Wandered Roads 46

Wandered Roads of Varisia
Session 46
February 17, 2018

Campaign Timeline

Mists and Paint and Demons

Wealday 10th Neth

Searching Around

After what seems like forever, the Heroes of Sandpoint continue their exploration of the area. Knowing their destiny lies above, but not wanting to leave unexplored areas behind them, the group decides to search the immediate area. Daellin heads toward the one open door in the chamber, holding off on the multiple closed doors until later. The others begin searching the bodies of the Grey Maidens for anything useful, valuable or dangerous.
Dead Grey Maiden

Daellin finds a sparse bunkroom that looks as if it could house quite a few more people than the number of Maidens recently defeated. Unfortunately, nothing else interesting can be found in the bunkroom.  

Back in the spiral stairway chamber, the bodies of the Maidens have been thoroughly looted, and all attention has been turned toward a makeshift table against one wall of the chamber that seems to contain numerous papers, maps, scrolls, and parchments. A quick review of the documents shows it to be quite extensive and detailed plans of the city of Korvosa, mostly from the point of view of an invasion. It appears that the Grey Maidens are serious in their quest to retake the city for their deposed queen.These plans are gathered up and set aside, along with the magical and valuable gear that was formerly possessed by the Maidens.

A Secret Door

secret door
Before checking the remaining three closed doors, Vexeron decides to check the chamber using his See Secrets spell to see if there is anything specifically hidden from sight. Upon casting the spell, he immediately sees a secret door in the stone wall behind where the Grey Maidens’ war table sits. The table is moved and after a careful search, Daellin is able to figure out how to open it.

The secret door leads to a large, columned hallway. The columns are carved to look like sensuous limbs intertwined and supporting the ceiling far above. The walls are covered with minutely detailed murals depicting imaginative and horrific acts involving bloodletting and blood drinking. The blood in the paintings seems to ripple and flow, and when touched, comes off onto fingertips, revealing that it is somehow real blood on the walls. The mural, however, is incomplete and stacks of supplies and ancient scaffolding sits in one corner.

Bloody Mist

A strange red fog seems to be gathered around the perimeter of the room, and shortly after the group has fully entered the room, it coalesces into a handful of distinct, pulsating red clouds with what appear to be slimy green tentacles snaking out from its wispy surface. The clouds quickly surround several members of the party and it appears they are some sort of blood-sucking aberrations. After some time and creative ingenuity involving using cloaks to fan the little red clouds, they are finally dispersed.

Ehlyna finds herself surrounded by foes, just the way she likes it!

During the encounter, Vexeron had noticed that something of a magical nature lay amid the supplies and scaffolding at the far end of the room and shouted it out to his companions as he continued using his flame magics to combat the vampiric clouds. Kallin, who was near the edge of the melee, sprinted to the far end of the chamber in an attempt to locate this potentially magic tool but all he found was scaffolding, painting tools and ancient containers of paint. Disheartened he turned to return to the fight when he noticed the spirit of what appeared to be a workman kneeling near the pile. He engages the spirit and finds out that one of the jars of paint is magical and is how the rippling blood effect is made on the walls. Interesting, but of no help with combating the deadly mists. Kallin returns to the fight and the vampiric mists are eventually defeated.

Samad tries flapping his cloak at the mists, to great effect!

Pyramids and Demons

The party then moves on through the passage at the other end of the chamber and follow it down a long hallway until they reach a 7-sided chamber with rough, unfinished walls. A single pillar supports the ceiling 20 feet above. The far wall, opposite the entryway, is the only thing that is finished in this chamber. It holds a detailed relief carving of a large stone pyramid looming over a coastline. The lower half of the carving depicts what seems to be a cutaway of below ground structures of several levels of chambers and caverns. What appears to be some type of liquid, possibly blood, is shown flowing down through these channels and into the open mouth of a fully nude Runelord Sorshen reclining in the throes of ecstasy.

The Grand Mastaba in Korvosa

Samad and Ehlyna take a closer look at the carving and believe it to be the Grand Mastaba, the stone pyramid that acts as the base of Castle Korvosa, in the city of the same name. Before more thoughtful interpretations of the carving can be made, several Babau Demons magically appear, leaping out of the carving. They immediately take up tactical positions and summon a couple more similar fiends then attack. The Demons use their powers of summoning, teleportation and darkness to great use, but finally, after several moments of intense battle, they are defeated. Wanting to accidentally summon more Demons, the group retreats back to the spiral staircase room to search the remaining 3 unopened doors before heading up to what they hope is the final confrontation.

The Demons are masters of darkness and teleportation

Session Notes

First session back to the old campaign in over 2 years! I have missed it and am so happy to be back! We have a new player at the table, currently taking over for Ehlyna since Jodi is unable to play anymore due to work schedules. Welcome Malcolm! I am so happy to be throwing my trusty 3d6s again!

Characters Present:

Kallin Hawkril, Half-Orc shaman and budding Priest of Pharasma - played by +Daniel Ernst
Calina - Varisian Human archer and scout - played by +Carol Coburn
Daellin Silvanthalas, Elven Farstrider Ranger - played by +Ben Lipe
Vexeron, Human wizard - played by Don K
Ehlyna Fuzziface - Dwarven Warrior - played by Malcolm G
Samad Aldhul, Human ex-mercenary - played by +JeCorey Holder
and +Jason Woollard as the DM

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