention, though I don't like imposing on the Hutaakan. I don't get the feeling we're particularly welcome, still"

The Grey Company spends the entirety of the day resting and relaxing and then finally sleeping through another night. Griffin notices that his necklace light winks out this evening. Iris's magical light blinks out on her necklace as well.

Tserdain 13th of Klarmont

The next morning everyone wakes up completely refreshed. It is a completely glorious morning, the sun is shining, a soft breeze can be heard blowing across the rooftops. It is warm but not hot. Kasiex returns as the Company is breaking their fast. Remar can be heard occasionally...gloating to himself, maybe?
The Hutaakan looks in poor shape. He has lost some fur on his neck and shoulder and is stooped over. "The newcomers to the valley, they have passed by and headed toward Ronkan."

Iris says, "Oh gosh, are you ok?"

Kasiex ignores Iris’s query on his health, "This is bad news. But there is more." Shouting and angry growls and barking sounds can be heard from out in the hallway where Kasiex has just entered from.

Cast of Characters: 

Garrett "Griffin" Constantine, a Thyatian rogue of a gambler from Penhaligon rolled by +Arne Jamtgaard 

Draven Rickart, a Thyatian Acolyte of the Church of Karameikos ministered by +Jason Packer with help from +Patrick Burke 

Remar Umerusan Alphatian battle mage that escaped forced service in the Thyatian army currently marshalled by +Patrick Kelly 

Iris Vardaa Thyatian explorer and historian searching for answers and adventure, now guided by +Stephanie Kelly 

Kasiex, a Hutaakan Wildsteward used to ranging the mountains and valleys now led down a new path by +Patrick Burke 

and +Jason Woollard as The DM


Sundered Lands 43

The Sundered Lands of Palladium

Session 43
February 26, 2017

Off To Blood Bay

October 30

On the Tiny Titan

The captain has stated that it will take some time to get to The Blood Bay and Kraken's Cove, possibly longer depending on the weather. He is very weary of pirates and raiders in this area as they have been very active in recent months. He wants to sail past the Blood Bay and put in on the headland which should be very near to Kraken's Cove based on the intel you recovered from the Sea Harpy lair. Shortly after losing sight of Essanos and the many ships in her soon to be closed port, one of the sailors calls you over.

Parsons 'Crooked' Barlow says "Hey all, quite good to see ya again."

Seeker says, “Thanks!”

Parsons 'Crooked' Barlow says "Yer little friend, the one with the wings an such? He was a buzzing around up near the crow’s nest a little bit earlier, then he stopped all tha sudden and looked like he seen a ghost! Then he tol me ta tell you that he had to "go back home" and would see you all soon."

Valinya adds, "Hmm. That doesn't sound good."

Parsons 'Crooked' Barlow says "He then turned north, toward the shore, not back toward Essanos er nothin, and then flew off!"

Arn wonders, “Why do ye suppose the ships were after us? Lockdown on the harbor since the Sea Harpy incident?” then joins the conversation about Fortis and adds, “could be that his family troubles have tracked him down once again”

Silver announces, “If I'm going to do scouting later, I should find a place for a nap first.”

Gorg helps Silver find a good napping spot, and explains the situation to the new additions to the ship. Silver finds a nice spot to nap in Dragon form, while the others find a dry spot below decks. The Captain says it should be about daybreak when they reach the far side of Blood Bay. Silver says, "Ooh that should be a good spot." She stretches and lets out a big yawn, and slowly shimmers and transforms into her dragon form. Once done, Silver looks over towards a gasp, obviously from one of the new mates, and winks at him, before curling up in a relatively out of the way section of deck.
Seeker pitches in with the sailors if they'll let him.

Gorg finds as much time as possible between first mate tasks to keep the group informed on the ship’s progress.

Valinya flits about the boat a bit to explore.

Arn initially takes in some of the passing sights and observes the crew at work. Picking up some new skills never hurts, but than retires to rest since he knows the day break will bring hard work and a hike.

Seeing so many of the group wanting to assist the crew to stay busy, Gorg calls out, "Mops enough for everyone, get to swabbing!"

Seeker swabs away!

Moonscar notices that Sings to Moon is more comfortable below deck. The Captain offers his quarters to the companions to use if they desire.

Valinya overhears the offer of the captain's quarters and with a gracious "Thank you" flits off to go sleep while others are awake ... and watching out.

The rain keeps up, sometimes a light drizzle and other times nearly a downpour. The sails are wet and the Air Warlock Aiolos is as busy as can be just trying to keep them dry. The wind stays fairly strong blowing in from the north, giving the Titan plenty of push, but the falling rain keeps trying to slow it down.

