Wandered Roads 25.3

Wandered Roads of Varisia
Session 25.3


Ehlyna Longs for the Sea

Wealday, 19th of Lamashan to Fireday, 21st of Lamashan

Ehlyna was anxious to get this situation resolved. She had traveled to Magnimar with her companions several days ago to track down whoever was behind the murders committed by Aldern Foxglove as the ghoulish Skinsaw Man. Many of the murders had almost been pinned on her due to Foxglove’s unhealthy obsession and the abundance of the 7-pointed Thassalonian star that was carved into the victims chests.

They had arrived in Magnimar on Wealday, 19th of Lamashan, and got settled into the quite run down Kaijitsu Manor house. The next morning, Oathday, 20th of Lamashan,  Ehlyna and Ellie had volunteered to take the wagon and deliver it to the agent of Voon, who had lent it to them to make the journey to the city. They also spent some time in the busy Bazaar of Sails, an open air market near the harbor, buying some necessities for their new domicile. When they had returned to the manor, they found their friends were still not back from scouting out Foxgloves townhouse that was supposedly somewhere nearby. Ellie and Ehlyna, or more accurately, Ehlyna, then got to cleaning up and trying to make the place as liveable and defensible as possible, given what they had to work with.

Sometime later that evening, the Elf Daellin magically communicated with her from across the city, calling her and Ellie to their location with the promise of battle. Only too eager to get some ‘real work’ done, Ehlyna and Ellie set off to someplace called Kyver’s Islet and the Seven’s Sawmill. From there, the group infiltrated the sawmill which was apparently a front for the cult behind all the recent murders and evil. An incredible battle was fought and Ehlyna slew a great many cultists, but in the end, the leader of the cult managed to get away. In the upper reaches of the sawmill, a rookery was found containing several ravens that appeared to be trained to carry messages. A feather was plucked from each bird and they were released, hoping they would fly away and lead the group to the next clue in the puzzle. Vexeron was confident that his magic could track the birds as long as he had one of their feathers.

Once back at the manor, Vexeron attempted his magic, only to fail. He made some excuse about some powerful shielding magic being at work against him, but that he had 2 more feathers to use and would try the spell again the next day, hoping for better results. Ehlyna and Samad both spend some time outside the house attempting to secure the outer doors and windows in case of an attack by surviving members of the cult they took on earlier that evening. Once the manor was at least slightly more secure, Ehlyna took a handful of coins and went for a walk to a nearby tavern she had seen. She felt it was important to contribute to the local economy, and if she was going to be for any length of time, she needed to know where the best ale was.

The next morning, Fireday, 21st of Lamashan, Ehlyna awoke to find herself alone in the manor. The place was still a wreck so she pulled together some food and got to work continuing to clean the place up. After a while, her companions arrived back. They were all doing various tasks, in and out of the manor. None of them seemed too worried about getting to the bottom of the task at hand. Everyone seemed to have forgotten that they were here to put an end to the evil behind the cult and murders.

Another day passed, and Ehlyna busied herself working around the manor and waiting impatiently for Vexeron to use his magic to track down their quarry.  As night fell, Ehlyna was pent up and most of her companions were back out, running all over who knows where looking into some new thing. Why would they start a new ‘thing’ when the old ‘thing’ was still unresolved. It was like the axe situation all over again. Oh well, they would get to it eventually. She took some more coins from the group fund and headed out to sample another local tavern for the night.

Starday, 22nd of Lamashan

Ehlyna awoke from her liquor induced slumber early the next day. It looked like Calina had already left and the Elf, Daellin had as well. She remembered vaguely that late the previous evening, several of her companions had returned to the villa, going on about their other quest, finding some woman and recovering some special artifact that Samad was parading around the place. She also recalled Vexeron proclaiming that he had just about figured out where they needed to go next.

With this thought in her head, she rose with a renewed focus, but then discovered that Vexeron too, had left the manor. Ehlyna decided she was done cleaning up, and besides, Daellin had hired a Varisian house maid, so she decided to head out and spend a little Ehlyna time. Her former days as a sailor always called to her when she was near the sea. Maybe she would take a walk down by the docks. As she headed out the door, she spied the pile of cultist masks that had been gathered up after the fight at the sawmill. They supposedly contained some magic, but Daellin had said that they would take them and destroy them. Seemed like a waste, if they were magical, they could probably be sold, Ehlyna thought.

