Wandered Roads 25.2

Wandered Roads of Varisia
Session 25.2


Tales of the Impotent Elf

Fireday, 21st of Lamashan

I do not need to prove that I am better. One should not have to prove what is painfully obvious. ~ Daellin
After reaching the safe confines of Kaijitsu Manor, Daellin bids his friends goodnight.  Fatigued by the day's events he stumbles into his room and gently pulls the door closed behind him.  As he prepares for bed he reminisces on the wild adventure he and his companions just experienced.  Sleep overwhelms him almost immediately.

Starday, 22nd of Lamashan

Daellin wakes early, long before sunrise.  A lifetime of training in the untamed wilderness has  him up and going long before most.  Old habits die hard even when one is sleeping amidst the vast sprawl of Magnimar.  Dressing quickly he heads down to the kitchen.  He realizes Nesme hasn't had time to work miracles in the kitchen but he’s hoping to find a bit to eat before heading out to the marketplace.  If nothing edible is available he figures to catch some fresh baked goods en route.

While walking the morning streets of the city he ponders on his mental to-do list.  Its gotten quite long already and has Daellin worried about how much of it he’ll be able to sort out in one morning.

Arran Ceray - Enchanter
His first stop is a quick visit to Arran Ceray the proprietor of the Brass Manor.  For a meager sixty silver she recharges Maelos.  Conveniently located in Naos she’s becoming a regular haunt for the Companions.  While her apprentice sees to Daellin’s sword he takes a moment to inquire after a dwarven goldsmith.  He explains briefly what he is looking for and Arran responds with a smile, “There’s only one choice for you really, Britus Purevein.  There’s no finer metalsmith this side of Janderhoff.  Tell him I sent you and he’ll take care of it.. He’ll appreciate your custom too, even if he’s too preoccupied to show it.“ Its a quick stop and after thanking the Garundi woman for her help Daellin takes to the streets again in no time.

After only having to stop and ask directions once Daellin manages to find the dwarfs shop.  He’s not entirely sure that the silver he tipped the halfling for directions was worthwhile.  It seemed to take him along every shortcut and side track of the neighborhood to get here.  Daellin shrugs, just happy to have reached his destination.  

Entering through the open doorway Daellin pauses for a look around.  It’s a small shop with modest showroom.  The goods are all neatly arranged inside of locked cases.  His keen eyes pick out diminutive sigils along the edges of the glass.  Obviously magical protection against theft and breakage.  

Daellin is pleasantly surprised to see that the shop specializes in all sorts of fine metals.  Excellent examples of fine craftsmanship are on display in silver, gold, platinum, and even a few alloys he’s not sure he’s ever seen before.  All of the pieces are obviously worked by a master craftsman.  

Before Daellin has time to look any further, the proprietor himself bustles out into the showroom.  The dwarf appears middle aged, of average height and girth, for a dwarf anyways.  Unusually, his beard is relatively nonexistent.  Other than a bit of stubble there isn't much there at all.  Daellin knows of at least one dwarf who wouldn't be seen in public sporting so embarrassingly little of a beard.

Britus Purevein - Beardless Dwarf Jeweler
Britus Purevein quickly quashed a scowl at seeing an Elf in his establishment and proffers a friendly smile and a warm greeting.  Daellin isn't sure if the quick change of heart is because of the prospect of earning a bit of gold from a patron or just another oddity about this particular dwarf.  Daellin smiles in return and gives the dwarf a slight bow.

Wasting no time Daellin begins describing what he’s after.  A chain to be worn around the neck.  One suitably fitting for Elhana’s stone.  Something that will do justice to the rare gift.  At first the dwarf is indignant.  Even downright disbelieving that a mere elf would be in possession of such an item.  Even when Daellin finally brings forth the stone it doesn't help matters much.  Britus seems convinced that its a stolen item.  It takes some fast talking for Daellin to convince him not to call the guards.  

Once Daellin gets past Purevein’s theatrics and gets to know the dwarf a bit more it turns out the metalsmith already has something in mind.  It seems the odd dwarf has a bit of the mystic to him.  He often works on projects that come to him in his dreams.  Sometimes the need for something he has crafted is immediately obvious.  Other times it can take years for the augured customer to finally appear in his shop.  

It appears that Daellins necklace is one of the former.  Purevein just finished work on the chain yesterday.  He walks back into the workshop and returns a few moments later.  In his hands he holds a finely crafted necklace of platinum chain.  It wasn't what Daellin originally had in mind, but once seeing it he knows that its the right choice for the stone.  Somehow it just feels right.  The stone fits snugly into the setting and after a brief bit of work its set in its new home.  After a brief bit of haggling over the price, Daellin pays the odd dwarf a fair price and takes his leave.

With his new purchase safely tucked away under his jerkin, he heads off in search of the closest temple.  At the Temple of Iomedae he purchases a brace (pair) of minor healing potions and makes a small donation in exchange for healing.  He swaps out two of the spider antidotes in his potion belt for the new potions.  When he gets home he’ll put those in his backpack along with his extra gear.

Stopping in at Hroalund's House Of Blades, Daellin finds the perfect knife for the upcoming fight with the wererats.  Tantaerra, the halfling assistant, shows him a finely crafted long knife with a silver layer. WIth its keen edge and fine balance it should be just the thing to slay a were-creature.  Daellin pays for it quickly and gets out of the shop as fast as he can.  He had gotten his fill of sassy little bumpers last night.  

Daellin also stops to buy a new set of clothes.  He has to admit that they are not quite as nice as he’d like.  The good thing however about this set is that it doesn't make him gag everytime he looks at them.  He will keep the old set as spares and store them in his room with the rest of his accessories.

Stepping out of the tailors shop he’s surprised to learn that its already noontime.  With no time left for taking care of the more mundane tasks he realizes that hiring the groundskeeper will just have to wait.  Perhaps he can check in with Nesme once he has some more cash on hand.  Surely she knows someone.  

As Daellin heads home, he passes by a group of citizens engaged in a loud and excited conversation. As he passes near them, he overhears them talking about a large fire at one of the sawmills on Kyver’s Islet the previous day. One of them exclaims that his brother in law works at a nearby sawmill and that it was a miracle that the entire neighborhood didn’t burn to the ground. One of the conversants notices Daellin walking by with his ear cocked in their direction. He nods and waves politely at Daellin and calls, “Good morning, friend.”

