Wandered Roads 52.5

Wandered Roads of Varisia
Session 52.5
August 12 - September 8, 2018

Campaign Timeline

Dijjit is Found

Moonday 4th Kuthona

Marigana No More

The underground chamber is quiet except for the heavy breathing of the exhausted adventurers. Alistar sits down hard, on the verge of collapse. Dijjit is found, still alive but unconscious and in bad shape. The Gnome looks to have suffered several serious wounds as well as being stuck with numerous long black and red quills. Where the quills stick in his flesh, large puffy black and yellow sores. The Gnome is hot to the touch and breathing very shallowly.

Riddywipple squeals and becomes visible, “We won and we found your missing Gnome!” The Fairy Dragon does a wobbly circle in the air nearby then crashes hard into the ground. A quick inspection shows several of Marigana`s quills sticking out of Riddywipple`s face. “Ooh, I don't feel so well,” he cries out weakly.

Daellin floats to the ground and lets out an audible sigh. The heroes have all managed to survive yet another close encounter. He looks around the cavern half expecting to see arrows and electrical bolts ricocheting off the walls somewhere. 

Bending over he picks up a ragged bit of cloth and wipes the undead gore from his blades. With his blades sheathed he walks over to the gnome. “This is our missing Dijjit I presume?” he asks rhetorically. Taking a knee by the unconscious gnome he checks his pulse and confirms that he is indeed still alive. Knowing that Kallin can do more for Dijjit than he ever could he leaves the diminutive form to the healers capable magic.

Daellin makes a slow circuit of the rooms perimeter searching for any potential problems. When he is satisfied that they are not under any immediate danger he turns his attention to the corpses of the fallen enemies.

What Dijjit looks like when he isn't beat up and bloody
Calina looks around the chamber at all the death inflicted. Suddenly she spies little Riddywipple fall to the cave floor with a thud. She runs to his side to help. Ugly red sores already form around the quills embedded in his tiny body.

She opens her pack and quickly finds the blanket and lays it on the filthy floor. She gently picks up the little dragon then lays him carefully on the clean blanket.

"I hope this makes you more comfortable until our healer helps you," she says calmly as she brushes her hand across his forehead.

He feels very warm, but she can't remember how warm he felt while uninjured. "I'm sure it won't be much longer before Kallin is here with you." She glances at Kallin, already very busy. She looks back to Riddywipple and asks with a smile, "Would you like a sip of water while we wait?”

Kallin quickly moves over Dijitt and does a quick assessment of what condition the gnome is in. He hopes it is not too late for the gnome as Kallin quietly prays to his goddess to take Riddywhipple into her charge until he can get to him. Kallin realizes that he dealing with a poison but unsure which one. He realizes he has no time to waste, he calls on Pharasma to help him neutralize this poison to stop the possibility of an abomination from existing. Hoping that Dijjit is ok, Kallin calls upon the power of Pharasma to help this injured being.

Daellin begins his trek around the chamber, knowing that it will take him some time to do so. In the center of the chamber, Calina tends to the wounded Fairy Dragon and notes that Riddywipple bears no other wounds besides the quills in his nose and the swelling pustules.

Taking some time, Kallin uses his magic on the the Gnome, Dijjit. He seems to be in pretty rough shape, but removing the dangerous necromantic poison goes a long way to helping out. The healing spell does address some of the many wounds the Gnome has, but Kallin realizes that there is an underlying issue and sees that the poison was literally degrading Dijjit’s lifeforce. He was almost to the point of no return when he was saved. Kallin estimates that he would have died within the next hour or so if the poison had not been removed. He thinks that with proper care, Dijjit will recover his health, but knows that Pharasma’s magic could help speed the process along.

The rest of the group gathers up some possible treasure from the skeletal Red Caps; their scythes and their metal stompin’ boots, but none of the gear seems magical. Their red caps, which may have made interesting souvenirs, seem to be bleeding themselves, as the blood of all the Red Cap’s past victims begins slowly draining out onto the cavern floor, leaving the caps plain, dirty cloth hats. Daellin finally finishes his perimeter check and confirms that, like the previous chamber, there are numerous small and narrow passages leading off in different directions. There were a few that were big enough to squeeze through, but exploring them all would definitely take days even if each of them only went a short distance. Daellin does announce that he did find what looked to be some Thassalonian runes etched into the passage wall of one of the more accessible tunnels though.