Before setting out, Ehlyna ventured upstairs. The general state of squalor was not as bad up here. In fact it even smelled better. It seemed that the others had yet to stake a claim on any of the rooms, opting to sleep when they could downstairs. Taking one of the smaller rooms, Ehlyna laid out her gear. It had seen some hard use as of late. A few knicks, a couple scratches, a dent or two, yes, it was time to see them fixed.

After cleaning up the room to her approval, Ehlyna gathered up her armor and weapons and headed down by the docks. You could generally find a good weapons and armor smiths that wouldn’t charge you an arm and a leg for repairs. Sometimes you could even get by just telling them a story. Most of them were smiths on longer distance cargo ships. They missed the old days of adventure on the sea.

Ehlyna heads down the wide road leading from the Summit down to the Shore. Though she thought it was early, Ehlyna realizes that it is close to noon, as the sun is near overhead. The air has a bit of a coldness to it. The warm summer is finally turning to cool fall, and winter will not be far behind. She pushes her way through the throng of folk on the street and she even manages to stop several carts maneuvering along the angled street. Once at the bottom, she makes her way past the familiar Eyes of the Hawk monument and proceeds to the Bazar of Sails. It is crowded there, which makes Ehlyna smile. Though she was a warrior, she was also a Dwarf, and Dwarves loved money and trade.

The Bazar of Sails, which gets its name from the many brightly colored tents and banners announcing which wares were sold where, has just about anything you could think of, and many things you shouldn’t, for sale in it brightly colored tents and wagons. About half the vendors were Varisian and the other half seemed to have come from every possible corner of the world. She saw hairy northmen barbarians, dark skinned folk from the jungles to the south, high class nobles from the various ‘cultured empires’ and sand- and sun- burnt people from the deserts. There were even handfuls of non-Humans. There were also plenty of Dwarves, Elves and Halflings in addition to numerous Half-Orcs and Half-Ogres as well as more exotic Lizardmen, the devil-blooded Tieflings and other races.

Before shopping, Ehlyna thought it would be best to partake in a drink. You could learn a lot about a neighborhood by checking out its local tavern. A few queries directed her to the Old Fang, a tavern located right on the waterfront. To the left, Ehlyna could see the wharves and piers of Outcasts Cove and to her right, the constantly shadowed quarter known as Underbridge, or The Shadow, which sat directly below the ruined Irespan, that immense stone bridge that jutted out from the Seacleft and upper city above.

The 2 story Old Fang is built directly on the docks, its white peeling paint contrasts nicely with the barnacles growing on the pilings underneath. The front door is open and an old sailor snores loudly in a rocking chair out front, a pile of old fishing nets at his feet. The smell of ale, sour wine and overcooked fish hangs strongly in the air. Ehlyna heads in and sees a burly, no-nonsense looking Varisian woman sweeping the taproom floor. Several greasy sailors sit at the bar trading drinks from a bottle of some rotgut. Numerous mounted fish and other trophies line the walls of this homely place. directly above the bar, a huge, gaping mouthed swamp baraccuda head hangs, its jaws easily 5 feet across. The woman stops her sweeping and looks at Ehlyna. She lets slip a half smile then blurts out in thick Varisian, “Ehh, what’ll ya have?” before moving back toward the bar. Neither of the two sailors even bother to turn and look in Ehlyna’s direction.

“Give me an ale.” There were several stools by the bar shorter than the others. She choose one of those, near the sailors deep in their drink.

Not bothering to walk it down, the barkeep slopped it down the bar. From the looks of it, this place had been here since the beginning of time. She listens to the sailors as she decides if she wants to have some fish. The conversation is the same as it is in every wharf dive, which knots are better for rigging. Bowline on the Bight for taking a break. Carrick Bend for heavy sails. Catspaw needs a new name, everyone knows cats aren’t allowed on a ship. Should you ever be asked to make a running bowline, hope it isn’t for you!

Ordering another ale, and one of the fishes, Ehlyna settles in to listen to the harbor, take in the smells of the sea, and to hear more of these two good friends continue to fight with one another. They drink when they agree, they drink when they disagree, and the drink when the mood fancies. Soon enough, they start chanting an old pirates song. It was said to be made up by Firebeard Silverkin himself on one of his many raiding parties.