Daellin slows and then weaves his way over to the affable man.  "May fortune bless you as well on this fine morning.  I apologize, but i couldnt help but overhear part of your conversation. You were discussing a fire over on Kyver's Islet?"

Daellin smiles warmly to the citizen and continues,  "Again I beg your forgiveness, i have not introduced myself.  I am Daellin Silvanthalas, Farstrider and explorer,  and member of the Heroes Of Sandpoint."  He bows expectantly.  When no glimmer of recognition illuminates the mans face he coughs into the back of his hand and hurriedly continues.  "My companions and I are renovating Kajitsu Manor and in turn ordering a fair sum of wood products.  This fire could impact our progress.  Can you tell me more about these unfortunate events?"

“Kaijitsu Manor, you say. Interesting. From Sandpoint? How is old Lonjiku doing? Haven’t seen that old fox in some years. As far as the fire on the Islet, I have only heard that a blaze engulfed the building sometime in the early morning hours and was burned to the ground before dawn. I don’t think anyone was hurt in the fire, by Desna’s fortune,” the man replies, tracing Desna’s wings on his chest. “There are more mills on the Islet, though, I’m sure you can find what you need.”

Another man clears his throat and chimes in, “You know, I have heard rumor that several of the mills up north, Sandpoint way, have had some recent difficulties. Have you heard the same, coming from that area,” he asks Daellin.

“The rumors are at least based on some facts I can assure you good sir.  My companions and I are recently down from Sandpoint.  In fact we aided the good sheriff there in cleaning up a bit of a mess involving one of the mills.  Was very grisly business indeed.”  Daellin pauses in his story to takes a moment to gauge the men spread out before him.  His keen eyes hope to pick out any hints that the men may know more to the story than what they are revealing.

Realizing that these men are exactly as they appear, he continues on.  Daellin regales them with a fine retelling of the story, how he and his companions helped solved the mystery and became the Heroes Of Sandpoint.  It turns into a bit longer story than Daellin intended.  Truth be told most of his stories do.

As the story winds down he notices his audience getting the far off look in their eyes thats a sure sign to be moving on.  He finishes with a flourish and short bow.  “Now I must take my leave of you good sirs.  May the sun shine brightly on the rest of your morning.  Good day.”

The men nod their heads in lazy bows as Daellin continues on his way, musing about the implications of a burnt down sawmill the same evening that he and his companions had stormed such a sawmill on the same island. Coincidence? Elves never really bought into coincidences.

Giving up on making it back to the manor house on time Daellin decides to swing by and check out what's left from the fire.  He hopes his companions will forgive his tardiness.  The possibility that there may be a clue lost somewhere amid all the wreckage is too tempting to resist.  

As Daellin heads for Kyvers Islet, he pays close attention to the crowds around him.  He is on the lookout for anyone paying too close attention to him or the site of the fire.  As a precaution he loosens the clasps on his weapons, prepared to defend himself if need be.  He feels reassured at the familiar feel of Maellos at his hip and he is surprised at how his new blade already feels comfortable on the opposite side.

The closer he gets to the sawmill, the more uncomfortable he starts to feel. There are a good number of city watchmen in the area and several of them seem to take extra long looks in Daellin’s direction.

Unperturbed at the seeming attentions of the city watch Daellin continues onward.  He retains his surveillance of the crowd while trying to maintain at least the outward appearance of being calm cool and collected.  He knows that he has done nothing wrong and refuses to behave otherwise.  

Daellin notices several other folk in the area that have moved too close and the watchmen quickly move to them and ask them to step back. It is in fact the Sevens Sawmill that had burnt. The entire upper floors are gone, some of which had collapsed onto the street in front of the building. The ground floor was only about half burnt and the waterwheels and machinery below seriously damaged. Several men in soot covered clothes carefully maneuvered about the wreckage and through the rubble on the street.

Without hesitating Daellin strides right up to the nearest watchmen.  "Good day gentlemen.  I must have a moment to confer with your captain.  If you would be so kind to point him out to me, I would consider myself indebted to you."  Daellin offers a short bow, and awaits their reply.

“Step back, Elf,” the watchman replies without looking. “Official city business. I will need you to step across the street.” He motions with his arm back across to the other side of the street where several other folks have gathered.

With a slight frown at the guards lack of consideration if not downright insolence he pauses to take a breath.  "Perhaps I did not make myself clear.  I have important information to discuss with your captain.  It is of vital import that I speak with him immediately.  I implore you not to risk your superiors wrath when he learns that you have detained me needlessly."  Daellin allows his voice to soften a bit and continues,  "I am not a simple gawker out to make the city watch more work.  Take a moment and point your captain out to me and I'll be on my way.  Where's the harm in that?"

The watchman turns and faces Daellin and starts to say something, then a surprised look crosses his face and he stammers for a moment. “Oh, um yes. The Captain. He should be over there.” The watchman motions to a nearby building that looks to have been converted into a makeshift command station. There are several watchmen near the door and others moving about, in and out of the area. “Now if you will please step back, this area is dangerous. We’ve already had 2 citizens fall and hurt themselves today.”

"Thank you for your help."  Daellin bows slightly and then heads for the command building.  He nods to the guards outside of the building as he boldly steps right up to the front door.  

Inside, the light is considerably gloomier than Daellin would have expected and several watchmen look at him strangely as they pass on their way out. A desk has been made by placing a wide plank across 2 boxes. An Elf stands on the other side of the desk. He is dressed in official looking finery and bears the crest of Magnimar on his long, wide cloak, almost a robe. Though an Elf, Daellin can see that this is an Elf long removed from the wild forest. His skin is ashen, his hair is dull and his motions are slow, like a Humans. He is what other Elves call Forlorn. As Daellin steps up, he speaks in a low, crackling whisper without looking up. “What.” It is more a statement than a question. He folds closed what appears to be some partially burnt ledgers and papers, shielding them from Daellin’s view.

At the sight of a fellow elf, Daellin begins speaking in Elvish.  "I beg pardon at the interruption but I needed to speak with you concerning the burnt mill.  My companions and I have been pursuing a cult that I believe was responsible for the blaze."  Gesturing at the paperwork spread out across the desk, he continues "Might I inquire if you have found anything useful during your search of the remains?  Any detail, no matter how small may be of great value as to our investigation."

The Elf across the desk looks up, his eyes narrow as he sees Daellin. He speaks in fluent Varisian, eschewing his native Elvish, though clearly he understood every word Daellin spoke. “And your name would be?”

