Grand Duchy 115

Grand Duchy of Adventure

Session 115
March 8, 2017

Coming to an Understanding

Tserdain 13th of Klarmont

Someone's Knocking

The loud talking and shouting outside the door gets a little louder and Marcel has to really lean in on the door to keep it from being pushed open.

Draven says, “I suspect we're only making things worse by not letting them in now…”

Griffin intones, “I agree. Marcel, step aside.”

Remar asks, "Should I raise spell protections for us all?"

Griffin says, “No, I think we gotta just take this one, Remar”

Kasiex proclaims"Whatever the outcome, it shall not be decided by the masses on the other side of that door. Let us seek out Kifein and Kforedz. They will know better."

Remar nods and Kasiex motions to another door on the other side of the chamber and says "Quickly. Let us move."

Draven says, “Lead on. We trust you to keep us safe - as safe as you can, that is.”

Iris asks, "Should i lock the door? Magically? Or does that make us look worse?"

Marcel cries out, "I can't hold this forever."

The Wizard says, "I think it makes us safe and more able to reach Kifein and Kforedz to lock the door and move through the other"

Griffin agrees, “Okay, Kasiex, lead on”

Marcel looks confused, as usual.

Iris says, "Ok I'll lock it and we can run out"

The door is magically locked and Marcel carefully steps away. The still cursed Kasiex leads the way through the door on the far side of the room. The slow moving, Mummy Rot afflicted Hutaakan turns several corners and the group runs into Kifein and Kforedz with a handful of acolytes with them.

Kforedz says "There you are. We have heard that some of the good folk of Byxata have come looking for you."

Iris looks at her feet

Kforedz continues, "We shall speak more of this but I will not allow mob justice to rule here."

Griffin says, “Please lead on”

Draven says, “We appreciate your patience with us.”

Kforedz tells Kifein to take you to her private chamber and she will go and deal with the angry Hutaakan mob. Kifein looks over the group with what might be both sadness and disappointment as she leads you to Kforedz's chambers. The group of Hutaakan acolytes accompany you as well, following behind at a distance. The acolytes do not follow into the chamber but take up guard positions outside. Once in the High Priestess’s chamber, Kifein turns on the group with an angry look in her eye and a bit of a snarl in her voice.

Kasiex begins to say something but then sits quietly on a couch against the wall.

The Ugly Truth

Kifein says "Why did you not tell me of this? Did you think it would not be known?"

Iris says, "It was a terrible mistake, we're...beyond sorry..." Iris trails off

Draven says, “As for why we didn't say anything about it before… Put yourself in our spot. When you first encountered a new group of humans, would the first thing you did be to admit to having been duped into killing their brethren? Our shame silenced our tongues, but we hoped to perhaps earn your respect before we had to admit our guilt.”

Kifein says "Sorry is for when you accidentally step on someone's foot or chew on their tail without realizing it is not your own. This feels, different."

Draven says, “If you will, we can tell you what we shared with Kasiex. The fullness of the tale.”

Kasiex lifts his weary head, "The Traldar. They lied to them. Tricked them."

Draven says, “No tricks, no lies, just the bald truth.”

Kifein listens closely as the story is retold for her benefit.

They Hutaakan priestess paces back and forth as she absorbs this information. She seems considerably conflicted. Her gaze then falls upon the large tome, the Knowledge of the Elders, and the other artifacts that were recovered from the Vault.

Just then, Kforedz returns. She says "So, you have entered the valley. Disrupted our way of life. Brought evil into our midsts. And now it is revealed that you have killed Hutaakan without mercy.” The High Priestess continues,  "I assume the Traldar convinced you to help them slaughter our priests that day?"

Draven says, “Indeed. And we were well primed to expect our own enemies, not Hutaaka.”

Remar says, “We were also amidst a battle, where unfortunately the Hutaaka took us for Traldar as well”

Kforedz listens carefully, one eye narrowed and the opposite ear upright.

Draven says, “Would that I could show you the likeness of those who fought us the whole way into your valley. The Traldar descriptions of your people made us all but certain they were talking about our own foes.”

Griffin says, “Hey Ree, can you do that for Draven? Show Kforedz what a Gnoll looks like?”

Ariadne says "NO i am sorry, I cannot do that."

Draven says, “Suffice to say, the descriptions of the primitive Traldar were poor enough, rough enough, to make it seem they were describing our own enemies, not those who would soon be our friends.”

The two Hutaakan priestesses listen carefully, nodding and shaking their heads at different parts.

Remar asks Iris to translate for him and recounts the scene of how everything went down. The Alphatian tells this and then recounts why they entered the valley, how they came to the Traldar camp after the battle. How they sought out the Hutaakan after that, in the hopes that they could liberate the valley and maybe even reunite its people, the Traldar and Hutaakan.

Here for a Purpose

Kforedz says "I can see how you were confused. And yes, I will admit, we have not always treated fairly with the Traldar, especially as of late. I can understand the confusing and difficult situation you were in. Since that time you have proven your honor and truthfulness. My people may take some time to understand this, but as I said before, I truly believe that you are here for a purpose.”

Draven says, “Is there a custom among your people of restitution - help me here, Iris - of weregild, or making the family of those we have harmed, whole?”

She smiles and then turns her gaze on Kasiex. "Now, let us see what we can do for this young pup.”

Iris does her best to help translate where she can

Kifein says "Yes, Priest of Truth. There is a way to honor the families that were wronged."