Like a ghost on the wind
He comes from the sea,
And trembles the foe
Like a storm on the lee.

With swashbuckling swagger
And a Jolly Roger laugh,
He flies the black flag
On a whalebone staff.

He has a black-patched eye
And a ring in his ear,
And on his wind-burned face,
A crusty-grizzled beard.

With a bone-cold glare
And a sneer on his lip,
He has a cannon by his side
And a cutlass in his grip.

With a thunderous blast
From his cannon's might,
He shivers the strong
And cripples their fight.

He takes what he's lost
And turns it to gold,
For He's crafty and shrewd
And He's fearless and bold.

He's dashing and daring,
A fierce buccaneer,
For the sight of his plunder
Pales many with fear.

From Varisian Gulf
Victories are told
Of the Spirit of the Pirate
And his purple and gold!

Joining in, Ehlyna sings her heart out, if a bit on the terrible side. The sailors take note of their short statured, previously silent companion. They trade a few stories. One buys a round for everyone, including the passed out bouncer in front. They say he actually met Firebeard, but the old codger says a lot of things. Ehlyna earns the name of a former shipsmith from her new found friends.

Ehlyna heads out, leaving the Old Fang and her new sailor friends behind. The matron of the bar, called Ol’ Mam Grottle, tells her to come back anytime. After a short time, Ehlyna manages to find the smith she is looking for. The Human’s graying hair spoke to his age, probably near 50 or so, though still younger than Ehlyna by a decade or so. He has one of the few permanent shops in the area, most of which are temporary tents or wagon establishments at best. After chatting and swapping some sea-stories, they got down to business. He told Ehlyna that he could repair the armor and clean up her weapons. Ehlyna was proud of her gear, but she lacked the skills to maintain it properly. The smith also suggested that her armor be tended to by a sorcerer to have its enchantments in place. “I ken take care o’ the straps and metals, but yer gonna need ta be havin them enchantments looked after by one er dem wizards. I be knowin one eff em, if yee like me to take care un it fer ya. Not more en a fist o gold for sorcerer, I’d reckon.” Ehlyna ponders forking out more money for the upkeep of her armor. The smith says that he should be able to have everything complete by supper time.

As Ehlyna leaves the armorers stall, she feels strangely naked without her armor, helmet or axes. She feels vulnerable and exposed. The 7-pointed star medallion hangs from her neck and seems to be attracting the attention of everyone she passes.

Just then, she hears a shout from behind her, “Well shiver me timbers, if it ain’t Bloody Rakiha!” Ehlyna’s blood freezes in her veins at hearing this name and she spins to face her caller.

There she sees Jask Derindi, a dark-skinned Garundi sailor that she knew from her days as part of Ashden’s crew.

“Jask,” Ehlyna states in one of her no nonsense tones.

“How long has it been? Oh it seems like years! Come, have a drink! You could always drink me under the table, but the hangovers you had! Oy!” he says.

He obviously doesn’t understand the look on my face or the tone of my voice. Always the dense one, thought Ehlyna. “I am on urgent business. I am glad to see you are still alive and kicking, Jask. You were always fair to me. May your winds be swift and the Mother calm.”

“Oh no, I can smell the ale on you. I know it isn’t too early for you! Just one ale! Just one! For old times sake!”

Eventually, Ehlyna manages to get her point across to Jask that she is busy. He does not want to let her go, but finally has to. As she stomps off, he calls to her, “It was good to run into you again, Rakiha. Captain Ashden will be happy to hear you are in port. I’m sure he would love to see you!” This last statement is dripping with cynicism and Ehlyna turns on him quickly and sees him standing across the street, arms crossed on his chest and a wicked smile on his face. “I’ll be rushing off now to tell him about seeing you!”

Time to get away from the docks, thought Ehlyna, even though she had no real destination in mind. Plus, she would have to go back in an hour or so for her armor and weapons. She also had no idea how long Jask had been following her. Since the bar? Since the armorsmith? Not until after that?

She was also tired of getting strange looks at her chest. I wonder if these folk have seen this before? I wonder if I should ask someone about it. I mean, I honestly don’t know much about it save what it does and where I picked it up at. This symbol sure has caused me several problems. Ehlyna walks away from the docks in the hopes of finding a magic user who has knowledge of this amulet, hoping she doesn’t have to part with her precious coin for the information.  For the time being, Ehlyna conspicuously tucks it into her shirt as everything Ehlyna does is conspicuous.

