Year End Report

The Blog

2013 was a good year for this blog. Actually, it was the ONLY year for the blog, though I plan to continue blogging about my games in 2014 and beyond.

Rolling into 2014!

The Thanks

I was inspired to write this GURPS Campaigns blog after finding and reading several other wonderful GURPS blogs out there, including +Peter V. Dell'Orto's Dungeon Fantastic+Christian Blouin's Orbs and Balrogs (originally GURPS Palantir Commission), +Douglas Cole's Gaming Ballistic and +Patrick Halter's Renovating the Temple, among many others. Thank you all for putting your stuff out there to encourage me to put my stuff out there! Special thanks to my friend +Arne Jamtgaard for really pushing me to do this, even though he knows that I already do so much work on all the campaigns I'm GMing already! (He did help transcribe a few of the early sessions, really, he did!)

Additionally, I should shout out to all of my players for giving me material to blog about!
My GURPS Star Frontiers play-tester and co-pilot +Arne Jamtgaard (again)
and in my new GURPS Mystara Campaign: +Christian Blouin along with +Arne Jamtgaard (again again) and +Ben Lipe again.

The Posts

So, this post will be only the 3rd ever non-session report/ gaming post on the blog. But that makes sense as this is a CAMPAIGNS blog, not a GMs blog or a General Gaming blog. It keeps track of the campaigns, the stories we create.

Anyway, since the blog went up at the end of March, 2013, I have posted 85 total posts, 82 of them IN-GAME posts covering 4 different campaigns. The average is like 9 per month, though I know that in the beginning I was posting current sessions and and posting back-logged posts for sessions that had been played before the blog started. Generally we play about 3 times per month between Dark Paths and Wandered Roads and the Mystara Campaign will not have a set schedule and consist of mainly pbp style additions over on Google Drive, though I do plan to make actual blog posts for this campaign once we get all the characters together and playing proper sessions. The GURPS Star Frontiers story that we have going on is strictly a side project for when we have extra time or are bored with other stuff, though I do hope to spend more time on it in 2014.

The Campaigns

The Dark Paths of Riddleport, my every other week online game, currently has 41 actual session reports on the blog with 2 additional side treks that earned their own blog posts as well. 

The Wandered Roads of Varisia, my live, once a month, in person, at the table GURPS game, has 28 actual game sessions on the blog with an additional 6 full blog post side treks.

The GURPS Star Frontiers game, which is mostly just a glorified play-test of an ongoing Star Frontiers conversion, has a total of 5 episodes so far on the blog.

Finally, my newest campaign, GURPS Mystara (Basic DnD Known World adventuring) has a page on the blog, but has yet to take up any blog post space. There are 3 characters over there with a handful of campaign chapters already played out, though.

The Plan

My plan is to continue posting game and session reports as I run them. I hope folks out there enjoy reading them, I do enjoy writing them, and I LOVE GMing them! Thanks for stopping by! Please leave me a comment or click over there and 'Follow' the blog if you like it. Also, I highly suggest that you take some time to go check out some of the other awesome GURPS blogs listed over there to the right!

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