Daellin gives the Elf his name and he nods, writing it down on a piece of parchment. “I am Justice Ironbriar and am in charge of this investigation. What is your interest in this sawmill? You know, some citizens had reported that a group of suspicious looking characters had been poking around the mill the night before it burnt down. They mentioned an Elf of your description among that group. Were you here, at the sawmill the night it burnt down?” He looks up again, staring at Daellin with dark, beady eyes.

Daellin stares back at the Forlorn.  He refuses to be intimidated by some mere functionary when he has faced down far worse horrors already in the course of this investigation.  He switches back to Varisian with a sense of pity for one of his kin who has so obviously lost his way.  “For the record Justice Ironbriar neither my companions nor I was present on the inlet at the time of the fire.  I had just received news of the fire quite recently and have come to investigate.  As I have already relayed to your subordinates, my companions and I traced a group of cultists from Sandpoint to this mill.  If you need any further corroboration of my story you may check with the good sheriff of Sandpoint.  I came here in the hope of discovering more information that would assist us in tracking down and bringing to justice as foul a group of murders and vagabonds as has been seen here in a long time.  Can I count on your assistance?”

Justice Ironbriar smirks at Daellin. “And I am curious under whose authority you have been conducting your investigation? The Sheriff of Sandpoint? He has no jurisdiction here. And yes I know the man. In fact, I placed a detachment of mercenaries at his disposal when he petitioned the city recently. I have heard of you and your band of so called “heroes’” but let me make myself clear, the City of Magnimar is not some untamed wilderness. Here we are civilized. Here we have laws and courts. Here, I am in charge.” He leans forward, narrowing his gaze on Daellin. “But I am curious to learn all that you know of the situation. I believe you are involved much more than you admit to being. I would like you to accompany a few of my ardassociates down to the Pediment Building. Daellin Silvanthalas, you are under arrest. Please surrender your weapons,” he says calmly, still sitting, his hands resting gently on the desk in front of him. “Watchmen,” he calls, only slightly more loudly to the guards outside the tobuilding.

Daellin feels a deep anger well up inside of him at the sheer stupidity of this bureaucrat and the situation he is provoking.  "In what manner do you consider it 'civilized' to arrest a citizen who has come to you freely in offer of aid and assistance?  Does a citizen not deserve the same level of respect that he shows to the office of Justicar?  For what reason are you trying to arrest me?  If it is to ask me questions then I will accompany your men and freely answer them, but I do so under my own free will.  

Do you truly seek to find those responsible for this vandalism or are you so lax in your duties that you arrest all who have been seen in this quarter?  By your own eyewitnesses account I was here the day before the incident occurred.  I challenge you to bring forth any who would dare to say that i was here or participated in this fire.  If not then ask your questions and be done with it!  Is this the famed 'justice' you wish Magnimar to be known for?

Daellin makes no aggressive moves.  He doesn't draw a weapon, but he doesn't surrender them yet either.  He's hoping that this can be resolved without any violence.

As he speaks, several watchmen enter the room, hands on weapons, but not drawn.

Ironbriar listens to Daellin’s plea for justice and merely smiles. “I see there may be some hope for you yet. Yes, there will be more questions, but we will conduct those at the Pediment House. Men, this Elf is under arrest of the City of Magnimar in connection with the fire at the Seven’s Sawmill and possibly other criminal mischief. Elf, disarm yourself and go peacefully and I am sure this will be settled in due time.” The watchmen step toward Daellin.

Daellin turns and locks eyes with this miserable excuse for an Elf.  "I will entrust myself and my possessions into your safe keeping on your honor that they will be returned to me unharmed when this matter is settled."  Daellin lays his small arsenal atop the makeshift desk.  As he sets his sword and scabbard down he pauses with his hands above them.   "I swear upon my honor that if anything happens to them I will hold you responsible."  With that said he pushes the small pile towards the Forlorn.

As Daellin finishes his short speech he notices an odd wrinkle at the corner of Ironbriar's jawline.  He frowns in concentration knowing that he's seen something like this before.  His eyes widen in amazement ww as he realizes just where he's seen this before.   

In a flash he reaches out and rips the magical mask off of the face of the imposter.  The nearby guards take a step back, mentally stunned.  The fake Ironbriar's laughs maniacally and pulls his sword.  Daellin pulls Maellos free from the pile of weapons on the table just as his enemy swings a nasty strike at his neck.  Daellin blinks out of sight to reappear immediately behind the imposter.  With a deft thrust he impales the man though his vitals.  Gurgling incoherently as blood bubbles from his mouth he slides to the floor to move no more.  

A sergeant barges in demanding to know what in the holy hells is going on in here.  The guards finally overcome their confusion and explain how Daellin has literally unmasked the infiltrator.  The Sargent whisks Daellin back to the heart of the city.  After hearing of his bravery and bold action, the city council rewards Daellin with a key to the city.  Forevermore Starday, 22nd of Lamashan is known as "Daellin's Day" and is spent in drunken revelry as the whole city celebrates being rescued by the noble elf.  

The rest of Daellins adventuring career is almost an afterthought.  From time to time he returns to Magnimar where he is greeted by wild fanfare for the 'living legend'.  Eventually he settles down in what is now known as Silvanthalas Manor and sets up his own chapter of Farstriders.

Daellin shudders slightly and brings his focus back to reality and away from his daydream.  He stands expectantly with his hands on the table.  His armament still lies in front of him on the table.  He waits for Ironbriar's response.

Justice Ironbriar smiles as Daellin surrenders himself to arrest.  The two Watchmen grab Daellin’s arms and begin to lead him out. “Sergeant, have him detained at the Pediment Building in one of the holding cells before being processed into the Hells. I would like to question him a bit first. Also, send a detachment to the Kaijitsu Manor and have it searched. If any of the Elf’s companions there resist, have them arrested as well.” Daellin can see Ironbriar stroking Maellos’ scabbard as he is being led from the building.

Daellin steps outside into a beautiful day, though a slight bit on the chilly side.  The sun is shining, a crisp breeze blows in from the waters around the inlet refreshing and invigorating.  It's a perfect day, marred only by the human guards firmly gripping each arm.  A not so subtle reminder of where this day is heading.  Daellin gives a small sigh determined to remain optimistic.

Putting a warm smile on his delicate elven face he addresses the guards in a friendly tone.  "I give you my word of honor gentleman, I shall not give you any trouble.  As a Farstrider we strive to uphold the law and bring justice to the untamed wilderness.  The law is the same whether in the wilds of the deepest darkest forest or back street alley in a sophisticated city such as your Magnimar.  We shall hasten to the Pediment Building and get this matter straightened out immediately."