Ehlyna loses herself in the huge marketplace, the Bazar of Sails. For a while, she forgets what she is here in Magnimar to do and enjoys a bit of shopping, even if it is only window shopping. She finds all manner of useless items for sale, food, clothes, object of art, and even a beautiful flaming axe cloak buckle that resembles the holy symbol of her patron god, Angradd. The Ulfen trader wants 2 fists of silver for it and she ponders the purchase and eventually forks over the coins for the clasp and a heavy cloak.

After wandering the Bazar for quite a while, Ehlyna is ready to head back to the armorers establishment to pick up her repaired gear. As she begins to make her way back, she spies her companion, the Elf Daellin, approaching the market place. He is walking with what appears to be two city watchmen. Just before they reach the market, they turn him and lead him down a side alleyway.  Normally she would not concern herself with the comings and goings of an Elf, but recently she had bonded with Daellin and stopped seeing hims as much as an Elf, but as a friend. Knowing his unreasonable need to obey the law, even stupid ones, she can only assume that he has managed to maneuver himself into some sort of trouble with the watch.

Following the Elf and the Watchmen, Ehlyna assess the situation before jumping in. It isn’t too long though before her curiosity catches up with her.

Ehlyna follows the two mail clad guard and Daellin as they maneuver through a series of narrow side streets and alleys, probably trying to avoid the busy market streets. She decides she is going to call out and engage Daellin and the watchmen but then she loses sight of them around a corner up ahead. She hustles to catch up and when she rounds the next corner, she sees that this narrow alley is between several permanent tent buildings and a few real structures. Tarps, banners and clothes lines were strung above, blocking out the overcast sky, though to Ehlyna’s eye, it appeared to be a bit gloomier than the circumstances dictated.

Up ahead, about halfway down the darkened alley, she sees a grisly scene unfolding. One watchman lays dead in the street with a short sword protruding from his back while Daellin lays on the ground, his hands bound in front of him and grasping a short sword in his hands.  Above him, approaching with a readied war razor in his hand is the other watchman, now wearing one of the all too familiar cult masks.

Thinking only to distract the man before he slices Daellin, she shouts at him, “HEY!” and then breaks into a run toward them. She sees the cultist with the blade hesitate and Daellin begins to stand.

The cultist turns and steps toward Ehlyna as she charges down the gloomy alleyway. The Dwarf launches herself at him, fist first. Her opponent, seeming be ready for such an obvious attack, retreats and whispers “Father Skinsaw, protect me.”  A sickly green flash blinks between him and Ehlyna’s fist, but then somehow, he gets his feet tied up and managed to lean right into her punch. Ehlyna feels the punch connect, not a solid blow, but seemingly in a good place as his knees crumple and he falls to the cobblestones in a heap.
“Daelin, hand me that sword,” As Ehlyna reaches for it.  Cutting the ties that bind him, Ehlyna asks, “What in the name of all the Hells happened here? And what are we going to do now?”

Relieving the other unconscious guard of his weapon, Ehlyna hands Daelin the weak steel back.

“Suffice it to say I’ve never been so happy to see a bearded face as I was when you came yelling down the alley.  I’ll explain everything in just a bit.  Think you can tie him up for me?  I want to introduce him to another friend of mine.  First though I want to ask this guy at the end of the alley a few questions.”  Without waiting for an answer he heads off  for the far end of the alley toward a wagon and driver sitting there. Ehlyna had not previously noticed the wagon or driver.   Before Daellin can make it too the end of the alley, though, the driver of the wagon shakes the reins and hurries away.

Daellin shouts something in Elvish as the wagon disappears into the afternoon crowd.  When Daellin returns to where Ehlyna is tying up the unconscious foe, the Elf kneels and checks on the fallen city watchman. Ehlyna sees Daellin’s face darken and she knows that the guard is dead. Daellin rises, his face tight with anger.

He speaks to Ehlyna, “Keep an eye on him for just another minute for me.  I have something I have to do first.” With that, the Elf once more heads to the end of the alleyway, digging his hand into his coin purse.