Time For Some Scouting

Silver stirs again later in the evening, and looks about the ship for someone to discuss scouting strategy with. She attempts to awkwardly squeeze below decks before thinking better of it and sends someone to round up the group and they gather on the rainswept deck.

Arn asks, “So Gorg....what weapon do ye fight with now adays?”

Gorg replies, “Arn, Still having fun with the Tempest, when I get a chance. Not a lot of sparring onboard, so I haven't been swinging it as much as I'd like lately.”

Silver reveals her plans, "I'm thinking of flying ahead while it's dark and making sure there's no large or obvious threats waiting for us"

Silver asks,  "How much light are we planning to have on the Titan tonight?”

Arn looks confused, “Tempest...is what again? A flail?” The Dwarf then turns to Silver, participating in two conversations at once and suggests, “Silver, stay to the shadows, and away from moon-lit clouds that could give away your silhouette.”

Silver nods and offers, “how about I test things out, I'll fly up above us and give me an idea of how difficult it is to spot me?”

Arn nods his head, “Sure thing.”

Gorg, eager to show it off some, quickly runs below and brings up Tempest, his custom maul

Arn remembers, “Nice...I had forgotten Gorg...it's been a while.”

The sliver of a moon is only barely visible occasionally in the clouded sky. Silver should be nearly invisible if she keeps her altitude. If the moon breaks through and shines right on her, she might be visible, but the rain should keep most from looking up, right?

Arn suggests, “Seeker and I can show ye some techniques, maybe work on some defensive moves as well”

The sun has set and by all accounts you are about 1/3 of the way there by now. Not many other ships have been seen this afternoon or evening.

Silver says, “I'll be back in a few minutes, lets see how this goes.”

Seeker suggests "Let's have a Guardian on watch with the crew through the night. I'll take a shift. Arn,Brother? Gorg?”

Silver walks over to the port side of the ship, and jumps off, causing a slight jolt to the Titan to starboard.

Gorg says, “I'll be out here still, and I'll ask the boys up top to see if they can spot you.”

Moonscar watches as Silver takes flight and circles, gauging visibility and trying to track her flight

Arn agrees, “Aye, good Idea Seeker. I'll stay up first, as I’m helping Silver.”

Moonscar says, "Mmhmm. Whichever watch is fine"

Since you are looking for her, you are able to spot Silver, but not all the time, especially when she flies a bit higher. She should be plenty obscured this evening.

Silver works her way up towards the clouds, keeping an eye on the Titan so she doesn't lose track of it

Even though Silver has great night vision, tracking the boat on the water from too great a height is difficult but she manages. the sound of the sails helps quite a bit.

Silver after a bit of circling, she looks around to see if there's anything else of note out on the waters.

Valinya let's Seeker know that she plans to sleep now and help with watching later in the night a she prefers to be awake when there are less eyes watching.

Silver spirals back down to the Titan after a bit, and swoops in to land on the deck, almost at the same point she launched from. "Did it work?"

Silver does not see much of anything, and realizes that for most of this stretch, it is even difficult to detect the actual coastline due to the low lying marshland that covers it. A string of long, narrow islands, mostly just sand bars and such, give a better indication of the general whereabouts of the coastline. Several sailors jump at the sight of Silver landing and quickly move away to other parts of the ship.

Moonscar says, "You're good. I could barely track you even knowing you were there."

It is probably around 8pm in the evening, and with the rain and wind, Silver figures she should be able to make it to Kraken's Cove by midnight at the latest.

Arn says, “Well, it was a nice try. best we rest up”

Moonscar adds, "Moon will set well before then."

Silver says, “If I make my way to the cove and back, I'm somewhat concerned with finding the Titan on my way back. Maybe Valinya can magic me a message if I don't find my way back by morning. I have a spell that points me the right direction if I really need it.” Silver hearing no further comments, she turns and launches once more back into the rain-filled sky.

Moonscar thinks, “Speaking of magic and reconnaissance - I could try scrying the cove. Any ideas  along those lines Sis?”

Gorg walks over to Moonscar and says, "So you're one of the ones I don't know as well, what do you do for the group?"

Moonscar explains, "Fill in the gaps mostly. Talk to the smokes. Scout or rear guard."

Looking rather confused, Gorg responds, "talk....to the smokes?"

Moonscar tries to elaborate, "The ones all around us that most can't see or hear. Wind, rain, Wolf, Rat. Remember all last voyage with us to Essanos the rats left your supplies alone and pulled watch around the lower decks?"

Seeker leans over. "He's a druid. He talks to nature spirits and the like."