Daellin attempts to gauge the demeanor of his 'escort'.  Even now he has a hard time accepting that he has been arrested.  He grins in sudden realization of what his parents reaction would be at hearing of his current situation.  His father would be mortified at the potential loss of reputation while his mother would have berated him sharply for surrendering his weapons so easily.  Although its likely neither of his parents would have been caught in such a compromising situation albeit for opposite reasons.

Hoping to gain some insight into this mess, he addresses the guards.  "Perhaps it is merely the difference in city life, but isn't this situation most unusual?  Do you commonly arrest someone just because he was seen in the area of the crime scene the day before?  Do citizens of your 'civilized' city have no defense, no hope for justice?  Is Ironbriar the sort to proceed with so little regard for facts and evidence?"  Daellin pauses in his musings hoping to give the guards a chance to respond.

The younger of the two Watchmen starts to speak, but then clears his throat at a glaring look from his obvious superior. The other Watchman then turns to Daellin and responds, “I would hope to get no trouble from you, Elf. The situation in whole is quite unusual. Sawmill burning to the ground. You and your friends at the sight of not one but two crimes in the same day.” Daellin then recognizes the Watchman as one of the group whom he spoke to outside of Foxgloves Townhouse just 2 days ago. Daellin groans as he sees how some might misconstrue the actions and destructive wake that he and his friends sometimes leave in their pursuit of justice. “So no, its not all that unusual, though the Justices don’t always take such an interest in our work, but Justice Ironbriar has been working hard to end our recent murder spree.”

At this the other Watchman blurts out, “You are from Sandpoint, right? I heard there were similar murders going on there as well. Ritual slayings, marks placed on the victims, their jaws removed? You were involved in putting a stop to those, right?”

The senior Watchman berates the younger man, “Glavas, you talk too much, and far too loud. Yes, this Elf was involved in the trouble in Sandpoint, and that is no doubt another reason why we have him in custody. Too many coincidences.” The three of them leave Kyver’s Islet and cross back over the bridge to Magnimar proper. The roads become much more busy and their trek becomes just a little bit slower. Daellin assumes that they will arrive at the Pediment house sometime just after noon.

Daellin walks quietly with his escorts as he muses over his current situation.  He is confident that he will eventually be cleared of any charges.  Unfortunately he's becoming increasingly convinced that it will come too late.  He continues on, oblivious to his surroundings as he tries to figure a way out.

As they make their way across the city, Daellin notices that the younger of the two guards, Galvas, likes to talk. A lot. He continues to ramble on about random things, much to the dissatisfaction to his superior, who Daellin learns is named Nilo. Galvas seems harmless enough, and Daellin indulges him, telling him stories and other tales of his companions adventures. They young watchman seems almost starstruck, and even Nilo smiles and comments at times. Daellin likes these two watchmen, they seem to be genuine and concerned with the safety of their city. Just doing their jobs. Daellin is still a bit upset that their jobs are being directed by a misguided ass of an Elf, Justice Ironbriar.

Daellin continues to talk to both guards ingratiating himself with them.  He works in subtle reminders that he and his companions are protecting the free people of Magnamar every bit as much as the city watch.  Their methods may vary but their goal is the same.  Daellin hopes to cultivate a friend or two within the watch.  It's always useful to have a familiar face or two when one finds himself in need of a favor.  Unfortunately he's concerned that time may be just around the corner.  

Daellin smiles along with the two men and refuses to let his worries get him down.  Surely once they reach Pediment House reason will prevail.  He holds to his conviction that the righteous will eventually come out on top.  He only hopes it will be in time to finish what he and his companions have started.

After passing Seerspring Gardens, Nilo leads the trio north east at an intersection between two wide avenues. Galvas slows for a moment and looks at his companion. “Why are we going this way? Shouldn’t we take The Ascent and go through the Arvensoar to get to the Summit? Taking the Avenue of Sails,” he motions down the street Nilo is heading toward, “will take us directly through the market.”

Nilo merely shrugs. “The Justice told us to take Daell, um, I mean the prisoner to the Pediment Building and to take the shortest route there. The Avenue of Sails is the shortest route to the Pediment Building. If we go through the tower, it’ll take us over an hour just to process him through there.” Galvas shrugs back and nods in compliance, following along with Daellin on the Avenue of Sails.

Eventually the trio make it to the Dockway district of the city, the crowded harborside market area know for the Bazar of Sails, a huge, open air market made up of mostly tents and wagon establishments. As they approach the loud and crowded market area, Galvas speaks up again. “Um, now what, sir? Are we going to take him through the market? Doesn’t seem safe.”

Daellin looks around and studies the route the guards have been ordered to use.  From a tactical standpoint it seems to be a very poor choice of avenues.  He wonders at the motives the Justicar had for making this selection.  Surely the safest path would be the correct choice for prisoner transfer, even if it was a bit longer.

Nilo pauses for a moment to consider the very crowded streets of the Bazar. “We will go around, take some side streets. It’ll be ok, here put these on him.” He passes Galvas a short length of looped rope then looks at Daellin, “You should have been wearing these the whole time, but I’m going to need you to put these on. I trust you that you are not going to run or try anything funny, but all the same, we’ve got to bind you.”

"I assure both of you that I will not impede our approach to Pediment House.  You can not understand how important it is to me to clear the matter of my innocence as quickly as possible.  If that means submitting myself to a sadistic Justicar than so be it."

Galvas looks sheepishly at Daellin as he reaches for his hands, “You can keep them close in front of you, pull your hands up under the front of your tunic. No one will notice. Here, try this,” he takes his own short cloak off and slings it over Daellin’s shoulders. The blue of the cloak does not really match any of Daellin’s earthy colors, but it will allow him to shield the ropes binding his hands. Galvas then takes Daellin’s near hand and begins to loop the braided rope around his wrist.

Even though he is submitting himself to the justice of Magnimar he doesn't feel obligated to be defenseless.  As Galvas starts to bind Daellin’s hands the elf distracts him enough that the ropes are not tied as securely as they should be.  Using his newfound rope tying skills he makes sure that he can slip out of these bindings if the need should arise.  Once Galvas covers his hands with the midnight blue cloak Daellin thanks him for his concern.  He immediately sets about loosening the bonds with his nimble fingers.  