What has that Elf gotten himself into this time? thought Ehlyna. Keeping an eye on the Watchman, Ehlyna pulls the mask from his face, not wanting to let this fellow wake up and be able to use its power. As Daellin disappears around the corner, Ehlyna feel very naked without her armor and weapons.

The Watchmen begins to stir. Obviously not happy with the bindings, even in his half alert state, he begins to work on them. Ehlyna smacks him again for good measure.

Ehlyna sees Daellin lead a cart to the mouth of the alley and then head back between the tall buildings.  Walking up to Ehlyna he holds out his arm to the red headed dwarf.  "I don't believe I thanked you properly.   "Diolla lle"  he says in the graceful Elven tongue.  "It means 'Thank you' in Elven.  Indeed I am indebted to you.  You have aided me at a time where all my options were ... dissatisfactory ... at best."

Daellin checks on the tied up man, who he refers to as Galvas, making sure that he is unconscious and still firmly bound.  Taking a moment he checks the cultists pockets.  He confiscates everything including a war razor and his mask.  With Ehlyna's aid he loads their captive into the back of the wagon and secures him to the wooden floor.  Once confident the man is going nowhere he heads into the alley one last time.  Respectfully he and Ehlyna load the dead guardsman, who Daellin names as Nilo, onto the wagon.

With all their cargo accounted for they jump aboard the wagon.  As Ehlyna takes the other seat he flips the reigns gently.  With a bit of free time before they reach their destination, Daellin fills Ehlyna in on all the details of his adventurous morning. Daellin maneuvers the horse and cart through the busy streets of Magnimar, heading for Kyver’s Islet, the small island where the sawmill was located.

Daellin wraps up his version of the days events just as they approach their destination.  Daellin hops down from the wagon he walks over to the horse and hitches him to the closest railing.  While Daellin whispers sweet Elvish nothings to the beast and pets him, Ehlyna looks around and sees that the sawmill they had recently battled in has now burned down. All that remained was a blackened pile of rubble stacked upon the lower structures of the building, just above the waterline of the river. On the near side of the street, a warehouse had been turned into some sort of watch guard post temporarily. Several watchmen moved in and out of the building. When they see the wagon and Daellin, several of them call out and approach warily, their short halberds readied in front of them.

“Daellin, I have a bad feeling about this…”  Ehlyna jumps down from the wagon and picks up one of the weapons, holding it in a near ready stance.  “Why is it that I think we should have picked up my armor before heading here?”  Ehlyna cocks her head to one side, just now putting 2 and 2 together.  Son of a Hellhound, he brought us back to the person who wants him arrested…..and me!

Shooting Daellin a disgruntled look, though it is hard to tell one of her looks from another, Ehlyna walks closer to Daellin, slowly. When she is near she says in a soft voice, “I swear Daellin, if you get me arrested all hell will break loose. This is not the time or place.”

"I'm not sure if there ever is an appropriate  time and a place for you to be arrested my friend.  Surely you aren't afraid of a few soldiers are you?"  Daellin inquires with an impish grin.  

"Just follow my lead and we will see this through.  Do remember these are the official city watchmen.  We don't want to start any trouble we can't finish eh?  I'm growing a bit fond of this town and would like to be able to return without  a bounty on my head."

“A death mark is a hard thing to live with…”

Daellin continues a bit more seriously.  "I realize I should have consulted with you first but I figured I knew what you would have said.  By the glaring looks you are giving me I see that I am right.  You would have retreated to the manor or worse yet, returned armed and looking for a fight."

“Coming back and setting things straight is the right thing to do.  Its what sets us apart from the rest of the thieves, vigilantes, and crazy cultists out there.”  He punctuates the last part by dragging Galvas out of the cart.  “Besides, I need to know what part  Justice Ironbriar had to play in all of this.  Lets see how he responds to this development shall we?”  With the cultist firmly secured between the two of them they push into the building serving as the command station.

“What’s the meaning of this? What is going on here? Throw down your weapons at once!” one of the guardmen shouts. Galvas is starting to stir after being unceremoniously dropped on the ground. One of the nearby guards notices Nilo’s body in the back of the cart and he cries out, “Is that Nilo? You killed Nilo!” The watchmen, step up, keeping their weapons at the ready.