Kforedz says "Young mage, will you cast the spell to remove the curse?"

Remar says, "I most certainly will. I would have done it sooner had not this...young pup”, he winks at Kassiex, "run off to play in the woods."

Kasiex lowers his head in shame. He says, "I am sorry. I should be chastised and forced to wear the cone of shame."

Remar asks, "Um...hey Iris. Is uh....winking. Does it not mean the same in Hutaakan?"

Kasiex glances at a leather and wood contraption hanging on the wall across the room, it looks like a oddly shaped bellows folded up. Seeing this, Kforedz says "Be well, good Kasiex. You are forgiven for your pride."

Remar casts his spell and Kforedz quickly follows up and uses her divine magic to cure the disease. A strange look crosses her face. "That is strange. My magic did not work to cure the disease on this one." She looks at Draven. "Will your gods grant their magic to heal one of our kind?"

Draven says, “I can only but try,” then lays hands on the center of the diseased tissue. The black tissue starts to recede. It dries up and flakes off, revealing pink healthy flesh beneath it. Kasiex looks quite ridiculous at this point though, as he has lost quite a bit of fur.

Remar whispers to Draven and Iris sighs in relief. Draven responds to Remar in kind

Kifein quickly then administers some healing spells to Kasiex to help with the damage the curse had wrought. Kforedz says "So I am still studying the Knowledge of Elders but am sure I will find the answer I am looking for soon. Whatever that is it will require the water you recovered from the Singing Pool as well as the Silver Bowl of Pflarr. You have said you did not see the bowl when you entered the temple, is that right?

Iris nods and says, "That is correct"

Kforedz muses, “Hmm. That bowl must be recovered before we can move on. What are your thoughts on that? I will send Kifein and Kasiex to the temple to look for this bowl. Will you accompany them again?”

Draven says, “Normally I would ask for even more help - the temple is remarkably corrupted - but I fear few of your people would trust us to travel through Traldar held territory.”

Griffin says, “We are grateful for the opportunity to continue working with you”

Kforedz says, “I do not know of more of my people that WOULD go. I could order some of the acolytes to accompany you, but sadly they would not be very useful. They are still just learning their roles and fear they would be more of a hindrance than help.”

Remar 's brow furrows

Kforedz continues, “I would go but I need to figure out the necessary rituals to cleanse the valley.”

Draven says, “Would that they were further trained - to have the faithful of your people there to begin rituals of cleansing.”

Remar says, "I mentioned it previously when we were brought here, but you must know says, There are powerful beings of unlife in that temple. If they have the bowl, it could be difficult to attain."

Kforedz says, “When I come to the temple for the ritual, I will bring them with me, but I fear that to have us all there before it is time would be dangerous that close to the Traldar”

Remar says, "Additionally, we have Golthar right on your doorstep! We MUST deal with him first He's brought 20 - 25 with him. He will likely try to grow this number in enslaved cohorts."

Kforedz says, “You are free to remain here in my chambers while you continue to rest and recover and plan what your next step shall be. I will leave my acolytes outside to keep you protected. Kifein and Kaisex are free to come and go but, for your safety, I would recommend you remain here.”

Remar continues, explaining more about the Yellow Wizard, "I also fear that if he learns of the friction here between the 2 factions, he may use that against us if we wait. Perhaps convince the Traldar for instance to help him invade here. That's what I would do tactically."

Iris suggests, "How about we drop a messenger's bag in their path? With falsified documents? Like a journal?"

Ready to Hit the Trail Again

Kforedz takes the heavy, ancient tome and excuses herself to continue examining it. Kifein remains to help you plan. Kasiex perks up at the continued mention of Golthar. He says, “One of my fellow Wildstewards reported in this morning that this new group has traveled further to the west. At their current rate of travel, they will likely make the outcropping by nightfall.

Kifein says "I could look into finding some way to speed your travels possibly."

Draven says, “It may not matter in our decision, Kasiex, but if we can find out if he is sticking to the roads or going overland, or if he appears to have a destination in mind…”

Kifein says "There are some scrolls in the archive that may work. I can look if you like."

Draven says, “Yes, please do.”

Kifein says "It will take me some time to find though." She hurries off to go look for some scrolls.

Kasiex tells of a secret path he knows that utilizes some mountain paths. Some of the routes are difficult, but not much more than the path taken to the Vault of Elders. The Company continues to plan their next move while Kifein is still gone looking for something to help with the journey. Remar votes for Kasiex' recommendation to travel through the mountain paths

Cast of Characters: 

Garrett "Griffin" Constantine, a Thyatian rogue of a gambler from Penhaligon rolled by +Arne Jamtgaard 

Draven Rickart, a Thyatian Acolyte of the Church of Karameikos ministered by +Jason Packer with help from +Patrick Burke 

Remar Umerusan Alphatian battle mage that escaped forced service in the Thyatian army currently marshalled by +Patrick Kelly 

Iris Vardaa Thyatian explorer and historian searching for answers and adventure, now guided by +Stephanie Kelly 

Kasiex, a Hutaakan Wildsteward used to ranging the mountains and valleys now led down a new path by +Patrick Burke 

and +Jason Woollard as The DM

The Grey Company are confronted by the Hutaakans regarding their initial encounter with them in which they helped slaughter them. Summary of the latest play session of The Grand Duchy of Adventure, our GURPS: Mystara campaign.-->

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