Sundered Lands 18

The Sundered Lands of Palladium

Session 18
June 20 - July 3, 2016

The Spirit of Parrot Island

Friday October 27

Shades of Darkness

The battle with the Spirit of Parrot Island and its undead minions continues

The dark, flowing form of the spectral creature floats and moves about the battlefield as the gathered guardians try to figure out what to do with it. The pile of defeated and in some cases, burning zombies is growing, though there are still a few still on their feet, one is even clinging to Seeker’s back.
The Spirit of Parrot Island

Seeker leans frantically to one side, trying to shake off the zombie gnawing on his armor, and brings an elbow back just as the vile undead shifts. “Silver, your flames seemed to hurt it! Pour it on!” C’mon, this is just a simple zombie. How could you let one get behind you! Were you not paying attention? Rookie mistake, son, rookie mistake.

Silver proceeds to continue her plan of “cooking the ghost”, and breathes fire at it once more.

This time, as Silver’s blaze reaches the robed ghost-like creature, it disappears.

“Um … “ After a momentary pause at the sudden disappearance Valinya recovers enough to quietly sing, filling her hand with the power of the storm and keeping an eye on the new suspicious area that shimmers to her eyes.

Fortis looks around quickly and opines “let's put down the rest of these unquiet dead while Valinya keeps watch for an unwelcome spectral encore.” He punctuates his statement with a blast of light into the overly cuddly zombie giving Seeker an unwelcome hickie. “Bad touch!”

Fortis’s Sunbolt sizzles into the bloated flesh of the Zombie clinging to Seeker’s back. It moans and tries biting a chunk out of Seeker’s ear but fails to chomp down accurately. Out in the hallway, Arn takes up a position guarding the rear, hoping that his companions are doing ok in the next room.

"You're a bit too stubborn for my own good it seems,” Moonscar mutters as he takes a step back and readies another arrow.

As Moonscar pulls his arrow, the Zombie in front of him lunges toward him, reaching out with grasping hands, trying to grab onto something.

The agile little druid was ready for this, starting to sidestep its lunge then retreating beyond reach only to bump up hard against the dwarf covering his rear. Fortunately he had had the forethought to leave his cloak wrapped around his forearm when he had changed his knife for his bow. The thick layers proved just too large for the foul creature’s hands to grasp fully and it lost what remained of most of its fingernails along with its purchase upon its acrobatic quarry.

Thinking he has evaded the Zombie’s grapple, Moonscar’s smile turns upside down when he realizes that his previously dead opponent had managed to get his arms tangled up in the Druid’s many straps and harnesses.
These zombies are so touchy-feely-grabby

Silver steps to the right in an effort to stay out of the corner, and blasts more fire at Seeker and the zombie on his back.

Seeing his companions’ continued distress Fortis repeatedly blasts the persistent zombie “if anyone else would like to help Seeker or Silver not be eaten by a zombie they might appreciate the assistance. I'm not sure what types of contagion these awful things carry or how it might effect a Wolfen or a Dragon but at the very least continuing to let any undead chew on your friend is a questionable policy.” Poor Tonim. I wish I'd been able to save you.

The Zombie on Seeker’s back is all too occupied with trying to eat the Wolfen’s brain to even consider dodging these ranged attacks from behind him. Seeker hears him let out an unearthly howl as he is hit by the fiery attacks but the dead and bloated fingers continue to hold on.

Deciding it was high time Seeker was freed from his unwanted rider and not seeing the ghostly figure again, Valinya carefully unleashed her crackling ball of electrical energy at the zombie on Seeker.  

Cursing furiously in half a dozen languages the Kankoran drops his arrow and snatches his wicked obsidian long knife from his harness, sliding the blade across the fetid body in a single, lightning swift motion but failing to part more than the rotting fabric of its clothing with the keen black edge.