It seems that Galvas was a little better at cinching the binders than Daellin first thought. The more he pulls at the ropes, the more they seem to tighten up. It looks like he will have to work on these for a bit. He can still move his arms and legs just fine though. He hopes that the bindings don’t interfere with his magic.

Daellin, preoccupied with trying to loosen his bonds, wasn’t paying attention to where his guardians were leading him. He noticed, suddenly, that it seemed to be getting considerably darker. He looked up saw that they were maneuvering down a narrow alley between several permanent tent buildings and a few real structures. Tarps, banners and clothes lines were strung above, blocking out the overcast sky, though to Daellin’s keen eye, it appeared to be a bit gloomier than the circumstances dictated.

He felt Galvas gentle hand fall from his right shoulder as the man slowed and heard him say, “Nilo, what’s that, over there,” pointing further down the narrow causeway. Nilo stepped up, leaning his head forward and squinting in the low light. Just then Daellin caught a flash of steel to his left and saw a sword blade pierce through Nilo back, just left of his spine. A dark red spray of blood splattered out onto the dirty street in front of him. Quickly Daellin turned to see Galvas standing there, grinning maniacally, as he pulled his short sword from his companions body. Nilo fell forward off the blade, landing face first in his own blood, unmoving. “May Father Skinsaw welcome you, you pretentions cunt!” he spat on the fallen watchman then turned toward Daellin.

The death of the watchman surprises Daellin only so far as he was expecting Nilo to be the traitor.  Whether it was Galvas' youth, innocence, or talkative nature it had Daellin fooled.  A briefest moment passes as he worries at the likely death of the guard.  To Daellin its pretty obvious he's been set up yet again.  It's something he'll have to worry about later.   If he gets a chance.

He squares off against his opponent.  With his hands bound and tightening the more he tries to free himself its no use to worry about his bonds now.  Unarmed and unable to cast spells his options are drastically limited.

Daellin steps back from Galvas and feigns a slip in Nilo's blood.  As Galvas closes in to take advantage of this seeming opening in Daellin's defenses, the elf springs into action.  He swings his arms in an improvised double fisted haymaker attack.

As Daellin swings at the turncoat, Galvas, he winks at the Elf and shouts, “Fall!” at him, and Daellin feels the telltale tug of magical control at the edge of his perception. Daellin pushes back against the invading force with his mind but is unable to resist the magical command, Daellin shifts his attack and falls, face first, onto the ground, his arms outstretched above him. He can see Galvas feet making their way slowly toward him. The guards booted foot swings out directly at Daellin’s side.

Daellin immediately blinks out of sight for a split second.  He reappears behind a stack of crates off to the side, momentarily out of sight from the assassin impersonating Galvas.  He immediately begins standing up.

Daellin sees Galvas about 3 yards away. The watchman is stomping the ground where the Elf had just been. “You pointy eared bastard. Get over here and take your licks.” He pauses for a moment and pulls out one of the familiar cultist masks from a fold in his sleeve and pulls it down over his face. He turns and finally sees Daellin as he makes his way to his feet. Galvas has dropped his standard issue short sword and with a lightning quick flick of the wrist, produced a long, sharp war razor.

“Come on now, ya slippery twig bender, no blood, no foul, right? Well, Nilo, ehh, nevermind. He was a wood choppin Chel bastard anyway. Needed to go.” Galvas steps toward Daellin slowly, “I ain’t gonna hurt ya, not one bit, I swears it on Desna’s crushed head!” He begins a very unsettling chuckle. “Fuck that, I AM going to hurt you if you don’t get back over here right now!” He steps slowly toward Daellin, then quickly lunges at him, slicing the razor at Daellin’s neck.

Once again Daellin blinks to safety.  The war razor whistles as it cuts through the air so recently vacated by Daellin’s neck.  The cultist curses in frustration at his ineffective assault.  Silently, just a short distance away the elf reappears standing astride the discarded shortsword.  He reaches down with both hands and manages to scoop up the blade from the irregular cobblestones.  

As Daellin turns to face Galvas again, the young cultist charges him, swinging the razor wildly over his head! As he readies the blood covered shortsword, Daellin notes that it is about the most poorly made, unbalanced blade he has ever held. Quicker than he anticipated, Galvas strikes at Daellin’s throat again, the razor speeding to its mark, screaming “May Father Skinsaw drink your soul!”

Unsurprisingly, Daellin blinks out of the way of Galvas’ blade.  With the situation so dire he’s not about to leave anything to chance.  He reappears just to the side of where he was, well within reach of Galvas.  With his adversary off balance from the follow through of his attack he steps forward and counters with his own attack.  He blatantly telegraphs a swing at the human’s weapon arm, knowing the man won't be able to do anything about it.  He yells out fiercely as his crude sword hits the cultist’s forearm.  “We’ll see just who is choppin wood now you backstabbing face stealer!   Hopefully you have some off-hand training!”  Daellin smirks at his rapier wit,  feeling a bit more confident as the balance is starting to swing in his favor.  

Daellin’s confidence quickly turns to disdain as he realizes that the blade did not penetrate the watchman’s heavy mail armor and quickly readies himself for Galvas’ impending counterattack. “Enough of this, FALL!” Again, Daellin feels the compulsion to drop to the ground. He tries to resist the command but is unable to overcome the cultists magical attack. Daellin dives to the ground, though he manages to angle himself to keep his eyes on Galvas and his knife. Luckily, he lands on his side and is able to keep a hold of the sword, though he has no idea how he is going to get up while his wrists are tied AND he is holding a sword.

Just then, Daellin hears a familiar shout, “Hey!” from the entrance to the alley. Craning his head back over his shoulder, he can just see the top of Ehlyna’s head, Her curly red hair is strangely unhelmeted. As he turns back to Galvas, he hears her break into a run toward them.

Confident that he has never been this excited about the imminent approach of any Dwarf, he breaks into a wide grin.  He realizes he's in no position to be picky.  He's just hopeful that the diminutive calvary hasn't arrived too late.  Taking advantage of his opportunity,  Daellin begins to pull himself upright.

Daellin stands and sees that the cultist, Galvas, has turned his attention to the charging Dwarf. Ehlyna arrives like an auroch stampede and leaps at Galvas, swinging her meaty fist directly at his face in a wide arc. Galvas, waiting for the obvious strike, retreats back at just the right moment and hisses, “Father Skinsaw, protect me!” A sickly green flash blinks between him and Ehlyna’s fist, but then somehow, he gets his feet tied up and managed to lean into her punch.

