Grand Duchy 119

Grand Duchy of Adventure

Session 119
April 5, 2017

How to Deal With a Yellow Wizard and Other Troubles 

Moldain 14th, Klarmont

The Grey Company stands near the end of the woods, examining an enormous collection of bug carcasses in the immediate vicinity.
Image result for piles of insect shellsKasiex speaks “I have not seen this before, but I know that bugs do this, not usually this many, but still. I think this is ok.”

Griffin says “Still, it is strange. It makes me nervous”

Draven says “Let's not look for omens where there is only nature's infinite variety.”

Kasiex replies “Much has made me nervous recently.”

Remar watches Kasiex pop the bug into his mouth and produce a satisfying crunch.
Remar says “You know, Kasiex, the Traldar also enjoy these bugs when they're out and about.”
Remar says “An’ da Traldaran. Dat addled spear-chef o’yers seems to enjoy the buchay and aroma bugs like dis add to 'is dishes.”
“I find it hard to argue with you this morning,” Remar adds, appearing to potentially still be addressing Kasiex.

Kasiex smiles “Yes, these are not too bad, though I much prefer the actual bug to this empty shell, but these are still good.”

Draven says “What path should we take to get close to the temple without being seen?”

Iris adds “And heard”

Remar wanders off looking around, mostly at the ground. Remar carefully looks about and examines the area for other bugs he’s noticed in the valley, including the scarabs the mummy Lord invoked that he kindly returned. He also maps out if it appears to take up a particular area of effect, if there is something to be gleaned at the edges, or if something more arcane may be involved. Remar runs his hands in the bugs though to check innately

Griffin says “Stick close to the base of the hills, or climb up a way so we can see them first?”

Draven says “I'd say we need a good vantage point first, then a reasonable path to follow them if they go inside”

Ree says “Well, do we even know for sure where this wizard is. I mean we saw them from the overlook yesterday. Seemed like they were talking with the Traldar just outside of the village.”

Kasiex says “I can go scout? Where is that strange one going?”

Kasiex nods in the direction of Remar who has wandered off quite a distance from the group, almost 50 yards or so through the woods and is barely visible anymore through the trees and terrain.

Draven says “I think we are counting on you scouting,and you Griffin”

Griffin says “Okay, let's get going then.”

Draven says “And apparently catching up to Remar on his quest to discover... something.”

Iris chuckles

Iris says “I bet these are flammable, being dried out and all”

Griffin frowns. "I know he's been acting funny lately, but maybe someone should go keep an eye on Remar?"

Kasiex looks appalled, “Do not burn them. Put them in your pocket, they are a good snack on the road.”

Iris says “Yuck, Kasiex. I'll go check on Remar” Iris tries to quietly walk through the bug carcasses on her way to Remar

Kasiex reaches down and snatches up 2 paws full of them, shoving them into various pockets and folds of his tunic. He tosses a few more into his mouth.
Kasiex says “I go scout now. I come back 1 hour?”

Griffin says “And I'll go with you. 1 hour sounds good”

Draven says “Yes, let's regroup here after you two have had a chance to see the lay of the land.”

Griffin shrugs, then pockets a few of the bug hulls

Kasiex smiles as he sees Griffin heed his advice.

Remar and Iris spend quite a bit of time walking around trying to determine the extent of the bug molt while Griffin and Kasiex do some scouting.

After nearly a half hour wandering through the woods, Remar feels that it is not a symmetrical pattern though there are definitely areas that are more densely populated by the carcasses. The whole area stretches nearly 100 yards north to south and generally about 50 yards east to west, though he did not go too close to the edge of the forest in fear of being spotted by any spotters.

Iris asks “So....are bugs a hobby of yours, Remar?”

"Iris. Ree. Draven." Remar asks after everyone else crunches up nearby. "Do you detect the presence of magic? I'm checking to see if these bug shells have a particularly uniform radius from a center point. Or if there were perhaps the result of a summoning and conjuration spell"

Remar says "Yes, exactly. We must determine this before Kasiex eats all the evidence!”

Draven says “I can usually detect the traces, yes, let me see what I can see…” The young priest performs a ritual and the frowns and says “No, I'm not getting any magical traces.”

Iris says “Maybe if you could fly up you could see if there's a pattern. Of course being seen yourself is something of an issue”

Iris says “Maybe a gas? Oh no, nevermind me” Iris continues, “That'd be more likely to end up with dead bugs than molting bugs” she pauses, then “Well, i have to admit this is really strange, but maybe we should leave this for now”

Remar shakes his head at all he's been hearing lately. He says “Well, if Draven doesn't detect magic, I guess we don't have to stare at the bug shells any longer and we can just wait until the others get back from scouting”

A voice rattles around in Remar's head "Ya only be hearing whatcha need ta hear, wass important."