Seeker twists and pummels the zombie with another vicious blow! This is ridiculous. Stupid zombie - your master is loose around here somewhere. Would you just die again already! He hears a bzzzt-sizzle as another magical bolt hits the creature. He grits his teeth. The real threat to the team is that ghost. I’ve got to get them focussed on the bigger picture! Drawing a breath, he growls, “Seriously, guys, I got this! Val, Fortis, find that phantom!”

The crackling, burnt and battered body of the Zombie falls from Seeker’s back and crumbles into a pile of stinking ashes and bone, though the crushing feeling of despair and defeat still permeates his soul. Meanwhile, the Zombie grappling Moonscar tries to take him down. Moonscar tries to keep his footing but the slick bricks and the overbearing weight of the bloated Zombie are just too much for him. He goes down and the Zombie falls on top of him, gnashing its black and broken teeth at his face.

Seeing his friend in trouble, Arn turns and does a bellyflop, shield first, right on top of the Zombie and Moonscar. Moonscar feels the aggressive corpse smash between his body and Uncle Ironfists spiked shield. Rotting goo and chunks of rubbery flesh cover Moonscar and he feels a distinct pressure poking into him from somewhere near Arn’s midsection. The Kankoran considers saying a prayer to one of those gods up there that it is the Dwarf’s shield spike he feels.

The Ellyl takes a good look around, attempting to catch sight of any spectral threat. I wish I could be certain our attacks had dissipated that ghostly figure. I'm a bit nervous it fled and might return after it heals. Anyway, once we get a chance to rest I might offer Seeker something to ease his mind. Or perhaps he would prefer to struggle through this on his own considering his aversion to mind magic. Anyway I can only offer to help and let him decide.

Valinya mutters under her breath, “Ugh, independent alpha males” then sings a song she’s not sung often, a song of seeking those with hostile intent … she will find that apparition if it’s lingering around.

Arn picks himself up and pulls the Kankoran up with him as well with an open hand.   “I hope yer alright there little buddy…” and Arn holds his hand out again as his enchanted mace flies back to his open grip.       

Arn steps up and looks around, trying to see if there are any more immediate threats.

As Arn and Moonscar begin to pull themselves up to their knees, Valinya finishes her magical melody. She frowns and looks around the room. “Our ghastly foe is not in this chamber, at least.”

Silver says “There’s some sort of strange field here, starting just in front of me, and filling half of this room.  Looks like it covers the far doorway as well.  No idea what it is.”  Silver moves around the field, and attempts to peek into the next room.

Seeker gets his back to the wall and re-readies Charnag Velve. He looks a little wild-eyed as his gaze flicks around the room, searching for the potentially invisible enemy. “Okay, okay, I’m fine. Is everyone else okay?”

“I’m fine, but when we have a moment I’d like a few moments to rest and recuperate.  Maybe that would give someone else time to look this room over more carefully and we can regroup, discuss this new change of events.”

The Kankoran picks himself up gingerly, making sure he doesn’t slip and fall back into the reeking slime and checking for any injuries sustained by serving as the safety mat when Arn stuck the landing on his Flying Dwarven Boulder Drop. “I think I’m intact Uncle. Thanks for the assist.” As he starts scraping offal from his fur with an expression of disgust he looks over at Seeker and comments in Wolfen, “When we get topside I swear I will bite the nose off of anyone who asks what we've 'been rolling in.’” He looks over at the tepid pool and considers whether the water would wash him cleaner.

Even as stressed as he is, Seeker snorts at Moonscar’s pronouncement.

”Yes, a few moments of rest would be quite welcome. But before we get to that, was anyone actually bitten by one of the zombies?” Fortis glances around with concern at his companions “I wouldn't want to get surprised later with any kind of infection from this unsanitary place”.

The Only Thing We Have to Fear...

As Silver moves up to peer into the next chamber, careful to stay out of the shimmering field, an overwhelming panic washes over her. The sudden panic and need to flee through the western door hits Seeker, Fortis and Valinya at the same moment as well.