Kallin looks at the drained Dijjit, and pray to Pharasma to use her healing energies to restore this young Gnome. Kallin finishes up with tending to Dijjit. He lets the young Gnome rest as he moves over to Riddywipple. As with Dijjit, he does a quick assessment of Riddywipple, trying his best to help their friend.

Dijjit’s eyes open slowly and he groans. He seems happy to be alive though is unsure of the events of the past few days. All he says he can remember are terrifying dreams of dying over and over again. He is thankful but very weak still. Kallin’s quick acting with removing the poison in Riddywipple seems to do him a world of good. Within no time, the little Dragon is once again flying in the air and singing songs about defeating the great evil of Sanos Forest!
Calina laughs gently as she watches Riddywipple vault around the ceiling. She stands and nods thankfully to Kallin, then walks to where Daelin is standing and asks, "Do you think we should explore the tunnel where you you found the runes?

Maybe RiddywIpple could fly in a short distance. He is feeling much better now, is smaller and much quicker than any of us. He could at least let us know if there is anything ahead before we decide what to do next.."

Calina looks around the cavern at all the tunnels, "Maybe the runes are nonsense but it could also be a clue. What do you think?"

Daellin looks towards the tunnel entrance, longing in his eyes. After a few moments, he turns away from the tunnel. “No. No we have a job to do. Let's get Dijjit back and finish our business here. We still have to get to Kaer Maga.”

Daellin glances back once more before everyone gets ready to head out. “Maybe on the way back,” he thinks to himself.

Thim handles one of the scythes from the pile of collected gear, just moving it about getting a feel for the weapon. "Hmmm...this weapon could be useful." he says before putting it back down. Didn't want to accidentally take someones head off.

Turning towards Dijjit, he heads over to rest next to the Gnome. "I'm glad we were able to find you before a worse fate befell you. Your team definitely seemed to miss you. We will get you back there and I can catch you up on some of the Pathfinder news."

Dijjit is very happy to have been saved, though is still in not the best of moods as he recovers from the events of the last few days. The group retreats from the cavern of Marigana and begins their trek back to the Pathfinders cottage. Riddywipple leads them on the quickest route back and helps them avoid any further encounters with dangerous fey creatures. Dijjit’s spirits rise a bit as the group gets closer to their destination and spends some time speaking with Thim about the Pathfinders. He tells Thim that he too, is not a full fledged Pathfinder but hoping to be one someday.

Back at the Pathfinder Cottage

After a long day of travel, the group finally makes it back to the Pathfinder’s cottage. The building has been repaired somewhat and the rider has returned from Wartle with news that the captain will wait for you for one more day. Everyone there is happy that Dijjit has been returned safe and sound. Ignizi provides a hot meal and lays out some pallets for everyone to sleep on.

As everyone is getting their equipment and bedding arrangements sorted, Calina walks outside the cottage to attend to the horses. She scratches Daelin's horse on the neck and allows him to nuzzles the small lump of sugar from her palm. Shadowmist snorts as if insulted. Calina laughs gently while she moves to his side.

"Oh, what, Mr. Sensitive? See? I brought you a larger lump so no more jealousy from you," Calina whispers in his ear. She rubs his ears then proceeds to remove the tack and saddles from both horses. She makes sure they have enough grass for grazing, then lays out her bedroll a couple of feet from the horses.

Leona, a Pathfinder recruit
Before Calina fully beds down for the night, the young Human female Pathfinder, Leona, comes outside to find her. “I wouldn't suggest camping outside here. You might not be here in the morning. While Ignizi has a decent relationship with the local fey, if they find you sleeping outside they'll take that as an open invitation to mess with you. I mean, really, you'd probably still be here but you'd be, um, changed, to say the least. There is room inside. And a fire. It's cold out here and if the pixies don't get you, you'll freeze to death anyway! I'll find a few extra blankets for the horses.”

Calina looks wistfully at the two horses, but turns to Leona, nods and agrees to re-enter the cabin. She locates a space to lay out her bedroll again. She accepts parts of the hot meal and gratefully munches on a biscuit covered in honey.

Meanwhile, back inside, Daellin and Samad look over the items that have been found, waiting for Alistar to identify them but the mage says it will take too long and he will identify them when he has time back on the boat. Ehlyna and Jo talk with Narisco about some ideas for increased security around the cottage. Kallin spends the rest of the evening praying and meditating.