"It all seems important," Remar says to no one in particular.

Iris says “It's certainly an odd coincidence”

Meanwhile, Griffin and Kasiex do some scouting. Kasiex asks Griffin how he thinks they should proceed. “Where exactly do we want to scout?”

Griffin replies “Let's climb up the slope in an eastward direction, see if we can find an overlook of the temple”

Kasiex frowns, “that won't work, there's no good places above the temple. Too steep and dangerous. That area is very unstable.”

Griffin replies “Which is why we had to come so far around. If there had been a path closer to the temple we could have taken it. Okay, then let's head over to those ruins, use them as cover”

Kasiex says “We should be able to make it to the village near the edge of the woods and then from there to the shrine” Kasiex smiles and leads the way.

After another half hour, Griffin and Kasiex return with a report. From their vantage point in the nearby ruined temple, they could see that it appears that Golthar's cadre has moved to Ronkan. The report that it looks like all the normal Traldar activity in the nearby area has diminished. Some guards could be seen pacing the walls of the village bt there were no workers in the fields or scouts moving back and forth about the area.

Draven says “I fear that bodes ill for the Traldar, but hopefully they give him the push he needs to investigate the nest of undead.”
Griffin assumes that Golthar has offered some deal with the Traldar and their leader has called everyone in to discuss this.

Draven says “Do you think you could get us all to that vantage point, and would we be safe and hidden there?”

Remar sighs.

Griffin thinks that should be pretty easy with the lack of Traldar out and about. Griffin says “So, I think Golthar is recruiting right now. What say we get in and get out while both Golthar and the Traldar are busy?”

Remar says “Wouldn't that put us into the very military pincer attack trap we were looking to establish, Griffin?”

Draven says “You mean, change up the plan? Beat him to the punch while he's distracted and face the dangers ourselves? Yes, Remar, that's exactly my worry as well. If we emerge battered and spent, what's to keep him from picking our bones?”

Remar says “I -hate- the idea that he could be...enslaving those people. If anything, let's deal with THAT”

Iris says “I have to wonder what it is he'd offer”

Griffin says “Hmmm, good point”

Iris says “Unless you think he's using magic, somehow?”

Remar's hands shake while he speaks through narrowed lips and teeth.

Kasiex asks “This man Yellow Golthar, he is spell maker like Strange Remar, right?”

Draven says “I don't think a slaver like him makes offers so much as threats”

Iris notes Remar's agitated state with a mixture of worry and curiosity on her face.

Draven says “Yes, Kasiex, I fear he is a spell weaver as well. No offense to the many in our party who do as well, but there is something unseemly about magic outside the dictates of the gods.”

Remar says “It's only unseemly because he uses it to capture and deal in flesh”

Iris interrupts, "Ok then, so what's the new plan?"

Draven says “His use is surely irredeemable, though I fear any use is at the expense of lightness of the soul. But enough of my philosophising, Iris is right, we need to either stick with our current plan or, Griffin, sell us on your new plan.”

Remar says “Or we can save those people. UNless that is also unseemly to your gods”

Iris exclaims "Oh gosh Remar"

Griffin says “Okay,let's go beard the lion in his den. We can start by getting to the village. Sound good?”

Remar says “What? Is it OK if I add no offense intended?”

Iris says "I just think you're assuming things, that's all. Draven is asking about a new plan as well---that doesn't mean he's not willing to think of the people in the village"

Draven says “The goal is of course to bring Golthar to heel, one way or another, and if the answer to that is to face him in Ronkan I will of course support it. But if the answer lies in letting him wear himself out first, by all means let us make use of his own greed to ensure our victory.”

Malthius whispers inside Remar’s head “Why ya always got ta be worryin bout dem all others? Ta da hells wit em, thas what theyre gon'ta do wit you in da end anyway, an you knows it!”

Draven says “No one wants to see these people - all of the people of this valley - living in peace and prosperity more than I, But we have to do what is smart. You were in the military, Remar. Think with a mercenary's mind. What is the smart course of action here.”

Remar says “Sometimes the moral path isn't the smartest one. Isn't that was you told me once Draven?”

Griffin just looks back and forth between the priest and the mage while Iris looks acutely uncomfortable

Draven says “Aye, that's true. Were we both smart, we'd never have left home!”