"Nilo was a good man and a faithful servant of this city.  He is dead, but by the hands of this foul traitor Galvas.  If we had killed him would we be dumb enough to return here?  Rein in your ire and focus it on those who deserve it.  Now back off and let us take this assassin to Justice Ironbriar.”  Not waiting for the guards reaction Daellin and Ehlyna take their captive inside the building.

Seemingly dumbfounded by Daellin’s proclamation, the watchmen step aside as Daellin and Ehlyna drag Galvas inside the building. Once inside, Daellin realizes that Ironbriar is gone, as is his gear. One of the watch captains comes in and clears his throat, “Um, excuse me, but the Justice has already left. I believe he headed back to the Pediment Building to, um, interrogate you.”

“If we’re going to do this, we are seeing it to the end.”  Ehlyna points to the Watch Captain, who clearly wants nothing to do with the situation, and says, “You, yes, you. You will escort the good Master Daellin and myself to this Pediment Building posthaste. Daellin, bring that rouge watchman.”  Ehlyna storms off to the wagon, not waiting to see if her orders were carried out, knowing that they would be one way or another.

Daellin addresses the obviously confused captain of the watch.  "You heard the lady, lets get going shall we?  The sooner we get moving the better.  Trust me.   It's a lot easier to go along with her than to try and fight it."  With another mischievous grin he continues, "I do have some good news however, I have a wagon so we don't have to walk!"  Laughing even in the face of danger, Daellin exits the building.

The watchmen, who were already in the process of wrapping up their investigation at the sawmill were only too happy to comply. The contingent of watchmen were on foot, and the majority of them were to report back to the Arvensoar, though one of the captains and a few of the men were to escort Daellin, Ehlyna and the prisoner back to the Pediment Building. It was well after noon, and the streets of the city continued to be crowded, but the captain knew his way around the city quite well, and most major traffic spots were avoided.

Eventually, the wagon and its escort began the climb up toward the Avenue of Honors on the Summit. Once at the top of the hill, the captain instructed Daellin to turn left, toward the Pediment Building. Daellin and Ehlyna both gaze off to the right, toward Kaijitsu manor. Daellin begins thinking about what may have happened when the city watch showed up at their door for a search of the premises. He then remembers the stack of cult masks he had gathered up to destroy. They were just laying in the common room! No doubt it was too late now. Justice Ironbriar had ordered the search hours ago.

The towering sculputre Indros cul Vydrarch lays ahead, and just past that, the gray stone Pediment building. The streets of the Summit were less crowded, though it still took some maneuvering of the wagon to avoid hitting anything.

Once at the Pediment Building, an attendant was called and he was sent to run in and fetch Justice Ironbriar.

Daelin waits anxiously for Ironbriar.

Ehlyna scans the area. Noticing the fidgeting of her companion, Ehlyna takes a more defensive stance.  Out of the frying pan and into the fire!

Seeing the wanted boards, Ehlyna casually walks over. A cruel looking lot to be sure, Ehlyna thinks as she scans the drawings and announcements of bandit and pirate activity.

Ehlyna's past is catching up with her!

The wanted boards are thick with parchment upon parchment of wanted notices, many of them years old; worn and brittle. After a few moments of search, she finally finds what she is looking for. She stops for a moment, her heart stutters and she looks at the dry, yellowed paper, her own, though much younger, face, staring back.

Only 500 gold? I am surely worth more than that...Ehlyna looks around to see if she is being watched.  It seems most of the watchmen are keeping an eye on Daellin. Word travels as fast in a military unit, even one as poor as this, as a fishmongers wife can tell a tale to her neighbor. It seems everyone is perplexed. Is Daellin a savior or a snake? Well, I know how he is, too honest for his own good sometimes!

Feeling as it is safe, Ehlyna takes down the parchment and pockets it. Perhaps she can burn it later with all those masks.

As Ehlyna pockets the crumpled parchment, she notes that there is something goin on at the main doors of the Pediment Building. The attendant has returned with one of the Justices, an older white haired Human. Ehlyna had thought Daellin described the Justice as an Elf. Ironbriar, if she remembered correctly.