Silver feels a panic come on - whatever is in that room, she suddenly finds she has to get away from.  “That’s it, I’m out!”  She turns and heads away from the doorway she was just peeking into.

Fortis tamps down on a momentary urge to flee. I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain. He then attempts to find the direction of the assault on his mind. I know you are there. I know we can hurt you and I know that twice now you have sought to invade and pollute my mind.

Feeling a pressure on her mind, Valinya struggles briefly with an urgent fear, a need to flee that goes beyond all reason.  But with her disciplined mind she quickly takes a mental breath and reminds herself of what is true … there is nothing there to be seen, and if there was she’d face it bravely to help save her companions.  With a mental shove she pushes the wave of fear aside and looks for a source … that didn’t come out of nowhere.  Perhaps the ghostly visage is to blame.  .  

Silver and Seeker, overcome by an unexplainable fear, push their way out of the chamber and flee to the west. They move past a confused Moonscar and Arn and make their way toward the far side of the room where a wooden door offers them their best escape. Fortis and Valinya seem unaffected by the fear gripping their two larger companions.

Fearing that the attack may have also affected her companions, Valinya turns to see how they are reacting, her song of bravery ready on her lips in hopes that it might counter the fear … though she hopes that will not be needed.  

Faced with a flimsy obstacle and a handy axe, Seeker lays into the wooden door. Gotta go gotta go gotta go! His axe quickly makes headway against the barrier in front of him.

Deciding that there is safety in numbers and wisdom in staying together, Valinya turns and floats after where her companions have gone in hopes of helping them and keeping the group together.  
Seeker and Silver "gotta get outta here NOW!"
The Ellyl starts backing towards his panicked companions while keeping his attention on the source of the mental pollution “Val, the ghost or whatever is causing this loss of nerve is right over there” Fortis shouts to the stalwart Mage as he points to the east. “Do we want to regroup together or face it down now before it can recover? I can see wisdom in either of those choices”

Before Valinya or Fortis can decide what to do next, Seeker already has the wooden door at the far end of the chamber reduced to splinters. As he finishes with the chopping, Silver starts pushing past him to get into the next chamber. Past the two companions trying to get through the now open door to what looks like a dark, natural cavern leading to the west. The sound of sloshing water can be heard from that direction.
Discovering the sea caves

The Ellyl waves Arn and Moonscar after the fleeing dragon and giant Wolfen. “If they get too far away they could find themselves in trouble. We need to keep close and protect them while they recover their senses.”

Hoping to save her companions more misfortune, Valinya attempts to remove their unreasonable fear with magical bravery … knowing of course it’s only restoring them to their natural brave selves.  

As she sings her song, Valinya suddenly realizes that she has not picked the correct notes and melody. This is not right, she thinks to herself. She sees that her companions have not slowed in their attempts to flee to the west. Silver, then Seeker, disappear into the tunnel past the doorway. Arn, Moonscar and Fortis move up toward Valinya’s position, watching their companions head west.

Fortis continues to try keeping all of his companions within view.
This could get very dangerous very quickly. I hope they snap out of it soon. Ideally we should just find a way to all escape then regroup. If we find ourselves cornered we’ll need to find some way to collect ourselves and mount a defense if we are being pursued.

The Sea Caves

Seeker stretches up and up as he barrels through the broken door. Gotta go gotta go gotta go! The taller ceiling and his long stride lets him easily pass Silver and he plunges into the water. Fortis’ Light spell on his buckle lets him see the way, and his magical Ring of Underwater Action make his movements almost effortless as he presses on deeper into the watery cave!

With a sigh of disappointment Valinya hastens after her departing companions, hopeful she can catch them and maybe try to free them again … singing correctly this time.

Following Seeker and Silver through the sundered door, the others finally see where the sloshing sound is coming from. About 6 yards in, the sandy tunnel becomes filled with salty, churning water fueled by what must be powerful submerged currents. The water laps and splashes against the walls of the twisted natural caverns that lead to the west. Dozens of purple and red sea urchins glisten in shallow divots along the ground and lower walls here, their spines glittering with water.  