Iris takes a step closer to Griffin

Draven says “But, finding ourselves here, self preservation isn't on the menu.” Draven continues “So, if the goal is to save those people, what's the best course of action? Hell bent for leather into the village? Or from stealth after he's had a whack at the foulness in that temple?”

Remar says “From Stealth”

Draven says “Or some other course? I am no military man, merely one of stout heart, who will follow any plan that seems sensible.”

Remar says “But saving just the same.”

The voice of Malthius rattles around inside Remar's head, "The pretty priest sayin it like ye had a choice, Rema, you NEVER had a choice!"

Draven says “You fear for their bodies, I fear for their souls. Between us, they will be saved.” Draven offers his hand to Remar to clasp

The voice of Malthius rattles around inside Remar's head, "But who in da hells is goan save YOU all? I tink we all know da answer ta dat one, Rema."

Remar shakes his head and pulls his Silver dagger, slits his palm, hands it to Draven.
Remar states solemnly "This I do swear. "

Draven replies “Brothers in arms”

Remar extends his bloodied palm out to the priest

Iris whispers “Oh my….”

Draven offers his hand to be sliced before sealing the bond.

Kasiex watches and listens with a sneer on his face.

Remar 's sharp dagger makes an easy clean cut deep enough to draw blood. Remar clasps Draven's hand.

Griffin, who had been keeping an eye on the nearby village, says “Uh, guys, I think they're on the move”

Kasiex muses “I thought we were to deal a blow to this Yellow Golthar and retrieve the sacred bowl to perform the ritual in the Temple, not rush off to help the Traldar.”

Draven says “There's nothing keeping us from doing both, Kasiex. We will show you, by hook or by crook, that these Traldar are men who can be treated with, not always enemies.”

Remar says “Yes Draven. Let's see if an old...Hutaakan can learn new tricks”

Draven says “Be ready, brother. When they see the company we are keeping, they may not be so keen to be saved by us after all. But peace will abide here.”

Draven says “So, Griffin, Kasiex, where can we lay an ambush for these monsters, for maximum effectiveness?”

Remar says “I will do my best to be ready.” Remar looks around at everyone else

Kasiex nearly shouts “The Traldar are worthless beggars and destroyers.”

Iris tries to change the subject "Um, moving past that, Kasiex...are these husks actually flammable?"

The voice of Malthius rattles around inside Remar's head, "Did someone say flammable?"

Remar twitches and Kasiex looks at Iris, "I am not sure." Then Kasiex concedes “But I will follow you as long as you say you still will do what you said you will do.”

Draven says “And we would follow through with our promise even if you should choose to stay here and let us go on alone. Our word is true.”

Remar says “Rrrrrrrrrwwwweelllllll....OK” and scoops up some bug shells from a pocket
Iris grins

Kasiex pulls a few insect husks from his tunic and pops them into his mouth.

Remar sets his hand on fire with the shells in it! The bug shells in Remar's hands spark and burn out in a puff of black smoke.

Iris grimaces

Griffin says “If we hurry, we could get to the temple first and hide on the roof. Bring popcorn and watch through the big hole.”

Kasiex looks at Remar strangely and asks “Why would you want to know if they can be burnt?”

Draven says “Not especially useful, I fear, though perhaps if we are forced to lure them back this way…”

The voice of Malthius rattles around inside Remar's head, "Good show, there Rema, now what if ya lit the whole lot of em back in that forest. That'd be a sight!"

Griffin says “If the coast is still clear, let's make haste to the temple”

The voice of Malthius rattles around inside Remar's head, "Like er're thing is so clear in YOUR head, Rema!"

Draven says “Agreed. We can use the time to prepare for their arrival or to move on to plan B if they choose to move in an unexpected way.”

From their current vantage point at the ruined shrine, the Grey Company decides to head toward the ruined Temple of Pflarr. There is not a lot of cover between the Companys current location and the Temple of Plfarr. Sentries from Ronkan may be able to spot anyone approaching.

Griffin says “so lets be sneaky until we see they see us and then run”

Ree says “How will we know they see us. They're like 2 miles away!”

Remar says “The same way they will apparently see us heading in? Can we camouflage ourselves or something?”

Draven says “If we can't all move stealthily, we should at least move quickly, to minimize the time they might lay eyes on us."

Griffin says “sounds good”

Ree says “We can see them from here, they can see us from there. But if they see us and dont like jump around and wave to us, we wont KNOW they saw us. Ok, lead the way.”

Griffin says “Right, Ree, so until we see a reaction we can hope that they haven't seen us. Its the best we can do.”

Kasiex offers “We could backtrack to the woods and approach along the base of the mountain. That would provide more cover than running across open ground for a mile and a half i think.”