From somewhere deep inside his internal musings, Daellin notices Ehlyna studying the wanted posters and then pocketing some.  "What is she doing?" He thinks to himself.  "Leave it to her to be looking for a quick source of gold even now.  Doesn't she realizes the stakes at hand?"  Daellin does have to admit that she is at least dedicated in her endeavors.  He makes a mental note to ask her about the posters later. Perhaps they could bring some lawbreaker to justice in the course of their adventures.  If they can help clean the city of its scum and earn some gold at the same time, all the better.  His esteem for his comrade rises a bit at her ability to combine her desire for wealth and justice all in one noble deed.  He feels guilty for initially doubting his trusted friend.  He realizes he should strive to be as stalwart a companion as she.   With a mental sigh he turns to face this unexpected newcomer.

The man steps out, with several watchmen nearby, “What is the meaning of this? Who calls for Ironbriar? He is not here at the moment. He was out on Kyver’s Islet earlier today, but has not returned to the Pediment Building.” The watch sergeant that had accompanied Daellin and Ehlyna from the Islet approaches him and speaks quietly to him for a moment. The old man looks up toward Daellin, then at Ehlyna, “I am Justice Elek Kannas, step forward, I will hear what you have to say about this, err, mess,” he motions to the cart.

Galvas, now conscious, merely sits in the back of the cart quietly, refusing to speak a word since awakening, just scowling around him. Several watchmen pull him from the cart, and start marching him toward the steps leading up to the Pediment Building.

Ehlyna follows Daellin wearily up the stairs toward this Justice Kannas. The old man smiles as they approach and he studies them carefully when they reach him. Though old, he has a glimmer of youth in his eye and moves like a man of younger years. He leans in close to the two companions and says, “I hope you have a good story, because what has happened today, and recently, weighs heavily on my heart. I fear for this city. There is evil afoot. I do not believe evil resides in either of you, I can sense that, but sometimes a persons actions do not accurately reflect his soul.” He pauses a moment, then turns and bows toward the doors, “Please, step into my office.”

Daellin readily acquiesces to the elderly justicars request for a private interview.  He has a feeling that this is finally the right person to hear the truth and recognize it for what it is.  If not then it wouldn't be the first time his hopes have not been fully reconciled with reality.  

One thing he is sure of is that he has developed an intense dislike for Justicar Ironbriar.  The law officers demeanor alone would have been enough to set Daellin on edge, but he feels like there is something more.  Factoring in all the other considerations and the circumstantial evidence seems to point to something quite sinister indeed.  First, there is the general sense of doom weighing over Ironbriar's troops, as if something magical is afflicting their souls.  Second, Daellin was clearly led into the ambush.  Galvas had help on the inside, and someone rather high up in rank.  Third, Ironbriar seemed almost predisposed to dislike Daellin.  For one supposedly a shining example of justice the forlorn seemed to utterly disregard the truth and ignore the obvious.  Lastly, the elf's own appearance seems unusual.  He has never heard of even one of the forlorn obtaining such a pale complexion.  To do so one must have to abhor sunlight itself.   Daellin shivers at the mere idea of it.

Bring himself back to the here and now he turns his attention to the matter at hand.  He steps into the office leaving plenty of room for Ehlyna and Justicar Kannas to follow him in.  He waits for the elderly man to take a seat and get comfortable.

Ehlyna steps into the neat office, taking in her surroundings.  Books, papers, quills, and an assortment of other items are carefully stacked and placed throughout the room.

After having a seat, Daellin, with occasional interjection from Ehlyna, retells the story of the companions, beginning with the Goblins in Sandpoint and the Ghouls of Foxglove and on to the Cultists of Magnimar and the strange business with Justice Ironbriar. The older man listens carefully, often touching his hand to his forehead, deep in thought, occasionally asking for clarification or repetition of specific parts.  When the story is done, he nods a few times, makes some hmm-ing sounds then speaks. “Well, it is quite a story, but as it happens, I believe you. As a Justice of the Courts of Magnimar, I am forbidden from using magic to come to a verdict in the courtroom, but since this is no courtroom, and this interview is strictly casual, I can use whatever means I like, though I am sorry I was not forthcoming about it beforehand. I feel it sometimes hampers the conversation when I bring it up ahead of time. But regardless, I choose when and where to use my talents, and in this case, it leads me to trust in your words. This is all quite confusing and disturbing.” He shuffles through some parchments and journals on his desk and continues, “ While one is free to choose the religion and deity of their choice, this evidence of cult activity cannot be tolerated. I knew there was something amiss when we received word from Sandpoint and a few other regional centers regarding tales of similar murder and evil. I am, on the behalf of the City of Magnimar, grateful to you and your companions help in securing the safety of Sandpoint. I assume that one squad of mercenaries that were dispatched were not sufficient to deal with the trouble.” He looks over a few papers as he talks, “Hmm, interesting. Interesting. I see here, according to these notes, that Justice Ironbriar was the Justice that signed off on the sending of support to each of the individual locations. He has also been involved in the Star-Sign Murders investigation. Now you say he implicated you and had you arrested, only to be ambushed by another cultist acting as a City Watchman? This is all too disturbing. And now Ironbriar has not returned to the Pediment House. You say he was coming here to interrogate you several hours ago. He has not been seen here since this morning. Something needs to be done about this.”

