Wandered Roads 47

Wandered Roads of Varisia
Session 47
March 24, 2018

Campaign Timeline

Sorshen, Here We Come

Oathday 11th of Neth

A Quick Rest then Upward

After returning to the chamber with the spiral stairs, they quickly check behind the remaining two doors and find nothing but small, empty chambers. Realizing their only course forwarward is actually upward, the group decides rest and recuperate before advancing. 

Image result for floating eyeball
Wizard eye
After several hours of sleep, study and meditation it is decided that it is time to go and face their final opponent, but first, Vexeron decides to send one of his Wizard Eye’s up the stairs to do some scouting. The Wizard Eye flies up the stairs, about 200 feet up into what ever expects is the actual monument of the Lady’s Light. Finally the stairs stop and it comes out in a large oval room with 8 alcoves, each alcove holding a large, full color statue of one of the seven Runelords. The 8th alcove is empty. 

Embrace the Lady and the Lie

Not seeing anything threatening, the group ascends the stairs and begins to try to figure out where to go next, as there are no visible exits from this chamber. Vexeron tries to translate a ring of Thassalonian runes on the floor and manages to come up with the phrase, “Embrace the Lady and the Lie” or something like that. Having had some familarity with some other teleport magic in the tower, the Heroes begin hugging statues. They find that hugging one statue seems to start the process, but have difficulty sorting it out enough to make the teleporter work. Kallin decides he is going to attempt a divination, but the spell takes some time and the rest of the group keeps trying different ideas. At one point, they accidentally trigger some sort of trap that releases a windstorm and several lightning spewing air elementals. Finally, through sheer luck, they manage to find the right combination of statues to hug, causing the teleporter to activate. They all jump in the flashing alcove and are instantly teleported somewhere else.

Image result for runelord sorshen
Sorshen, Runelord of Lust
Related image
Karzoug, Runelord of Greed

The group suddenly finds themselves separate in pairs in different 7-sided chambers with a red metal door in the wall and a serpent mosaic on the floor. After just a brief moment, they are quickly reunited as all three chambers open out into the same area, which appears to be two 7-sided chambers connected together. Each of these areas has a large serpent mosaic on the floor with a post and wheel sticking out of the center of it. Vexeron tests the wheel and post and finds that by turn it, he can rotate the snake tile on the floor. He notes that the two snakes currently face away from each other and begins turning one to make it point toward the middle. As he turns the wheel, a loud, grinding sound can be heard coming from the floors and walls of the chamber and and the entire area seems to vibrate. 

Sad Maiden and Broken Mage

Image result for oriana pathfinder
Oriana, Grey Maiden
Others notice that there is an additional red metal door in the area, across from one of the teleporter rooms. Behind this door they find Oriana, the leader of the Grey Maidens and an unconscious person. Oriana immediately postures to attack, accusing the heroes of being Sorshen’s new pawns and playthings. After some is calmed and the situation is diffused. She seems in a very fragile and sad state, having recently been ejected from the Runelord’s presence and realizing that she had been under the effects of strong mind control magic for some time. She has many questions about the rest of her Grey Maidens and though not happy about it, she understands that there had even been some fighting and death between them and the heroes. 

Alistar Gavin Lourdis, Mageknight
She explains that the unconscious form is some sort of warrior mage that Sorshen had been toying with recently. He is wounded and broken but Kallin sets to healing him. Once awakened he introduces himself as Alistar Gavin Lourdis of Mendev far to the east. He says he had been hunting some demons in the Mushfens south of Magnimar when he encountered the Runelord and she placed some powerful mind control over him. He cannot recall all the details of his imprisonment, but knows it was harsh and depraved. Both Oriana and Alistar agree to join the group on an assault against the Runelord, who is said to reside in the chambers above. Oriana explains that by turning the wheels and pointing the snake tiles directly at each other, a magical gate will open, allowing access to Sorshen’s boudoir. Daellin passes out Wax of Defiance for everyone to place in their ears, as it is known to defend against mind control magics and the gate is activated. They also spend some time casting invisibility, defensive, and movement based magics on each other to gain the advantage in the tough battle to come.

The Runelord’s Bedchamber

Stepping through the portal, the group finds themselves in large oval chamber with a seven black pillars supporting a high domed ceiling. The room is opulent and richly adorned. A canopy bed sits against one wall with a half naked woman reclining. She sits up and smiles seductively, welcoming everyone to her chamber. Several Lemures, blob-like devils flank her and two Human women hang from shackles on separate pillars. A lustspawn is also shackled to a third column. Sorshen stands and demands that everyone immediately prostrate themselves in her presence and when they do not, she becomes irritated but in that moment, the heroes attack.
Related image
Runelord Sorshen
At first things look grim for the Heroes of Sandpoint as Vexeron identifies himself as a powerful mage, Sorshen calls upon demonic magics and opens a rift directly beneath his feet. The good natured mage is then dragged by clawing and reaching hands into the rift. It closes up before anyone else can attempt to help him. Calina starts peppering the now flying Runelord with arrows as Daellin and Samad step up to deal with the devil Lemures. Ehlyna, enchanted with great speed and the ability to fly, engages the Runelord directly. Kallin, hidden by invisibility, moves to help one of the shackled and wounded Grey Maidens. Oriana, seeing her companions shackled, moves to help them as well. The other newcomer, Alistar, engages his magic in an attempt to dispel some of the magical protections Sorshen seems to have surrounding her. 

The battle rages on for a few moments and it seems that Ehlyna’s axes are slowly but surely whittling the Runelord down. Finally, Sorshen breaks free and flies across the chamber, readying a wand and opening a magical portal in the air and passing through it. Not wasting a moment, Ehlyna speeds through the portal as well. Daellin starts casting flight to follow through the portal sitting up near the ceiling of the domed chamber while the others turn to face the approaching Sinspawn that has released itself from its shackles. 

Here in your bedroom...

Facing the enemy

Flyin' and fightin'

The battle rages on.. overseen by the architect himself!

The final moments

Session Notes

Another session in the books. The Heroes of Sandpoint (ever hear of 'em?) get ever so much closer to defeating their enemy and completing their mission, to recover the Shard of Lust. This session was the untimely death of a PC (to make way for a new PC). We tip our hats and drop our fireballs to the powerful and highly flammable Vexeron. Thank you Don for taking over Vexeron when Greg left the group. It was time to get Don his very own character so Vexeron was unwillingly dragged into the abyss by numerous demons! Ouch!

Looking forward to introducing a new character for Malcolm soon as well!

Our final battle took place in the well designed and made 3d battle arena created by my cousin, Ben. Thanks for work on all that awesome stuff Ben. The pillars, with black marble paint job and gold manacles were tops and that canopy bed was amazing!

The session ended with the big bad fleeing through a portal to who knows where.. and the flying Dwarf following right through as well!

Characters Present:

Kallin Hawkril, Half-Orc shaman and budding Priest of Pharasma - played by +Daniel Ernst
Calina - Varisian Human archer and scout - played by +Carol Coburn
Daellin Silvanthalas, Elven Farstrider Ranger - played by +Ben Lipe
Vexeron, Human wizard - driven into the abyss by Don K
Ehlyna Fuzziface - Dwarven Warrior - taken over by Malcolm G
Samad Aldhul, Human ex-mercenary - played by +JeCorey Holder
Alistar Gavin Lourdis, Human mage-knight and demon hunter played by Don K
and +Jason Woollard as the DM

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