As Ehlyna follows through on the punch, Galvas hits the cobblestones hard, unconscious. At the far end of the alley, Daellin sees a wagon and driver sitting, seemingly watching the events in the alley.

“Daelin, hand me that sword,” As Ehlyna reaches for it.  Cutting the ties that bind him, Ehlyna asks, “What in the name of all the Hells happened here? And what are we going to do now?”

She grabs Nilo’s sword and then hands Daelin the other one back.

“Suffice it to say I’ve never been so happy to see a bearded face as I was when you came yelling down the alley.  I’ll explain everything in just a bit.  Think you can tie him up for me?  I want to introduce him to another friend of mine.  First though I want to ask this guy at the end of the alley a few questions.”  Without waiting for an answer he heads off  for the far end of the alley with its wagon and driver.  

Daellin thanks his lucky star that he has such good companions.  Things may have gotten ugly if not for Ehlyna coming to the rescue.  

Before Daellin can make it too the end of the alley, the driver of the wagon shakes the reins and hurries away.

Daellin curses as the wagon disappears into the afternoon crowd.  Still mumbling phrases to  raise his parents eyebrows he heads back down the alley.  Once back with Ehlyna he checks on Nilo, confirming what he already knew in his heart.  The faithful guard has expired.  Choking back his anger at the senseless waste of life he turns to the unconscious cultist.  Somehow managing to keep his anger in check he helps Ehlyna get Galvas back on his feet.  

“Keep an eye on him for just another minute for me.  I have something I have to do first.”  

Daellin once more heads off, this time to the far end of the alleyway since its closer.  He watches the crowd pass by until he finds a likely looking passerby.  “Pardon me my good sir, might I have a moment of your time?”  He address a middle aged servant sitting atop an open wagon.  He tosses  a coin to the man to make sure he at least gets his attention.

“Good day Elf, a little chilly, but I suppose the weather’s gotta change eventually, right?” The man smiles as he pockets the silver coin. “What business do you propose?”

"Actually, a little business and a little pleasure I think."  Seeing the look of confusion cross the mans face he smiled affably and continues on quickly to assuage any reluctance on his part.  "I assure you the boring business end of things will be all my concern.  The pleasure end of things shall be all yours.  All you need to do is allow me the use of your fine cart for an hour or two.  Stop by Kaijitsu Manor this evening when you are done.  The cart shall be waiting for you no worse for wear."  Seeing another look of confusion appearing on the mans face, Daellin once again pushes the conversation onward.  "When you are done shopping that is."  With that he drops a double fistful of gold coins in the man’s eagerly outstretched hands.  "Do we have a deal?"

The citizen hops down off the seat and hands the reins to Daellin, “Now don’t you be mistreating Ole Norbert there!” he winks in the direction of his horse.

Leaving his newly hired cart at the mouth of the alley he heads back between the tall buildings.  As he approaches, he sees Ehlyna smack the downed Galvas again. Must have been stirring. Walking up to Ehlyna he holds out his arm to the red headed dwarf.  "I don't believe I thanked you properly.   "Diolla lle"  he says in the graceful elven tongue.  "It means 'Thank you' in Elven.  Indeed I am indebted to you.  You have aided me at a time where all my options were ... dissatisfactory ... at best."

Daellin checks on Galvas, making sure that he is unconscious and still firmly bound.  Taking a moment he checks the cultists pockets.  He confiscates everything including the war razor and skin saw mask.  With Ehlyna's aid he loads their captive into the back of the wagon and secures him to the wooden floor.  Once confident the man is going nowhere he heads into the alley one last time.  

Respectfully he and Ehlyna load Nilo’s corpse onto the wagon.  Daellin refuses to abandon the body of one who died serving his city.  He intends to make sure the guard is given a decent burial.  

With all their cargo accounted for she jumps aboard the wagon.  As Ehlyna takes the other seat he flips the reigns gently.  With a bit of free time before they reach their destination he fills the good dwarf in on all the details of his adventurous morning.

Daellin wraps up his version of the days events just as they approach the makeshift command center.  Stepping down from the wagon he walks over to the horse and hitches him to the closest railing.  "Well Norbert looks we're halfway there.  Be a good horse there and I'll make sure we find an apple for you back at the manor, perhaps even a lump of sugar too."  With that he gives the horse an affectionate pat on the muzzle.  

There are a lot less watchmen here now than there were earlier. When they see Daellin and the wagon, several of them call out and approach wearily with their Halberds readied before them.

When the watchmen see Daellin and the wagon, several of them call out and approach wearily with their Halberds readied before them.

“Daellin, I have a bad feeling about this…”  Ehlyna jumps down from the wagon and picks up one of the weapons, holding it in a near ready stance.  “Why is it that I think we should have picked up my armor before heading here?”  Ehlyna cocks her head to one side, just now putting 2 and 2 together.  Son of a Hellhound, he brought us back to the person who wants him arrested…..and me!

Shooting Daellin a disgruntled look, though it is hard to tell one of her looks from another, Ehlyna walks closer to Daellin, slowly. When she is near she says in a soft voice, “I swear Daellin, if you get me arrested all hell will break loose. This is not the time or place.”

"I'm not sure if there ever is an appropriate  time and a place for you to be arrested my friend.  Surely you aren't afraid of a few soldiers are you?"  Daellin inquires with an impish grin.  

"Just follow my lead and we will see this through.  Do remember these are the official city watchmen.  We don't want to start any trouble we can't finish eh?  I'm growing a bit fond of this town and would like to be able to return without  a bounty on my head."

“A death mark is a hard thing to live with…” Ehlyna whispered.

Daellin continues a bit more seriously.  "I realize I should have consulted with you first but I figured I knew what you would have said.  By the glaring looks you are giving me I see that I am right.  You would have retreated to the manor or worse yet, returned armed and looking for a fight."

“Coming back and setting things straight is the right thing to do.  Its what sets us apart from the rest of the thieves, vigilantes, and crazy cultists out there.”  He punctuates the last part by dragging Galvas out of the cart.  “Besides, I need to know what part  Justice Ironbriar had to play in all of this.  Lets see how he responds to this development shall we?”  With the cultist firmly secured between the two of them they push into the building serving as the command station.

“What’s the meaning of this? What is going on here? Throw down your weapons at once!” one of the guardmen shouts. Galvas is starting to stir after being unceremoniously dropped on the ground. One of the nearby guards notices Nilo’s body in the back of the cart and he cries out, “Is that Nilo? You killed Nilo!” The watchmen, step up, keeping their weapons at the ready.