The sound of splashing and bobbing light up ahead mark Silver and Seeker’s passage. A sudden splash and a gurgling draconic sound indicates that the shallow water of the passageway has quickly given way to deeper water ahead. Seeker makes the transition to the deeper water in the passageway easily while Silver’s is a bit less graceful as she plummets headlong into deep water when the bottom of the tunnel unexpectedly dropped away. Ahead, Seeker sees that the tunnel splits in two as it bends to the south a bit. Without much thought, he makes for the rightmost passageway. Silver, feeling quite at home in the water, swims after him, though his magical ring allows Seeker to move out ahead a bit.

Moving forward Valinya sees the fleeing duo and again tries to salvage the mission by releasing them from their fright with a song of bravery, hopefully getting the tune right this time.

Fortis quickly surveys the room for opponents then takes up a position to ambush anything following them into the room as he suggests  “We can't all escape down the flooded tunnel. Let's rest here a bit where we can defend until we can regroup and figure out a better plan.”
Sloshing through the unexplored tunnels
Valinya feels that she has sung her spell correctly but there is a magical resistance that pushes the melody back. She assumes that it is powerful magic that has ensorcelled her companions. She believes that she can break the spell, but only if she weaves her song just perfectly.

“Sound wisdom, Fortis, but I can’t leave those two to keep running away.  They’re bound to get into some sort of trouble.  I’ll defeat that spell yet!”

Fortis waits to see what happens. If Val can break their fear and let them regroup here that would be best. If not we might need to follow them and I’m not sure how well Arn and Moonscar would be able to keep up, or for that matter what would happen if the ceiling lowers and we would have to submerge ourselves. I’m not sure what would be worse, risking the companions all drown together or splitting up and being overrun while separated. For now, watch the doorway and keep anything from attacking us from behind. Let Val try to salvage the retreating problem and see what Arn and Moonscar do… What a mess.

Arn shakes his head as they watch their companions swim away.   “I thought the lad was tougher than that.   I’ll remember to pick on him about this later.”   Arn gestures towards the water with his mace, “I don’t know if we picked up any potions that allow swimming or breathing in the water, but if we have them, now may be the time to pull them out.   Otherwise, I don’t know how to go after them.    I can swim, but not heavily armored like this.     As for that foul fear magic, i’m wondering if I can push through it.  But if ye feel we are best regrouping and planning another method of attack.”

Seeker continues to move through the flooded sea tunnels toward the west. Silver’s draconic form follows him through the dark water, but at a much slower pace. Very quickly, Seeker disappears out in front, his submerged light disappearing from view. Valinya, floating in the cramped air space between the sloshing surface of the water and the dripping, uneven rock above, tries to keep both of her companions in sight, moving forward a bit then dropping back to see where Silver is.

With no way to follow easily, Arn and Moonscar remain back on the sandy shore near the doorway to the main room with the sagging ceiling. No enemies come from either of the open doors on the other side of the room and none of the 3 closed doors in the north wall open. The only sound comes from the lapping of the water behind them in the narrow tunnel. Fortis remains with them, buzzing around the narrow confines of the tunnel, occasionally zipping a short way down the sea tunnel, but not straying too far from his friends. The tiny Ellyl keeps an eye out for any potential ambush spots and ways to use the local geography to his advantage in case of an attack.

Up ahead, Seeker finally breaks out of the narrow tunnels and out into a larger cavern. The ceiling is much higher in here, though he takes little notice of it. The southwestern corner is the only area that interests him. In just a few moments, the soaking wet Wolfen is pulling himself from the water onto a sandy beach, narrowly avoiding a patch of brightly colored sea urchins. A few feet of sandy beach quickly gives way to old, haphazardly laid brickwork like the earlier tunnels the Guardians explored. A rotten and water swollen wooden door is recessed in the western wall of the room.