After enjoying the warm meal laid out from them and relaxing for a bit, Thim finds Dijjit and asks him to join him outside for a breath of fresh air. Upon his acceptance of the invitation, they make ways out from the building and a bit aways from the rest of the group to assume that they wouldn't hear any of their conversation.

After a minute of just enjoying the woods unique smells and sounds, Thim turns to Dijjit and begins to speak in a soft voice. “I was told to pass on some a private message to you. Our mutual Pathfinder friend Joadric says to meet him Korvosa at the beginning of the new year.” He shrugs, “I don't know what he wants, but I had to make sure you knew. That being said, we should probably head back to avoid any fey.” He and Dijjit head back inside, where Thim prepares to take rest for the night.

Return to Wartle

The night passes uneventfully and in the morning, it is seen that Riddywipple, the Faerie Dragon, is gone. Ignizi comments that he doesn't like goodbyes and has had his fill of hard goodbyes recently. The Heroes of Sandpoint and their friends pack up, say their goodbyes and head back to Wartle. The weather has gotten colder and snow starts falling on the way back to the village. The blowing wind sends the large flakes flying everywhere, it makes visibility difficult, but the group finally makes it to Wartle. They find Captain Othlo and he is happy to see the group back and ready to get on the river once again. He says that they will be leaving within the hour and gets his crew working on readying the boat.

Image result for swamp village
Earlier that morning while getting packed, Calina found the packet of medicine that had been entrusted to her by the young Varisian man camped outside Magnimar. It seems like such a long time ago. She tells the boat Captain that she would return in time before the boat left Wartle. She tells her fellow travelers not to wait. She would take Shadowmist with her and if delayed, she would travel the road until she caught up to their next evening's camp.

Calina climbs into Shadowmist's saddle and the warhorse whinnies in excitement. She turns his head towards the town. Calina swivels in the saddle to wave at the boat's occupants then turns her mind to the task ahead.

Maneuvering Shadowmist through the town proper is difficult, and ends up having to walk her mighty steed pretty much everywhere. In the process, they both become completely mud covered. The town of Wartle is small and basically built on stilts above little more than mudflats at the bank of the Yondabakari River. She first heads back to the Lean-To, the only tavern and seemingly the focal point of the place. She asks the bartender and he seems quite closed lipped unless she buys either a drink or one of his Healing Potions. The drink costs 5 silver and he wants what amounts to double price for a healing potion.

Calina doesn't really want a drink, but the alternative is too expensive. She orders a honey mead. If she was going to drink, a mead should a safe bet.. She lays down the silver coin for the drink.

Calina drinks the small glass of mead and finds that it is better than she expected. She orders a second one and takes a sip before setting it down on the bar in front of her. She allows her fingers to trace an imaginary pattern on the outside of the glass.

"I need to ask you again, sir," Calina speaks to the bartender, "A child's life could be in danger. Do you know of any family in this area that has a sick child?"

The bartender takes Calina’s 10 silver coins and grumbles that someone has been hanging out recently looking for “someone from Magnimar with a package.” He says the guy has been checking in frequently since Calina has been looking the other day. As he is describing him, the young, unkempt man walks into the tavern.

The newcomer sees Calina speaking to the bartender and rushes over, “Ahh, there you are, you have brought the medicines from Magnimar?” He looks at Calina with expectant eyes. He appears very anxious to get the parcel from her.

Calina looks intensely at the young man. He is filthy, but then a quick look at herself covered in drying mud isn't much better.

"Where is the child that needs this medicine? I hope you can get it to him in time. I was delayed in finding you by other obligations, and for that I am sorry," Calina says as she hands the man the packet.

He nods as he accepts the packet, "He is not far and I give you all my thanks and sincerely hope your journey goes well."

He turns away and quickly walks out the door. Calina finishes the last of her mead, nods to the bartender and leaves the establishment as well.

She grabs the reins of her horse and they walk as quickly as possible through the mud, arriving at the dock in time to depart with the boat.

Session Notes

Thim and Calina both fulfilled their personal side-quests and got the group back on the road to Kaer Maga.

Characters Present:

Kallin Hawkril, Half-Orc shaman and budding Priest of Pharasma - played by Dan E
Calina - Varisian Human archer and scout - played by Carol C
Daellin Silvanthalas, Elven Farstrider Ranger - played by +Ben L
Samad Aldhul, Human ex-mercenary - played by JeCorey H
Alistar Gavin Lourdis, Human Mageknight- played by Don K
Thim Westerdale, Half-Elf rogue - played by Malcolm G

and +Jason GURPS as the DM

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