"Nilo was a good man and a faithful servant of this city.  He is dead, but by the hands of this foul traitor Galvas.  If we had killed him would we be dumb enough to return here?  Rein in your ire and focus it on those who deserve it.  Now back off and let us take this assassin to Justice Ironbriar.”  Not waiting for the guards reaction Daellin and Ehlyna take their captive inside the building.

Seemingly dumbfounded by Daellin’s proclamation, the watchmen step aside as Daellin and Ehlyna drag Galvas inside the building. Once inside, Daellin realizes that Ironbriar is gone, as is his gear. One of the watch captains comes in and clears his throat, “Um, excuse me, but the Justice has already left. I believe he headed back to the Pediment Building to, um, interrogate you.”

“If we’re going to do this, we are seeing it to the end.”  Ehlyna points to the Watch Captain, who clearly wants nothing to do with the situation, and says, “You, yes, you. You will escort the good Master Daellin and myself to this Pediment Building posthaste. Daellin, bring that rouge watchman.”  Ehlyna storms off to the wagon, not waiting to see if her orders were carried out, knowing that they would be one way or another.

Daellin addresses the obviously confused captain of the watch.  "You heard the lady, lets get going shall we?  The sooner we get moving the better.  Trust me.   It's a lot easier to go along with her than to try and fight it."  With another mischievous grin he continues, "I do have some good news however, I have a wagon so we don't have to walk!"  Laughing even in the face of danger, Daellin exits the building.

The watchmen, who were already in the process of wrapping up their investigation at the sawmill were only too happy to comply. The contingent of watchmen were on foot, and the majority of them were to report back to the Arvensoar, though one of the captains and a few of the men were to escort Daellin, Ehlyna and the prisoner back to the Pediment Building. It was well after noon, and the streets of the city continued to be crowded, but the captain knew his way around the city quite well, and most major traffic spots were avoided.

Eventually, the wagon and its escort began the climb up toward the Avenue of Honors on the Summit. Once at the top of the hill, the captain instructed Daellin to turn left, toward the Pediment Building. Daellin and Ehlyna both gaze off to the right, toward Kaijitsu manor. Daellin begins thinking about what may have happened when the city watch showed up at their door for a search of the premises. He then remembers the stack of cult masks he had gathered up to destroy. They were just laying in the common room! No doubt it was too late now. Justice Ironbriar had ordered the search hours ago.

The towering sculputre Indros cul Vydrarch lays ahead, and just past that, the gray stone Pediment building. The streets of the Summit were less crowded, though it still took some maneuvering of the wagon to avoid hitting anything.

Once at the Pediment Building, an attendant was called and he was sent to run in and fetch Justice Ironbriar.

Daelin waits anxiously for Ironbriar.

Ehlyna scans the area. Noticing the fidgeting of her companion, Ehlyna takes a more defensive stance.  Out of the frying pan and into the fire!

Seeing the wanted boards, Ehlyna casually walks over. A cruel looking lot to be sure, Ehlyna thinks as she scans the drawings and announcements of bandit and pirate activity.

The wanted boards are thick with parchment upon parchment of wanted notices, many of them years old; worn and brittle. After a few moments of search, she finally finds what she is looking for. She stops for a moment, her heart stutters and she looks at the dry, yellowed paper, her own, though much younger, face, staring back.
Ehlyna's past is catching up with her...

Only 500 gold? I am surely worth more than that...Ehlyna looks around to see if she is being watched.  It seems most of the watchmen are keeping an eye on Daellin. Word travels as fast in a military unit, even one as poor as this, as a fishmongers wife can tell a tale to her neighbor. It seems everyone is perplexed. Is Daellin a savior or a snake? Well, I know how he is, too honest for his own good sometimes!

Feeling as it is safe, Ehlyna takes down the parchment and pockets it. Perhaps she can burn it later with all those masks.

As Ehlyna pockets the crumpled parchment, she notes that there is something goin on at the main doors of the Pediment Building. The attendant has returned with one of the Justices, an older white haired Human. Ehlyna had thought Daellin described the Justice as an Elf. Ironbriar, if she remembered correctly.

From somewhere deep inside his internal musings, Daellin notices Ehlyna studying the wanted posters and then pocketing some.  "What is she doing?" He thinks to himself.  "Leave it to her to be looking for a quick source of gold even now.  Doesn't she realizes the stakes at hand?"  Daellin does have to admit that she is at least dedicated in her endeavors.  He makes a mental note to ask her about the posters later. Perhaps they could bring some lawbreaker to justice in the course of their adventures.  If they can help clean the city of its scum and earn some gold at the same time, all the better.  His esteem for his comrade rises a bit at her ability to combine her desire for wealth and justice all in one noble deed.  He feels guilty for initially doubting his trusted friend.  He realizes he should strive to be as stalwart a companion as she.   With a mental sigh he turns to face this unexpected newcomer.

The man steps out, with several watchmen nearby, “What is the meaning of this? Who calls for Ironbriar? He is not here at the moment. He was out on Kyver’s Islet earlier today, but has not returned to the Pediment Building.” The watch sergeant that had accompanied Daellin and Ehlyna from the Islet approaches him and speaks quietly to him for a moment. The old man looks up toward Daellin, then at Ehlyna, “I am Justice Elek Kannas, step forward, I will hear what you have to say about this, err, mess,” he motions to the cart.

Galvas, now conscious, merely sits in the back of the cart quietly, refusing to speak a word since awakening, just scowling around him. Several watchmen pull him from the cart, and start marching him toward the steps leading up to the Pediment Building.

Ehlyna follows Daellin wearily up the stairs toward this Justice Kannas. The old man smiles as they approach and he studies them carefully when they reach him. Though old, he has a glimmer of youth in his eye and moves like a man of younger years. He leans in close to the two companions and says, “I hope you have a good story, because what has happened today, and recently, weighs heavily on my heart. I fear for this city. There is evil afoot. I do not believe evil resides in either of you, I can sense that, but sometimes a persons actions do not accurately reflect his soul.” He pauses a moment, then turns and bows toward the doors, “Please, step into my office.”

Daellin readily acquiesces to the elderly justicars request for a private interview.  He has a feeling that this is finally the right person to hear the truth and recognize it for what it is.  If not then it wouldn't be the first time his hopes have not been fully reconciled with reality.  