Gorg’s face lights up, "Oh yeah, I do remember that, many of the guys noticed....I had no idea that was you!" The Ogre then nods towards Seeker in acknowledgement of the 'sane' answer. Gorg continues, "ah yes, I knew some guys like that long ago, from back home. Good to see you again too, Seeker."

Seeker comments, “Looks like sea life treats you well, Gorg.”

Gorg replies, “I do love being out on the water, but I'm really excited to get back into the fun with you guys. It's about time for my time off from Guardianship to be over.”

Moonscar asks, "So Sis - do you want to sing any spying songs tonight?" She nods her head no and goes to find someplace to rest.

Valinya sleeps peacefully before her watch ... Zzzz

Seeker replies, “We're glad to have you!”

Arn finishes up his watch shift and sleeps till morning.

Moonscar announces, "I'm going to head below for a while to scout a bit"

Arn speaks up for Gorg....."I typically use Olum Kanat Sican, my enchanted Bat-effigy mace to lead off fighting. It's enchanted and flies back to my hand when I throw it

Moonscar spends the next hour or so performing a ritual. When he has completed his preparation, he starts in on his ritual early in the morning and about 40 minutes into it is granted some visions.

Arn continues, “It also grants me the power to cast darkness once a day and see in the dark. However, I have a new toy, my newly commissioned "Karrzark Cuttrumm", my enchanted axe, that translates from Dwarven as "Thunder cutter" That one doesn't return to my hand, so if anyone sees me throw that, please help recover it for future use.”

Gorg looks slightly confused again, "so what happens for everyone that can't see in the dark?"

Silver concludes her scouting and flies back to the Titan. The rain continues and manages to get her lost a bit, and it takes her nearly 2 hours to find the ship again. She finally finds it at about 3am and lands. Most everyone is asleep.

Silver finds Valinya on watch, and sits nearby, tail twitching. "Didn't spot any ships, but I did find the cave, and it's big enough to hide a ship in if you wanted to. There's a landing point a bit to the north of the cave, and a path that kind of goes up and around, coming down to some kind of board walkway that leads into the cave on one side. Definitely someone in there, there was torchlight in farther.” She twitches her tail again and continues, “I managed to resist going inside to snoop around, and let me tell you that wasn't easy! that could be a seriously BIG cave inside!”

Valinya says, surprised, “Wow. We will have to be very cautious then.”

Silver adds, “We could easily sail the Titan right into the cave mouth, although maybe not two wide. By the way, does anyone know why they call it "blood bay" anyways? It didn't look bloody, but it was rather dark.”

Seeker muses, “I imagine we'll get a hint when we get there.”

Silver muses, “I thought maybe it had to do with busy pirates or something.”

Arn tells a tale, “Aye, tis on the eve of the Red Equinox....the Kraken was summoned to stop the reign of Karmathus the Sea Dragon......so much devastation turned the sea to blood. Of course I'm just making that last bit up.” He chuckles.

Valinya says suspiciously, “Um ... that sounds like an interesting tale. Hopefully it' just a tale. So what part isn't made up? Sometimes these tales are based on truth and I'd rather be prepared just in case.”

Silver looks worried, “why do I have the feeling either the Kraken or the Sea Dragon lived in a big cave?”

Seeker applauds Arn’s story. 

Arn explains, “just something I heard from those sailors when we shared a drink before leaving.
The carnage was so intense, that if the sunlight catches it just right, you can still see blood in the water, and on the beach.”

Valinya gives Arn a skeptical look, complete with arched eyebrow. "Really? And how much ale preceded this tale?"

Arn shrugs, “only 2,” he pauses and grins. “Pitchers,” he adds.

Valinya scrunches up her face. "Hmm. Then there may indeed be some true parts."

Magical Findings

It is about 4am and everyone is too anxious to sleep much anymore. Ready to be at Kraken's Cove. Moonscar comes running up onto deck to share his vision.
Moonscar says, "They seem to be bugging out."

Seeker asks, “You get an idea to where?”

Moonscar answers, “An estuary to the north of the cove and I Think they have the package with them”

Seeker continues his questions, “Any idea how long we have to get there?”

Everyone remembers that the Captain does not want to sail INTO Blood Bay and only agreed to take you to the point on the far edge.

Arn suggests, “What if we bribe the Captain?”

Moonscar says, "I don't know how well we can course along the coastline - it's pretty soggy"

Silver asks, “can we take a boat and row it?”

Moonscar adds, "Hopefully the west shore of the bay is not as bad"

Seeker thinks out loud, “Ah, if only we had the folding boat. But it is with Janore now.”

Silver looks confused, “the what?”

Seeker reminds her, “we had a boat that would fold up into a tiny package for ease of transport.”

Arn says, “I think between Gorg and I we can get the boat to move along pretty well. But we should try to bribe the captain to get us closer.”