As the aging Justicar speaks, Daellin feels a weight lifted from his shoulders.  With each word Kannas affirms Daellin’s suspicions.  The change is evident immediately.  The tension that clearly showed on his delicate Elven features relaxes and then disappears completely.  He slumps back in his chair with what equates to a whole body sigh.  It appears that he won't be spending anytime in the cells of Pediment House ... at least not today that is.

“Words cannot express how grateful I am to hear you speak those words Justicar Kannas.  My companions have sought only to bring this matter to a just ending.  Perhaps we should have kept your office more informed of our intentions.  I personally apologize for the oversight.  All may not be lost however.  In the course of our investigation we may have uncovered the clue that will enable us to track down Ironbriar after all.  It is perhaps fortunate that we did not report everything to your office, for it has kept traitorous elements such as Ironbriar and Galavas from discovering the depth of our knowledge.  Even now one of our companions may have discovered the location of their refuge.  With your permission we shall attempt to ferret them out and bring them to justice.”

Daellin clears his throat and begins a little less confidently.  “When we have brought these offenders to justice I might suggest that we could use a little help to prevent these type of problems from occurring again.  A writ or commission as honorary investigators for your office may be the difference between catching these criminals and seeing them escape.”

Justice Kannas ponders this request for a moment, “Ahh, yes, I suppose that would be possible. And while I do believe the veracity of your words today, and have word from Sheriff Hemlock and Mayor Deverin of your trustworthiness, I, and the City would require a bit more vetting. But it is definitely something we can work toward in the future, friends.”

“Thank you for the consideration.  I trust my friends and I shall show our merit soon enough.”  Daellin stands and shakes the mans hand warmly.  

Kaanas takes Daellin’s hand, then Ehlyna’s, “Well, first things first, I will send out word to be on the lookout for Ironbriar.  I am not yet ready to label him as a traitor until I get to speak to him, but I would very much like to speak to him right now.” With that, he calls in a Watch sergeant and give him the order to try to find Ironbriar and have him escorted back to the Pediment House. Daellin and Ehlyna find themselves out of the fire and head back outside.

“That was a tight predicament, Daellin.  Let’s head back to the Manor and find the others.  The sooner we have this done the happier I will be.  But first, I have armor and weapons to retrieve.”

Daellin accompanies Ehlyna back to the Bazaar of Sails to retrieve her newly reconditioned gear. The day had grown long by the time they made it back to the Kaijitsu  estate and both were surprised to see several City Watch members at the gate. Ehlyna tenses up, fearing more trouble, but Daellin approaches them and strikes up a diplomatic conversation. The Watchmen have come with Daellin's gear. Shortly after the word had gone out about Ironbriar, he had been spotted driving a wagon into The Shadow and when approached, he turned invisible and fled, leaving the wagon and Daellin's gear behind.

Happy to have his gear recovered, Daellin thanks them and they leave. The two companions head inside to meet their friends.


This was Ehlyna's side trek between sessions 25 and 26. Ehlyna needed to get some equipment issues taken care of in the market and ended up running into someone from her past. Not wanting her secret to come out, she quickly removed herself from the situation and found a companion in need of some help.  Ehlyna and Daellin's side treks joined up and combined for a mega side trek! It was fun!

As usual, my text (and Ben's) is BOLDED and Jodi's is normal.

Characters Present:

Ehlyna Fuzziface - Dwarven Warrior - played by +Jodi H
Daellin Silvanthalas, Elven Farstrider Ranger - played by +Ben Lipe
and +Jason Woollard as the DM

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