Wandered Roads 55

Wandered Roads of Varisia
Session 55
December 1, 2018

Campaign Timeline

Ilsurian Boils Over

12 Kuthona 4711

Kallin follows the newly met spirit, Aureda Rullus, and watches a version of her murder in the shallow water of the lake. He learns a little bit of town history but with no frame of reference, he is clueless. The rest of the group continues to watch the Painted Varisian, who very shortly closes up his stall and heads home.

The group makes to follow him but are distracted by a commotion nearby. They investigate and find that another murder has happened. A local recovering Shiver addict by the name of Filton Legg has been hanged from a tree. While checking out this scene, they meet a local man named Akin who says he is a member of the Truth Advocates, a local group dedicated to preserving the heritage of Ilsurian and providing for the education and enlightenment of the town as a whole. Kallin asks him about some town history and he directs them to the nearby Patriot Library and its benefactor, Genthus Duggern. They follow Akin to the Library and meet Genthus Duggern, a young Human that seems very invested in the town of Ilsurian. Kallin asks some questions relating to the murder of the spirit he met and this line of inquiry seems to get Duggern quite upset, as the woman in question had some connection to his parents. The meeting ends with sore feelings and the group is asked to leave.
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Back at the scene of the hanging, some clues are found on the body of Filton Legg, one being that his left hand had been severed and was not anywhere to be found. An obvious clue comes in the form of a piece of parchment pinned to the dead man’s shirt reading “We take care of our own,” written in Varisian. A Harrow card, The Desert, which bears the image of a Sphinx, is found tucked in his vest, clearly a plant. He also has upon him a letter of employment written by Arhaneem Braeton, who is a known business owner in the shipping business.

The group decides the next course of action is to go speak to this Braeton and find out his connection to the hanged man and the rest of the events that have transpired. On the way to his manor house, the group comes upon yet another commotion, this time, a youth from the Carnival has been assaulted by a group of townsfolk. In an attempt to send a message that Varisians are unwelcome in Ilsurian any more, the Chelish townsfolk have nearly killed this youngster.

The mob is broken up and the boy is healed. Some citizens try to argue and continue the fight, but they are shown the error of their ways. The boy, a young man named Milandru, admits to sneaking back into town to say goodbye to a friend he had made. Had the Heroes not shown up in time, the boy would have no doubt been killed and a whole new set of problems would be facing the town and Carnival alike. Constable Byron is called and several of the townsfolk are arrested and taken to the jail.

As night falls, Braeton Manor is approached. Several lights are on in the large house and the group approaches up the front walk. As they get close, someone jumps out of the bushes and fires a crossbow at them, shouting an alarm to others in the house. Another thug appears and throws a flash bomb that nearly blinds everyone. One thug flees around the side of the house and the other rushes inside. The group splits up and gives chase.

Inside, it appears that an ambush has been laid for the group. They are peppered by numerous archers and alchemical grenades. The battle is difficult and several find themselves in trouble. Samad summons his illusion partner, Damas, and the two dance their way into the fray. Outside, Daellin, his speed enhanced by his powerful Shard, chases and neutralizes the fleeing thug. He then enters the house through a window and begins stalking room to room, looking for enemies.

Back in the main hall, a doorway on the 2nd floor balcony opens and Daellin comes out and makes a comment that implicates himself as the killer of the Braeton’s. He then flees through an upstairs door. More thugs appear and join the fight. Finally the battle is over and the perpetrator is apprehended. Borovius Monchello, a local businessman and apparent leader of a secret Thieves Guild, the Gilded Hands, was behind the whole thing. He was using the Carnival as a patsy for his move to take over Braeton’s business, he then switched tactics in hopes of framing the Heroes of Sandpoint as well. The Braetons are found murdered, though their two children were spared and they cower in fear of Daellin, as Monchello had assumed the Elf’s visage when he broke into the house. He admits that the rest of his guild, and partner and wife, Robella, are at their hideout down on the docks. Quick healing and planning sends the group charging for the docks to put an end to this nonsense once and for all.

Session Pics

Characters Present:

Kallin Hawkril, Half-Orc shaman and budding Priest of Pharasma - played by Dan E
Calina - Varisian Human archer and scout - played by Carol C
Daellin Silvanthalas, Elven Farstrider Ranger - played by +Ben L
Samad Aldhul, Human ex-mercenary - played by JeCorey H
Alistar Gavin Lourdis, Human Mageknight- played by Don K
Thim Westerdale, Half-Elf rogue - played by Malcolm G

and +Jason GURPS as the DM

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