Moonscar says, "The bay seems clear to enter, but getting out? Neither Silver nor I were looking for pirates anywhere along the shore outside the bay. What's the risk of him getting trapped if he takes us in?"

Gorg chimes in that he agrees with the captain, it would not be a good idea to take the boat into that cove, but he's sure we could use one of the rowboats

Arn adds, “...and, any sign of Pirates, we will jump in our little boat and draw them off!”

Silver says, “I looked up and down the shore around the cave a bit, but didn't see anything, although admittedly there's a lot of coastline I didn't see.”

Seeker says, “all right them Gorg, as soon as we drop anchor we'll set out in the boat.”

Gorg says, “We can all fit in one easily enough, and it will certainly beat trudging through the swamps.”

Arn shouts, “Then let's get moving.”

Valinya says playfully, “Or floating, as the case may be.”

Moonscar considers, "I wonder if they spotted you. Seems they left just after. They may have magic alarms. . ."

Silver says, “I hope not. that would be very annoying.”
Moonscar then adds, "Maybe Seagull will help track," and goes to the railing to talk to Seagull.

Seagull seems uninterested in Moonscar’s request and flies up to the top of the crows nest. He poops on Arn on the way up.

Arn frowns and mutters, “WE know who that is.”

The Seagull smoke did look a lot like another similar Gull that has been around recently.... Moonscar sighs.

Gorg giggles a bit at Arn's predicament, "You get used to that happening when you're out on the water"

"I think this was a deliberate attack, Gorg," Arn replies

Moonscar sings, "Gull looks like a Magpie"

After a few hand gestures, the lookouts up in the nest shoo off the gulls

Moonscar watches the Gull Smoke fly around the ship, it does not come back around him, but does not leave the area either.

Moonscar shrugs and then says, "I'll ask Squirrel once we make landfall"

Arn says, “We make landfall, and double-time it and catch these bastards.”

Arriving at The Blood Bay

The eastern horizon begins to lighten as the day will be approaching soon, by the bells of the ship, it is around 5am. The Tiny Titan is now speeding past the open mouth of Blood Bay toward the predetermined point of departure. As the sky gets lighter, a lookout from the Crow’s Nest calls out.

Rubie 'The Marked' Sampson says "Dark smoke on the horizon. Just off the far point of Blood Bay inlet"

Gorg asks, “Silver, isn't that where you said they were heading?”

Moonscar thinks out loud, "They sure like to burn things down behind them"

Seeker calls out, “Okay, folks, gear up. We may not be back here soon. Go prepared.”

Arn plans, “This time we get ahead of them and make our way back to the smoke, cutting them off!”

Valinya watches the smoke with visible concern

Arn concedes, “Oh, right you are there Val. They are planning on looting the ships, we should get moving.”

Captain Alixandir Tahir says "We should hit land within the hour. you still want to be let off there?"

Moonscar says, "Whatever is fastest to the river mouth across the bay - our quarry is on the move already"

Captain Alixandir Tahir says "I said I would take you here, I am not comfortable taking the Titan into the Bay, too dangerous for the ship, my crew and our cargo." He adds, "You are welcome to the launch. It will hold you all, and Gorg too, if you must take him."

Moonscar concedes, "Understood - closest point"

The Titan approaches the same sandy beach that Silver scouted earlier this morning. The rain continues to fall, not too heavy though. The billow of smoke gets thicker and darker as time goes on. Gorg heads off to prep the launch.

Moonscar offers, "You'll be glad to know there are a few less pirates there this morning"

About 100 yards from the shore, the captain calls for a stop. "Here you go, the launch is yours. Light a fire here on this beach to signal. We will pull up and head down the coast to look for a safe place to harbor, I will wait until daybreak tomorrow for you, then you are on your own... though you will owe me a rowboat!" He chuckles weakly

Seeker turns to the Captain, “Thank you, Captain. We will try to be here before your deadline.”

Arn says, “Aye Captain....stand by.”

Moonscar continues, "This time tomorrow you can expect fewer still."

Captain Alixandir Tahir says "Good luck, friends. Hope to see you by daybreak tomorrow!"

Cast of Characters: 

+Arne Jamtgaard plays Seeker, a teenage Wolfen Warlord
+Stephen Kolmetz plays Valinya, an Elven Wildsong Mage
+Mike Biancone plays Arn, a surly Dwarven Warrior
+Amergin O'Kai plays Moonscar, the esoteric Kankoran Druid
+Daniel White plays Silver, a young and curious Dragon
+Mike Williams plays Gorgukk Torgnaz, an Ogre sailor and mauler
and +Jason GURPS as the GM