After checking on Silver one more time, Valinya zooms forward to find Seeker. She sees his light at the far end of a wider, sea filled chamber, approaching what looks like another wooden door. She floats up to him as he pulls his axe from his belt. The Wolfen does not notice the Elf mage has arrived.

Before he can use  his axe to alert the underground world to his presence, Valinya tries again to counter-spell the spell with an opposite effect spell … still uncertain that she will get the desired effect if she manages to overcome the original spell.  All she can do is try, so focusing as best she can in her hurried state she tries again, singing and wishing and willing Seeker to snap out of his illogical fear.  Wanting to be as sure as she can about conquering his magical fear she closes the distance until he’s only a couple of yards away.  Singing with confidence and power she feels as if she gave it a good shot, the magic flowing strongly through her towards Seeker.  

Valinya completes her magical song just as Seeker is raising his axe to batter the wooden door in front of him. As her notes quietly echo off the bricks, he cocks his head to one side and stops. “Hmm,” he says. “That was interesting.” He turns and looks at Valinya floating just behind him. “I’ll assume that was some strong and dark magic compelling me. Thank you Valinya.” He shakes his head and turns to take in his surroundings a little more carefully than he did during his mostly underwater magic-induced panic.

Cast of Characters: 

+Arne Jamtgaard plays Seeker, a teenage Wolfen Warlord
+Ben Zittere plays Fortis, an Ellyl trickster and Mage
+Stephen Kolmetz plays Valinya, an Elven Wildsong Mage
+Mike Biancone plays Arn, a surly Dwarven Warrior
+Amergin O'Kai plays Moonscar, the esoteric Kankoran Druid
+Daniel White plays Silver, a young and curious Dragon
and +Jason GURPS as the GM

Grand Duchy 93

Grand Duchy of Adventure

Session 93 
June 29, 2016

Into the Ravine

Soldain 3rd Klarmont

The Grey Company, in their attempt to help the Hutaakans, head up into a dark ravine, searching for a wounded Hutaakan warrior that has been dragged off by a giant spider like creature called a rhagodessa. The Company has tracked the creatures to a dark, overgrown ravine.

Remar and Iris use their magic to enable the key members of the Grey Company to fly in order to gain and keep the upper hand in the search and rescue mission they are on. The rest of the Company approaches on foot through the ravine. Within no time, the rhagodessa are found, as is the wounded and possibly dying Hutaakan warrior. 

The Company coordinates its attack from the air using magic and crossbows, expertly flushing the multi-legged beasts from their holes. Draven swoops down to help the injured victim while the others keep the monsters busy. Unexpectedly, the rhagodessa begin to unravel the Comany's plan when they prove to be expert leapers and engage the party in the air. 

Draven is able to revive the Hutaakn warrior and the spider-beasts are beaten down into a retreat. Remar then shows the proper way to clear out a spider's nest... burn it to the ground!

Cast of Characters: 

Garrett "Griffin" Constantine, a Thyatian rogue of a gambler from Penhaligon rolled by +Arne Jamtgaard 

Draven Rickart, a Thyatian Acolyte of the Church of Karameikos ministered by +Jason Packer with help from +Patrick Burke 

Remar Umerusan Alphatian battle mage that escaped forced service in the Thyatian army currently marshalled by +Patrick Kelly 