One thing he is sure of is that he has developed an intense dislike for Justicar Ironbriar.  The law officers demeanor alone would have been enough to set Daellin on edge, but he feels like there is something more.  Factoring in all the other considerations and the circumstantial evidence seems to point to something quite sinister indeed.  First, there is the general sense of doom weighing over Ironbriar's troops, as if something magical is afflicting their souls.  Second, Daellin was clearly led into the ambush.  Galvas had help on the inside, and someone rather high up in rank.  Third, Ironbriar seemed almost predisposed to dislike Daellin.  For one supposedly a shining example of justice the forlorn seemed to utterly disregard the truth and ignore the obvious.  Lastly, the elf's own appearance seems unusual.  He has never heard of even one of the forlorn obtaining such a pale complexion.  To do so one must have to abhor sunlight itself.   Daellin shivers at the mere idea of it.

Bring himself back to the here and now he turns his attention to the matter at hand.  He steps into the office leaving plenty of room for Ehlyna and Justicar Kannas to follow him in.  He waits for the elderly man to take a seat and get comfortable.

Ehlyna steps into the neat office, taking in her surroundings.  Books, papers, quills, and an assortment of other items are carefully stacked and placed throughout the room.

After having a seat, Daellin, with occasional interjection from Ehlyna, retells the story of the companions, beginning with the Goblins in Sandpoint and the Ghouls of Foxglove and on to the Cultists of Magnimar and the strange business with Justice Ironbriar. The older man listens carefully, often touching his hand to his forehead, deep in thought, occasionally asking for clarification or repetition of specific parts.  When the story is done, he nods a few times, makes some hmm-ing sounds then speaks. “Well, it is quite a story, but as it happens, I believe you. As a Justice of the Courts of Magnimar, I am forbidden from using magic to come to a verdict in the courtroom, but since this is no courtroom, and this interview is strictly casual, I can use whatever means I like, though I am sorry I was not forthcoming about it beforehand. I feel it sometimes hampers the conversation when I bring it up ahead of time. But regardless, I choose when and where to use my talents, and in this case, it leads me to trust in your words. This is all quite confusing and disturbing.” He shuffles through some parchments and journals on his desk and continues, “ While one is free to choose the religion and deity of their choice, this evidence of cult activity cannot be tolerated. I knew there was something amiss when we received word from Sandpoint and a few other regional centers regarding tales of similar murder and evil. I am, on the behalf of the City of Magnimar, grateful to you and your companions help in securing the safety of Sandpoint. I assume that one squad of mercenaries that were dispatched were not sufficient to deal with the trouble.” He looks over a few papers as he talks, “Hmm, interesting. Interesting. I see here, according to these notes, that Justice Ironbriar was the Justice that signed off on the sending of support to each of the individual locations. He has also been involved in the Star-Sign Murders investigation. Now you say he implicated you and had you arrested, only to be ambushed by another cultist acting as a City Watchman? This is all too disturbing. And now Ironbriar has not returned to the Pediment House. You say he was coming here to interrogate you several hours ago. He has not been seen here since this morning. Something needs to be done about this.”

As the aging Justicar speaks, Daellin feels a weight lifted from his shoulders.  With each word Kannas affirms Daellin’s suspicions.  The change is evident immediately.  The tension that clearly showed on his delicate Elven features relaxes and then disappears completely.  He slumps back in his chair with what equates to a whole body sigh.  It appears that he won't be spending anytime in the cells of Pediment House ... at least not today that is.

“Words cannot express how grateful I am to hear you speak those words Justicar Kannas.  My companions have sought only to bring this matter to a just ending.  Perhaps we should have kept your office more informed of our intentions.  I personally apologize for the oversight.  All may not be lost however.  In the course of our investigation we may have uncovered the clue that will enable us to track down Ironbriar after all.  It is perhaps fortunate that we did not report everything to your office, for it has kept traitorous elements such as Ironbriar and Galavas from discovering the depth of our knowledge.  Even now one of our companions may have discovered the location of their refuge.  With your permission we shall attempt to ferret them out and bring them to justice.”

Daellin clears his throat and begins a little less confidently.  “When we have brought these offenders to justice I might suggest that we could use a little help to prevent these type of problems from occurring again.  A writ or commission as honorary investigators for your office may be the difference between catching these criminals and seeing them escape.”

Justice Kannas ponders this request for a moment, “Ahh, yes, I suppose that would be possible. And while I do believe the veracity of your words today, and have word from Sheriff Hemlock and Mayor Deverin of your trustworthiness, I, and the City would require a bit more vetting. But it is definitely something we can work toward in the future, friends.”

“Thank you for the consideration.  I trust my friends and I shall show our merit soon enough.”  Daellin stands and shakes the mans hand warmly.  

Kaanas takes Daellin’s hand, then Ehlyna’s, “Well, first things first, I will send out word to be on the lookout for Ironbriar.  I am not yet ready to label him as a traitor until I get to speak to him, but I would very much like to speak to him right now.” With that, he calls in a Watch sergeant and give him the order to try to find Ironbriar and have him escorted back to the Pediment House. Daellin and Ehlyna find themselves out of the fire and head back outside.

“That was a tight predicament, Daellin.  Let’s head back to the Manor and find the others.  The sooner we have this done the happier I will be.  But first, I have armor and weapons to retrieve.”

Daellin accompanies Ehlyna back to the Bazaar of Sails to retrieve her newly reconditioned gear. The day had grown long by the time they made it back to the Kaijitsu  estate and both were surprised to see several City Watch members at the gate. Ehlyna tenses up, fearing more trouble, but Daellin approaches them and strikes up a diplomatic conversation. The Watchmen have come with Daellin's gear. Shortly after the word had gone out about Ironbriar, he had been spotted driving a wagon into The Shadow and when approached, he turned invisible and fled, leaving the wagon and Daellin's gear behind.

Happy to have his gear recovered, Daellin thanks them and they leave. The two companions head inside to meet their friends.


This was Daellin's side trek between sessions 25 and 26. He wanted to go back to the scene of the most recent crime.. er, adventure, and when confronted by the authorities, his Honesty kicked in and he had to turn himself in. Twice. It was a tough scrape, but fortunately a companion joined up and helped him out! Daellin and Ehlyna's side treks joined up and combined for a mega side trek! It was fun!

As usual, my text (and Jodi's) is BOLDED and Ben's is normal.

Characters Present:

Daellin Silvanthalas, Elven Farstrider Ranger - played by +Ben Lipe
Ehlyna Fuzziface - Dwarven Warrior - played by +Jodi H
and +Jason Woollard as the DM

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