Iris says “That sounds more practical”

Draven says “Are we still likely to make good enough time to be able to lay ambush?”

Kasiex adds “Might take an hour or two to move carefully, but do we even know that this Yellow Golthar is moving to the temple tonight?”

Griffin sneaks off and makes his way to the temple.
Image result for valley redDraven says “We know precious little, so I fear we can't plan for the worst or the best case. Lead on, stealth will be more important, I think, than speed.”

Remar says “What if I lob a fireball off in another direction, set off a rain of fire, or something as a distraction while we all go the other way. Maybe they'll all come check it out, And then we'll be elsewhere”

Draven says “Keep that in mind when we're nearer by, Remar. We may need just such a distraction.”

Remar nods

Draven turns to Griffin, finds he's not there.

Draven says “And it seems Griffin is going to get there ahead of us to make camp.”

Griffin starts making his way across the open ground directly toward the temple and Ree hustles off, following him, being as stealthy as she can be.

Iris nervously follows Draven

Draven says “We shouldn't be much longer than them, and they'll have had a chance to make things homey by the time we arrive.”

Iris whispers “What are we going to do with Golthar though? I'm finding myself getting more nervous the closer we get”

Realizing that the direct approach is too dangerous, Griffin and Ree return to the group and everyone makes their way carefully back to the edge of the woods to approach the temple from alongside the mountain to gain better cover. It is still before noon when the company arrives at the temple of Pflarr. The front doors of the temple are closed again.

Griffin says “So, what should we do?”

“What are we going to do,” Draven replies sotto voce, “well, I have pleasant dreams of you putting a bolt through his eye while he's not expecting us, but so long as it's something akin to that I will be happy.”

From the vantage point of the Temple, Ronkan looks the same. Good handful of smoke plumes from cooking fires, sentries walking the walls. None has left the gates from this side that you can see.

Draven frets a bit and says “We are people of action. Sitting here and waiting for them might try all of our patience.”

While the Company is hanging out in front of the temple, they see a small group of undead shambling near from the east, picking their way slowly through the rubble of the plaza in front of the temple. They have not noticed the Company yet, it seems.

Griffin says, mostly to himself, "Odd, I thought they only came out at night," but then remembers that they have been spotted during the day as well, just not as frequently. Griffin gestures upward. "Shall we take refuge above?"

Iris nods and says, "Let's do that"

Griffin climbs up to a safe spot behind the statue gracing the entrance. Griffin says “Anyone need a line up?"

The small horde of undead finally take notice of the party. There are 4 skeletons, 4 zombies and a wight! They begin shambling toward the party.

Iris attempts the climb and Draven uses his boots to levitate to where Griffin is waiting. Iris clambers up as Draven floats up and Ree scrambles up afterward.

Kasiex tires to follow the nimble Half-elf girl but slips and slides back down to the base of the wall.

Remar whispers up “Griffin! Yes. Please drop a rope” as he tries to help Kasiex up. Griffin drops a line to aid Remar's climb up and the wizard scrambles up the rope. Kasiex climbs up behind Remar.

Everyone makes it up to the flat, protected area behind the main entryway roof as the Zombies and Skeletons mill about on the ground below, looking up and occasionally trying to climb up but not having the dexterity to do so. The wight on the other hand, while not any more dexterous than his undead kin, seems to posses a greater intellect which helps it pick a path up the wall.

Remar asks “Draven, it may leave a body, but...should we shoot that thing before it gets up here?”

Griffin says “Remar, I'd start bolting like mad”

Draven says “Yes, let's do what we can to dispatch it quickly. None of us wants to be touched”

Remar happily begins bolting the wight as it climbs.

The voice of Malthius rattles around inside Remar's head, "Ha, that thing looks like summa yer friends when ya left em dying on the battlefield.."

Remar exclaims a little too loudly, "I didn't leave anyone, you killed them!"

Draven helps with some sunbolts as well. Within a few seconds, the wight falls back to the earth. It starts to get back up but is put back down by some more magical projectiles.

Cast of Characters: 

Garrett "Griffin" Constantine, a Thyatian rogue of a gambler from Penhaligon rolled by Arne J 

Draven Rickart, a Thyatian Acolyte of the Church of Karameikos ministered by Jason P

Remar Umerusan Alphatian battle mage that escaped forced service in the Thyatian army currently marshalled by Patrick K

Iris Vardaa Thyatian explorer and historian searching for answers and adventure, now guided by Stephanie K

Kasiex, a Hutaakan Wildsteward used to ranging the mountains and valleys now led down a new path by Patrick B

and Jason W as The DM

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