Iris Vardaa Thyatian explorer and historian searching for answers and adventure, now guided by +Stephanie Kelly 

and +Jason Woollard as The DM


Grand Duchy 92

Grand Duchy of Adventure

Session 92
June 16-28, 2016

Going on a Spider Hunt

Soladain 3 Klarmont

Camping with the Mutts

Camping by the stream
It is dark and still hot when the group arrives in the same location as the previous night. Quickly and efficiently the Grey Company and the Hutaakans begin to set up camp. Seemingly very trusting, the Hutaakans have given everyone back their weapons and give no indication that they are worried about treachery from their new traveling companions. Everyone pitches in and helps set up camp and though still a bit awkward, the Hutaakans are polite and gracious. Hoping to stave off another undead encounter, Remar is just about ready to cast his Mystic Mist spell over the entire area when two Hutaakan soldiers rush up in a panic. They are speaking very fast and in Hutaakan. One of the two minor priests, a female named Kifein, speaks to the warriors and they rush off. She turns to the gathered group. “It is as we feared, the hunter-spiders have come down the slope and attacked us. They are large, bigger than a riding lizard and with many legs. The Rhagodessa, it is called in our tongue. A pair of them assaulted one of our scout groups and carried off a warrior. We must move fast if we are to save him. Please excuse me.” She turns to head off.

Draven frowns, taking an unconscious couple of steps following Kifein before realizing what he’s done and stopping to look after the rest of the group.

“They seem in need; helping would both illuminate our souls and serve to reinforce our alliance, temporary though it may be.  Shall we help?”

Previously resolved to unloading a lot of magical energy, the battlemage is now unsure if he should continue and seems to look a little pent-up.  “Uh, well yeah.  These Hutaakan at least seem good.  I’d probably help them even if not actively trying to get on their good side.  I mean, if Griffin is OK with it.  I could magic-up some flight for those like me that would rather stay at range when dealing with a sizable arachnid when we get closer.”

Rack-nid?  Is tha’ sum sorta magic spell-word?

He then seems to add off to the side, “It means spider, silly.”

Ya know suma them leap, right?  All tha many, grippy legs, and nasty, drippy fangs.  And I hate it when ya walk inta those iky strands of web…”

And then adds again, “Oh good point,” and turns back to the others in the company.  “Some spiders do jump, and if these are of that species and huge they may be able to jump high...flying up a little ways rather than lower for a flaming, straff, bombardment may be safer too.  Anyway, I’d much rather do that sort of magic than a mystic mist.”

Why stop at one or tha otha?

Remar snaps his fingers and looks excited.  “Yeah, right, right!  I could always rest up a little bit when we get back to still do a mist if I get too spent.”  He beams at everyone.

Iris seems about to answer Draven when Remar jumps in.  She watches him and her brows furrow as he begins to mumble (to himself?) when not directly addressing the group.  Good point about that fly spell though.  Guh, I don’t even like your everyday spider.  Iris clears her throat and says, “I believe we should help.  They’ve shown us great trust by returning our weapons and apparently doing nothing to stop those of us with access to magic from using it.” And if this is a test...well...I’m certain that not helping would be considered a solid failure by our Hutaakan hosts. No need to mention that, though.  “Remar, I very much appreciate your offer of flight, though I am able to create that for myself,” she ends with a half-smile.

Gearing Up

Griffin grabs his crossbow and cocks it while he looks around the camp. “Well, okay then. Marcel, Stephan, stay here with the Hutaakan non-coms. We’ll follow Kifein, see what we can do to help.” He thinks for a while. “Remar, Iris, if you’re going to fly, I know it takes a lot out of you. Let’s get closer before you start doing that stuff.”

Draven hefts his shield and murmurs a quiet prayer, then turns to follow Kifein with Griffin, Iris, and Remar.

“Draven.  You seem to be able to communicate with them.”  Remar jerks his thumb in the direction of the jackal-people.  “Could you ask them for more details on these giant spiders?  Do you know if they spin webs, live in trees, cliffs, or crevices, if they have any weaknesses, where the spiders are generally found when not ambushing prey, where the spiders take prey once they have it, etc.  Based on what they say, I might be able to narrow down where they went.”

Draven translates in Traldar for Remar and the young mage realizes that he is beginning to pick up some of the words and basic ideas of the language. Kifein relates that the Rhagodessa are not web spinners, but hunters and jumpers. They prefer to live up in the rocky crags around the lip of the valley and only occasionally come down into the valley. They are believed to normally feed off the hardy mountain goats that  populate the area and are sometimes known to drag off their kills. Other than that, the Hutaakan do not know much else about the large and aggressive creatures.

The gathered members of the Grey Company head off into the darkness after Kifein. The various enchanted items of the Company illuminate the rocky ground in the darkened valley. She leads the way up the slope toward where some torch lights can be seen moving along a ridge.

After a few minutes, two of the Hutaakan warriors approach. One of them gives a slight bow to Kifein then gives her a report. She turns to the Company and translates. “They followed some tracks and blood but have lost the trail in this area. The Rhagodessa are insects, but dangerous and tricky. When they hunt in pairs, they work together. If the warrior was not killed immediately, he may still be alive. They would drag him to a safe place to feed or possibly hide his body somewhere then come back for him later.”

She says a few things to the warrior Hutaakan and the pair of them rush off up the slope into the darkness. “It looks like that end of the ridge full of searchers. We can search along this end if you will help me,” she asks in her heavily accented Traldar.

“I’m no tracker” the young priest says “but should we get close enough, it may be that the divines will show me where your man is - and, at great need, I can petition that they might lend me the gift of prophecy, that I might see where he lies wherever he may be.  If nothing else, I am another set of keen eyes.”

“Let me give it a go first, Brother. Let’s see if Eran’s lessons rubbed off on me.” Griffin begins scanning the ground for any trail sign. “Remar, keep your eyes up. If they’re like spiders, they could try and ambush us from above.” And Draven, let’s go with mundane solutions when we can. Save your miracles for saving our lives!

“Sure thing Griffin!” the Alphatian replies and he begins to really scrutinize his surroundings for any sign or clues that could indicate large spiders were here, where they may have gone...and if they are sneaking up on them right now!

On the Trail

After about a half an hour of searching, through a combination of Remar’s conclusions about giant arachnid behavior, Draven and Iris’s keen observations and Griffin’s tracking skills, the Company believes they have tracked the spiders and their prey to a dark rocky ravine. A painful moan can be heard echoing out of the ravine. Kifein’s ears perk up and her black eyes narrow in the darkness. “That sounds like my warrior, he is still alive. How shall we proceed?” The ground is very broken and rocky around the entrance to the ravine. A dead tree lays across the entrance, forming a sort of bridge from one side of the ravine to the other. The entrance itself is about 4 yards wide at the top, but only 2 yards at best at the bottom. Small bits of vegetation and rocky crags form a partial canopy above the top of the ravine. Access from above by flying individuals will be possible, but not completely easy. Approaching from the sides, over the steep and broken terrain would be possible but slow and dangerous, especially in the dark.
Spider ravine

“Everyone, I’m going to toss some rocks in there in obvious directions, so we can hear what the echoes sound like.  Listen and see if using that, you can tell where the warrior’s moans are coming from.”

Closing his eyes and listening, Remar tries to determine where in the ravine the injured warrior’s moans are coming from.  In order to help with this, he tosses a few stones in different parts of the crevasse to hone in on how their echos are treated from the locations they land and compare it to the Hutaukan’s sounds.

“Has anyone heard of or dealt with creatures like this before? Will flame keep them at bay?  I don’t like normal spiders; the idea of giant varieties is disheartening. Clearly the
Immortals want to ensure our lives are interesting and challenging,” Draven asks nervously.

Cast of Characters: 

Garrett "Griffin" Constantine, a Thyatian rogue of a gambler from Penhaligon rolled by +Arne Jamtgaard 

Draven Rickart, a Thyatian Acolyte of the Church of Karameikos ministered by +Jason Packer with help from +Patrick Burke 

Remar Umerusan Alphatian battle mage that escaped forced service in the Thyatian army currently marshalled by +Patrick Kelly 

Iris Vardaa Thyatian explorer and historian searching for answers and adventure, now guided by +Stephanie Kelly 

and +Jason Woollard as The DM